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									Powerflasher JIRA
Displaying 170 issues as at 01/May/11 02:51 PM.
Project Key      Summary                                            Issue Type   Status Priority Resolution Assignee         Reporter
FDT     FDT-2020 Launcher chain disappeared.                        Bug          Open Major UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       ed

FDT     FDT-2019 change private/public/etc by quick assist          Improvement Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Vadim Nikolaev

FDT     FDT-2018 change false/true by quick fix                     Improvement Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Vadim Nikolaev

FDT     FDT-2017 Java runtime error on selecting in the tree view   Bug          Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Dennis Green-Lieber

                                                                                                                                                   1 of 350
FDT   FDT-2016 SWC package tree doesn't update on overwrite     Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ain Tohvri

FDT   FDT-2015 FDT 64 Bit on windows requires 64 flash plugin   Improvement Open     Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Simon Nguyen

FDT   FDT-2014 Ability to Customize ans save problems           New Feature   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Bruno Fonzi
                 preferences for less strict mode

FDT   FDT-2013 Import/Export FDT Problems: Errors, Warnings     Improvement Open     Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Bruno Fonzi
FDT   FDT-2012 Import/Export FDT Formatting pereferences        Improvement Open     Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Bruno Fonzi

                                                                                                                                         2 of 350
FDT   FDT-2011 Debugging with emulator or device   New Feature   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   Sylvia-Kathrin Tanneberger

                                                                                                                                       3 of 350
FDT   FDT-2010 Repeated hangs in completion engine for MXML Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Piet van Remortel

                                                                                                                                  4 of 350
FDT   FDT-2009 FDT log: No message gotten.   Bug   Open   Blocker UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Aleksandr Makov

                                                                                                                 5 of 350
FDT   FDT-1998 Long-line wrapping support   Improvement Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   Aleksandr Makov

                                                                                                                   6 of 350
FDT   FDT-1997 FDT's editor visual improvements request   Improvement Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   Aleksandr Makov

                                                                                                                                 7 of 350
FDT   FDT-1996 Clicking on a tree node in the Flash Explorer   Bug        Open    Critical   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds     Simon Richardson
                 causes error

FDT   FDT-1986 Bitmap font option                              Improvement Open   Major      UNRESOLVED Andrea Campitelli   samystudio

                                                                                                                                               8 of 350
FDT   FDT-1981 Add A Specific Tab For Project References In       Improvement Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Alan Klement
                 Properties View

FDT   FDT-1976 Debugger doesnt how namespace-like prefix of       Bug        Open    Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Martin Heidegger
                 name in object

FDT   FDT-1959 Assigning an Array to a Vector should display an   Bug        Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Francis Turmel

                                                                                                                                             9 of 350
FDT   FDT-1943 Include file wrapped in /*FDT_IGNORE*/ shows    Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Daryl Ducharme
                 parse error

FDT   FDT-1942 Could not resolve function in dynamic classes   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Leo Cavalcante

FDT   FDT-1939 FDT can no longer connect to debug player       Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Jasper Stocker

                                                                                                                                  10 of 350
FDT   FDT-1935 Error icon on the file tab not removed at all times Bug   Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ain Tohvri

FDT   FDT-1934 Run configuration dialog does not show available Bug      Open   Minor     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ingo Bruehl
                 viewer in tab "Start" after checking "Open URL
                 after compilation".

                                                                                                                                     11 of 350
FDT   FDT-1933 Expand Selected doesn't work inside a SWC        Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ain Tohvri

FDT   FDT-1925 No error marker in package level functions for   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk
                 undeclared variables.

FDT   FDT-1924 'Update Search Results View' has encountered a   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk

                                                                                                                                   12 of 350
FDT   FDT-1903 Spark RectangularDropShadow inherited      Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Mark Barton
                 property visible not available

FDT   FDT-1901 Launcher disregards Viewer configuration   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ain Tohvri

                                                                                                                          13 of 350
FDT   FDT-1898 No error marker on .constructor reference         Bug    Open   Minor     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk

FDT   FDT-1894 Doing a full update of FDT 64-bit causes the UI   Bug    Open   Major     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   James Jackson
                 elements for FDT to be reset to the default
                 eclipse about , Icon and Splash Image and
                 welcome screen.

FDT   FDT-1890 Class auto-import doesn't work in private (helper) Bug   Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Pavel

                                                                                                                                       14 of 350
FDT   FDT-1877 Semantic Highlight is lost when using   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Damien Laurent

                                                                                                                          15 of 350
FDT   FDT-1860 SWCs in Auto Library folder not added to             Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ain Tohvri

FDT   FDT-1856 Vector.sort error when passing in                    Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Daryl Ducharme
                  Array.CASEINSENSITIVE, Array.NUMERICAL, etc.

FDT   FDT-1851 AIR debug overwrites the app-descriptor xml          Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Arjan van Wijk

FDT   FDT-1850 Profiler filters out packages that aren't internal   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Dave Wolfe

                                                                                                                                       16 of 350
FDT   FDT-1847 'Private function is never used.' error with '--' &   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Aleksandr Makov
                  '++' modifiers

FDT   FDT-1846 super, Wrong number of arguments.                     Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk

FDT   FDT-1842 Code formatting problems following unbalanced Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Andrew Macrae

                                                                                                                                         17 of 350
FDT   FDT-1838 Why am I getting "Watch expressions not           Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   James Daniel
                 supported" when I set up a variable to be

FDT   FDT-1820 Move Reactoring does not work at all              Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Stephan Partzsch

FDT   FDT-1819 Block selection does not work correctly for tab   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Thijs Broerse

FDT   FDT-1816 Autocompletion -> Update Outline Error            Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Pavel

                                                                                                                                      18 of 350
FDT   FDT-1811 On installing fdt 4.2: Could not find view:   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Christopher Patch

                                                                                                                                   19 of 350
FDT   FDT-1794 Variables values do not update while stepping   Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Miguel Gonzalez
                 lines of code.

FDT   FDT-1792 CLONE -FDT will not start up - hangs on "Loading Bug   Open   Blocker UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Joeri van Oostveen

                                                                                                                                       20 of 350
FDT   FDT-1791 Handling of wildcard operator * in getters/setters Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Tyler Wright

FDT   FDT-1782 Core classes not found                            Bug    Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ain Tohvri

                                                                                                                                   21 of 350
FDT   FDT-1772 Restarting debugger not possible   Bug   Open   Critical   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Jens Struwe

                                                                                                                     22 of 350
FDT   FDT-1771 Compiler API does not recognize all changes from Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Mattes Groeger

FDT   FDT-1770 Cant instaal fdt on mac os 10.6.5               Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Andre Leite

FDT   FDT-1764 Creating an AIR application in FDT              Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   aYo Binitie

                                                                                                                                   23 of 350
FDT   FDT-1762 AIR application descriptor file was incorrect.   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Hyeongjik Song

FDT   FDT-1761 break point in anonymous function make ADL       Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Hyeongjik Song

                                                                                                                                   24 of 350
FDT   FDT-1753 Template Import Error   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Hasan Otuome

                                                                                                        25 of 350
FDT   FDT-1747 Quick-fix type suggestion minor bugs.   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Pavel

                                                                                                                 26 of 350
FDT   FDT-1734 CLONE -Parser Bug for RegEx with 'greater-than'   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Frode M

                                                                                                                             27 of 350
FDT   FDT-1731 Incorrect quick fix of interface functions with   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Paul
                  default parameters

FDT   FDT-1675 (Create Field) quickfix ignores formatter while   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Arjan van Wijk
                  building workspace

                                                                                                                                    28 of 350
FDT   FDT-1674 Changes in SWF (generated in the Flash IDE) are   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Stephan Partzsch
                 not recognized by the compiler

FDT   FDT-1669 Aptana takes over search results                  Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   flexflip

FDT   FDT-1666 Going into generated source causes a null         Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk
                 reference error.

                                                                                                                                      29 of 350
FDT   FDT-1664 Refactoring error                                 Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Bertrand Tronsson

FDT   FDT-1658 When stopped in debugger by an exception: after Bug     Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Alan Shaw
                 editing source lookup path, console knows the
                 path, but code window still says Source Not

                                                                                                                                       30 of 350
FDT   FDT-1651 Unhandled event loop exception                    Bug        Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Pavel

FDT   FDT-1637 array literal doesn't provide auto-complete       Bug        Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk

FDT   FDT-1630 FDT-1605                                          Sub-task   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Francis Varga
                 compile swf's has a diffrent size (NOT DEBUG)

                                                                                                                                         31 of 350
FDT   FDT-1625 '-show-actionscript-warnings=false > write       Bug        Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Francis Varga
                 warnings in console
FDT   FDT-1608 FDT-1605                                         Sub-task   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Francis Varga
                 create new project type => Mobile
FDT   FDT-1607 FDT-1605                                         Sub-task   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Francis Varga
               add as start swc mx/mx.swc
FDT   FDT-1606 FDT-1605                                         Sub-task   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Francis Varga
               -remove-unused-rsls=true by 4.5 SDK as Default
               in compiler args.
FDT   FDT-1604 "Quing viewer updates has encountered a          Bug        Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Øyvind Nordhagen
               problem" Alert all the time

FDT   FDT-1598 overlaps the location of another project         Bug        Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk

                                                                                                                                          32 of 350
FDT   FDT-1580 Strange If statement wrapping behavior              Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Orian Marx

FDT   FDT-1579 Top toolbar "new Interface" button doesn't work Bug       Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Michael Plank     Ben

FDT   FDT-1505 adding --include-libraries gives compile error if   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Dave Wolfe
                  not first argument

                                                                                                                                  33 of 350
FDT   FDT-1479 After migrating from FDT3 to FDT4 I am unable to Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Daniel Sedlacek
                 version control existing projects - Team menu

FDT   FDT-1430 Live Error Bug                                    Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Francis Varga

FDT   FDT-1233 Sometimes the Flash IDE crashes while publishing Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Stephan Partzsch
                 after open the fla in FDT.

FDT   FDT-1224 Editor gets out of sync with code logic           Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Andrew Macrae

                                                                                                                                      34 of 350
FDT   FDT-1189 M4 requires FDT is run as administrator in        Bug           Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Stephanie Swiderski   Dave Wolfe
                  Windows 7

FDT   FDT-1188 Refactoring of a local variable name results in   Bug           Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       erik van nieuwburg
                  refactor of classname

FDT   FDT-1178 Code Convention Refactoring                       New Feature   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement          Francis Varga

FDT   FDT-1165 Refactoring: Sometimes references don't get fixed Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       Martin Heidegger
                  during refactoring, without a mistake

FDT   FDT-1152 asdoc validation for xml errors                   New Feature   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement          Martin Heidegger

                                                                                                                                                    35 of 350
FDT   FDT-1133 Launch Abort with Exception           Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Stephanie Swiderski   Sylvia-Kathrin Tanneberger

FDT   FDT-1112 Find Reference and Open Declaration   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       john smith

                                                                                                                                   36 of 350
FDT   FDT-1111 Auto complete after object instantiation doesn't Bug      Open   Major    UNRESOLVED Stephanie Swiderski   Eric Decker

FDT   FDT-1103 Mac OS X Installer "Choose Shortcut" should have Improvement Open Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement          David Lindlbauer
                 multiple options

FDT   FDT-1101 Flex Export release build disappears from launch Bug      Open   Major    UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       Eric Priou

FDT   FDT-1100 Incorrent AS Occurence counter                  Bug       Open   Major    UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       Andrey Nagovitsin

                                                                                                                                              37 of 350
FDT   FDT-1098 Namespace problems when using testing            Bug         Open    Major     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk

FDT   FDT-1097 Unresolvable variable reference in E4X and        Improvement Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Nicholas Bilyk
               dynamic object should default to disabled.
FDT   FDT-1096 Removing a path variable that's in use causes a Bug           Open   Major     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk
FDT   FDT-1095 Searching Preferences for Folding didn't bring up Bug         Open   Major     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Nicholas Bilyk
               FDT > Editor > Folding. When disabling folding, I
               got a NullPointerException.

