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Francisco A


									                                      FRANCISCO A. GOMEZ
          6514 Buckeye Dr  Rowlett TX 75089  (469)583-5817 

OBJECTIVE: To utilize my Professional experience in the Poultry VM and operation industry,
International Business

QUALIFICATIONS: Veterinary Medicine, Production in Poultry (breeders, eggs, broilers, turkeys)
pharmaceutical, Pathology, Bacteriology, Incubation, Hatchery, Nutrition, Food Production, QA QC and
HACCP, Business Administration, Human Resources, Training, Technical Services, Presentations, etc.

1979-1983 Veterinary Medicine                        University of Mexico
1983-1985 Master in Animal Reproduction              University of California, Davis
1984-1985 Master in Poultry                          University of California, Davis
1986-1987 Specialized in Food Production             Brigham Young University
1995-1996 Diplomat in Business Administration        ITAM Mexico

Poultry and Quality Control Systems
Present       Privet consulting in poultry live operations, and food processing industry, ensure the
              safety production according with the standards ensure the quality and analysis and
              observe the procedures and protocols to minimized the risk and deviations in the
              production from the farms to kill plant, or full processing operations, analysis the
              HACCP program and the records keeping for futures complains and make the corrections
              in the Safety and Quality Control programs according with the USDA and FDA
              protocols, with focus in the production of broilers, layers, breeders, and turkeys

               Clinic and diagnostic, identification of diseases or management problems, recommended
               changes or corrections to optimized the quality and health of the flocks, answer questions
               about nutrition, reproductions, Quality Control or general management.

JBS PACKERLAND- MOPAC Rendering, Sauderton, PA                                        2007 – 2009
Director of Nutrition and Quality Assurance
  Primary job is to ensure the safety and quality of the rendered animal products that are produced
    at MOPAC and Mt. View Rendering Company, Edinburg, VA
  Responsible for public relations, technical support, sales and marketing support, and generating
    new products
  Worked directly with customers at the farm (avian, turkey, swine and bovine) performing
    diagnostics including lab testing and providing appropriate treatment programs to address
    nutritional issues and in support of overall animal health
  Maintain HACCP program for the Beef and Rendering Divisions
  Coordinate the laboratory including implementation of new techniques, generation of protocols and
    procedures, and acquisition of new equipment

U.S.D.A., APHIS Department                                                                2003 – 2007
AI Coordinator, International Services
 Direct the diagnosis and therapy of clinical avian diseases
 Coordinate and implement QC and QA programs between the government and producers to
    prevent and control possible field productions problems; assisting with plan issues involving poultry
    health; interact with government and industry professionals to monitor diseases.
 Examine animals to detect and determine the nature of diseases or injuries; collect body tissue,
    feces, blood, urine, or other body fluids for examination and analysis
 Management of live production, wild bird and avian migration diagnostic laboratory including
    creating protocols, controls and regulations as well as new techniques
 Public Relations with the Embassy, Secretary of States, Scientifics, University and others
VMO Task Force Poultry Specialist (Newcastle Disease)
 Direct the diagnosis for Newcastle Disease (ND) avian control and eradication
 Coordinate and implement programs between government and producers to prevent and control
   possible field productions problems; assisting with plan issues involving poultry health; interact with
   government and industry professionals to monitor ND problems.
 Examine animals to detect and determine the nature of the ND and injuries; collect body tissue,
   feces, blood, urine, or other body fluids for examination and analysis

DicoAves- International                                                                   2000 – 2003
Director International (Pharmaceutical) 2002-2003
 Developed complete Sales and DVM technical operation for Latin America
 Technical support in live production operation for poultry industry including technical audits
 Strategic planning and management for the entire commercial department
 Development and implementation of promotional tactics and marketing materials for distribution to
 New business development strategies to include product forecasting to achieve profits goals
 Evaluate, approve, and monitor new products additions. Analyze the cost-benefit of additional
    products versus goal rebates, as needed.
 Coordinate product training and education of sales force to reinforce key benefits and features of
    our products in support of strategic positioning

Grupo Tampico Mexico (Chrysler)                                                     1998-2000
General Manager
 Coordinate a Chrysler dealership including: establishing policies and objectives, managing the
   budget, supervising a team across the organization including management personnel, clerical
   duties, sales, administration, customer service, parts, and body shop.
 QC and customer satisfaction training, example Customer one and Five Stars
 Ensuring a harmonious working environment for all employees, i.e. subordinates, peers and
   superiors; working with HR to train employees to carry out assigned tasks
 Attend national meeting to maintain excellent relationships with owners and others general
   managers for different dealers (Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, VW)
 Strong knowledge of the National Market and territory: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara,
   Merida, Puebla, San Luis Potosi, etc.

ISA-BABCOCK Mexico                                                                           1994-1997
DVM Technical Services Manager (Poultry Breeders)
  Provide national technical support for the egg industry with responsibility for visiting the egg
    producers, incubators and hatcheries in order to provide technical information and to check the
    health, condition, production and operation at the farm with responsibility for nutrition, conducting
    evaluations in pathology, vaccinations and sanitation programs
  Responsible for training and direction to a group of professionals

Pollitos Nortenos Poultry Monterrey MX                                                   1990-1993
Technical Manager, DVM
  Poultry coordinator for the complete operation (Ross, Shaver, Peterson, Hubbard) to 200,000
    breeders responsible for 4 million chickens including incubators, hatcheries and feed meal
  Design program and evaluation system for breeders and growers farms, nutrition, diagnostic, etc.

Veterinary Director                                                                         1986-1990
Norbest Turkey USA
 DVM Poultry Specialist responsible for a million turkey operation, from the breeders farm, to the
    incubator, hatchery, growers, kill plant, nutrition, processing, bacteriology and pathology lab
 Oversee medication and vaccination programs, artificial insemination, training, QA and QC and

Embryo Transplant and Artificial Insemination- 1983
Indiscriminate Use of Antibiotics in the Poultry Industry and Consequences- 1986
Use of Semen Extender in the Turkey Business-1987
Deficient Use of Assimilated Phosphate and Consequences in Fertility for Breeders- 1996
Consequences of the Use of Antibiotics and Vaccines in the Hatchery-1994

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