SVHS CHEERLEADING APPLICATION
Spring Valley High School offers two options for participation:

    • Option One: Competition/Football/Basketball and other SV Activities – Represent school in all
        cheerleading competitions, football games, home and district basketball games. You will pay
        the full financial obligation. Competition squads will consist of up to 24 members and
        several possible alternatives.

    • Option Two: Support Squad for Varsity/JV football and basketball and other SV Activitiesl–
        Attend all support practices, games, and events for football and basketball seasons – pay
        minimal financial obligation for items such as shoes, bloomers, midriff, poms, etc.

   Option Three: Willing to do either support or competition.

Team Selection:
    Varsity Team for Football, Basketball, Competition and other SV Activities - Consist of up
      to 24 members and several possible alternates in grades 9-12.
    JV Team For Football, Basketball, Competition and other SV Activities – Consist of up to 24
      members and several possible alternates in grades 9-11.
    Varsity Support Team for Football/Basketball and other SV Activities – The team will
      consist of grades 9-12 and will not compete or have a high financial obligation.
    JV Support Team for Football/Basketball and other SV Activities – The team will consist of
      grades 9-12 and will not compete or have a high financial obligation.

    • Tryout Clinic – Tuesday, April 20-22 4:00-6:00 (New/Small Gymnasium)

    • Tryout – Friday, April 23, 4:00 until last person tries out (New/Small Gymnasium)

    • Before participating in tryouts, the following must be turned in to the coach:

           1. Completed application (pages 1-4).

           2. Copy of receipt for Tryout Fee - $25.00 (payable to SVHS at main office only). This
               fee is due once per year. COACHES CANNOT ACCEPT THIS FEE!!!

3. Physical form and consent to participate in athletics dated after April 1, 2010. Use the form
located at Click on “athletics,” then click on “cheerleading” and find
form in this section. However, if you have a physical on file with Spring Valley for 10-11 school year,
you do not have to get a physical until the last day of school.

4. Permission form/Constitution acknowledgement signed by participant and parent or guardian.
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5. Attend a MANDATORY Parent’s informational meeting – Tuesday, April 13 – 6:00 PM – in the
Commons/Cafeteria. Note: new students must be registered to attend Spring Valley High School.
Verify this registration with the guidance office.

   • If you make the squad, you will need to:

           1. Show a copy of the receipt for Participation Fee - $25.00 (payable to SVHS at main
               office only). Pay this fee by April 26, 2010. This fee is due only once per
               school year. COACHES CANNOT ACCEPT THIS FEE!!!

           2. Attend first practice on April 26, 2010 at 4:00 PM in the new/small gym.

           3. Attend a MANDATORY Parent’s meeting on Monday, April 26, 2010 at 6:00 PM in the
               (New/Small Gymnasium).

           4. For competition squad only, make first payment of $200.00 on Monday, April 26, 2010
               (payable to Viking Cheer Booster Club). Lack of payment indicates election to not
               participate on competition squad. For support team, make first payment of $100.00.

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                                         (Print clearly)
Name: ___________________________ ID: ________________
Current Grade: ____________
Address: _____________________________________________
(Street) (City) (Zip Code)
Home Phone Number: __________________ Birthday: __________
Student’s Cell Phone Number: ______________________________
Student’s Email: _______________________________________
Parent/Guardians: _______________________________________
Parent E-mail: __________________________________________
(Please include or indicate if there is no email address)
Parent Cell Phone Number: _________________________________
Parent Place of Employment: _______________________________
(for emergency purposes)
Parent Work Phone Number: _______________________________
School: ______________________________________________
Administrator: ________________________________________
Guidance Counselor: _____________________________________
Insurance Company: _____________________________________
Policy Number: _________________________________________
What experience do you have with cheerleading?
Dance ability:
Tumbling ability:
Activities involved in at school:

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Why do you want to be a Spring Valley High School Cheerleader? What assets can you
bring to the squad?

