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Engine Specification Sheet

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                                Engine Specification Sheet

                                 To Eneserve Corporation

                 Engine Model : SAA6D170E
                 Application : Engines for continuous power generating equipment
                             (Specified for Remote Radiator Cooling)
                          (Product’s name and type : A6D170E-G1-3)

                                                  Jul. 4, 2005
              IPA Corporation                           Komatsu Diesel Land             Sales

   Advanced Software Development Group                       Sales Department           Promotion

                                                                           Assistant    Assistant
                  Assistant          Person in
Team leader                                                 Director        general      general
                  manager             charge
                                                                           manager      manager

[Reception Stamp]

      Y/M/D                             Record                         Komatsu Diesel      IPA
      2005.7.4      Issued      as   remote      radiator    cooling


Standard/Option Product List                                                                  6240-SP-0180
Engines for         continuous   power                                                        REV            DATE
generating                                       is basic specification. We need to
SAA6D170-G1-3                                                                                                05.7.4
                                            discuss when you are to choose      or -.
Sales Menu

                                 Standard                                                           ion
                     Selection                                               Sales      Choice            Unbundled
        Sort                        or           Sales Code Name                                     al
                     condition                                               Code                          list page
                                 Optional                                                           vie
Engine               required    standard   SAA6D170E                        E1A32
Performance          required    standard   for fixed & regular use          E1B12
& Specification      (1 item)    optional   for fixed & regular use, and
                                                                               -          -
Frequency            required    standard   50Hz                             E1C01
                     (1 item)    optional   60Hz                             E1C02
Cooling system       required    standard   radiator, fan attached           E1D01
                     (1 item)    optional   radiator & heat-exchanger
                                            combined, fan attached
                                 optional   remote radiator,
                                            (JW/after cooler)
Air cleaner          required    standard   double      element,    HFW
                                            loaded upside
HFW, FW              required    standard   applied to HFW#0, FW#18          E2B13
Engine mount         required    standard   font and rear supported (4
                                            points mounted)
Oil pan              required    standard   flat bottom (large capacity),
                                            plug style oil-drain
Fuel      gateway    required    standard   entry:PT3/4, return:3/4 joint
joint                (1 item)               attached
                                 optional   Entry:PT3/4, return: meter
                                            screw joint attached, hose       E2E21
Alternator           required    standard   alternator not attached          E2G01
                     (1 item)    optional   35A brushless,
                                            24V alternator
                                                                               -          -
Starter              required    standard   11kW / 24V starter
                     (1 item)
Starter assist /     required    optional   water heater 230V-1.5kW                                           12
thermal              (1 item)               (attached to engine), control
insulation                                  SW attached,
device                                      oilpan heater 230V-0.6kW
                                            (attached to engine), no
                                            control SW
                     (1 item)    standard   water heater 230V-1.5kW
                                            (attached to engine),            E2J09
                                            no control SW
Water                required    standard   95&101 , Connected to ON,
temperature                                 when water temperature rises     E2K20
alarm switch
Hydraulic alarm      required    optional   Rated & Connected to ON,
switch               (1 item)               when oil pressure for L1         E2L05
                                 standard   Rated & Connected to OFF,
                                            when oil pressure for L1         E2L06
                                 optional   No switch (controlled by


Intake cap       required   standard   rain cap                              E6A01
Exhaust          required   standard   Exhaust       elbow,     inner                                          12
connector        (1 item)              cylinder attached bellows,            E6B14
                            optional   circle shaped exhaust elbow,
                                                                               -          -
                                       exhaust exit gasket attached
Governor         required   standard   HPI electric control (analog                                            12
control device                         special standard)
Revolution       required   optional   electric style, revolution
indicator slot   (1 item)              indicator
                            standard   only revolution indicator slot        E6E01
Radiator         required   optional   a set of radiator related
related          (1 item)              items (A/A, fuel cooler               E6F09
                            optional   only hose STD                         E6F01
Accessory tool   when       optional   standard tool set
Switch           when       optional   key switch & starter relay              -          -
and relay        required   optional   battery switch & starter relay        E6K05                             14
                            optional   key switch, battery switch &
                                       starter relay
Gage related     required   standard   oil pressure(high-precision
                 (1 item)              product), water temperature
                                       (max           10         ),    oil     -          -
                                       temperature,                  heat
                                       discharger(each has sensor)
                            optional   oil        pressure,         water
                                       temperature,                    oil
                                                                               -          -
                                       temperature,         &        heat
                                       discharger(each has sensor)
                            optional   oil        pressure,         water
                                       temperature,                    oil
                                       temperature,         &        heat
                                       discharger only                       E6L17
                                       thermocouple          for       oil
                                       pressure          &          water
                                       temperature 10m, J type
Other            required   standard   oil filter clogging switch, ON
equipment                              when clogged
                            standard   Electric dust indicator               E6V44
                            standard   kW/min-1 nameplate                    E6V49
                            standard   connector for starter & cap           E6W05
                            standard   breaser hose                          E6W06                             14
Special          when       optional   a heavy oil filter unit               E6V21
corresponding    required   optional   only rotating sensor is                                                 14
items                                  attached
                            optional   change fan rotation ratio
                                       for 60 Hz,                            E6V57
                                       choose along with (E1C02)
                            optional   Choose along with special
                                       attachment (E6W06)
                            optional   Choose along with special
                                       attachment (E6W06)

                                                                                      standard/optional list


1. General issue
  1-1. Useage------------------------------          Engines for continuous power generating equipment
                                                     Engines for disaster-prevention and continuous
                                                     power generating equipment
  1-2. Loading rate, Operating time
   (1) Fixed continuous power---------               Power for 24 hours continuous operation
   (2) Overload power--------------------            Power to correspond to excessive overload
  1-3. Painted color-------------------------        Black gray, Munsell No. 9.54B 1.87/0.44
  1-4. What’s written on
       Engine nameplate------------------            -Engine model
                                                     -Power (kW/min-1 displayed)
                                                      (die stamped as 574kW)
                                                     -Order of lighting
                                                     -Valve clearance
                                                     -Fuel injection timing (rated point)
                                                     -Production Number

2. Main factors
  2-1. Engine name-------------------------          SAA6D170E-3
  2-2. Style------------------------------------     4 cycles, water cooling, direct-injection style
  2-3. Intake method------------------------         supercharger or air cooling device
  2-4. Number of cylinders - layout-----             6 – straight, vertical
  2-5. Internal diameter X stroke : mm--             170 X 170
  2-6. Total emission : L---------------------       23.15
  2-7. Order of lighting-----------------------      1-5-3-6-2-4
  2-8. Spinning direction---------------------       Counterclockwise, looking from flywheel side
  2-9. Size---------------------------------------   Please refer to the attached engine overview
  2-10. Dry weight : kg-----------------------       2470
                                                     (Only Engine itself. Not including radiator related, or
                                                     supplied single items.


3-2 Individually determined:
     Air Pollution Control Law(INOx:750ppm) applied specification---option
                                                                (Please let us know when you order engines)
3-2-1. Test Condition
 (1) Air condition---------------------------------------       In accordance with JIS D0006
                                                                (Dry air partial pressure 99kPa, air temperature
                                                                25 , water vapor 1kPa)
 (2) Fuel in use----------------------------------------        Appointed fuel(JIS No.2 diesel or, A heavy oil)
 (3) Lubricant oil in use------------------------------         SAE 15W-40

3-2-2. Performance
 (1)Rated power ( 3%)                                           Fixed & regular power Overload power
  (refer to flywheel power)                                      60Hz      50Hz            60Hz     50Hz
     without fan                                 :kW             585        574            644      631
                                                  {PS}           {795}     {780}           {875}    {858}
 (2)Rated spinning speed : rpm-------------------                 1800      1500         1800      1500
 (3) Fuel consumption rate
     in continuous output ( 5%)             :g/kWh –            204            199
                                             {g/PSh}            {150}          {146}
 (4) Stabilized speed change----------------------              3 to 5 % (rated power point as control point)
 (5) Allowable maximum spinning speed :rpm-                     2100 (for over speed relay test)
 (6) Low idle spinning speed :rpm----------------               800 50
 (7) Emission color: Bosch reading--------------                1.0 or under
 (8) Allowable overload operation time----------                100 to 110% of rated power, for 10 minutes or
                                                                shorter continuously
 (9) Allowable spinning fluctuating speed :rpm-                  6
 (10) Instantaneous speed change----------------                You need to check with the real machine.

3-2-3. Exhaust air emission
 (1) Test Condition-------------------------------------        Same as 3-2-1
 (2) Operation Condition-----------------------------           Steady operation between no-load and rated
                                                                (no specification for excessive status)
 (3) NOx:ppm--------------------------------------------        750 or under (O2 in 13% equivalent)
 (4) Dust : g/m3 N---------------------------------------       0.1 or under (O2 in 13% equivalent)


3-2-4. Engine Body Noise :dB (A)-------------------        105(1800rpm),    104(1500rpm)      under   rated
                                                           power output
                    (Without fan)-------------------       Average data of three points(front, right, left),
                                                           1m from engine surface
3-2-5. Consumption of lubricant-------------------         0.4% or under of fuel consumption


4. Specification and factors of Engine body

4-1. Fuel line
 (1) Fuel injection system----------------------------          HPI unit injector
 (2) Fuel injection nozzle----------------------------          Porous style
 (3) Fuel supply pump                                           Gear pump

4-2. Lubricant line
 (1) Lubricant system---------------------------------          Force feed system by gear pump
 (2) Filtration system----------------------------------        Full flow filtration system
 (3) Cooling system-----------------------------------          Water cooling system
 (4) Lubricant oil capacity
              Oil pan’s oil capacity-------------------         190 – (125) (H – L)
              Full flow filter’s oil capacity-----------        6
              Total oil capacity-------------------------       196

4-3. Cooling line----------------------------------------
 (1) Cooling system-----------------------------------          Controlled circulation by centrifugal water
 (2) Cooling water capacity                                     pump
          Engine body----------------------------------
4-4. Valve device---------------------------------------
 (1) Start system                                               overhead valve style, 1 cylinder, 4 valves
 (2) Battery : V-Ah X number                                    Electric starter
 (3) Starter assist device------------------------------        12 – 200 S 2 (20 hours rate)
 (4) Thermal insulation device----------------------            none
                                                                230V-1.5kW         water heater
                                                                Cylinder block attached
                                                                Heater control switch (none)

                                                                230V-0.6kV Lubricant heater
                                                                Attached to Oil pan
                                                                No switch for heater control
                                                                When you control water heater or lubricant
                                                                heater by oil temperature of the oil pan,


    please set it ON, when temperature is 30    or

    [Note] Before turning on electricity to water
    heater or lubricant heater, please make sure if
    cooling water or lubricant oil is set inside
    engine. Without cooling water or lubricant oil,
    engine might be burnout.


5. Specification and factors of Engine exterior

5-1. Air cleaner--------------------------------------------      Filtration, centrifugal automatic blowdown
                                                                  valve attached, cap attached to injection
                                                                  gateway, flywheel housing attached
5-2. Supercharger----------------------------------------         Spitzer S500
                                                                  Lagging is attached to turbine housing
5-3. Water cooling device------------------------------           Water cooling, fin & tube type, separate
5-4. Exhaust manifold-----------------------------------          Dry style, covered
5-5. Exhaust exit-----------------------------------------        Exhaust elbow attached, lagging attached,
                                                                  Exhaust bellows individually delivered
5-6. Engine mount----------------------------------------         Front and rear supported
5-7. Flywheel-----------------------------------------------      Applied to SAE # 460
           Flywheel housing -----------------------------         SAE # 0
5-8. Oil pan--------------------------------------------------    Flat bottom type
5-9. Fuel filter-----------------------------------------------   Engine attached : cartridge type
                                                                  Separate placement: set by customer
5-10: Lubricant filter
        Full flow filter--------------------------------------    Cartridge type
        Bypass filter---------------------------------------      Separate placement, set by cutomer
5-11. Corrosion register---------------------------------         None
                                                                  (Please use Komatsu’s special Super Coolant
                                                                  cooling water (AF-NAC) for 30% or higher.
5-12. Oil cooler-------------------------------------------       Plate type
5-13. Fan, Fan drive------------------------------------          None
                                Please test heat balance and noise before use

5-14. Thermostat----------------------------------------          Wax type
                                                                  Temperature of opening valve : 76.5 , full
                                                                  open temperature : 90
5-15. Air vent port---------------------------------------        Horse connecting type
5-16. Starter----------------------------------------------       24V-11kV, safety relay attached, drop-proof
5-17. Alternator------------------------------------------        none
5-18. Engine stop device-----------------------------             Stop by power OFF switch of engine
                                                                  controller. In emergency shutdown can be


                                                             possible by GND signal input to 109port of
                                                             control panel terminal basement.

5-19. Engine abnormality detection test
 (1) Water temperature switch for cooling water--            - Stop: preset temperature: 101 2 ,
                                                              ON when water temperature rises
                                                              (For Engine shutdown on controller side.
                                                               preset temperature is 105 1.7 ,
                                                             -Alarm: 95 2
                                                              ON when water temperature rises
                                                             (When you attach it by yourself, please set the
                                                             preset temperature 95 2 )
                                                             -Under    continuous     operation,   set   water
                                                             temperature 89.5       or under (when coolant is
                                                             30% diluted)

 (2) Oil pressure switch for lubricant-----------------      none (When you use it please choose the
                                                             following kinds)
                                                             for low idle: can operate with the pressure of

                                                             89_ kPa

                                                             for rated revolution, can operate with the
                                                             pressure of 216 20kPa
                                                             Please detect oil pressure switch for low idle
                                                             30 seconds after engine operation.
                                                             Please detect rated revolution oil pressure
                                                             when the device reach rated revolution

 (3) Automatic filler device------------------------------   Not attached. When you do it by yourself,
                                                             please place equalizer slot to engine inner
                                                             pressure slot.
                                                             For engine protection, do not miss this
                                                             automatic filler device. When you do not place
                                                             inner pressure slot, oil pan surface might
                                                             change by blow-by pressure, and lubricant oil
                                                             might blow back to the device. So please be
                                                             very careful.


(4) Detection switch for oil filter clogging------------       On when clogged
                                                               Please set it to detect 1 minute after engine
                                                               start, or set it not to keep the alarm (unlock
                                                               when recovered)
(5) Lubricant level switch--------------------------------     Not attached. When you attach it by yourself,
                                                               please place equalizer slot to engine inner
                                                               pressure slot. Please make sure that lubricant
                                                               level is always checked by gage.
(6) Dust indicator------------------------------------------   Preset pressure: 6.2 0.6kPa (Electric), On
                                                               when clogged.
                                                               (Please    show      light   failure    display   by
                                                               monitoring panel.)
(7) Water-level switch for cooling water--------------         Not attached. When you attach by yourself,
                                                               Please show light failure display by monitoring

5-20. Radiator----------------------------------------------   None
5-21. After cooler------------------------------------------   Water cooling, (supplied individually
                                                               Please prepare the pipes to connect engine
                                                               by yourself.
5-22. Fuel cooler------------------------------------------    None
                                                               Please prepare this including the pipes to
                                                               daily use fuel tank.

    Please refer to another list of individual delivered components, for accessory toolkit, measuring
gauges, relays, after cooler related parts, and emission related parts.


6. Use Conditions
 6-1. Air temperature, intake and exhaust line
  (1) Allowable outdoor temperature:         -----------     40
  (2) Allowable Engine atmosphere temperature-               50
  (3) Air cleaner intake temperature;        ------------    Outdoor temperature +10
  (4) Allowable exhaust resistance; kPa------------          10
                                                             Please set it about 5kPa or under, to keep
                                                             above spec when muffler and pipes are
  (5) Temperature for starting
    Without start assistance
        and heat insulation device:        ---------------   0      oil#30
    When using heat insulation device:           ---------   10 oil10W-30
                                                                   when using recommended battery 75%

 6-2. Performance in Highland------------------------        No need to control fuel injection quantity up to
                                                             1,000 meters above sea-level
                                                             (Please adjust injection quantity over 1000m,
                                                             following our recommendation.)

 6-3. Cooling system
  (1) Max allowable external resistance: kPa------           35 (resistance of external engine line)
  (2) Static max allowable water head :m-----------          14 (upward from the crank axis center)
  (3) Max allowable water temperature:           ---------   100 (when radiator is cooled)
  (4) Deaeration grade----------------------------------      Please set it 5 or higher
  (5) Available cooling water---------------------------      Cooling water Including 30% or more of
                                                             Komatsu special super coolant (AF-NAC)

6-4. Lubricant, and Fuel line
  (1) Allowable inclination angle----------------------      Back and forth, around, less than 10 each
  (2) Allowable fuel suction resistance : kPa------          9.3
  (3) Allowable fuel return resistance: kPa--------          19.6
  (4) Static max allowable tank height : m---------          0.5m or shorter (upward from the crank axis
                                                             center). When attaching check valve to fuel
                                                             return pipes, 2.0m or shorter


(5) Available fuel --------------------------------------    Diesel (JIS No.2 or No.3) or
                                                               A heavy oil
                                                                  Ratio 0.82-0.86(15/4 ),
                                                                  Firing point: 60    or higher
                                                                  Kinetic viscosity: 2.0-3.5 (50 . CST)
                                                                  Residual coal out of 10% residual oil:
                                                                  1.0% or less
                                                                  Sulfur content: 0.8% or less
                                                                  We recommend fuel with sulfur 0.5%
                                                                  or less
                                                                  Cetane index follows JIS K2280-1996
                                                             When using A heavy oil, separate type fuel
                                                             filter unit (optional) is necessary.

(6) Available lubricant--------------------------------      API category CD, CE, CF-4 class
                                                              Viscosity classification SAE#30, 15W-40 or
                                                             (Please refer to instruction manual to check
                                                             the usage according to temperature.)


 (7)Fuel and oil filter
    or exchange time for lubricant
    1) When using diesel
       (without separate additional filter)
       -Fuel filter exchange time 1000 hours
       -Oil filter exchange time     1000 hours
       -Lubricant exchange time       1000 hours
       However, the first exchange time is exceptionally 250 hours.

    2) When using A heavy oil
      -Fuel filter (attached to engine) exchange time:1000 hours
      -Fuel filter(separate & additional) exchange time: 2000hours (in charge of OEM)
      However, the first exchange time is exceptionally 250 hours.
      Please set separate filter system (incensement tank attached), so that oil exchange
      time becomes 2000 hours or longer.
      In that case, sulfur content of fuel and oil’s total base value effect oil exchange time,
      so please check the following view and solve it.
      We recommend 0.5% or less of sulfur content of fuel

 (9) Continuous operation of engine for long time with lubricant level around L level leads to the
deterioration of lubricant oil. Please make sure that the automatic supply device is attached, and
the device is operated around H level.


6-5. Others
 (1) Rear face of cylinder block,
     Allowable clinging moment :N m -------------------- 3205
 (2) Max allowable resistance of start circuit:        ----- 0.002
                                                           (Line between starter, battery, and earth)
 (3) Torsional vibration
     Overall : deg----------------------------------------------- Both amplitude 0.60 or less
     Each element--------------------------------------------- Both amplitude 0.45 or less
 (4) As to heat balance, you need to test with real machine. Please do not miss the test.
     As to any necessary components (such as full open thermostat), we will discuss.
     Even if the result of heat balance test turns OK, please check and clean up regularly,
   to prevent overheat caused by the closed remote radiator, depending on the environment.
 (5) To protect engine, please exercise warm-up and cool-down operation for 3 to 5 minutes,
     at engine low idle, or high idle.
 (6) To protect engine, please avoid continuous light-loaded operation, with 30% or lower load.
 (7) To protect engine, please keep the water temperature 75                 or higher, in longtime loaded
 (8) Please set bellows between the engine’s exhaust exit and indoor piping, so that engine
exhaust exit is not loaded.
 (9) When you stop engine operation for long time, please pre-loop or exercise Li operation.

6-6. About installation and Fitting of Komatsu Engine
 To realize the Komatsu Engines original function, security, and reliability, please make sure of this
specification, instruction manual, and the following material before equip and work with the engine
installation and fitting.
 The following material is recorded in `Engine Technology Data of Komatsu Engines’ series.
 This specification takes priority over it, when there’s any difference.

          category                                          title                               Material NO.
 Fuel and lubricant             About the use of A heavy oil                                      E3122
 Cooling water                  Management of coolant or corrosion register                       E3302
 Alarm     and     protection   About safety monitoring and alarm, protection                     E4101
 device                         device
 Intake      and     exhaust    Piping between air cleaner and supercharger                       E4412
 device                         Summery of air release piping                                     E4422
                                Summery of exhaust fumes’ back-pressure calc                      E2353


Cooling device             To prevent aeration of radiator                             E4535
                           Summery of air vent piping and setting                      E4463
                           Calculation of radiator’s heat balance                      E2531
                           Summery, the calculation of cooling water piping            E2575
Fuel device                About HPI fuel injection system                             E4681
                           Summery of fuel piping                                      E4472
                           Summery of fuel tank setting
                           Summery, calculation of fuel piping resistance              E2671
Other piping method        Summery of Blow-by piping setting                           E4435
                           Recommendation       for    lubricant   supply   device     E4455
                           equalization halls piping
Ventilation of generator   About air ventilation of generator room                     E4502
room                       Summery, how to measure ventilation amount                  E2571
Others                     Operation time schedule sheet for the engine for
                           continuous generator


List of Singly supplied components
 7-1. Tool set

 7-2. Heat-retention devices
 NO.    Product number               Name          Number     Note
   -1   600-871-1990      CONNECTOR                   1       For cooling water heater lining

 7-3. Controller or wire harnesses
        [Standard]                                                       [STD-E6D23A]
 NO.    Product number               Name          Number     Note
   -1   7818-52-9500      CONTROLLER                  1       Supplied after fixed to the panel
   -2   6240-81-5201      PANEL                       1
   -3   6240-81-5221      WIRING HARNESS              1       Middle harness

 7-4. Components for Exhaust line
        [Standard] Exhaust bellows related will be supplied       [STD-E6B14]&[OPT-E6W19]
 NO.    Product number               Name          Number     Note
   -1   6240-11-9720      BELLOWS                     1
   -2   6215-11-5860      GASKET                      2       Between exhaust elbow and
   -3   01010-E1655       BOLT                       16       To fix above components
   -4   01580-01613       NUT                        16       To fix above components


7-5. After cooler related components
 NO.    Product number            Name          Number   Note
   -1   6212-11-2600      AFTER        COOLER     1
        6212-16-4600      AFTER COOLER            1      For above components
        6212-11-2610      COVER                   2
        6212-16-4690      GASKET                  2
        01435-00825       BOLT                    48
        6162-15-4740      CONNECTOR               2
        6162-15-4750      GASKET                  2
        01010-81235       BOLT                    8
        01643-31232       WASHER                  8
   -2   6150-65-8481      GASLET                  2      For after cooler water gateway
   -3   6212-11-4420      HOSE                    1      For boost exit
   -4   07299-00105       CLAMP                   2      For above
   -5   07299-00120       CLAMP                   2      For above
   -6   6162-14-4820      HOSE                    2      For after cooler gateway
   -7   07299-00120       CLAMP                   4      For after cooler entrance
   -8   07289-00120       CLAMP                   4      For after cooler exit
   -9   6162-14-4810      HOSE                    1      For adsorbed anion’s gateway ?
 -10    07289-00120       CLAMP                   4      For above
  -11   6240-61-1860      TUBE                    1      For engine water entrance
 -12    6693-62-9242      GASKET                  1
 -13    01010-81025       BOLT                    4
 -14    01643-31032       WASHER                  4
 -15    6162-63-9651      HOSE                    3
 -16    07281-01029       CLAMP                   8
 -17    07261-20913       HOSE                    1      For engine’s air bleeing
 -18    07281-00197       CLAMP                   2


7-6. Switchs and relays
          [Option] Start switch, battery switch and starter relay                       [OPT-E6K05]
 NO.      Product number                Name             Number     Note
   -1     6688-81-3210          CONNECTOR                   1       For cooling water heater lining
   -2     08090-00000           STARTER RELAY               1       Starter non mating rekay

7-7. Measuring gauges

7-8. Connection components
 NO.      Product number                Name             Number     Note
   -1     08027-11260           CONNECTOR                   1       For starter connection

7-9. Revolution indicator
        for revolution pick up                                                        [OPT-E6V46]
 NO.      Product number                Name             Number     Note
   -1     08192-14930           CONNECTOR                   1

7-10. Caution plate (not including those for radiator)
        Please fix it to prominent place.
 NO.      Product number                Name             Number     Note
   -1     6210-81-2230          CAUTION                     1       Be aware of exhaust fumes
   -2     6210-81-2240          CAUTION                     1       Watch for fires
   -3     09651-10101           CAUTION                     1       Handle with care
   -4     6217-71-6460          CAUTION                     1       Handle with care

7-11. Breather hose
        [Standard]                                                  [STD-E6W06] & [OPT-E6W19]
 NO.      Product number                Name             Number     Note
   -1     07260-24790           HOSE                        1       Breather hose
   -2     07281-00709           CLAMP                       2       clamp

7-12. A heavy oil filter unit
     none (handled by customer)


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