FDT   FDT-1080 Fast repetition of undo causes workspace crash   Bug         Open    Major     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Øyvind Nordhagen

                                                                                                                                              38 of 350
FDT   FDT-1075 Certain Special Character not raising warnings or Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       James Jackson
                 errors and prevent compling

FDT   FDT-1074 Critical Error (Application Crashed and Asked to   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Stephanie Swiderski   James Jackson
                 be Restarted)

                                                                                                                                        39 of 350
FDT   FDT-1066 Adding of breakpoints when warning is shown,           Improvement Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   Martin Heidegger
                 context menu and visual differentiation is missing

                                                                                                                                              40 of 350
FDT   FDT-1048 compile throws for Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Michael Plank   Rendall

                                                                                                                          41 of 350
FDT   FDT-1047 Compiler does not recognize path to custom    Bug   Open   Major     UNRESOLVED Meinhard Gredig   Andriy Panas
                  resource bundles file

FDT   FDT-1045 fx:script source attribute is not supported   Bug   Open   Major     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Axel Haustant

FDT   FDT-1044 Could not open the editor: An unexpected      Bug   Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Jordan Gray
                  exception was thrown.

                                                                                                                                 42 of 350
FDT   FDT-1043 FDT goes into 'endless-build-mode' when using      Improvement Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   sascha balkau
                  GC Java vmargs

FDT   FDT-1039 FDT scans for and reports errors in all files in   Improvement Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   tom chiverton
                  project, even if they are not used

                                                                                                                                       43 of 350
FDT   FDT-1032 Full specified class name not resolved          Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Martin Heidegger

FDT   FDT-1031 Storable Macros                                 New Feature   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Ben Smith

FDT   FDT-1027 New Project template has to be cleaned before   Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Gunnar Herzog
                 using autocompletion

FDT   FDT-1023 Silent fail when project template xml doesn't   Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Kevin Suttle
                 adhere to schema

                                                                                                                                            44 of 350
FDT   FDT-1020 Clear up Embed Resolving                      Improvement Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Martin Heidegger

FDT   FDT-1018 autocomplete for "as" construction doesnt work Bug       Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Vadim Nikolaev

FDT   FDT-1016 java.lang.StackOverflowError renders my FDT   Bug        Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Eric-Paul Lecluse
                 useless, screenshot attached

                                                                                                                                         45 of 350
FDT   FDT-1011 launching always open in 550*400 window         Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Roee Kremer

FDT   FDT-1007 Bug in RegExp. wrong lexical parsing.           Bug           Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Aram Grigoryan

FDT   FDT-1006 Watching variables in a separate watch panel.   New Feature   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      John McCormack

FDT   FDT-1005 Breaks when value changes.                      New Feature   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      John McCormack

                                                                                                                                          46 of 350
FDT   FDT-1004 Typos in New ActionScript Interface Dialogue   Bug   Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   John Reeves

                                                                                                                                47 of 350
FDT   FDT-1002 Firefox Plugin implementation that changes   Improvement Open   Critical   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   Martin Heidegger
                 about:config value for proper debugging.

                                                                                                                                       48 of 350
FDT   FDT-1001 Creates "new constant" and "new function"   New Feature   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement   ekameleon

                                                                                                                              49 of 350
FDT   FDT-987   Parser: getDefinitionByName with double         Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Daniel Golesny

FDT   FDT-981   Template ${array} variable does not recognize   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Panel
FDT   FDT-980   Type Variable is not declared                   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Panel

                                                                                                                                   50 of 350
FDT   FDT-979   Templates improvement                       Improvement Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement          Panel

FDT   FDT-978   Autocompletion Type Improvement             Improvement Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement          Panel

FDT   FDT-971   App won't start after OSX 10.6.4 update     Bug        Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Stephanie Swiderski   Jos Faber

FDT   FDT-954   E4X - properties are treated like methods   Bug        Open    Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds       Gary Burgess

                                                                                                                                       51 of 350
FDT   FDT-950   Eclipse/FDT sometimes builds forver when trying Bug           Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   sascha balkau
                to save.

FDT   FDT-947   Internal Classes not in scope should be excluded   Improvement Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Alan Klement      Eric Decker
                from Content Assist menu

FDT   FDT-915   Imported package could not not found in class      Bug        Open    Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Sylvia-Kathrin Tanneberger

                                                                                                                                                   52 of 350
FDT   FDT-902   Closing and Opening a folder, closes all folders   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Brendyn Zachary
                within it

FDT   FDT-895   Could not create the view: Plug-in                Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Fabian Jakobs
                com.powerflasher.fdt.ui was unable to load class

FDT   FDT-886   'Bold' UI controls in tabs.                        Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Joeri van Oostveen

                                                                                                                                          53 of 350
FDT   FDT-883   When overriding empty method I never need the Bug       Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Martin Heidegger
                super call

FDT   FDT-882   E4X namespace expression shows error in FDT       Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Martin Heidegger

FDT   FDT-876   Copying to the clipboard frequently not working   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian

FDT   FDT-868   Frequently a getter of an object cannot be        Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian
                expanded in the variables-view of the debugger

                                                                                                                                       54 of 350
FDT   FDT-863   "Unhandled event loop exception"/freeze of fdt      Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian
                when trying to navigate to a class

FDT   FDT-861   Content assist for imports not working for fully-   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian
                qualified typenames

                                                                                                                               55 of 350
FDT   FDT-860   A pre compile ant task causes "internal error   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian
                occured during: Launching ..." when launching

                                                                                                                           56 of 350
FDT   FDT-859   Refactoring not preserving semantics in case of   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian
                name clash

FDT   FDT-854   Renaming class conflict                           Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Niqui Merret

                                                                                                                                   57 of 350
FDT   FDT-845   Plugins could not be loaded on Startup: Caused Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Daniel Golesny
                by: org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Invalid thread

FDT   FDT-813   Auto complete stops working                   Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Niqui Merret

                                                                                                                                  58 of 350
FDT   FDT-812   Could not resolve function 'trace'                  Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Niqui Merret

FDT   FDT-811   Creating new project & linking multiple libraries   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Niqui Merret
                crashes FDT

                                                                                                                                     59 of 350
FDT   FDT-785   Information bar (to left of code) stops updating   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Jon MacDonald
                and scrolling with code

FDT   FDT-750   Lag on right-click anywhere in FDT Pure            Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Scott Cook

FDT   FDT-739   Working sets won't stay when relaunching with      Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Joeri van Oostveen
                multiple windows.

FDT   FDT-738   FDT frequently hangs when opening projects.        Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Joeri van Oostveen

                                                                                                                                          60 of 350
FDT   FDT-733   Inline XML is not correctly parsed if tags contain   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian

FDT   FDT-699   Templates assist bug?                                Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   john smith

                                                                                                                                    61 of 350
FDT   FDT-683   QuickFix doesn't work, exception is logged   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Mattes Groeger

                                                                                                                                62 of 350
FDT   FDT-680   Most frustrating NullPointerException:            Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Marvin Blase

FDT   FDT-650   FDT will not compile anything after importing a   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Michael Svendsen

                                                                                                                                       63 of 350
FDT   FDT-622   AS2 refactoring brakes code   Bug   Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Fausto

                                                                                                         64 of 350
FDT   FDT-620   Argument info focus in methods fails with square- Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Martin Heidegger
                braced arrays.

FDT   FDT-619   wrong method exploration within "with"           Bug    Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Martin Heidegger

                                                                                                                                       65 of 350
FDT   FDT-614   Multiline comments not escaped in RegExp literal Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Duncan Hall

FDT   FDT-612   Compile console disappears when using pre/post Bug     Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Arne Deutsch
                compile ant file

                                                                                                                                  66 of 350
FDT   FDT-611   When switching tabs. Error appears around 20-30 Bug     Open   Major   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Fabian Aumiller
                times per day.

FDT   FDT-608   Missing error marker if there is no constructor   Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Arne Deutsch
                declared and the class is instantiated with

                                                                                                                                      67 of 350
FDT   FDT-601   XML syntax highlighting breaks when there is   Bug   Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Ryan Boyajian
                more than one XML var declared with a CDATA
                tag in a class

FDT   FDT-596   Syntax highlighting lags behind                Bug   Open   Major     UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian

                                                                                                                                   68 of 350
FDT   FDT-594   Open Type sometimes not working               Bug    Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Adrian

FDT   FDT-578   Auto Completion gets confused when keyword ist Bug   Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Michael Goergens
                highlighted and delets previous lines

FDT   FDT-570   Editor doe's not parse static constants       Bug    Open   Minor   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Rafał Szemraj

                                                                                                                                    69 of 350
FDT       FDT-532       getter as setter parse?                                   Bug                  Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   john smith

FDT       FDT-481       Keyword visual style is lost for "super" and "this" Bug                        Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Gary Burgess
                        when Class semantic highlight is enabled

FDT       FDT-479       Using underline for Implement/Override          Bug                            Open   Trivial   UNRESOLVED Philipp Arnolds   Gary Burgess
                        annotations affects whole method instead of the
                        name only
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Created            Updated            Affects Version/s   Fix Version/s   Component/s   Due Date Votes
   4/29/2011 15:52    4/29/2011 15:52 FDT 4.3.1                                                       0
                                      FDT 4.4 Beta

    4/28/2011 4:30      4/28/2011 4:30                                                               0

    4/28/2011 4:21      4/28/2011 4:21 FDT 4.4 Beta                                                  0

   4/27/2011 21:35     4/27/2011 21:35 FDT 4.4 Beta                                                  0