My Child, _______________________________________ has my permission to
try out for a cheerleading squad at Spring Valley High School. I understand that she
must turn in all forms – application (pages 1-4), $25 tryout fee, and physical/consent
form, and permission agreement (page 12). I understand that the coaches will evaluate
my daughter, and the coaches will select the teams. We agree to abide by the decision
of the coaches.
We elect (circle only one):        Option One           Option Two          Option Three
(Parent or Guardian signature)
(Student Signature)
Turn in to the Cheerleading Mailbox at the Spring Valley High School main office by
Friday, April 16, 2010. NO LATE APPLICATIONS!!

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Dear Parents or Guardians,
Welcome to a new and exciting year in cheerleading at Spring Valley High School! I am excited and pleased that
your child has chosen to tryout. This packet is designed to give you and your child an idea of what is expected of a
cheerleader at Spring Valley.

First, Cheerleading is a competitive sport, governed by the South Carolina High School League. The cheerleaders
are considered athletes and representatives of Spring Valley, and they will be treated as such.

Second, is a big commitment. They are not to tryout for other teams or activities that will eliminate them from
cheering and attending practices. Each student must be willing to do this for their team.

Third, their academics are as important to Spring Valley as they are to you. Cheerleaders must maintain a 2.0 with
no failing grades at all times. Their grades will be monitored very closely at each interim and nine-weeks grading

Please remember that punishing your child should not restrict your child from any cheerleading activity.
Cheerleading is a team activity. The absence of a squad member at a practice, competition, or game hurts the team
and sometimes makes their job impossible.

Technology today has moved in so many directions. Please help monitor your child with networking sites. We only
want positive communication on the World Wide Web.

It will be necessary to take part in fundraising to offset the costs for summer camp, clothes, shoes, and other items
that are required for cheerleading. This packet contains an expenditure sheet of what will be needed for this season.
Parents are expected to meet the payment schedule. One fundraiser that will be held is a Kiddie Kamp in the summer
from June 29-July 1. The profits from this particular fundraiser will be given to the SVHS Cheer Program. All
cheerleaders will be expected to work camp.

Spring Valley holds VERY HIGH EXPECTATIONS for their cheerleaders and expects them to be model students,
as they will be chosen to represent Spring Valley High School. This is something taken very seriously. It is critical
that ALL members (Varsity and JV), parents, and coaches are 100% dedicated to the program. No exceptions can be
made for anyone’s schedule. This is a time consuming and intense sport, which requires a great deal of dedication.
Cheerleading at Spring Valley is a privilege.

Please talk with your daughter about these goals and expectations. If they feel it is too much to ask of them,
encourage them not to participate. However, if they feel they can make such a commitment and you feel that you
can support them in this, please encourage them in every way.

Allison Epps
Head Varsity Coach

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                  2010-2011 CONSTITUTION
 The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that Athletics is a privilege and
   not a right and those who choose to participate must obey rules set forth or be
 eliminated. Please read the rules in the Constitution before you sign your name. It
   has been prepared to serve as the guideline for the Spring Valley High School
                               Cheerleading Program.

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   • Attend all practices and games with a GREAT attitude.
   • Missed practice or game must be excused before hand- please call or email your coach before
       2:30 the day of practice. You will be given a list of the coaches’ contact information. It is
       your responsibility to keep up with this list. Losing phone numbers is not an acceptable
       excuse. Third party communications are not acceptable. Not contacting your coach PRIOR to
       missing an event will result in an unexcused absence.
    Only excused absences are DEATH in family and MEDICAL excuse.
   • First unexcused absence results in, but is not limited to, sit out game and/or competition, or
       extra conditioning.
   • Second unexcused absence results in, but is not limited to, suspension from the team.
   • Third unexcused absence results in, but is not limited to, dismissal from the team.
   • Sitting out means standing with coach in full uniform with no association with crowd.
   • Unexcused competition practice may result in, but is not limited to, not being allowed to
       compete for the week or DISMISSAL.
   • Unexcused competition: DISMISSAL FROM SQUAD
   • Injured cheerleaders are expected to attend games and competitions.
   • Do not make up tests on practice days, nor make other appointments. (Cheerleaders will
       generally have one day per week where they do not have practice and appointments should
       be made on those days only.)
   • Academics are important. Plan SAT and college visits with your commitment to your team in
       mind. There are ample opportunities to take the SAT/ACT throughout the year without
       interfering with your cheerleading commitments. Speak to your guidance counselor ahead of
       time to plan these activities.
   • For dual sports athletes, commitments for the first season sport, in this case cheerleading, must
       be completed before participating with another sport. Conflicts must involve the decisions of
       coaches from both sports.


