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Union Leagues

         Speakers’ Resource Directory
              Revision Date: February 2011
          CCUL Staff

                                   Speakers by Topic
Note: We have made every attempt to list speakers in the appropriate categories. The categories,
however, are very general and the speakers may speak on topics not listed, or may cover very specific
areas of a general topic. We encourage you to call individual speakers to discuss your program needs.

Advertising Compliance                                 Communication
Linda Landis                                           Michael A. Bayard
                                                       Jeremy Empol
Account Administration                                 Jane Flaherty
Linda Landis                                           Jayne Hitman
Arnold Ramirez                                         Mary Johnson
Tracy Vasilia                                          Kate McPike
                                                       Daniel Penrod
Accounting/Auditing                                    Carol Schillios
Steve Gibbs                                            Claudia Shah
Dana Turner                                            Patrick Solares
                                                       Peter Stark
Advocacy/Legislative Issues                            Nancy Tack
Melissa Ameluxen
Bob Arnould                                            Community Outreach
Lucy Ito                                               Tena Lozano
Jeremy Empol
Asset/Liability Management                             Chris Collver
Daniel Penrod                                          Steve Gibbs
Dana Turner                                            Mary-Lou Heighes
                                                       Linda Landis
Auto Buying Services                                   Arnold Ramirez
David Henry
Brent Hollingsworth                                    Conflict Resolution
                                                       Kate McPike
Business Etiquette
Linda Landis                                           CU History/Philosophy Uniqueness
Kate McPike                                            Chris Collver
Nancy Tack                                             Lucy Ito
                                                       Linda Landis
California/Nevada Credit Union Leagues                 Kate McPike
Lucy Ito                                               Daniel Penrod
                                                       Carol Schillios
                                                       Patrick Solares
Cash Handling, Negotiable Instruments                  Nancy Tack
Linda Landis                                           Tracy Vasilia
Kate McPike
Credit Union Operations           Financial Education
Brendan Brothers                  Tena Lozano
Chris Collver
Steve Gibbs                       Gen Y
Kate McPike                       Daniel Penrod
Daniel Penrod                     Arnold Ramirez
Arnold Ramirez
Dana Turner                       Government Legislation
Tracy Vasilia                     Melissa Ameluxen
                                  Bob Arnould
Credit Union Organizations        Chris Collver
Brendan Brothers                  Jeremy Empol
Jeremy Empol                      Lucy Ito
Lucy Ito                          Nancy Tack
Dana Turner
                                  Human Resources/Personnel
Crime                             Jane Flaherty
Dana Turner                       Kate McPike
                                  Carol Schillios
Disaster Recovery                 Patrick Solares
Joseph A. Villa                   Claudia Shah
                                  Peter Stark
Dress for Success                 Dana Turner
Linda Landis                      Joseph A. Villa
Claudia Shah
Nancy Tack                        Insurance
                                  Dana Turner
Economic Outlook and CU Impacts
Daniel Penrod                     Interviewing Skills
                                  Kate McPike
Elder Financial Abuse
Tracy Vasilia
Employee Engagement               Jayne Hitman
Jane Flaherty                     Mary Johnson
Peter Stark                       Kate McPike
                                  Claudia Shah
Employee Retention                Patrick Solares
Jane Flaherty
Mary Johnson                      Leading Change
Peter Stark                       Peter Stark

Fair Lending                      Legal
Linda Landis                      Dana Turner
                                  Thomas H. Wolfe
Lending                  Peter Stark
Steve Gibbs              Nancy Tack
David J. Henry           Joseph A. Villa
Brent Hollingsworth
Daniel Penrod
                         Multi-Cultural Diversity Issues
Management/Supervisory   Michael Bayard
Jane Flaherty            Carol Schillios
Mary Johnson             Claudia Shah
Kate McPike
Daniel Penrod            NCUA & Future of the Corporate
Carol Schillios          Credit Union System
Patrick Solares          Lucy Ito
Claudia Shah
Peter Stark              Networking
Nancy Tack               Jayne Hitman
Dana Turner              Carol Schillios
Joseph A. Villa          Nancy Tack
                         Joseph A. Villa
Linda Landis             Negotiation Programs
Steve Gibbs              Jane Flaherty
Carol Schillios          Peter Stark
Nancy Tack
                         Organizational Issues
Member Service           Jayne Hitman
Jeremy Empol             Lucy Ito
Jane Flaherty
Jayne Hitman             Personal or Professional Development/Health
Mary Johnson             Jayne Hitman
Nader Moghaddam
Kate McPike              Payroll Deduction Program:
Carol Schillios          Jeremy Empol
Patrick Solares
Peter Stark              Political Action
Dana Turner              Melissa Ameluxen
                         Bob Arnould
Motivation               Jeremy Empol
Michael Bayard           Henry Kertman
Jane Flaherty
Jayne Hitman             PAC
Mary Johnson             Melissa Ameluxen
Kate McPike              Bob Arnould
Carol Schillios          Jeremy Empol
Claudia Shah             Henry Kertman
Patrick Solares
Presentation Skills, Leadership   Strategic Planning
Jayne Hitman                      Kate McPike
Patrick Solares                   Nader Moghaddam
                                  Daniel Penrod
Public/Media Relations            Carol Schillios
Jeremy Empol                      Patrick Solares
Henry Kertman                     Nancy Tack
Daniel Penrod                     Tracy Vasilia (Chapter Strategic Planning)
Nancy Tack                        Joseph A. Villa
Dana Turner
                                  Stress Management
REAL Solutions                    Patrick Solares
Tena Lozano
Regulations                       Michael Bayard
Chris Collver                     Jayne Hitman
Steve Gibbs                       Mary Johnson
Lucy Ito                          Kate McPike
Linda Landis                      Patrick Solares
Mary-Lou Heighes
Arnold Ramirez                    Technology
                                  Brendan Brothers
Richard M. Johnson Foundation/    Steve Gibbs
Shapiro Group
Tena Lozano                       Teller Training
                                  Kate McPike
Kate McPike                       Time Management
                                  Kate McPike
SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act       Pat Solares
Linda Landis
                                  Train the Trainer
Sales                             Patrick Solares
Jayne Hitman
Mary Johnson                      Trends
Kate McPike                       Jayne Hitman
Nader Moghaddam                   Daniel Penrod
Patrick Solares                   Joseph A. Villa