                                                                                                          71 of 350
4/27/2011 12:26   4/27/2011 12:26 FDT 4.3.1                 0

 4/26/2011 6:28    4/26/2011 6:35 FDT 4.3.1                 0

4/25/2011 21:25   4/25/2011 21:25             Preferences   0

4/25/2011 21:21   4/25/2011 21:21                           0

4/25/2011 21:20   4/25/2011 21:20             Preferences   0

                                                                72 of 350
4/23/2011 20:23   4/25/2011 21:14 FDT 4.3.1   Debugger   1

                                                             73 of 350
4/22/2011 8:52   4/22/2011 8:52 FDT 4.3.1   Editor   0

                                                         74 of 350
4/21/2011 13:43   4/28/2011 6:00 FDT 4.3.1   0

                                                 75 of 350
4/14/2011 9:39   4/14/2011 13:35   Formatter   0

                                                   76 of 350
4/13/2011 19:29   4/14/2011 13:34   Editor   0

                                                 77 of 350
4/13/2011 16:48    4/27/2011 9:49 FDT 4.3.1   UI                     0

 4/8/2011 19:21   4/13/2011 16:07             Font Library Creator   0

                                                                         78 of 350
4/7/2011 20:04    4/7/2011 20:04 FDT 4.3.1              0

 4/7/2011 7:05   4/21/2011 12:47 FDT 4.3.1   Debugger   0

 4/5/2011 0:45     4/5/2011 0:45 FDT 4.3     Editor     0

                                                            79 of 350
  4/2/2011 9:33     4/2/2011 9:33 FDT 4.2                0

 4/1/2011 21:08   4/21/2011 12:50 FDT 4.2     Editor     0

3/31/2011 18:20   4/21/2011 12:48 FDT 4.1.2   Debugger   0
                                  FDT 4.2

                                                             80 of 350
 3/29/2011 9:26    4/18/2011 9:39 FDT 4.3.1   Refactoring   0

3/28/2011 15:43   3/28/2011 15:45 FDT 4.2     Launching     0

                                                                81 of 350
3/28/2011 14:57   3/28/2011 14:57 FDT 4.3   UI     0

3/27/2011 20:51   3/27/2011 20:51 FDT 4.3   Core   0

3/27/2011 20:26   3/27/2011 20:26 FDT 4.3          0

                                                       82 of 350
3/23/2011 16:29   4/26/2011 11:31 FDT 4.2   Core   1

3/23/2011 14:53   3/23/2011 14:54 FDT 4.2          0

                                                       83 of 350
3/22/2011 21:45   3/22/2011 21:45 FDT 4.2   Core   0

3/21/2011 13:24   3/31/2011 15:33 FDT 4.2          1

3/21/2011 10:46   3/21/2011 10:46 FDT 4.2          0

                                                       84 of 350
3/15/2011 13:44   3/15/2011 13:44 FDT 4.2   Editor   0

                                                         85 of 350
3/4/2011 13:05   3/7/2011 16:05 FDT 4.2              0

3/3/2011 18:42   3/3/2011 18:42 FDT 4.2              1

3/3/2011 10:34   3/3/2011 10:34 FDT 4.2              1

 3/3/2011 2:39    3/3/2011 2:39 FDT 4.2   Profiler   0

                                                         86 of 350
3/1/2011 21:16   3/1/2011 21:16 FDT 4.1.1   Editor   0

2/28/2011 0:01   2/28/2011 0:01 FDT 4.2     Core     0

2/22/2011 1:52   2/22/2011 1:56 FDT 4.2     Editor   0

                                                         87 of 350
2/16/2011 20:03    4/8/2011 21:57 FDT 4.1.2                 1

2/11/2011 11:56   2/11/2011 11:56             Refactoring   0

2/11/2011 11:32   2/11/2011 11:32 FDT 4.2     Editor        0

2/10/2011 10:54   2/10/2011 10:54 FDT 4.2     Core          0

                                                                88 of 350
2/9/2011 1:57   2/9/2011 1:57 FDT 4.2   Installation   0

                                                           89 of 350
1/25/2011 15:33   1/25/2011 15:33 FDT 4.1.2                           Debugger   0

1/23/2011 20:39   1/23/2011 20:41 3.5               3.5 SR1                      0
                                  4.0 Milestone 1   4.0 Milestone 2

                                                                                     90 of 350
 1/23/2011 4:29   1/27/2011 11:11 FDT 4.1     Core             0

1/17/2011 10:13   1/17/2011 10:13 FDT 4.1.2   SDK Management   0

                                                                   91 of 350
1/11/2011 9:53   1/11/2011 10:53 FDT 4.1   Debugger Launching   0

                                                                    92 of 350
1/9/2011 22:55    1/9/2011 22:55 FDT 4.1.1   Launching   1

1/9/2011 15:03    2/16/2011 9:57 FDT 4.0                 0

1/5/2011 18:45   3/18/2011 22:19 FDT 4.1.1   Linux       1

                                                             93 of 350
1/5/2011 3:02   1/5/2011 3:02 FDT 4.1.1   Launching   0

1/5/2011 2:52   1/5/2011 2:52 FDT 4.1.1   Debugger    0

                                                          94 of 350
1/1/2011 14:13   1/1/2011 14:13 FDT 4.1.1   Preferences   0

                                                              95 of 350
12/23/2010 13:15   12/23/2010 13:15 FDT 4.1.1   Editor   0

                                                             96 of 350
12/17/2010 11:07   12/21/2010 14:30 3.1.1   3.2.0 beta 1   Core   0

                                                                      97 of 350
12/16/2010 15:02   12/16/2010 15:02 FDT 4.1.1               0

 12/8/2010 12:06    12/9/2010 16:37 FDT 4.1     Formatter   2

                                                                98 of 350
12/8/2010 10:11   12/8/2010 13:23 FDT 4.0                         0

12/7/2010 12:13   12/7/2010 12:13 FDT 4.0                         0

12/6/2010 23:39   12/6/2010 23:39 FDT 4.0.1 (Build 1185)   Core   0

                                                                      99 of 350
12/6/2010 15:36   12/6/2010 15:36 FDT 4.0.1 (Build 1185)   Editor   0

12/5/2010 21:26   12/5/2010 21:35                                   0

                                                                    100 of 350
 12/3/2010 13:38    12/3/2010 13:41 FDT 4.1 Beta   Core   0

  12/1/2010 2:34     12/1/2010 2:34 FDT 4.1 Beta          0

11/30/2010 16:44   11/30/2010 16:44                       0

                                                          101 of 350
11/29/2010 15:48   11/29/2010 15:48                                 0

11/26/2010 11:41   11/26/2010 11:41                                 0

11/26/2010 11:23   11/26/2010 11:23                                 0

11/26/2010 11:21   11/26/2010 11:21                                 0

 11/26/2010 5:26    1/31/2011 16:46 FDT 4.0                         2

11/24/2010 20:03    1/31/2011 16:46 FDT 4.0.1 (Build 1185)   Core   0

                                                                    102 of 350
9/22/2010 15:26   11/22/2010 16:12                                      0

 9/15/2010 8:14   11/24/2010 17:56                                      0

 11/9/2010 5:17     11/9/2010 5:17 FDT 4.0.1 (Build 1185)   Launching   0

                                                                        103 of 350
 11/2/2010 12:34    11/2/2010 12:34 FDT 4.0                    0

10/13/2010 15:15   10/14/2010 10:42                            0

  9/8/2010 12:23     9/10/2010 9:58 4.0 Milestone 1            0
                                    4.0 Milestone 2
                                    4.0 Milestone 3
                                    4.0 Milestone 4
  9/6/2010 21:26     9/6/2010 21:26 4.0 Milestone 4   Editor   0

                                                               104 of 350
 8/28/2010 6:20    8/30/2010 9:37 4.0 Milestone 4            0

8/27/2010 14:46    9/7/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 4   Editor   0

 8/25/2010 9:42   12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 4            0

8/22/2010 22:50    3/3/2011 11:12 4.0 Milestone 4   Editor   2

8/19/2010 11:32   12/1/2010 16:45                   Editor   0

                                                             105 of 350
8/17/2010 9:29   8/19/2010 12:07 3.5 SR1           Launching   0

 8/9/2010 7:16    8/11/2010 7:48 4.0 Milestone 3               0

                                                               106 of 350
8/6/2010 21:55   8/19/2010 14:03 4.0 Milestone 3         Editor         0

8/2/2010 16:54   12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 4         Installation   1

8/2/2010 16:35    8/2/2010 16:35 4.0 Milestone 3                        0

8/2/2010 14:09    8/2/2010 14:09                   3.5   Editor         0

                                                                        107 of 350
7/29/2010 17:24   7/29/2010 17:24 4.0 Milestone 3          0

7/29/2010 17:22   12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 3          0

7/29/2010 17:20   7/29/2010 17:20 4.0 Milestone 3          0

7/29/2010 17:20    8/2/2010 15:00                          0

7/26/2010 21:43   7/26/2010 21:47 4.0 Milestone 3   Core   0

                                                           108 of 350
7/23/2010 19:06   7/23/2010 19:06 4.0 Milestone 3   Editor      0

7/23/2010 17:33   7/28/2010 10:56 4.0 Milestone 3   Launching   0

                                                                109 of 350
7/19/2010 16:52   12/1/2010 16:45   0

                                    110 of 350
7/15/2010 19:42   7/28/2010 11:08 4.0 Milestone 3   0

                                                    111 of 350
7/15/2010 13:57   7/28/2010 12:51 4.0 Milestone 3   ANT      0

7/14/2010 19:47   7/20/2010 14:49 4.0 Milestone 3   MXML     0

7/14/2010 18:32   7/23/2010 18:59 4.0 Milestone 3   Editor   0

                                                             112 of 350
 7/14/2010 5:17   12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 3   Core     0

7/12/2010 14:47   12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 2   Editor   0

                                                             113 of 350
7/11/2010 11:34   4/21/2011 12:49 4.0 Milestone 2            0

7/10/2010 18:08   12/1/2010 16:45                   Editor   0

 7/9/2010 17:26    7/9/2010 17:26 4.0 Milestone 2   Core     0

  7/8/2010 5:46     7/8/2010 6:25 4.0 Milestone 3   UI       0

                                                             114 of 350
7/5/2010 17:42   12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 2            0

 7/3/2010 7:13     7/3/2010 7:13 4.0 Milestone 3   Editor   1

7/2/2010 12:06    7/2/2010 12:56 4.0 Milestone 3            0

                                                            115 of 350
 6/30/2010 8:10    6/30/2010 8:10 4.0 Milestone 2         Launching   0

 6/27/2010 9:31    6/30/2010 7:06                   3.5   Editor      0

6/26/2010 17:04   12/1/2010 16:45                         Debugger    3

6/26/2010 13:18   12/1/2010 16:45                         Debugger    0

                                                                      116 of 350
6/25/2010 21:14   8/12/2010 10:57 4.0 Milestone 2   UI   0

                                                         117 of 350
6/25/2010 11:17   12/1/2010 16:45   1

                                    118 of 350
6/24/2010 22:08   12/1/2010 16:45   1

                                    119 of 350
6/21/2010 19:15   6/21/2010 19:15 4.0 Milestone 2   0

6/19/2010 17:41   6/19/2010 17:41 4.0 Milestone 2   0

6/19/2010 16:03   6/19/2010 16:03 4.0 Milestone 2   0

                                                    120 of 350
6/19/2010 11:22    12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 2                     0

6/19/2010 11:10    12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 2         Editor      0

 6/17/2010 8:14   11/30/2010 17:44                   3.5   Launching   0

 6/7/2010 10:46     6/7/2010 10:46                         Core        0

                                                                       121 of 350
  6/3/2010 8:16     6/3/2010 8:16 3.5 SR1           Editor   0

5/29/2010 22:23   12/1/2010 16:45 4.0 Milestone 1   Editor   0

  5/8/2010 9:47    5/9/2010 10:24 4.0 Milestone 1   Editor   0

                                                             122 of 350
 4/27/2010 1:48    4/27/2010 1:48                   0

4/19/2010 11:21   6/14/2010 13:10 4.0 Milestone 1   0

 4/2/2010 19:08   10/9/2010 19:55 4.0 Milestone 1   1

                                                    123 of 350
3/28/2010 23:11   8/12/2010 10:57                               0

3/28/2010 22:29   3/28/2010 22:29                               0

3/22/2010 13:52   3/22/2010 13:52 3.2                  Editor   0
                                  3.2.1 beta 1
                                  3.5 beta 1
                                  3.5 beta 2

3/17/2010 18:29   3/17/2010 18:31                3.5            0

                                                                124 of 350
3/16/2010 19:11   3/16/2010 19:25   3.5   Core     0

3/16/2010 17:49   3/16/2010 17:49   3.5   Editor   0

                                                   125 of 350
3/16/2010 17:26   3/19/2010 14:13   3.5   Launching   0

                                                      126 of 350
3/16/2010 11:02   3/16/2010 11:02       3.5   Core   0

3/12/2010 13:18   3/19/2010 12:23 3.2                0

                                                     127 of 350
 3/2/2010 17:30   6/14/2010 13:07 4.0 Milestone 1         0

2/10/2010 17:21    3/2/2010 18:16                   3.5   0

                                                          128 of 350
2/10/2010 15:22   3/12/2010 15:05         0

2/10/2010 13:24    3/16/2010 9:07   3.5   1

                                          129 of 350
 1/21/2010 20:10   6/14/2010 16:05 3.5 beta 2            0

11/23/2009 18:33   6/14/2010 16:05              Editor   0

  11/1/2009 5:13   10/9/2010 20:19 3.5 beta 1   Core     0

  11/1/2009 5:08   9/21/2010 12:51 3.5 beta 1   Core     2

                                                         130 of 350
10/28/2009 19:54   6/14/2010 16:05 3.5 beta 1         Core     0

 9/27/2009 10:37   6/14/2010 16:05              3.2   Editor   0

                                                               131 of 350
9/15/2009 13:01   6/14/2010 16:05   Editor   0

                                             132 of 350
9/11/2009 17:12   6/14/2010 16:06 3.5 beta 1               0

8/25/2009 15:19   11/4/2010 20:15 3.5 beta 1   Launching   0

                                                           133 of 350
8/7/2009 9:42   3/15/2010 13:07   Editor   0

                                           134 of 350
8/6/2009 12:03   6/14/2010 16:06   1

8/6/2009 11:57   6/14/2010 16:06   0

                                   135 of 350
8/5/2009 10:31   6/14/2010 16:06 3.2.1 beta 1   Editor          0

8/3/2009 15:35   6/14/2010 16:06 3.2.1 beta 1   ANT Launching   0

                                                                136 of 350
 8/3/2009 15:13   6/14/2010 16:06                3.2   UI     0

7/31/2009 15:11   6/14/2010 16:06 3.2.1 beta 1         Core   1

                                                              137 of 350
7/29/2009 23:07   6/14/2010 16:06   3.2   Editor   0

7/28/2009 16:03   6/14/2010 16:06         Editor   1

                                                   138 of 350
7/28/2009 15:37   6/14/2010 16:06                3.2   Editor   0

 7/1/2009 16:33   3/15/2010 10:49                      Editor   0

6/30/2009 12:09   6/14/2010 16:06 3.2.1 beta 1         Core     0

                                                                139 of 350
 6/9/2009 12:18    5/27/2010 5:19   3.2            0

5/27/2009 12:34   2/17/2010 18:14   3.2   Editor   0

5/27/2009 11:46   6/14/2010 16:06   3.2   Editor   0

                                                   140 of 350
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13020_Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 10.18.44

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13005_screenshot-1.jpg 13006_screenshot-2.jpg

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12986_Screen shot 2011-03-29 at


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12959_Screen shot 2011-03-04 at

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12955_screenshot-1.jpg 12956_screenshot-2.jpg

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12903_Update outline popup version 2.jpg

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12731_Screen shot 2010-10-13 at 4.06.06

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12300_Screen shot 2010-04-02 at

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12296_screenshot-1.jpg 12297_screenshot-2.jpg

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12292_screenshot-1.jpg 12293_screenshot-2.jpg

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Environment      Description                                            Security Level Progress Σ Progress Σ Time Spent Σ Remaining Estimate
MC 64 bit        The launcher chain has disappeared from the            public
                 compiler configurations. Not sure if it is related,
                 but all of sudden all compiler configurations
                 appeared twice, which I prevented by choosing:
                 local file under the common tab.

                 would be great to set cursor inside any of      public
                 words in the code and change it to one of the
                 others by quick assist popup
                 would be great if when you have some expression public

                 _foo = false;

                 set cursor in the middle of false word, press ctrl+1
                 and just select one of values in popup:
                 true <

                 then after pressing enter replace value
Mac osx 10.6.7   When i am navigating to files in the tree view i am public
                 getting error dialog box with multiple error -
                 when it did it ones it can't get out of the error
                 it's on each new clicked file in the tree view.

                                                                                                                                     211 of 350
Mac OS X 10.6.7           Steps to reproduce:                                    public
FDT (32-bit)   # Add a SWC file to the library
                          # Make a change to the SWC, e.g. change the
                          location of a class in a tree
                          # Drag SWC file to the library
                          # Overwrite SWC

                          What happens: SWC package tree is not updated,
                          the old one is being shown.

Windows 7 64 Bit          Workaround: Project Clean.
                          Hey Guys,                                              public

                          I recently installed FDT 64 bit but i found out it
                          requires the 64 bit Flash Player

                          Is it possible for the 64 Bit FDT to somehow use
                          32 Bit flash player? The 64 bit flash player is fair
                          behind the 32 bit version, and unusable for the
                          projects i require for it, and I couldn't find a
                          debugger version of it


                          - Simon to easily switch form strict or less strict public
                          '- Ability
                          mode in one click., should be pre-installed in FDT
                          - Save the preferences, name it, share it and
                          switch between different modes

                          For backup purpose and to share with other team public
                          For backup purpose and share with others.       public

                                                                                          212 of 350
FDT 4.3.1, Windows Vista   At the moment I can only use Log Cat in DDMS to public
                           debug an android app remote from device or
                           emulator. Log Cat shows me only tracings. With
                           Flash Builder I can run my app as a web
                           application in my bowser or in the buildIn
                           browser in eclipse. Saban Ünlü shows in a video
                           training a howto to initiate a debugging process.

                           Details are described in

                           I have done some tests with FDT to do the same,
                           but I have not found a way.

                           I thinks that will be a fine feature to make FDT fit
                           for mobile development.

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FDT, MXML editing   I know this is a soft report, but I have experienced public
                    multiple fatal hangs when editing mxml, typing a
                    variable name, and then using the completion
                    engine to complete it. The completion box never
                    shows, the processor get hogged.

                    Both in script part and in mxml part of the file.

                    Hard to reproduce systematically, it happens
                    several times a day during intensive use, no clear
                    pattern as of yet.

                    Only solution is to kill FDT as a process and

                    After the restart, the same completion typically
                    works fine.

                    It is not a memory issue, FDT was given 1.5 GB
                    and relatively small project open.

                    Mac OS X 10.6.7
                    MBP i7

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FDT x64 Cocoa Mac, OS X 10.6.7 32bit I get 'FDT log: No message gotten.' error when      public
kernel, MBP 17" Mid 2010.                       opening an .as file, trying to clean project and so
                                                on. The error checker does not work. Tried clean
                                                install, reimported project - no use.


                                                                                                             215 of 350
Dear powerflashers,                                    public

I hereby vote for the long-line wrapping feature
support by the Formatter. Currently code
formatter does not understand that and format
my custom wrapping back into single long line of

public static function
eventType:String, handler:Function, count:uint =
0):void {
// code

Then for me FDT would be pricelesssssssss....
Now pretned that I put a caret right after the first
{{dispatcher:IEventDispatcher,}}>here< and press

*Current result*:
public static function
eventType:String, handler:Function, count:uint =
0):void {

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Dear Powerflashers,                                      public

Could you add some visual improvements to
FDT's Editor?

1). Highlight method/block under caret.
Would be nice to visually identify the bounds of
current method. Intellij IDEA offers a buch of
- vertical lines going from the block declaration till
the last caret (see attachement)
- highlighting the current bracket pair
- highlighting whole method
The idea behind this is to be able easily identify
the bounds of the method, current code block
(highligthing matched bracers).

2). Expand the list of colorizable definitions.
Basically, I'd like all integers to be in red color,
bracers to be bold with dark background,
member variables in blue color, constant variable
in orange and so on. But you should get the
point. Currently we can choose color for
keywords, constants and comments, but would
be nice to have this list filled with more options.

3). And yes, as I've sometimes mentioned a
colorized background of a symbol - we could
consider that as feature request.

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OS X 10.6.7   Clicking on the a node in the Flash Explorer      public
              causes a popup box stating an error has occurred.
              I've just upgraded to the latest version of FDT

              Here is the stack trace

              Wed Apr 13 16:35:06 BST 2011
              Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-
              in: "org.eclipse.ui.workbench".

              Would be great to have a bitmap option to
              embed fonts like we got when embeding font
              with Flash IDE, is there a way to do so?

                                                                         218 of 350
                    As mentioned in this ticket:                            public


                    "I've been able to get this to work with two
                    simple projects that I created from scratch (one
                    library and one application that uses it), but not
                    with a large imported project that builds fine in
                    Flash Builder 4. It fails with errors like "Unable to
                    locate specified base class" when the base class is
                    defined as an MXML class in the library project,
                    and the library containing the base class is
                    showing up in the failing project's Referenced
                    Projects list.
                    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to track this
                    down any further, and other bugs I have
                    encountered are pushing me back into the arms
                    of Flash Builder 4.

                    Finally, it would be nice if:

                    1) The "Project References" tab could be hidden
                    or flagged somehow, if that's at all under your
                    control. Failing that, perhaps the "FDT Build Paths
                    \ Projects" subtab could be broken out into "FDT
                    Project References".

                    2) The projects under "Project References" could
                    automatically be imported into "FDT Build Paths \
[internal review]   If you have a imported in large project withname public
                    Projects". I'd property a a object with the many
                    "namespace::property" it will show only
                    "property" in the debugger variable inspector.

                    Assigning an Array to a Vector should display an        public

                    //throws runtime error: Implicit coercion of a
                    value of type Array to an unrelated type
                    var a:Vector.<int> = new Array();
                                                                                     219 of 350
                                                For a project I am working on there is an .as file    public
                                                that is used in a few FLA files as an include. I
                                                know it isn't the best use case but it is there. So
                                                that FDT won't throw too many errors the
                                                beginning and end of the file are the
                                                /*FDT_IGNORE*/ token.

                                                However, FDT still shows 2 errors
                                                1. File Could not be parsed
                                                2. Unexpected Token at line <last line> column 14

                                                When a file is wrapped from beginning to end
                                                with the /*FDT_IGNORE*/ token should it throw
                                                an error that can't be turned off?
[internal review] - Will happens at anyone, I   If I have a class that extends Proxy and overrides public
think. But I'm using WindowsXP SP2 32-bit       callProperty method, when I try to access a
                                                function of an instance of this class, FDT points an
                                                error, telling: "Could not resolve function..." even
                                                if my class is dynamic. This not happens for
                                                properties, but for functions I'm having this
[internal review] - Win7                        When I ran FDT in debug mode, it could not           public
                                                connect to the debug player. it would display
                                                'Could not connect to the player, will try to
                                                connect' in the console.
                                                I tried uninstalling Flash player, reinstalling both
                                                debug 10.1 and incubator. I tried reinstalling FDT
                                                with the latest version from the site. Updating
                                                FDT. Creating new dummy projects and even a
                                                new workspace.
                                                I managed to stumble upon the debugger option
                                                in the flash debug player menu which pointed to
                                                'localhost' as a location of the host application. I
                                                had recently installed WAMP server onto my
                                                development laptop and it appears as that was
                                                redirecting localhost to that Apache server. By
                                                changing the localhost value to, I could
                                                resolve the issue.
                                                Phew! :o)

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Mac OS X 10.6.7                 Sometimes after refactoring the error icon in         public
FDT (32-bit)         front of the file name on the file tab doesn't get
                                removed after workspace building has finished.
                                Yet in "Problems" there are no errors listed (see
                                the attached screenshot).

                                Workaround: reopen the file.

Mac OS X 10.6.5, FDT 4.2.1286   Download and import the Basic AS3 source files public

                                - Select "Run configurations" in menu "Run".
                                - Left click on "FDT SWF Application" and click
                                button "New launch configuration".
                                - Enter name: launch_1
                                - Enter project: AS3_Basic_Finish
                                - Enter Main Class: src/
                                - Enter Output: bin/launch_1.swf

                                Click button "Apply" and then button "Run".

                                Launch "Run Configurations again and change to
                                tab "Start".
                                - Click checkbox "Open URL after compilation".
                                - Click button "Browse"
                                - Select "/bin/launch_1.swf"

                                The popup "Viewer" in part "Viewer
                                configuration" should now show a list of available
                                viewer, but it doesn't (See screenshot).
                                To get the popup listing the available viewer it is
                                needed to close the dialog and re-open it again.

                                                                                               221 of 350
Mac OS X 10.6.7                       To reproduce:                                         public
FDT (latest local build)   # Expand a SWC in Auto Library Folder
                                      # Right-click on the root package in SWC
                                      # Choose Expand Selected

                                      What happens: the package tree isn't expanded.

                                      Workaround: click on the SWC itself and choose
                                      Expand Selected.
                                      In a package level function, if you refer to an       public
                                      undeclared variable, there is no error marker.

                                      An internal error has occurred.                       public

                                      After changing a file referenced in search results,
                                      I often get NullPointerExceptions, causing me to
                                      need to do a different search before I can clear
                                      the search results.

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Windows 7, FDT 4.2, Flex 4 Project   Just started out with FDT so this might be a            public
                                     newbie issue.

                                     I imported a Flex 4 project from Flash Builder
                                     which compiles fine, this project has a custom
                                     skin for a panel. This skin uses a spark component
                                     - RectangularDropShadow

                                     The skin I actually got from here -

                                     When referencing the component in actionscript
                                     the visible property is not present - its fine on the
                                     MXML component and as I say its present in Flash

                                     Right now I can't compile so I have stopped using
                                     FDT and had to switch back to FB.

                                     Any help appreciated.
Mac OS X 10.6.7                      Steps to reproduce:                                     public
FDT                       # Open previously created (debug) launcher
                                     # Change the width and height values for the

                                     What happens:
                                     Viewer does not launch at the given width and/or

                                     Resize SWFViewer by hand when it has launched
                                     and try again.

                                     Please also see FDT-1849 when investigating this

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                                          Object(foo).constructor is fine but if foo is not   public
                                          explicitly type Object then foo.constructor gives a
                                          compiler error:
                                          Access of possibly undefined property
                                          constructor through a reference with static type

                                          references to constructor on objects not type * or
                                          Object should show an error marker.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating   Download and followed the instructions about         public
system                                    installing the 64-bit version of FDT, registered the
FDT Max 64-Bit version         product then before doing anything went to the
                                          "Help" menu and selected "Check for Updates"
                                          then selected all the updates and continued with
                                          the update, once it updated the FDT Splash
                                          Screen disappeared, The logo changed back to a
                                          default Eclipse icon, different Start Screen and if
                                          you go to about FDT you are presented with
                                          about Eclipse page instead of the FDT one.

FDT                            When writing class name in private (helper) class public
                                          it offers autocomplete and import as usual, but
                                          doesn't actually write "import" statement. But
                                          organize imports still works.

                                                                                                        224 of 350
Tested on Windows XP and Linux   Maybe this is related to issue:                          public

                                 I use FlexFormatter to format ActionScript code :

                                 When foramtting, one time on two, Semantic
                                 Highlight is lost, that means that coloring is off. If
                                 just a part of the class has been modified by the
                                 formatter, just a part of class is not colored, and
                                 on next formatting, coloring is inverted (the part
                                 previously not colored is colored, and vice versa).

                                 Easy to reproduce :
                                 - Install FlexFormatter as an Eclipse plugin,
                                 update URL :
                                 - Be carefull of using FlexFormatter and not FDT
                                 Formatter in Eclipse Shortcuts.

                                 - Format an ActionScript class, if all the class has
                                 been formated, maybe the problem doesn't
                                 appear now.
                                 - Format again. After 2 seconds, code coloring is
                                 - Format again. After 2 seconds, code coloring is

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Mac OS X 10.6.6                  Steps to reproduce:                                   public
                                 1. Export a project with Auto Library folder with
                                 SWCs in it
                                 2. Delete the project from the workspace and
                                 from disk
                                 3. Import the exported project

                                 What happens: SWCs in Auto Library folder are
                                 not added to the classpath. Opening any of the
                                 files that deploy SWC classes will reveal the
                                 related errors.

                                 It could be that this bug is already fixed for 4.3,
                                 but I'll added it just in case and will include a
                                 screenshot shortly. Array.sort, accept the integer public
                                 Vector.sort can, like
                                 bits Array.CASEINSENSITIVE, Array.DESCENDING,
                                 Array.NUMERIC, Array.RETURNINDEXEDARRAY
                                 and Array.UNIQUESORT and compile correctly
                                 but FDT marks this as an error.

FDT Win               When debugging an AIR application, FDT                 public
                                 generates a name-app.xml file.
                                 While this is great the first time, it should leave it
                                 in tact if the file is already there (or at least have
                                 an option).

                                 When for example, I set the <visible> node to
                                 false in the <initialWindow> node, FDT sets it to
                                 true when debugging, which is very annoying.
Windows 7 64bit, FDT 4.2 64bit   The profiler seems to filter out any package that public
                                 begins with "fl" if the filter internal packages
                                 option is enabled. When exporting assets from
                                 Flash the package names I use are reverse
                                 filename (fla.filename.ClassName) so anything in
                                 my swc gets filtered out, and so do the fl.*

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Mac, FDT 4.1.1                                    private function prev():void                         public

                                                  private function next():void

                                                  private function get currentPage():uint
                                                  return this._page;

                                                  private function set currentPage(value:uint):void
                                                  <--- underlines this method with 'never used'
                                                  this._page = value;
                                                  When calling super, Wrong number of arguments public
                                                  error erroneously shown.

                                                  If inside a linked swc, you have class B extends
                                                  class A, and then in your project you have class C
                                                  extend B, FDT thinks the super() within the
                                                  constructor is to A, not B.

                                                  So if A takes arguments String, and B takes no
                                                  arguments, C will show an error: Wrong number
FDT 4.2 plugin for Eclipse 3.5.2, Mac OS 10.6.6   ofa function has unbalanced braces (i.e. nested
                                                  If arguments.                                        public
                                                  loops, if statements etc. are not properly closed)
                                                  and Format is invoked, function signatures that
                                                  follow are broken onto multiple lines; and after
                                                  the problem with the unbalanced braces is fixed,
                                                  Format fails to correct the line breaks, which
                                                  breaks the code.

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Win 7                                             I am using the 30 day free trial and I'm trying to public
                                                  watch some variables in the debugger. When
                                                  ever I do I get "Watch expressions not supported"
                                                  message. These variables are all view able in the
                                                  in the variables pane of the debugger
                                                  perspective. What am I doing wrong?

Mac OS 10.6.6                                     If you move a package with some classes,               public
FDT (but it behaves like 4.1 because   interfaces and other packages to a different
the new features are not available after the      target package, the files are moved. But the
update)                                           package path and the import statements of the
                                                  classes, interfaces, ... will not be refactored. The
                                                  outcome are a lot of errors and handwork to fix
Windows 7                                         Pressing tab in Block Selection mode does not          public
                                                  insert tabs, but indents the lines.
OS X 10.6, FDT 4.2 standalone 64bit               An internal error has occurred.                        public


                                                  java.vendor=Apple Inc.
                                                  BootLoader constants: OS=macosx,
                                                  ARCH=x86_64, WS=cocoa, NL=en_US
                                                  Framework arguments: -product
                                                  com.powerflasher.fdt.product.product -keyring
                                                  /Users/fljot/.eclipse_keyring -showlocation
                                                  Command-line arguments: -os macosx -ws cocoa -
                                                  arch x86_64 -product
                                                  com.powerflasher.fdt.product.product -keyring
                                                  /Users/fljot/.eclipse_keyring -showlocation

                                                  Cleaning projects leads to multiple this kind of
                                                  FDT restart helps.

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eclipse.buildId=I20090611-1540               During install - Artifact not found:             public
java.vendor=Apple Inc.                       eatures/com.powerflasher.fdt.professional.ui_3.5
BootLoader constants: OS=macosx, ARCH=x86,   .0.1094.jar.
WS=cocoa, NL=en_US                           Error reading feature

                                             And after install:

                                             org.eclipse.ui.PartInitException: Could not create
                                             view: com.powerflasher.fdt.ui.views.SWFView

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Mac OS X v10.6.6                               When the debugger reaches a break point at a         public
                                               variable, pressing F5 to continue to the next line
                                               does not update the variable's value on the
                                               Variable view.

                                               I have to click on the Breakpoints view to cover
                                               the Variables view, then click back on the
                                               Variables view when then it has the variable's
                                               value updated.

                                               I have FDT on my main screen and the
                                               Variables/Breakpoints on my secondary screen.

                                               I not always can reproduce this issue and it
                                               usually happens when the value is on a four level
                                               or deeper within the object.
Mac OS 10.6.2 / Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon   Since installing the latest 3.5 release, FDT often    public
2.8 GHz                                        fails to start entirely and will hang on the
                                               "Loading Workbench" prompt, requiring a force
                                               quit, and often a full machine restart before it will
                                               relaunch correctly.

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Windows 7        Getters/setters MUST match type EXCEPT when public
                 using the wildcard * operator
                 Behavior: FDT throws an error when the wildcard
                 is used as one but not both of the types in a
                 getter/setter. For example, the following should
                 be valid (and is valid in Flash Builder and with the

                 public function get content():IList { return
                 _content; }
                 public function set content(value:*):void
                 // ...
                 private var _content:IList = new ArrayList();

                 This is important in UI frameworks such as Stealth
                 because it allows the variable to be strongly
                 typed when accessing it (get), providing all of the
                 benefits of auto-complete and type checking, but
                 is more flexible when assigning data (set),
                 allowing strings, arrays or other types to be
                 accepted and converted to the proper format.
                 For example, converting inches and centimeters
                 in a pixel value:

                 domObj.width = "10 in";
Mac OS 10.6.6    var pixelWidth:Number = domObj.width;
                 Sometimes when you open a project it throws an public
FDT   error "Core classes not found". I've also noticed it
                 in the older FDT 4 builds.

                 An easy workaround to get rid of the error is to
                 expand the SDK tree to reveal flex.swc,
                 playerglobal.swc etc.

                 Happens rarely, haven't found a way to
                 reproduce this behaviour.

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FTD 4.1 Professional                     Once you have a runtime error in your               public
Win 7                                    application, the debugger cannot be restarted
You have version 10,1,102,64 installed   as long you don't kill the external viewer / flash
Flex 3.3 and 3.5 and 4                   player via task manager. From here you
                                         always need to kill the viewer / player manually in
                                         order to be able to debug.
                                         (The browser can be launched, but does not
                                         receive a connection to the debugger.)

                                         I have reported a similiar issue already 1 year ago
                                         Now this affects also to FDT 4.1. In difference to
                                         FDT-823, moving sources (within partitions) does
                                         not have an effect.


                                         - Downgrade to FDT 3.2 hoho
                                         - Kill the launcher window right after each session

                                         Please try to locate and eliminate the problem
                                         soon. Thank you.

                                         To reproduce:

                                         1. Create a projects and a main class.

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OSX, Helios                This bug is maybe hard to reproduce, but can be       public
                           described as follows:

                           We have a project that consists of several
                           modules (projects) and one main project. This
                           main project contains a launcher that uses the
                           launcher chain to build all the modules first.

                           When developing everything works perfect.
                           However, as soon as we update all the related
                           projects from SVN, the compiler API seems not to
                           recognize every single change. It still compiles
                           without problems, but then classes in the
                           modules are missing, which then leads to runtime
                           errors. This problem can only be solved by
                           manually resetting the compiler API.

                           This bug is really nasty because the runtime
                           errors give no hint that they are related to
                           compiler issues. Instead it looks like real errors.

Mac OS 10.6.5              Just downloaded the extract        public
                           the .app file, tryed to run it but nothing happens
Ubuntu Maverick - 64 bit   I've been trying to create a simple HelloWorld AIR public
                           application. I have not succeeded in doing this
                           either as a Flex4 project or as an ActionScript
                           project. I keep getting this invalid application
                           descriptor. This is not correct because the
                           moment I move the same project to FBuilder it
                           compiles and creates the Debug Air application
                           with no issues at all - same app-xml, same code.
                           the difference is the IDE.
                           In addition the DebugAIrViewer does not launch
                           in Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit

                           I need to add here also that in the same OS the
                           ExternalSWFViewer does not launch. Only the
                           browser and the Adobe player which I manually
                           map the path work

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win, mac   '* window size in AIR application descriptor file    public
           was incorrect.
           * /application/initialWindow/width
           * /application/initialWindow/height
           * is a real window frame size, not a content size.
           so flash content looks like shrinking.
           * so, maybe it will be deleted.
win, mac   '* code                                              public

           function(e:MouseEvent) {
           trace("HERE"); <--- set break point

           * debug

           * ADL is crashed. (win,mac both of all)

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Mac OSX 10.6.5   Steps to Reproduce:                                  public
                 1. Create the following templates XML:

                 description="Event Constant"
                 * The ${class}.${constant} constant defines the
                 value of
                 * the <code>type</code> property of the event
                 * for a <code>${value}Event</code> event.
                 * <table class=innertable>
                 * <tr><th>Property</th><th>Value</th></tr>
                 * <tr><td>bubbles</td><td>false</td></tr>
                 * <tr><td>cancelable</td><td>false</td></tr>
                 * <tr><td>currentTarget</td><td>The Object that
                 defines the event
                 * listener that handles the event. For example, if
                 you use
                 * myButton.addEventListener() to register an
                 event listener,
                 * myButton is the value of the

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case 1:                                              public
for each (var shape:Shape in shapes)
// do something

When _shapes_ variable is not defined and you
press quick-fix FDT suggest _Shape_ type for it.
Expected Array or Vector (or * at least if it gets

case 2 (improvement actually)
foo = new Sprite();
addChild(foo);//*call quick-fix here*

It suggests type _DIsplayObject_ (which is kinda
technically expected, since it check what type
current environment (addChild argument)
expects). But it could actually check where this
_foo_ was mentioned first and take that type
(_Sprite in this case).

                                                              236 of 350
{code}                                           public

package test
import flash.display.Sprite;

* @author mz
public class ParserError extends Sprite {
private var _absolutePath : String;

public function ParserError() {
_absolutePath =
loaderInfo.loaderURL.replace(/\\/g, "/");


PS: Quick workaround : surround the assignment
with FDT ignore
_absolutePath =
loaderInfo.loaderURL.replace(/\\/g, "/");

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Win XP, Eclipse Galileo and FDT as plugin in trial   When implements interface in already created        public
mode                                                 class with function that has default parameters
                                                     and create those functions with quick fix (Ctrl+1),
                                                     it create functions with no default values as they
                                                     are described in interface. Example, if interface

                                                     public interface IExample {
                                                     function makeExample(value:Boolean =

                                                     implements any class and tap Ctrl+1 to automatic
                                                     generate functions it generate

                                                     public function
                                                     makeExample(value:Boolean):void {


                                                     with no default value
FDT                                       When you use the 'Create Field' quickfix (and      public
Windows                                              maybe also others), the formatting options are

                                                     // generated (wrong, spaces around the :)
                                                     private var _logoFooter : ILogoFooter;
                                                     // After Ctrl+Shift+F (correct)
                                                     private var _logoFooter:ILogoFooter;

                                                     It looks like this is only happening when FDT is
                                                     building the workspace.
                                                     And because we Ctrl+S a lot, there is a lot of
                                                     building going on in the background, so the
                                                     quickfixes break a lot :(
                                                     And waiting 5 seconds before the building is

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Mac OS X 10.6.5   A SWF is loaded by the application. This SWF     public
FDT Cocoa         contains movieclips with export settings for
                  If one of these movieclips has changed, the
                  compiler does not recognize the change. This
                  happens also if the mxmlc compiler was resetted.

                  Only a restart of FDT solves the problem.
FDT 4 + Aptana    I installed Aptana into an existing FDT 4          public
                  installation. Aptana seems to take over the search
                  result. Before installing Aptana, FDT would
                  display the path to the class that contained the
                  search result and would even display the exact
                  line + code that contained the result. Now I only
                  get the path to the class.

                  If I ctrl+click a class that brings me into generated public
                  source, I get a java NullPointerException

                                                                                 239 of 350
windows seven 64, eclipse 32 FDT4, JDK6   I tested on two different machines, and I have the public
                                          same error on both.

                                          Internal Error

                                          Exception Stack Trace:
Windows 7                                                              public

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Mac OS X 10.6   Suddenly all the autocompletion stopped            public
                working. I had no errors shown, but when I
                opened Error Log there was a lot error of type 1
                and after that one error of type 2:

                FDT log: No message gotten.

                at java.util.Arrays.mergeSort(
                at java.util.Arrays.mergeSort(
                at java.util.Arrays.sort(
                at java.util.Collections.sort(
                org.eclipse.jface.text.contentassist.CompletionPr public
                When using an array literal, there is no auto-


                similar to "foo".charCodeAt(2), except strings
                work, arrays do not.

                When i create a release build with Burrito =>      public
                333KB || FDT 1.1MB

                                                                            241 of 350




Mac          This occurs most frequently with large projects      public
             (100 classes+). Every 3 saves I will get an alert
             saying "Quing viewer updates has encountered a
             problem. An internal error has occurred" and the
             details show that it's a java NullPointerExeption. I
             am unable to provide steps to reproduce because
             the problem seems to start occurring as the
             project exceeds a certain size. Once it appear,
             however, it will not go away, and will continue to
             show quite frequently accompanied by editors
             not recognizing imports even though they are
             there (hitting "organize imports once or twice
             seems to fix that).

windows xp   Attempting to figure out what was causing a        public
             different bug, I removed my workspace metadata
             and project files and tried to start fresh, one of
             the projects, however, could not be recreated,
             FDT giving the message D:\Projects\Example
             overlaps the location of another project:

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                                FDT seems to be a little overzealous in "fixing" the public
                                layout of if statements. I often like to write if
                                statements on a single line such as follows:

                                if (foo) bar++;

                                If I use autocomplete on "bar" this causes the line
                                to be reformatted as follows:

                                if (foo)

                                Additionally, this happens when autocompleting
                                something on the *next* line of code.

Mac Book Pro on MacOSX 10.6.4   When clicking on the "New Interface" button on public
                                the top toolbar, nothing happens. I can use right-
                                menu button, it works, but not this one.

                                When compiling a swc, -include-libraries must      public
                                come before -target-player or the build fails with
                                error "unknown configuration variable 'target-

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                                          Steps to reproduce:                                 public

                                          1. I have migrated from FDT3 Basic to FDT4 Basic.
                                          2. I have selected my original workspace.
                                          3. Mouse right click on the project shows the
                                          Team menu.

                                          Expected result:
                                          I expect Team menu work as normal.

                                          Actual result:
                                          The only option visible in the Team menu is Apply
                                          Patch. That is useless.



Eclipse Version: 3.5.2, Mac OS X 10.6.4   New with Milestone 4: The Editor quickly gets out public
                                          of sync with the logic of the displayed code. In
                                          other words the formatting does not reflect the
                                          e.g. keyword colouring does not match key
                                          words; hotspots (command-click function,
                                          variable etc.) does not match
                                          This sometimes clears when document is saved,
                                          but not always.

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Windows 7 Home Premium             Installed FDT4 Milestone 4 standalone, after       public
                                   starting it I was not prompted for a serial number
                                   and no welcome screen appeared. The
                                   perspective was named <Flash FDT>, but no FDT
                                   panels were visible, no FDT preferences were
                                   available in the preferences window, etc. Right-
                                   clicking the FDT icon and choosing "Run As
                                   Administrator" fixed the problem (after being
                                   shown a warning message). Running as
                                   Administrator was not required in previous
Apple Mac,"OS X 10.6 Intel"        While selecting a local var inside a method and      public
Web Browser: Firefox 3.6.8         doing CMD+SHIFT+R to refactor the var name,
Model Name: MacBook Pro            the refactor dialogue came up, but was showing
Model Identifier: MacBookPro4,1    the name of the class (f.i. ""). I checked
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo   again, selecting the text in my editor view, doing
Processor Speed: 2,4 GHz           the shortcut again, but it still wanted to refactor
Number Of Processors: 1            my classname instead of my variable. I tried it to
Total Number Of Cores: 2           see what would happen and my classname had
L2 Cache: 3 MB                     been renamed. Reopening the class trying to
Memory: 4 GB                       reproduce the error resulted in nothing. After
Bus Speed: 800 MHz                 this, it worked like it should.
Boot ROM Version: MBP41.00C1.B03
                                   '- param convention => $param || _param or        public
                                   annother one
                                   - private/internal/public => private function
                                   _name(); internal function $_name();
                                   - private var $name
                                   I have been doing some moving/renaming            public
                                   recently and while most references got updated
                                   properly, each time 1 or 2 references havn't been
                                   updated. No error in the Error Log, no error
                                   displayed. The classes I moved/refactored were
                                   always referenced more than a few times.

                                   I am often having the problem that i forget a end- public
                                   tag in asdoc comments. It would be nice to have
                                   warning highlighting if xml tags in asdoc
                                   comments are not closed properly.

                                                                                                 245 of 350
                 Here ist the Exception:                           public

                 An error occurred while automatically activating
                 bundle com.powerflasher.fdt.ui (741).
windows xp sp3   org.eclipse.osgi.internal.baseadaptor.DefaultClass public
                 Working with project. Pereodicaly ctrl+r and f3
                 stops work. Im restart fdt to fix it.
                 Sometime its happen about in 20-30min,
                 sometime all work fine all day.
                 Today im restart fdt twice.

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                      When creating a new object there is no auto       public
                      completion when trying to access properties or
                      methods of it in the same line.

                      For example:
                      var rightSide:Number = new Rectangle(-100,-
                      In this example, you wouldn't get any
                      autocompletion or hints after typing new

                      This seems like an unlikely scenario, but it comes
                      into play more with custom classes (as opposed
                      to native AS3 code as in the example above), such
                      as creating a tween: new NanoTween(mySprite,
                      1.0, {x:100, y:200}).start()
Mac OS X 10.6.4       It would be great to be able to have multiple      public
                      shortcuts of FDT, not just one.
                      See attached image.
os 10.6               In FDT4 m2 i used the export relmaese build from public
FDT 4m3               the launch configurations.
                      It seems to have disappeared.

                      Only FDT AIR Application release build stay in

                      Note : The project have been migrated to the
                      new FDT4 structure.
Windows XP, FDT 3.5   Incorrect display of AS Occurence inside editor in public
                      upper right corner of it when mouse over yellow
                      rectangle. Sometimes it shows correct values and
                      sometimes multiplied by 2

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      Namespace problems when unit test framework         public
      is included. FDT thought the namespace for
      internalLog in was a
      testing framework namespace instead of
      mx_internal. Making the correct override show
      up as an error.

      To reproduce:

      Create a project using the testing framework.
      Create an extension of TraceTarget, override the
      internalLog function. FDT will think the proper
      override is a different namespace than what it
      actually is.

      FDT by default warns you when you use e4x and public
      dynamic objects.
      Removing a path variable that's in use causes a   public
      Searching Preferences for Folding didn't bring up public
      FDT > Editor > Folding. When disabling folding, I
      got a NullPointerException.

Mac   After force quit and relaunc, most views have       public
      only errors in them. Like these:

      Could not create the view: Plug-in
      com.powerflasher.fdt.ui was unable to load class
      Could not open the editor: The editor class could
      not be instantiated. This usually indicates a
      missing no-arg constructor or that the editor's
      class name was mistyped in plugin.xml.
      Could not create the view: Plug-in
      com.powerflasher.fdt.ui was unable to load class

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Mac OSX 10.6.4                                    If you press accidentally press alt + S instead of public
                                                  command + S for saving a file the following
                                                  character is injected "ß", have tested this in a
                                                  standard as3 project and an warning is raised, but
                                                  when using a class via the HaXe plugin no error or
                                                  warning is raised and the swf is deleted and not
                                                  complied again so very hard to debug the issue,

Mac OSX 10.6.4 - iMac 2.8Ghz Intel Core i7, 4GB   When i first downloaded the application and ran public
1067 MHz DDR3 RAM                                 it for the first time on a brand new mac, i got an
                                                  error message say that an error had occured and
                                                  to check the error log and the application then
                                                  exited, I restarted the error had work correctly
                                                  after that. I have got the error details from the
                                                  log and display it below.

                                                  !SESSION 2010-07-23 16:16:57.001 --------------------
                                                  java.vendor=Apple Inc.
                                                  BootLoader constants: OS=macosx, ARCH=x86,
                                                  WS=cocoa, NL=en_US
                                                  Framework arguments: -product
                                                  com.powerflasher.fdt.product.product -keyring
                                                  /Users/james/.eclipse_keyring -showlocation
                                                  Command-line arguments: -os macosx -ws cocoa -
                                                  arch x86 -product
                                                  com.powerflasher.fdt.product.product -keyring
                                                  /Users/james/.eclipse_keyring -showlocation

                                                  !ENTRY com.powerflasher.fdt.core 4 4 2010-07-
                                                  23 16:17:05.421
                                                  !MESSAGE FDT log:
                                                  1111.jar!/resource/core (No such file or

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When showing the line number beside the text         public
editor of fdt its possible to add a breakpoint by
clicking onto it. If you have a warning its not
possible to identify whether or not the
breakpoint is now added or not. after a double

It would be good to have different warning/error
icons for that case or at least a context menu
entry (with a checked mark beside) that shows
whether or not there is a breakpoint and if it can
be added (disabled).


1) additional warning/error icons if line has a
2) context menu entry that shows message
* add breakpoint - if available and not added or
* remove breakpoint - if not available

- disabled if its not possible to add a breakpoint

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Eclipse, compiling using SDK Flex 4. It does not   Compiling a project (e.g. the hello world project) public
occur when the project is SDK Flex 3.5             using FDTM3 throws the following:

                                                   Execute command: mxmlc -o
                                                   MyClass.swf -sp
                                                   C:/DOCUME~1/Rendall/TESTEC~1/TESTPR~1/src -
                                                   rks\libs\player\10.0\playerglobal.swc -library-
                                                   rks\libs\flex.swc -static-link-runtime-shared-
                                                   libraries=true -target-player=10.0 -library-path
                                                   rks/locale/en_US --

                                                   jar (The system cannot find the file specified)
                                                   at Method)
                                                   at<init>(Unknown Source)
                                                   at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(Unknown Source)
                                                   at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(Unknown Source)

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Windows XP                                         I've created "locale/en_US" folder which I put      public
                                                   into the root folder of the FDT Flex 3(4) project

                                                   In Compiler arguments I specify
                                                   -library-path {flexSDK}/frameworks/locale/en_US
                                                   -locale en_US
                                                   -source-path locale/{locale}

                                                   When compiling I receive the error:
                                                   command line: Error: unable to open
                                                   Use 'mxmlc -help' for information about using the
                                                   command line.

                                                   I've tried to put "locale/en_US" folder in "src"
                                                   folder, no change.

Linux (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04), eclipse Helios,   The {{source}} attribute is not supported into      public
Flex                                   {{fx:Script}} tag.

                                                   You should be able to write:
                                                   <fx:Script source="" />

                                                   With this syntax, .as file content should be
                                                   treated as if it was written directly like that:
                                                   // file content here
osx 10.5.8                                         {code} occured with an old project from fdt3. public
                                                   this error
                                                   when i deleted the project and created a new one
                                                   with fdt4 it was able to open the file fine.

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FDT 4.0 Milestone 3, Java Standard JRE 1.6.0_19- When using FDT with arguments in the eclipse.ini public
b04, Windows 7 64bit                             that change the way the Java Garbage Collector
                                                 works, FDT will irregularly start to build and never
                                                 stop while build process stays at 0% forever.
                                                 I've tried the following vmargs with FDT M3
                                                 standalone to make FDT release memory faster
                                                 again (with the default vmargs, FDT is very quick
                                                 to fill up the max. of 768MB and then builds
                                                 become very slow) ...


                                                 ... just to point out that FDT seems to have
                                                 trouble with the -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=10
                                                 and/or -XX:+UseParallelGC.

Eclipse Helios on Linux                          Create a new project, and a new class inside it,     public
                                                 enter a few simple methods.

                                                 Now create a new package, and in it a new class,
                                                 then delete the contents of the .as file.

                                                 This is now flaged as an error, even though the
                                                 new package is not used in the project.
                                                 This can happen if, for instance, svn:externals is
                                                 used to bring in a whole package from which only
                                                 a few classes are used.

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[internal review] - Eclipse 3.6, FDT 4   If you enter a direct class reference to a variable   public

                                         var that: org.as3commons.logging.ILogger;

                                         instead of more common

                                         import org.as3commons.logging.ILogger;

                                         var that: ILogger;

                                         FDT displays a unresolvable error, even though
                                         the flex compiler has no further problem with it.

                                         Furthermore using two classes with the same
                                         name in a file (using this notation) causes fix
                                         imports and some quickhits to behave wrong.

All future versions                      Can you add the ability to store macros to the    public
                                         editor. For example, I wrote a regExp to add
                                         semicolons to the end of all sentences that would
                                         require semicolons, but I have to always run
                                         Find> copy paste in my code>add the replace
                                         code, replace all.

                                         Each coder might have specific habits that might
                                         be easier if we could add macro to the editor.
Windows XP                               If you apply your own project template with the public
                                         new project wizzard and have added swcs or
                                         source code to the classpath in that template you
                                         have to clean up the project before you can use
                                         autocompletion etc.
Mac OSX 10.6.4                           If the project template's 'description.xml' doesn't public
                                         adhere to the xsd schema, no errors are reported.
                                         When attempting to create a new project based
                                         on your malformed description.xml, clicking
                                         'Next' after naming your project results in the
                                         'Next' and 'Finish' buttons briefly flashing, but the
                                         user cannot advance. There should be some sort
                                         of alert, or even better, a create/edit project
                                         template UI built into FDT (will create separate
                                         JIRA feature request).

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             In this project that I had to take over from a Flex public
             Builder 3 setup, there are a lot of
             This statements refer to files located in
             project/src/skin/MySkin.swf, meaning: not
             relative to the .as class. Now: FlexBuilder sets up
             the compiler so he automatically finds those
             .swfs. Just in FDT it seems to be a bit more

             Now: I guess this works because the compiler is
             called from a different home root.

             I think of following improvements that would
             help in this situation
             *) Allow to set the path in which the compiler
             should be executed
             *) Show if a [Embed Statements don't work
             *) Add a quick fix to the [Embed Statements to
             refer best way to a same named .swf (if in path)

             when using "as" construction, like                   public
             (myVar as Sprite)
             editor doesnt show any suggestions for
             accordingly class, (i.e. Sprite)
             there's only templates and couple properties of
             Object class
OSX 10.6.4   Today, when I wanted to write a class that           public
             implements an interface I've used hundreds of
             times before, I got a java.lang.StackOverflowError
             from the IDE:
             That was still at Milestone 2, but since the new
             one is out, I hoped it would be gone after
             updating to Milestone 3, but it isn't. The result is
             FDT asking me if I want to exit the workbench,
             but every time I restart, it happens again.
             Also after rebooting my machine.

             It renders my install completely useless! What did
             I break?!
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SL 10.6.4   does not depend on the viewer configuration            public

            str.replace(/>/gi,'&gt;')                              public

            This code (which will replace all ">" symbols to
            '&gt;') yields to syntax error.

            -Found ";" but newline or semicolon was
            expected at line 328
            column 35.
            -Unexpected Token /> at line 328 column 22.
            In FB4 I can watch a few variables in a separate       public
            panel, this is better because I don't have to
            search long lists to find the ones I am after.
            So please give us a watch panel.

            I would like this to show variable that are also out
            of scope - i.e. not in the class I am stepping
            Finally, when I hover on a variable in the
            enterprise debugger I don't get any values, just
            the instance id.
            In the debugger I would like to be able to pause public
            the running swf at the instant a particular
            variable changes (or reaches a specific value)
            even when that variable is out of scope.
            For example, array value items[4]=='2' in my
            custom Class CollectedItems{} whilst stepping
            through code in a different class - perhaps due to
            some listener firing off.

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All.   A collection of minor typos in the Interface         public

       * Create a new ActionScript Interface (via File ->
       New -> Interface)
       * Enter the Interface name "foo"
       * Delete the interface name you just entered
       * Note that an error message appears at the top
       of the window which reads: "You must set a
       interfacename.", this should be read "You must
       supply an interface name"

       * Create a new ActionScript Interface (via File ->
       New -> Interface)
       * Enter a bogus interface name (ie "")
       * Note that an error message apepars at the top
       of the window which reads "Interfacename is not
       valid.", this should read "Interface name is not

       * Create a new ActionScript Interface (via File ->
       New -> Interface)
       * Modify the Source Folder so that it's no longer
       valid (ie: "foo")
       * Note that an error message appears at the top
       of the window which reads: "Sourcefolder is not a
       project sourcefolder", this should read "The
       supplied source folder does not exist in this

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Firefox 3.6 - any FDT   The new Firefox closes .swfs during while working public
                        in the debugger in swf's. It would be cool to have
                        integrated a feature that switches the config
                        value of firefox to a reasonably long time while
                        debugging and sets it back after the debugging
                        process stopped:


                        1) I have dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs in
                        about:config of firefox set to 10
                        2) I start my debugging process in FDT
                        3) FDT sets the variable of about:config to -1
                        4) I stop debugging my .swf
                        5) FDT returns to the original value I had before
                        last time's fdt debugging.

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All environments   Hello :)                                            public

                   In the packages we can creates class, interfaces,
                   namespaces, variables... but we can't create a
                   function or a constant .

                   Example of template to create a new constant :

                   package core.arrays
                   public const contains:Function = function( ):void

                   or a new "function" :

                   package core.arrays
                   public function contains:( ):void

                   When i want create a constant or a function i

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FTD 4.0 M2, Win XP   Incorrect, but not marker:                    public
                     var ClassDefinition:Class =
                     as Class;

                     var ClassDefinition:Class =
                     getDefinitionByName("proj.ui.XYSymbol") as

                     code snippet is inside a function in an AS3 class
                     extends MovieClip, so 'name' is available and is
                     not marked, but the second bracket group should
                     be marked as error or warning at least.

                     Since it's used mostyl for loops it should also        public
                     support vectors as proposal
                     Steps                                                  public

                     1. create new MXML component instance and
                     assing value to non existing property abc
                     var _colorDisplay:ColorDisplay = new
            = "a";

                     error is shown Type Variable 'abc' is not declared
                     it's ok for now

                     2. Now create manually setter inside component
                     for abc inside component
                     public function set abc(val:String):void


                     although variable exists, problem is still listed in
                     the Problems panel (only bypass is to rebuild

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                                                 Adda blility to use some kind of methods inside       public
                                                 templates. One usefull scenario would be to
                                                 create class instancess. I am usually naming
                                                 variables the same as the class name, but with
                                                 the lower first letter.

                                                 ex script
                                                 var $LowerFirstChar{name}:${name} = new

                                                 var customClass:CustomClass = new
                                                 Add Autocompletion ability to autocomplete also public
                                                 by Upper Letters is class name

Mac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2, 4Gb DDR2, OSX 10.6.4   Right after the OSX 1.6.4 update FDT won't start public
                                                 anymore. The splash hangs at about 30% of
                                                 preloader. Tried a clean start (with -clean option).
                                                 Does not give any errors, except for one in the
                                                 terminal during clean startup: Can't open input
                                                 server /Library/InputManagers/Inquisitor

Win, Eclipse 3.5.2, FDT               In E4X expressions where there is an element          public
                                                 named text, child, or any other E4X method, the
                                                 parser seems to treat the property/getter as if it
                                                 is the function:


                                                 This code causes an error as FDT thinks length is a
                                                 function property, rather than a method of an
                                                 XMLList. The code behaves as expected when
                                                 compiled by Flash - xml.text returns an XMLList,
                                                 not a function.

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Windows 7 64bit, Java JRockit 1.6.0 64bit, Eclipse This problem has been around for a long while       public
Barebones 3.5.2 64bit, -Xms1024m, -Xmx1024m but it occurs to me recently again more often (2
                                                   time already today) ...

                                                 You work on a project and occasionally hit CTRL+S
                                                 to save the state. Irregularly right after pressing
                                                 CTRL+S Eclipse starts to 'build' the project but
                                                 seemingly forever stays at 0% (Project/Build
                                                 automatically is checked). The save process is
                                                 queued in the progress view but since building
                                                 seems to take endless it's never saved. Eclipse
                                                 wont quit until building is finished so the only
                                                 solution is to open the Task Manager and kill the
                                                 Eclipse task.

                                                 It doesn't happen too often but sometimes it
                                                 seems that you just hit an unlucky moment
                                                 during that Eclipse goes into build lock-up.
Windows 7 FDT 4 Milestone 1                      Suggestion: Classes in other packages that are        public
                                                 marked as internal and thus unavailable should
                                                 be excluded from the Content Assist menu or
                                                 should display an icon that shows that the class
                                                 cannot be used. Maybe this could be an option
                                                 that is turned on or off in the preferences.

FDT 4 MS1, Windows Vista                         After import a package (caurina transitions) into     public
                                                 my project, the imported packages could not
                                                 found in class path. The attached screenshot
                                                 shows the configuration in the project. In the
                                                 import list the caurina package is marked as
                                                 syntax error. Also the autocomplete does not
                                                 show the Tweener class in the class list

                                                 I think, that the workspace was not automaticly
                                                 rebuild after import, because after cleaning
                                                 project the error marks are removed.

                                                 To test these issues create a new project, add a
                                                 class and import the caurina package as source
                                                 code into this project.

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Mac OS 10.5                               Closing and Opening a folder within the Explorer, public
                                          closes all folders within it that were previously
Hardware-Übersicht:                       i start eclipse and this shows up in the flash    public
Modellname: Mac Pro                       nee
Modell-Identifizierung: MacPro1,1
Prozessortyp: Dual-Core Intel Xeon        org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseL
Prozessorgeschwindigkeit: 2,66 GHz        azyStarter$TerminatingClassNotFoundException:
Anzahl der Prozessoren: 2                 An error occurred while automatically activating
Gesamtzahl der Kerne: 4                   bundle com.powerflasher.fdt.ui (705).
L2-Cache (pro Prozessor): 4 MB            at
Speicher: 4 GB                            org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseL
Busgeschwindigkeit: 1,33 GHz              azyStarter.postFindLocalClass(EclipseLazyStarter.j
Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.   at
Build id: 20100218-1602                   org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.loader.ClasspathMa
FDT Professional               nager.findLocalClass(
MacOS X 10.6.3, FDT 4M1                   Class(
                                          The tabs UI like bold, enlarge etc buttons are fat, public
                                          sort of a bold version. When just starting up,
                                          everything looks fine but after a second or so, the
                                          visual changes like these buttons are placed
                                          multiple times.

                                          See screenshot.

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                              When I override a method with some, auto-         public
                              complete magic it always calls the super method.
                              Since AS3 doesn't support abstract methods all
                              my template methods are empty. I don't need
                              those to call the super command. It would be nice
                              to have a switch for "not add super call if super
                              method doesn't do anything" or add a comment


                              function method() {
                              /* abstract */

                              that brands a method as being necessarily called
Vista, Eclipse 3.5, FDT 4b1   Using a e4x namespace done without a special     public
                              variable can look like this

                              var xml: XML = new XML(fromString);

                              but this fails currently in FDT
OS X 10.6, Standalone         Copying text via the keyboard shortcut(Cmd+C) is public
                              frequently not working. Instead of copying the
                              selected area to the clipboard nothing happens
                              and the old content is kept in the clipboard.
                              Running copy via the context menu always works.
                              This seems to be somehow related to the syntax
                              highlighting / parsing since this most often
                              happens when syntax is still being parsed.

OS X 10.6, Standalone         When debugging an application it quite often is public
                              not possible to further dig down into properties
                              as they are not expandable anymore in the ui.
                              This behavior is not consistent from breakpoint to
                              breakpoint. Sometimes it works, sometimes it
                              doesn't (same breakpoint, simliar object
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                        I tried to navigate to PropertyChangeEvent with public
                        OpenType. This did not work, but instead threw
                        the following error for the first couple of times.
OS X 10.6, Standalone   org.eclipse.swt.widgets.EventTable.sendEvent(Ev public
                        The content assist for adding imports is not
                        working for fully-qualified typenames. Organize
                        imports is correctly adding the necessary imports.

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OS X 10.6, Standalone   A launcher that has a "pre compile" ant task      public
                        configured fails with the following exception:

                                                                                   266 of 350
os x 10.6, standalone             if renaming a field of a class the semantics of the public
                                  code are not conserved if name clashes with local
                                  variables occur somehwere.

                                  class A {
                                  var b:asdf;

                                  function c(var d:asdf) {
                                  b = d;

                                  Renaming/refactoring b to d will produce the
                                  following code

                                  class A {
                                  var d:asdf;

                                  function c(var d:asdf) {
                                  d = d;

                                  Refactoring should not change the semantics of
                                  the code. Correct refactored would be:

Mac and Windows, ActionScript 2   {code:actionscript} the class in ActionScript and public
                                  Change the name of
                                  then try to rename the AS file. FDT thinks the file
                                  has been renamed and will not allow. This name
                                  will need to be changed in the computers file

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Windows XP in a VMWare Player,   Plugin could not be loaded, started Flash a    public
eclipse.buildId=I20090611-1540   second after FDT (so they started same time,
java.version=1.6.0_17            Flash Splashscren was before eclipse)

                                 This is the first error in error log:
                                 An error occurred while automatically activating
                                 bundle org.eclipse.ui.editors (554).
                                 org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exception
                                 tart() of bundle org.eclipse.ui.editors.
Mac OS 10.6.2 + Win XP           ava:111) the auto-complete stops working. No public
                                 messages etc.

                                 1) Restarting FDT
                                 2) