Desert Vista Freshman Orientation by wanghonghx


									Desert Vista Freshman
         Registration Process
1. Orientation              3. Turn in completed
                              packet to a DV
2. Attend Open House          counselor at your
   Jan. 24, 2011, 6:00 PM     middle school.
   or 7:00 PM with your      Only COMPLETE
   parents.                   packets will be
     What do you need to register?
1.   Parents/Students        2. Attach FOUR
     complete registration       documents.
                                Birth Certificate
                                Immunization Records
      Data Sheet
                                Copy of Parent Driver’s
      Health Update             License
      Course Selections        Proof of Residence –
      Primary Home              Dec-Feb. SRP bill,
       Language Form             mortgage papers or
      Special Programs          lease/rental agreement on
       Sheet                     letterhead. Cable, water,
                                 gas, insurance, or phone
                                 bills are NOT accepted.
Desert Vista Open Enrollment?

   Forms must be turned in to Desert
 Vista or at middle school registration
 on or before the end of the school day
           February 1, 2011.
Now available at Desert Vista High School
Maricopa County Community College
District           (MCCCD)

   Associate in Arts (AA)
   Arizona General Education Curriculum
   (AGEC A Certificate)
Now available at Desert Vista High School
Maricopa County Community College
District           (MCCCD)

   Associate in Arts (AA)
   Arizona General Education Curriculum
   (AGEC A Certificate)
Did you miss the Honors test?
          Last opportunity is

      Saturday, January 22, 2011

Register on the Tempe Union High School
              District website.
         Freshman Open House
 Bring your parents to   January 24, 2011
  get your registration    6:00 PM Auditorium
  questions answered.      7:00 DV Gym

 DV teachers, club
  sponsors and coaches
  will be available.
We will be back to register…
   Altadena                  Akimel A-Al
    – Jan. 27 & 28, 2011       – Jan. 31 & Feb.1, 2011

                               Other Schools

                               – Drop off at DV by
                                 3:30 PM on Feb. 14.
                 Graduation Requirements

Subjects         DV Graduation University
English             4          4
Math                4          4(Alg 3/4 +1)
Science             3          3
Social Studies      3          2
Fine Art/Voc        2          1 (Fine Art)
P.E./Health         1.5        0
Foreign Lang        0          2
Electives           5.5        0
TOTAL               23         16
Freshman Required Classes
            English
             – Freshman
             – Honors
               English (Summer Reading is

                     Reading is also required
                    for some students based on
                      7th grade AIMS results.
               Reading 1-2

Registration requirement if you didn’t pass 7th
 grade AIMS Reading test


passing 8th grade AIMS Reading test removes
  the class from your schedule.
                Math Courses
   Algebra 1-2
   Geometry
   Honors Geometry
   Algebra 3-4
   Honors Algebra 3-4
   Honors Finite Math
   Honors Brief Calculus
         Other Requirements
Science                    Computer Applications
 • Chem–Physics
 • Honors Chem-Physics               OR
 • Honors Biology 1-2
                         Band         Choir
Physical Education       Drama        Orchestra
• Girls PE               Percussion   Guitar
• Boys PE                Journalism* Yearbook*
• Advanced PE *          TV Production*
• Beginning Dance
• Inter or Adv Dance*    *course has prerequisite
                 Computer Applications
                *Dual Enrollment CIS 105

                                   DAILY CLOSING PRICES

                30.00                                                                                               Blockbuster
                20.00                                                                                               Xybernaut
                10.00                                                                                               Sony Corp

                                              DAY ENDING
           Desert Vista Dance
       4 Levels
– Beginning – open to all
– Intermediate- by audition
– Advanced- by audition
– Company- by audition
– Can be taken for PE credit
  the 1st year and Fine Arts
  credit 2nd year (in Advanced
  and Company)
– Students learn jazz, ballet,
  lyrical, modern, hip hop and
Freshman Courses
                             Junior & Senior Courses
• Chem./Physics 1-2
                             •Biology 3-4
• Honors Chem./Physics 1-2
                             •Biotechnology 1-2
•Honors Biology 1-2
                             •Honors Biotechnology 3-4
Sophomore Courses
                             •Chemistry 1-2
• Biology 1-2
                             •Honors Chemistry 1-2
• Honors Biology 1-2
                             •AP Chemistry
                             •AP Biology
                             •Earth Science
                             •Physics 1-2
                             •Honors Physics 1-2
                             •Honors Physics 3-4
                             •Human Anatomy & Physiology
        Freshman Foreign
 Foreign   Language
  – Spanish 1-2, Spanish 3-4, or Honors Spanish 3-4
  – German 1-2
  – French 1-2
  – Latin 1-2
Freshman Foreign Language
 Placement in Hrs. Spanish 3-4 is determined by a
  placement test given at the end of 8th grade .
 Sign up for Spanish 3-4 if you are currently
  taking middle school Spanish.
 Sign up for Span.1-2 if you are starting Spanish.
 Earn college credits.
 Travel to Spain and Mexico
Freshman Foreign Language
       – French 1-2
  Freshman Foreign
Language German 1-2
Freshman Foreign Language
        Latin 1-2

   Compete in state and national
   Travel to Italy
   Score higher on the SATs
            AP Human Geography
   This is a great class to take if:
   You like Social Studies
   You are a college-bound student who would like to take an extra
    weighted class during your freshman year
   You would like an extra, solid, academic class on your transcript for
    college preparation
   You want to learn about other cultures and different people in the
   You want an excellent preparation for AP World History (taken your
    sophomore year)
   You want to learn and practice some common-sense study skills
Performing Arts Academy
   If you are interested in
    acting, drama, or theatre,
    this class is for you!

   Learn about theatre and
    drama and practice your

   Meet other people
    interested in drama and
    make new friends!

   One year course with 1 Fine
    Arts credit

   Most of all, you will have fun!
• Exploring art elements
  and principles

• Exploring 2D and 3D

• Exploring different
  art materials
   Introduction to
Computer Graphic Art
                 FA 20
  introduction to computer systems, graphic
communications and design, and various media
            software applications.

   Become a writer, editor,
    producer and camera controller!

   Explore the history of television
    and film

   Be a part of the DVHS daily

   Create your own movies!
 Technology Classes
Intro To Technology
       Intro To Engineering

 Designed For Students Interested In
  Engineering As A Career
 Class Within The Engineering Academy
       Early Childhood I-II
                 Grades 9 - 12
•Learn about prenatal
development, infancy, and early

•Teach the Thunder-Tykes in
our on-site preschool.

•“Real Care Baby” Program:
care for a life-like infant.
Culinary Arts I-II
   Grades 9-12
           Learn the basics of food
            preparation and nutrition.

           Hands-on lab experiences
            allow you to prepare fabulous
            entrees and desserts.

           Use knowledge and skills to
            gain employment in
            foodservice related careers.
      Intermediate Band
      Percussion Class
      Marching Band—meets before
      school, auditions in May
The View Newspaper need reporters,
photographers, copy editors, designers, graphic
artists and more to produce an award-winning
newspapers for DV. Be a part of our team!
Enrolling in Beginning Journalism ENG 52 or
Advanced Journalism ENG 53
                                   Curious - to find out what’s happening
       THE VIEW
 See it from the other side        Determined - to put out a great product
                                   Fun – to share good times
A GREAT opportunity                Willing – to learn and enjoy being on the team
to be involved in
everything on campus!                             Elective Credit 1st year,
Questions? See Mrs. Coro in C223
                                                  Practical Art Credit 2nd year!
   Join the Thunder Speech              FRIENDS
    Theater and Debate Company
    which has won the AZ State           TRAVEL!
    Championship for the last seven
                                         COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS!

                                         One year class with 1 English
                                          Elective HONORS Credit.

                                         Is also a DUAL ENROLMENT
                                          (College Credit) class!

                                         Also offered as 8th hour (after
                                          school) class if your schedule is
    Financial Planning & Investment
              Your Future
            *Dual Enrollment
 Business Champions
 Fundamentals/Cost of Credit
 Banking Services
 Investments/Savings
 Insurances
 Major Purchases
 Taxes
DV Orchestras: Concert, Sym. &
DV Guitars: Beg. Int. &
 Summer School – register in March
 Zero Hour
 Eighth Hour
     – Computer Applications (0Hour)
     – Honors Music Exploration & Performance (Chamber
       Orchestra) (0 Hour)
     – Beginning Dance (0 Hour)
     – Honors Freshman English (0 Hour)
     – Honors Chem/Physics Foundations (0 Hour)
     – Debate 1-2 (8th Hour)
     – Forensics 1-2 (8th Hour)

   If the extra class is the 7th class on the student’s schedule, a class fee of $270 must
    be paid. A receipt from the Desert Vista bookstore must accompany the
    Student Scheduling Worksheet to register for a 7th class. The deadline for 0/8th
    hour registration is February 14, 2011 at 3:30 PM . No late payments accepted.
 EN01      Freshman English
 EN01      Freshman English
 MA07           Algebra 1-2
 MA07           Algebra 1-2
 SC04        Chem-Physics
 SC04        Chem-Physics
 PE06B          Boys PE
 PE06G          Girls PE
 BU20    Business Comp. App.
 BU20    Business Comp. App.
Course # Elective/Foreign Lang.
Course # Elective/Foreign Lang.
               Alternate Selections: (These courses will be assigned if your above selections are unavailable due to low numbers or conflicts.)

           1             HI30                                      Intro to Technology
           2             HI63                                      Intro to Engineering
         SUMMER SCHOOL NOTE                           Students will complete ECAP planning in Computer Applications and Trends in
Counselor,                                            Technology or one of the exceptions. Students taking Computer Applications and
If I register for ______________________              Trends in Technology in the summer will complete this plan during the fall semester.
in Summer School, please place me in
choice)OR ______________________(2nd
choice) during the school year if space
Student Signature ____________________                                 Parent Signature Required

                                                      Parent or Guardian Signature (required)
Keys to Successful Registration

  Choose   Courses Wisely

  Get   all Signatures

  Register   on Time

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