   • Be on time to all practices and games
   • Practice: consequences involve extra conditioning.
   • Game: consequences involve, but are not limited to, extra conditioning.
   • Late after half-time: consequences involve extra conditioning and additional consequences as
       decided per coach
   • Cheerleaders must arrive early to the games at time that is indicated by the coach.
   • Excuses for tardies consist of death and medical.


   • Must be focused towards a common goal with team’s best interest in mind.
   • All cheerleaders must possess a good attitude at all times.

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   • Cheerleaders will not criticize one another.
   • Cheerleaders should exhibit GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP at all times. (includes opponets)
   • Cell phones must be turned off at practice unless pre-existing emergency. If cell phones are not
       turned off, they could be confiscated by your coach. This includes breaks during practice.


   • Must follow all school rules and guidelines.
   • Discipline issues will be handled by your coach.
   • Guidelines set by the athletic department will be followed.


   • If a cheerleader quits during the cheerleading season, that student cannot participate in other
        activities until the cheerleading season has officially ended. Quitting or transferring schools
        does not excuse any financial obligation.
   • Quitting or poor behavior by seniors late in the season could mean no letter or banquet.
   • Quitting can result in sitting out the following year.


   • Wear proper cheerleading clothes for all practices: athletic shoes, socks, and proper practice
        clothes for the day.
   • When representing your school in public, you must wear your ENTIRE uniform PROPERLY
        (without substitutions). This includes, but not limited to, game day uniforms at school.
        Uniforms are to be worn properly. Unbuttoning skirts or pulling up skirts up above their
        natural waistline are improper acts.
   • Uniforms and warm ups are the property of Spring Valley High School. They cannot be altered
        without prior coach’s approval. Warm ups may not be pulled up or rolled up or above the
        natural waistline. You must pay for damages or lost uniforms and warm ups.
   • No jeans or flip flops for practice or games. Do not wear flip flops or boots with your
   • No jewelry, gum, fingernail polish, long fingernails, or acrylic nails.
   • Fingernails must be cut to end of finger tips.
   • If you show up in improper attire, you may not be allowed to participate in practice.
   • It is mandatory to bring a water bottle to practice.
   • Failure to wear proper uniform to school could result in extra conditioning
   • Failure to have proper equipment, uniform, etc. for public appearances could result in extra


      On the day of games, cheerleaders will be required to wear game day shirt to school.
      Cheerleaders are expected to participate in spirit week activities. It must be obvious to a
       coach that you are dressed appropriately for that particular day.

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   •   Cheerleaders are not to be unsupervised on SV campus before or after practice or athletic
       events. If practices or games begin later than 4pm, then the cheerleader needs to leave
       campus or attend the after-school study hall in the library by signing in and remaining in the
       library until time for practice/game.
   •   Cheerleaders need to be picked up promptly after practices and games. A coach is required to
       remain with the cheerleaders until they are picked up from campus. A location for pick up
       will be designated by the coach so that he/she can monitor the cheerleaders and make sure
       they are all picked up safely from the SV campus. Failure to pick up your child on time
       could result in being benched or extra conditioning.

   • All cheerleaders will participate in making signs
   • All cheerleaders will participate in dress up days
   • The #1 reason to be a Spring Valley Cheerleader is to support Spring Valley Athletics.


   • Must maintain a 2.0 average at all times (Interim and Report Card) and NO failing grades
   • Must have 2.0 to tryout-District mandated


   • For severe cases to be determined by the COACH
   • Excessive offenses and non-maintenance of grades
   • In-School Suspension
   • Missing practice without medical excuse or death in the family
   • Unexcused games
   • Uncooperative attitude at practice with coach or squad members
   • Failing Grades
    Inappropriate Comments or pictures posted on the Internet.
    Late being picked up from games or practices.


   • Drinking, smoking, drugs, or ANYTHING illegal while representing SVHS
   • Out of school suspension
   • Pregnancy
   • Unexcused competition
   • Continuous uncooperative attitude towards coach or squad
   • Automatic dismissal could result in sitting out the next school year before you can try out again

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   • Missing a game or practice because of work is an unexcused absence
   • You will receive a practice schedule in advance for at least a month at a time
   • If you miss a practice or game, consequences stated above will follow
   • Cheerleading should be YOUR JOB


   • All cheerleaders will be expected to attend all playoff games after regular season for football
        and basketball
   • If you miss a playoff game, consequences are the same as missing a regular season game


   • Attendance at all pep rallies in uniform is required
   • Cheerleaders are expected to maintain a high level of spirit and enthusiasm at all time


(subject to change – amounts are approx.)

Money made payable to the Viking Cheer Booster Club
Camp - $305
Camp Bus - $40
Varsity Choreography - $125
JV Choreography - $50
Ribbon - $10

Other Costs:
Hooded Sweatshirt - $35
Bag - $35
White Bodyliner - $20
Shoes - $50
Practice/Camp Shorts - $30
Practice/Camp Shirt - $30
Bloomers - $10

*****************ALL PRICES ARE ESTIMATES*************

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Booster Club
Minimum $25.00 membership fee by all cheer parents

Minimum $40 per month of competition season

***There will be state sales tax charged on goods purchased.
***All goods must be purchased this year.

In addition, all female cheerleaders MUST have a white sports bra. This will be required as part of the
uniform. As you can see, cheerleading is an expensive sport. These prices are ESTIMATES, as nothing
has been ordered yet. These prices do not include tax or shipping, which add to the cost. You can avoid
paying these actual amounts if you participate in the fundraisers that will be planned. It is up to you to
work hard to raise money for your payments.
Fundraising will take a major part in deterring these costs to you. Our primary fundraiser, Youth Cheer
Camp (Kiddie Kamp), takes place during the summer from June 28-July 1. ALL of the money from this
fundraiser goes to the cheerleading program. Booster Club will do other fundraisers to help alleviate the
costs of cheerleading.

Physicals, Bonding Trips, Banquet, Year-end DVD, Team Pictures, etc.

No refunds are provided for items received or services rendered if a cheerleader chooses to leave the
squad or is dismissed due to disciplinary or academic actions. This includes items not yet received that
cannot be returned.

COACH – Allison Epps, Head Varsity Coach,, 803-736-8740 ext 3107

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                                     PERMISSION AGREEMENT
______________________________ has my permission to tryout out for cheerleading at Spring
Valley High School. I recognize that cheerleading is a strenuous activity. In that regard, I know of no
pre-existing condition, illness, or injury, etc. which would limit participation at tryouts. I will accept
the decision of the judges/coaches as final. I have read your letter to parents and will assist in helping
to see that cheerleader rules are upheld if my child should make the squad. I will also insure that she
gets a physical, attends camp, participates in team fundraisers, and attends all practice sessions or
games unless excused by the coach.
___________________________________ _____________________
Parent/Guardian signature                          Date
Student must sign to indicate her understanding of all rules and regulations of this tryout, as well as
to accept the decision of the judges/coach as final.
___________________________________ _____________________
Student Signature                                  Date
                                      FINANCIAL AGREEMENT
I have read the cheerleader financial sheet for the 2010-11 school year and have discussed it with my
child. I understand that the costs are estimates, and there may be some changes. Should my child be
selected to become a cheerleader, I commit to making required payment deadlines listed on
cheerleading calendars. In the event that my child is unable to fulfill her obligations as a cheerleader,
I understand that the money paid for any ordered clothing or consumable items cannot be refunded.
___________________________________ _____________________
Parent/Guardian signature                          Date
                                   CONSTITUTION AGREEMENT
I have read and understand the constitution for the cheerleading program at Spring Valley High
School. In addition, I have read the Athletic Handbook for SVHS posted on the Spring Valley High
School web site. I understand that all policies will be upheld if the cheerleader fails to abide by the
rules. I also fully understand the behaviors that can result in immediate dismissal and support the
coaches and administration if this action has to be taken.
___________________________________ ______________________
Student Signature                                  Date
___________________________________ ______________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                         Date

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