Security/Crime Prevention         Volunteer Boards and Officials
Brendan Brothers                  Kate McPike
Steve Gibbs
Linda Landis                      Workplace Harassment
Kate McPike                       Claudia Shah
Dana Turner
World Wide Credit Union Movement
Lucy Ito
Carol Schillios

Youth Financial Education
Tena Lozano
Cost: $0
                                                                                      Melissa Ameluxen
Presentations include:
                                 Ameluxen, Melissa
       Government               Director of State Government Affairs, League
        Legislation              1201 K Street, Suite 1050
                                 Sacramento, CA 95814
       Legislative topics out   800.439.2285, ext. 1374
        of Sacramento, 
        Carson City, and
        Washington DC            Melissa Ameluxen is the Director of State Government Affairs for the
                                 California/Nevada Credit Union Leagues. The California/Nevada Credit
       Legislative battles
                                 Union League serves more than 430 credit unions in California and Nevada
        that will change the
        way that credit          with more than 9.1 million members and more than $104.9 billion in assets.
        unions do business.      In her capacity, she supports the League’s legislative agenda through the
                                 promotion of the credit unions’ priorities directly to Legislators.

                                 Prior to joining the California/Nevada Credit Union League, Ameluxen
                                 served as the District Director for former California State Assemblyman
                                 Russ Bogh.

                                 Ameluxen also worked for the California Republican Party running
                                 campaigns in southern California. She has served as the campaign manager
                                 for numerous state and local candidates.

                                 Melissa Ameluxen is a new resident to Sacramento, having grown up in
                                 Chino Hills, California. She is an alumna of California Polytechnic
                                 University, Pomona where she was a member of the NCAA women’s
                                 volleyball team and graduated with a BA in Public Administration.
Cost: $0
                                                                                              Bob Arnould
Presentations include:
                               Arnould, Bob
       Pending State and      SVP, Government Affairs, League
        Federal Credit Union   1201 K Street, Suite 1050
        Legislation &          Sacramento, CA 95814
        Regulations            800.439.2285, ext. 1361
       Legislative &
        Regulatory Processes
                               Bob Arnould is the senior vice president of government affairs for the
                               California Credit Union League. As senior vice president, he oversees both
       CA & NV                the state and federal government relations lobbying programs. He also
        Government             coordinates the state and federal credit union campaign efforts including
                               political fund-raising and contribution operations for Congressional,
       Congress & NCUA
                               statewide, state legislative and local candidates. Bob represents the federal,
                               state, and local legislative, regulatory, and political interests of California
       Grassroots             and Nevada credit unions.
                               Bob joined the California Credit Union League in 1995. He brings with
       State & Federal        him more than 17 years of Iowa legislative experience. Bob was elected
        Political Action       nine times to serve in the Iowa House of Representatives beginning with a
                               special election in 1977. He served his last ten years as a member of the
       Election Involvement   legislative leadership team, holding posts as majority whip, majority leader,
                               and minority leader, and was elected by his colleagues to be Speaker of the
                               Iowa House of Representatives in 1991.

                               He voluntarily retired from the Iowa Legislature in January 1995, joining
                               the California Credit Union League as director of state government affairs
                               in the spring of 1995. He was the League’s vice president of state
                               government relations in Sacramento until assuming oversight of both state
                               and federal government League advocacy operations in November, 2004.

                               He is an enlightening speaker with first-hand experience and insights into
                               the legislative, regulatory, and political process. His topics give audiences a
                               former elected official’s viewpoint as well as a long term perspective from
                               within the League and credit union movement.
                                                                              Michael Bayard
Cost: $1750 plus logistics &
expenses (negotiable)          Bayard, Michael
                               Michael Bayard’s Rhythm Magic!
Presentations include:         9182 Jamel Court
                               Elk Grove, CA 95857
       Communication          916.683.2575
       Team Building

       Motivation
                               Renowned percussionist and motivational speaker Michael Bayard
       Cultural Issues        has inspired more than 2 million people since 1994. He studied
                               music at the Juilliard School, where he was admitted on full
                               scholarship at age 15. Michael held the position of principal
                               percussionist with the Sacramento Symphony for 17 years, and
                               has performed on percussion and drum set with many legendary
                               musicians and bands. Today, he combines has musical talent with
                               his ability to motivate, energize and inspire.
Cost: Negotiable
                                                                                 Brendan Brothers
Presentations include:   Brothers, Brendan
                         Vice-President of Professional Services, Verafin Inc.
       Credit Union     570 Newfoundland Drive
        Operations       St. Jon’s NL A1A 5B1 Canada
                         866.781.8433, ext. 3133
       Credit union

       Security/Crime
        Prevention        Brendan Brothers is Vice President of Professional Services and
                          a co-founder of Verafin, a leading North American software
       Technology
                          company that specializes in anti-money laundering and fraud
                          detection solutions for the financial services industry. He has a
                          Computer Engineering Degree with a specialization in Artificial
                          Intelligence. Brendan has worked closely with Verafin clients to
                          ensure seamless integrations and live transitions. He has
                          extensive experience integrating with major core processing
                          systems as well as essential transformer development. Currently
                          Brendan is engaged in business development and working with
                          sales to bring on new clients.

                          Presentation Topic
                          Breaking the Rules: The Evolution of AML Systems and the Joy
                          of Efficiency
                          AML/BSA compliance has come a long way from filing a CTR.
                          Brendan will trace the evolution of AML systems, from manual
                          processes to core system reports, on to the advent of rule-based
                          software and behavior-based technology. He will discuss how
                          the ultimate goal of embracing AML systems is to create a more
                          efficient work process, reducing redundancy while detecting
                          more instances of financial crime.
Cost: $0
                                                                                             Chris Collver
Presentations include:          Collver, Chris
                                Senior Regulatory & Legislative Analyst, League
       Credit Union            2855 E Guasti Road, Suite 600
        History/Philosophy      Ontario, CA 91761
                                800.472.1702, ext. 6053
       Credit Union  

       Government
                                Chris Collver is the Senior Regulatory and Legislative Analyst for the
                                California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. His responsibilities include
       Legislative &           tracking and analyzing federal and state legislation and regulations of
        Regulatory              importance to credit unions. He works extensively with the Leagues’
        Compliance (Federal,    advocacy teams in Washington DC, Sacramento, and Carson City to
        CA, and NV)             provide data, analysis, and recommendations on new and proposed
                                legislation and regulations, including drafting legislative language and
       Legislative &           preparing comments to regulators.
        Regulatory Updates
        (Federal, CA, and NV)   Prior to assuming his current position, Chris worked for five years as a
                                Research & Information Consultant for the League. His duties in that role
       Regulations
                                were to respond to technical, regulatory, and compliance questions from
                                member credit unions through the Research & Information Hotline, write
                                technical bulletins, and conduct training throughout California.

                                Chris joined the League in 2000 after working for 15 years at a credit union
                                in Omaha, Nebraska. While there, he worked in a variety of operational
                                roles, including 10 years managing the credit union’s call center, data
                                processing, ACH, and ATM and debit card processing departments.

                                Chris holds a degree in business administration from California Baptist
                                University. His interests include playing guitar, cooking, and spending as
                                much time as possible with his wife and three children.
Cost: $0
                                                                                             Jeremy Empol
Presentations include:          Empol, Jeremy
                                Director of Federal Government Grassroots Advocacy, League
       Advocacy Affairs        1201 K Street, Suite 1050
                                Sacramento, CA 95814
       Communication           916.325.1365

       Connect for the Cause
                                 Jeremy Empol is the Director of Federal Government Grassroots
       Credit Union            Advocacy for the California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues. He began
                                January 2nd of 2007 with the responsibilities of building strong
       Federal & State         relationships with the Congressional offices in California and Nevada,
        Affairs                 leading all grassroots efforts which includes developing government
                                education programs, expanding the League’s Advocacy Network- Connect
       Government Affairs      for the Cause, and overseeing the League’s government affairs
                                conferences. He also oversees all of the Leagues’ Public Advocacy
       Government              grassroots initiatives, such as legislative issue-advertising and creative
        Legislation             development for the Sacramento, Carson City and Washington D.C. areas.
       Grassroots              Prior to coming to the League, Jeremy served as a Legislative Assistant for
                                California Congressman Bob Filner (D-51st District); and Legislative
       Member Service
                                Correspondent for Texas Congressman Max Sandlin (D-1st District) on
       Payroll Deduction       Capitol Hill. Jeremy also has served on the election campaigns for
        Program                 California Senator Barbara Boxer, former Vice President Al Gore, and
                                Congressman Brad Sherman. He holds a Masters of Arts in Government
       Public/Media            from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political
        Relations               Science from the University of California, Davis.
Cost: $2,800
                                                                                          Jane Flaherty
Presentations include:
                               Flaherty, Jane
       Communication          Senior Consultant, Peter Barron Stark Companies
                               11417 West Bernardo Court
       Employee               San Diego, CA
        Engagement             858.451.3601, ext. 107
       Human
                               Jane Flaherty is a noted consultant, speaker and author who specializes in
       Leadership
                               working with credit unions who want to build an environment where their
       Management/            employees love to come to work and their members love to do business. She
        Supervisory            has extensive experience with Credit Unions, most recently partnering
                               with California Coast Credit Union, Mission Federal Credit Union, North
       Member Services        Island Credit Union, Orange County Credit Union and Pacific Marine Credit
       Motivation
                               The experience Jane has gained from developing, administering and
       Negotiation Programs   analyzing data from the customized Employee Opinion Surveys she creates
                               for her clients has positioned her as a specialist in the art of developing
                               corporate cultures that attract and retain loyal, engaged employees. Her
                               informative, inspirational, yet down-to-earth approach inspires leaders to
                               take actions to create workplaces of excellence.

                               She has co-authored six books and has been featured by the New York
                               Times, CNN, Bloomberg Television, and USA Today.
Cost: Expenses only-League
related                                                                                      Steve Gibbs
                              Gibbs, Steve
Presentations include:        AVP, Shared Compliance Resources/Texas Credit Union League
                              4455 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1100
       Accounting/Auditing   Farmers Branch, TX 75244
       Credit Union

       Compliance
                              Steve Gibbs is AVP - Compliance Services for Shared Compliance
       Lending               Resources (SCR) with Credit Union Resources, Inc. With over 25 years in
                              the financial industry, his career includes serving with the Federal Reserve
       Marketing             Bank of Dallas, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (Office of Thrift
                              Supervision - “OTS”), and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
       Regulations           (FDIC). He achieved professional designations and received awards from
                              OTS and FDIC and holds CUNA’s Credit Union Compliance Expert
       Security/Crime        Designation (CUCE) as well as Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist
        Prevention            (BSACS) professional certification. Prior to starting SCR, Steve served the
                              Texas Credit Union League as Director of the Southwest CUNA
       Technology
                              Management School, Director of Information Central, and as
                              Lobbyist/Legislative Analyst. He has presented to numerous groups
                              including SWACHA, the Texas Credit Union Department, EPN (New
                              York/Chicago), as well as leagues in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana,
                              Kentucky, the Dakotas, Kansas, Nebraska and California, as well as
                              writing articles for industry publications.
Cost: Negotiable
                                                                                         David J. Henry
Presentations include:
                              Henry, David J
                              Regional Director, CUDL
       Auto Lending
                              10995 Gold Center Drive #150
                              Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
       Best Practices in
        Consumer Lending
       Real Estate Lending

       Risk Management &     David Henry has 25 years of experience in the consumer finance industry
        Controls              handling a variety of positions that involved: sales, risk management, credit
                              operations and policy, operational audits, marketing and fraud control.
                              David has worked for Household Finance Corporations (HFC), Wells
                              Fargo Bank, Wachovia Bank, and Sierra Central Credit Union. He
                              currently is the Regional Director for CUDL, the largest automotive point
                              of sale network in the country for credit unions. He has held titles ranging
                              from branch manager, AVP National Risk Management for 2 billion
                              dollars portfolio and has been SVP of Lending. David graduated, cum
                              laude from the University of Northern Iowa, with a BA in Business
Cost: Negotiable
                                                                                Mary-Lou Heighes
Presentations include:
                         Heighes, Mary-Lou
       Compliance       Compliance Plus Inc.
                         P.O. Box 1203
                         Lakewood, CA 90714-1203

                         Mary-Lou Heighes has been involved in the credit union movement since
                         1989. Her areas of expertise involve marketing, collections, general
                         operations, lending, and compliance. She is a CUNA certified credit union
                         compliance expert, and is president of Compliance Plus, Inc., which
                         provides compliance, training, and consulting services to credit unions.

                         Prior to starting Compliance Plus, Mary-Lou worked in the
                         California/Nevada Credit Union League’s research and information
                         department for seven years, answering credit union compliance and
                         operational questions on the research and information hotline. She was
                         responsible for the Tops and Tips bulletins. In addition, she worked
                         closely with the League’s legal department and continues to assist the state
                         government affairs department, providing an operational slant to proposed
                         legislation and regulation and other areas affecting credit union operations.

                         For five years she conducted the League’s regulatory compliance seminar
                         and has been well received as a featured speaker at chapter meetings,
                         Regional Learning Centers, the Nevada Regulatory Summit, AACUL I&C
                         Conference, the North Carolina CU Network, CUNA’s E-Commerce
                         school, E-Lending schools, Compliance schools, and RegTrac Specialized
                         Compliance Institute.

                         Mary-Lou has written articles for Credit Union Magazine and Credit Union
                         Executive. She enjoys speaking to credit unions and other professional
                         groups on such topics as regulatory compliance, e-commerce, technology
                         and business etiquette, electronic financial services, credit union
                         philosophy, and fraud issues.
Cost: $500-$2,300, Negotiable
                                                                                            Jayne Hitman
Presentations include:
                                Hitman, Jayne
       Communication           Performance Consultant, CUNA─ Center for Professional Development
                                9517 Laguna Lake Way
       Leadership/Coaching     Elk Grove, CA 95857
       Member Service

       Motivation
                                Jayne Hitman is a Credit Union Learning Professional with 29 years of
       Selling                 experience in all aspects of Sales & Service Effectiveness. She has
                                background in managing change, developing high performance teams,
       Trends                  aligning corporate culture/values with business practices and facilitating
                                sessions from the boardroom to the classroom.

                                Jayne consults with credit unions in thirteen states focusing on creating an
                                environment that sustains results and overall success. She has personally
                                trained thousands of individuals, developed hundreds of trainers and
                                coached executives, managers and trainers.
Cost: Negotiable
                                                                                  Brent Hollingsworth
Presentations include:
                                Hollingsworth, Brent
                                Regional Director, CUDL
       Auto Lending
                                2855 E Guasti Rd, Suite 500
                                Ontario, CA 91761
       Collections             909.481.2350
       Sales & Relationships

                                Profile Summary:

                                23 years of financial industry knowledge in the areas of Auto Lending,
                                Credit, Collections, Operations, Risk Management, Sales and Relationship


                                Credit Union Direct Lending, Regional Director

                                Bank of America, Northeast Region Sales Executive, Relationship Sales
                                Director III, National Account Sales Executive, Credit Center Manager,
                                Dealer Relations Officer, Credit Supervisor

                                Capitol One Credit Center Director

                                JP Morgan Chase, Credit Supervisor, Lease Credit Officer, Loan Service

                                Wells Fargo Bank, Loan Collections

                                University of Arizona, Bachelors of Science, Business
Cost: $0
                                                                                                     Lucy Ito
Presentations include:
                                 Ito, Lucy
                                 SVP, CU Growth & Development, League & CEO/President, CU Roots
       Banker’s Master Plan
                                 PO Box 51476
        for Credit Unions
                                 Ontario, CA 91761
                                 800.472.1702, ext. 6004
       Credit Union History
        & Philosophy

       Credit Union             Lucy Ito is senior vice president of credit union growth & development for
        Organizations            the California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues (CCUL/NCUL). League
                                 products and services under Ito’s oversight include consulting services,
       Just the Facts, Ma’am:
        The Credit Union         economic and industry analysis, regulatory analysis, publications, marketing,
        Charter VS The           financial education, community outreach, and credit union development. As
        Mutual Savings Bank      a member of the League’s senior management team, Ito serves as staff liaison
        Charter                  to various League committees and initiatives including the Applied Research
                                 Institute (ARI), the Summit Round Table, the Shapiro Advisory Committee,
       NCUA & Future of         the Ad Hoc Credit Union Collaboration Committee, the Ad Hoc Credit Union
        the Corporate Credit     Branding Task Force, the Ad Hoc WesCorp Conservatorship Accountability
        Union System             Committee, and the Government Relations Committees of CCUL & NCUL.
       Pros & Cons of a         In addition to her League responsibilities, Ito serves on the Board of Directors
        Unified Credit Union
                                 of Nikkei Credit Union, on the CUNA Governmental Affairs Sub-Committee
                                 for Consumer Protection, and on the Executive Committee of the CUNA
       Regulations              Operations, Sales, & Service Council. Prior to joining the League in May
                                 2004, Ito had previously been with the World Council of Credit Unions
       Worldwide Credit         (WOCCU) for 14 years. As WOCCU vice president, Ito provided
        Union Movement           organizational direction for WOCCU’s technical services programs in
                                 Central/Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Asia and provided management
                                 oversight for WOCCU’s International Remittance Network (IRnet),
                                 international meetings and conferences, and the WOCCU Young Credit
                                 Union People (WYCUP) program.

                                 Ito earned a bachelor of arts in Asian studies and economics from the
                                 University of California-Berkeley in 1983 and a master of arts in theoretical
                                 linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987. Her post-
                                 graduate work includes research from 1987-1989 as a Regents’ Fellow at the
                                 University of California-Santa Cruz. 2010 marks Ito’s seventeenth year as a
                                 Credit Union Development Educator.
Cost: TBD
                                                                                     Mary Johnson
Presentations include:
                         Johnson, Mary
       Communication    Principal, Mary Johnson Consulting
                         1884 Sunset Blvd
       Leadership       San Diego, CA 92103
       Management/
                         Are your employees’ member service skills lackluster and mundane? Do
       Motivation       you need to jumpstart your credit union’s sales programs? How about your
                         organization’s corporate culture - is it purposeful and unique or uninspiring
       Selling          and undefined? Let Mary Johnson’s infectious presentations provide tools
                         and techniques guaranteed to bring significant changes to your
                         organization’s attitude and bottom line.

                         Many of the largest (and smallest) credit unions have sought out Mary
                         Johnson because they know that her programs bring results. With over 25
                         years of experience in the financial industry, combined with her zest for
                         training, Mary makes learning memorable, practical, and downright fun!
                         From CEOs to frontline tellers, Mary capitalizes on each individual’s talents
                         and abilities.

                         In addition to her work with credit unions, The California Credit Union
                         League, and CCUL Chapters, Mary has assisted major companies
                         throughout the U.S., such as Ernst & Young, La Mesa RV, and Red Robin,
                         Inc., in creating cultures where employees love to work. Mary also teaches
                         “Care and Feeding of Corporate Culture” for UCSD’s extension program.
                         Prior to beginning her own company, Mary served as a vice president of
                         Training & Development at several financial institutions including San
                         Diego Trust & Savings Bank, First Interstate Bank, and SD County Credit
                         Union. Contact her impressive list of references to hear what a difference
                         she has made for their organizations!
Cost: $0
                                                                                      Henry Kertman
Presentations include:
                           Kertman, Henry
       Political Action   Vice-President Public Affairs, League
                           2855 E Guasti Road, Suite 600
       Public/Media       Ontario, CA 91761
        Relations          800.472.1702, ext. 6048

                           Henry has served as vice-president of public relations for the California
                           Credit Union League since 1993. He is responsible for the League’s
                           comprehensive public advocacy efforts targeted to promote greater
                           awareness of credit unions and generate positive support for key credit
                           union issues. The League’s public affairs department also administers an
                           extensive awards program to recognize the contributions of credit union
                           leaders, and coordinates special events and community relations activities.

                           Henry has 25 years’ experience in public relations, both in association
                           management and in higher education. Prior to his work with credit unions,
                           he served as public relations director and taught English and journalism
                           courses at Arizona Western College and at Rancho Santiago College, and
                           also fulfilled public relations duties with the San Bernardino County
                           Medical Association.

                           Henry holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in
                           education from northern Arizona University
Cost: Negotiable
                                                                                       Linda Landis
Presentations include:
                               Landis, Linda
       Account                Compliance Officer, Kinecta FCU, NCCI, CUCE, CUDE
        Administration         1440 Rosecrans Ave
                               Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
       Advertising            310.643.3546

       Checks (UCC, Reg.      Linda Landis is the Compliance Officer for Kinecta FCU. She developed,
        CC, etc.)              implemented and actively manages their compliance program. Linda
                               regularly presents programs for the California Credit Union League on
       Credit Union History   compliance related topics for credit unions.
        & Philosophy

       Deceased Member        Prior to joining Kinecta, Linda worked for the California Credit Union
        Accounts               League in their Education and Training Department and Research and
                               Information Department. Linda holds her BS in Organizational
       Dress for Success      Development and MS in Leadership and Management and is a graduate of
                               Western CUNA Management School.
       Fair Lending

       Marketing

       Member Service

       Regulations

       SAFE Mortgage
        Licensing Act

       Security/Crime

       Other topics as
Cost: $0
                                                                                           Tena Lozano
Presentations include:
                              Lozano, Tena
                              Executive Director, RMJ Foundation & Director, Credit Union Development, League
       Community Outreach
                              2855 E Guasti Road, Suite 600
                              Ontario, CA 91761
       Financial Education
                              800.472.1702, ext. 6035
       REAL Solutions

       RMJ Foundation
                              Tena Lozano is responsible for overseeing the activities of the California &
       Youth Financial       Nevada Credit Union Leagues’ credit union development department, which
        Educations            includes community outreach, international relations, financial education,
                              and the Shapiro Group.

                              In her role as executive director of the RMJ Foundation, she is responsible
                              for administering and coordinating activities to support the goals and
                              objectives of the Richard Myles Johnson (RMJ) Foundation, which supports
                              youth financial education and continuing education for credit union leaders.
                              The Foundation serves credit unions in California and Nevada.

                              She has more than 20 years’ experience in the credit union movement,
                              including work in public relations at WesCorp and the League. She
                              received a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from California
                              Polytechnic University, Pomona.
Cost: $0
                                                                                             Kate McPike
Presentations include:
                               McPike, Kate
       Communication          Strategic Planning & Custom Training Manager, Professional Networks, League
                               2855 E Guasti Road, Suite 600
       Credit Union History   Ontario, CA 91761
        & Philosophy           800.472.1702, ext. 6030
       Human
        Resources/Personnel    Kate McPike is the Strategic Planning and Custom Training Manager as
                               well as the Professional Networks Manager with the California/Nevada
       Management/
        Supervisory            Credit Union Leagues.

       Member Service         Prior to joining the Leagues, she was the Director of Training and
                               Development at the Louisiana Credit Union League where she implemented
       Motivation             a Teller/Member Service Representative certification program as well as a
                               Supervisor/Manager certification program.
       Selling
                               Prior to her employment with the Louisiana League, Kate developed and
       Strategic Planning     delivered training programs nationwide for an international company based
                               on Long Island, New York. She spent 12 years in financial institutions
       Robbery
                               where she managed all operations and retail functions.
       Teller Training
                               Kate has held several board positions with the American Society for
       Team Building          Training and Development.

                               She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Humboldt
                               State University. She received her Certified Professional Trainer
                               designation from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg,
Cost: $0
                                                                                               Nader Moghaddam
Presentations include:
                             Moghaddam, Nader
       Member Service       President/CEO, Financial Partners Credit Union
       Selling              7800 E. Imperial Hwy
       Strategic Planning   Downey, CA 90242

                             Nader Moghaddam, president and chief executive officer of Financial Partners Credit
                             Union, has led the credit union since January 2005. Before starting his 26 year career in
                             the financial services industry, Moghaddam earned a bachelor of science and a master of
                             planning degree from the University of Southern California (USC).
                             Moghaddam is a respected leader in the credit union industry. He serves as the Chair of the
                             CUNA Council Forum, board member for American Credit Union Mortgage Association
                             (ACUMA), CUNA Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC), CCUL’s Ad Hoc Branding
                             Committee, Credit Union for Kids Advisory Board. He is a visible presence within and a
                             strong promoter of the credit union industry.
                             Before joining Financial Partners he was the executive vice president of Kinecta Federal
                             Credit Union and president of Kinecta Financial and Insurance Services (KFIS). In 2003
                             KFIS was recognized by the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations
                             (NACUSO) with the CUSO of the Year Award.
                             Prior to that, Moghaddam was senior vice president/chief operating officer for First
                             Financial Credit Union; vice president, senior regional manager at Home Savings of
                             America ($55 billion national thrift); and spent 10 years with Great Western Bank ($45
                             billion national thrift), where he held a number of management positions, including first
                             vice president. He was the recipient of the President’s Circle Award and was well
                             recognized and respected by the In-Store Banking community as one of the visionaries in
                             the alternate delivery platform.
                             Additionally, Moghaddam served as vice president of corporate planning and vice
                             president of business planning at Great Western, where he provided key leadership
                             roles in more than 12 acquisitions over a 5 year period.
                             He is a strong leader with first-hand experience in facilitating culture change, strategic
                             planning and sales management.
Cost: $0
                                                                                                 Daniel Penrod
Presentations include:
                               Penrod, Daniel
       Asset Liability        Senior Industry Analyst, League
        Management             2855 E Guasti Road, Suite 600
                               Ontario, CA 91761
       Communication          800.472.1702, ext. 6054
       Credit Union History
        & Philosophy
                               As the Senior Industry Analyst for the California Credit Union League, Daniel
       Credit Union
                               Penrod provides a variety of duties including: Financial, economic and operational
                               analysis, process and procedure consulting, financial education via podcasts,
                               presentations and webinars, reports how industry and economic developments
       Credit Union
                               could impact credit unions and their financial stability
                               Penrod also manages projects for the League’s Research and Information
       Economics
                               Department, and writes reports for the Applied Research Institute, a member-
                               based think tank for credit unions.
       Lending
                               Daniel holds a master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in
       Management/
                               finance from the University of California, Irvine, as well as a bachelor’s degree in
                               marketing from California State University, Fullerton.
       Public/Media
                               Daniel has appeared as an industry expert on the Fox Business Network’s Money
        Relations              for Breakfast and Personal Finance shows, and CNBC’s Closing Bell. He has
                               been a guest speaker on KNX 1070’s Business Hour with Frank Mottek and
       Strategic Planning
                               Money 101 with Bob McCormick, and on KOGO 600 in San Diego on The
                               Rodger Hedgecock Show. He’s also provided expert financial analysis for several
       Trends
                               print media outlets including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York
                               Times, LA Times, Reuters, The Associated Press, La Opinion, The San Diego
                               Union Tribune, The Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News, Silicon
                               Valley/San Jose Business Journal, Contra Costa Times, and Las Vegas Sun.

                               Prior to joining the League in 2006, Daniel spent four years with SchoolsFirst
                               (previously Orange County Teacher’s Federal Credit Union) in Santa Ana, CA in
                               various capacities, including branch management, research and product
                               development, and school and community relations.

                               Unique skills/talents: Fluent in the Thai language

                               With headquarters in Ontario, CA, the California Credit Union League provide
                               information, education, advocacy and support services to nearly 80 percent (more
                               than 400 total) of all credit unions in California and Nevada. More than ten
                               million Californians and Nevadans are credit union members.
Cost: $0
                                                                     Arnold Ramirez
Presentations include:
                         Ramirez, Arnold
       Credit Union     Research & Information Consultant, League
        Organizations    2855 E Guasti Road, Suite 600
                         Ontario, CA 91761
       Gen Y            800.472.1702, ext. 6052
       Regulations
Cost: Negotiable
                                                                                          Carol Schillios
Presentations include:
                               Schillios, Carol
       Communication          Consultant, Schillios Consulting Group
                               PO Box 543
       Credit Union History   Edmonds, WA 98020
        & Philosophy           425.478.6711
       Credit Union
                               Carol has more than 30 years experience in the cooperative credit field. This
       Cultural Issues        year, her firm Schillios Consulting Group celebrates 19 years of consulting
                               services to credit institutions world-wide. Carol is an experienced consultant
       Human Resources/       to micro-credit programs in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Her clients
        Personnel              include, Freedom From Hunger, The World Bank, World Education and
                               World Council of Credit Unions in micro-credit development, strategic
       Management/            planning, board of directors and management training.
                               Carol is founder of The Trainer's Institute & Schillios Development
       Marketing              Foundation in Seattle. She authored the 6-module CU Professional
                               Development, employee sales and service training manuals used by credit
       Member Services
                               unions across the US and co-authored Credit and Financial Management
       Motivation             Training Modules for the African Confederation of Cooperative Credit
                               Unions. Carol is known as a master trainer of trainers and has taught at the
       Networking             Australia CU Directors' Institute.

       Strategic Planning     Carol is a three-time Silver Award winner from the World Council of Credit
                               Unions for her work in developing countries. She represented CU's at
       Worldwide CU           international forums in Latin America, Korea, Australia, New Zealand,
        Movement               Ireland and China. The NW Cooperative Federation honored her with the
                               DiMarcello Cooperative Spirit Award in 1998. In 2003, she received the
                               Anna Read Award from the CU Women's Association of Oregon and the
                               Ambassador Award from the Washington Credit Union League. Carol
                               attended the International School in Geneva, Switzerland.
Cost: $250/hour; Negotiable
                                                                                                  Claudia Shah
Presentations include:
                              Shah, Claudia
       Communication         President/CEO, EE Connections LLC
                              PO Box 4309
       Cultural Issues       West Hills, CA 91308
       Dress for Success

       Human Resources/      Claudia Shah is the President/CEO of EE Connections LLC, a Bi-Lingual Human
        Personnel             Resources company created to benefit businesses and financial institutions with
                              capable and professional workforce. Based on Claudia’s 15+ years working in
       Management/           different type of industries and with diversify staff, she is able to create a thorough
        Supervisory           recruiting process (Direct Hiring or Temp staffing) for all and any type of
                              positions, from Entry level up to Executive Searches.
       Motivation
                              EE Connections LLC has been very active with the local community, the
       What Type Of Leader   Children’s Hospital LA, and volunteers internationally with Fundacion Mahatma
        You Want To Be        Gandhi. Claudia left India at age 5 and move to Colombia-South America where
                              she earned a B.A. in Business Management. She has always been independent and
       Workplace             driven to succeed. She has worked at about every level in many industries,
        Harassment            gathering knowledge of many work-styles, products, and services. She also gained
                              an appreciation for diversity – not only of ethnicity, age, etc., but also of
                              personalities and backgrounds.

                              10 years ago she moved to California and her last position was as the VP of
                              Human Resources at a Credit Union in Los Angeles where she created controls and
                              process for reducing turn over, hiring correctly, and having thorough coaching and
                              mentoring policies and procedures among other HR functions.

                              Claudia is also a dynamic, powerful speaker, speaking on Leadership Skills,
                              Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Diversity and Ethics in the workplace, and
                              helping with any HR needs for your business.

                              Her professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and transparency in business are the key
                              elements of the organization she leads today!!
Cost: $0
                                                                                            Patrick R. Solares
Presentations include:
                               Solares, Patrick R
       Communication Skills   Director of Education & Training, League
                               2855 E Guasti Road, Suite 600
       Creative Problem       Ontario, CA 91761
        Solving                800.472.1702, ext. 6033
       Credit Union History
        & Philosophy
                               Patrick Solares is the director of education and training for the California Credit
                               Union League. As the director, Pat manages the design, development and
       Management/
                               implementation of more than 100 individual educational programs offered by the
        Leadership Skills
                               League each year. This is Pat’s sixteenth year at the League.
       Member Service
                               Pat has been involved in the training and development field for over 26 years,
                               working the past 19 years in the financial services industry. Prior to joining the
       Motivation
                               California League, Pat managed the training function for the largest independent
                               payroll tax processor in the country.
       Performance
                               Pat started his credit union career at a very early age. At age four he helped his
                               dad who was the Chairman of the Board for a small credit union in Southern
       Presentation Skills
       Selling
                               Pat has been a featured speaker at credit union conferences and events in the
                               United States and Canada. He has also conducted training sessions for the
       Strategic Planning
                               California Department of Financial Institutions, the state regulatory agency
                               overseeing credit unions in California.
       Stress Management
                               Pat is experienced in all aspects of the training and development process. During
       Team Building
                               his extensive training career, he has developed and conducted numerous training
                               workshops and seminars including programs focusing on communication skills,
       Time Management
                               leadership skills, creative problem solving, member service, sales skills
                               development, team building and presentation skills.
       Train the Trainer
                               Pat received both his BA and MA in Communication from California State
                               University at Long Beach. He is a member of ASTD, the American Society for
                               Training and Development.
Cost: $3,800/Negotiable
                                                                                            Peter Stark
Presentations include:
                             Stark, Peter
       Communication        President, Peter Stark Companies
                             11417 West Bernardo Court
       Employee             San Diego, CA
        Engagement           858.451.3601, ext. 105
       Human Resources/
                             Peter Stark, president of Peter Barron Stark Companies, is a noted
       Leading Change       consultant, speaker and author who specializes in working with credit
                             unions who want to build an environment where their employees love to
       Management/          come to work and their members love to do business. Over the past twenty
        Supervisory          years, Peter has partnered with clients such as American First Federal Credit
                             Union, Arizona State Savings Credit Union, California Coast Credit Union,
       Member Service       Columbia Credit Union, Mission Federal Credit Union, North Island Credit
       Motivation
                             He is one of only a handful of speakers to hold the prestigious dual
       Negotiation Skills
                             designation of Accredited Speaker from Toastmaster’s International and the
                             Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speaker’s Association.
                             Peter has also been published worldwide in over 300 articles; has been
                             featured by The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, and USA Today; and
                             has written nine books.

                             To see examples of Peter’s speaking style, visit
Cost: $250/1hour; $350/2
hours, Negotiable                                                                              Nancy Tack
Presentations include:           Tack, Nancy
                                 Communication Consultant, Networks Communications
       Business Etiquette 101   1109 Canyon Springs Drive
                                 Cedar Park, Texas 78613
       Business Dress:          512.992.2132
        What’s Business
        Casual Anyway?

       Business Dinners:        Nancy Tack’s 20 years’ experience encompasses corporate
        Does it Matter Which     communications, public affairs, marketing and public relations, with
        Fork You Use?
                                 specialties in brand identity, crisis communications and business etiquette
       Communication
                                 coaching. She formed NETWORKS in 2007 to meet the strategic needs of
       Credit Union History     credit unions and companies of all sizes.
        & Philosophy

       Government
                                 While serving as vice president, government relations and corporate
                                 communications at Kinecta Federal Credit Union for six years, she wrote
       Management/
        Supervisory              strategic plans for government relations, public relations, community
                                 outreach, and crisis communications. She also established Kinecta’s
       Marketing
                                 Government Relations Program and KPAC political action committees,
       Motivation
                                 spearheaded marketing campaigns, and created Online Giving, benefitting
       Networking               Children’s Miracle Network/Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles.
       Public/Media
                                 Nancy Tack is known as a “best in the biz” corporate writer, with articles
       Strategic Planning       appearing in newspapers, magazines and trade journals. And her projects
                                 have won awards for communications excellence from CUES; CUNA;
                                 NAFCU; MAC; and IABC, Los Angeles. She has served as legislative
                                 liaison on CCUL’s Southwest Chapter board of governors (now Beach
                                 Cities), and as national vice president of the Association for Women in
Cost: $2,500/Negotiable
                                                                                              Dana Turner
Presentations include:
                                  Turner, Dana
       Asset Liability           Security Practitioner, Security Education Systems LLC
        Management                PO Box 63417
       Board of Director         Pipe Creek, TX 78062
        Responsibilities          830.535.650
        Regarding the Security
       Credit Union
        Operations                 Dana Turner is a security practitioner based in Pipe Creek, Texas. Dana has
       Crime                     served as a law enforcement officer in several capacities -- including the
       Crime Encompassing        investigation of business and banking crimes -- and he is celebrating his
        Fear, Force, or           39th entertaining year of crime. As a speaker and conference facilitator,
        Violence                  Dana has delivered thousands of platform, telephone and Internet
       Human Resources/          presentations. He has designed and participated in continuing education
        Personnel                 programs offered by state and national banking and credit union
       Insurance
                                  associations, state and federal examining and law enforcement agencies --
       Legal
                                  and state and national security, audit and human resources organizations.
       Management/
        Supervisory               Dana is the author of the Financial Institution Security Library and he also
       Member Services           serves as one of the moderators in's Security Forums.
       Prevention,
        Investigation of Events
        & Loss Recovery
       Public/Media
       Security/Crime
       Security Officer
        Regarding the Security
Cost: $0
                                                                                             Joseph Villa
Presentations include:
                               Villa, Joseph
                               Human Resource Initiatives
       Disaster Recovery
                               10546 Lindbrook Dr., Suite 102
                               Los Angeles, CA 90024
       HR Compliance Issues
       Improving Employee
        Productivity &         HRI assists CEOs and senior management to improve employee
        Efficiency             productivity and efficiency through all applications of performance
                               management techniques. These efforts include manager and supervisor
       Strategic Planning
                               leadership training programs, development and implementation of quality
                               service programs and supporting systems, recognition programs,
                               compensations, HR compliance issues, and recruiting and retention
                               practices. In addition, he has considerable experience in credit union
                               strategic planning, and development of disaster recovery plans.

                               Joseph Villa has over 15 years as a senior HR executive in service-related
                               industries. He is certified by the Society of Human Resource Management
                               as a senior professional of human resources and is comfortable with all
                               aspects of the HR function.

                               During the last nine years, he has served as the vice president of HR and
                               planning for a large southern California credit union and has been active in
                               the chapters of the League and served as past president of the HRD
                               Network. His background includes expertise in all HR functional areas.
                               Joseph is particularly adept at coaching and leadership development, staff
                               development programs, strategic planning at the credit union level, and the
                               development of disaster recovery plans. He is an experienced speaker and
                               has made presentations to credit unions in Washington, Nevada, and
                               Arizona as well as local chapters and the CCUL annual and semi-annual
                                                           John Vardallas
Vardallas, John
TheAmericanBoomeR Group
Office (608) 221-4621
Cell (608) 577-8707
E-mail at:

As Founder/CEO of TheAmericanBoomeR Group, John Vardallas leads a
speaking, consulting, and Internet enterprise that reflects his passion and
dedication to enhancing the success, quality of work, and lifestyles of
leaders, their organizations and consumers. An international trend watcher
and provocateur, he helps industry leaders synthesize trends into strategic
organizational directions, to improve business growth and workplace
productivity. With over 25 years of professional management and
leadership development experience, Mr. Vardallas has conducted
professional and personal development programs for executives, employees,
volunteer, and consumer group leaders around the world.

Mr. Vardallas is a host and featured speaker on global educational
conference cruises and has also appeared on business and lifestyle, radio
and cable TV programs. He is the author of a recently published book
“Leadership Thoughts for Prospering in the 21st Century” and numerous
business and trade articles on the quality of consumers’ lifestyles and the
legacy of his generation of Americans.
Cost: $0                                                                                     Tracy Vasilia
Presentations include:          Vasilia, Tracy
                                Manager of Chapters & Electronic Education, League
       Account                 2855 E Guasti Road
        Administration          Ontario, CA 91761
                                800.472.1702, ext. 6035
       Chapter Planning

       Credit Union History    Tracy Vasilia is the Manager of Chapters and Electronic Educations with
        & Philosophy            the California Credit Union Leagues. Her responsibilities include providing
                                administrative services, information, educational and networking
       Deceased Member         opportunities to the Leagues’ local chapters serving as a communication
        Accounts                conduit between chapters and the Leagues. Additionally, Tracy manages
                                the Leagues’ eTrain webinar product. Before joining the Education and
       Elder Financial Abuse   Training Department, Tracy was a Research and Information Consultant
        Prevention              with the Leagues’ Research and Information Hotline.
       Share Insurance
                                Joining the League in 2005, Tracy brings six years of financial institution
       Trusts & Fiduciary      experience including three years where she worked in management for
        Accounts                credit unions in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties specializing in
                                operations and member service.

                                Tracy holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from California State
                                University at San Bernardino, a master’s degree in business administration
                                from National University, and is a Credit Union Compliance Expert from
                                CUNA’s Regulatory Training and Certification Program. Tracy is currently
                                a student at Western CUNA Management School.
Cost: $0
Cost: $0

Presentations include:
 Presentations include: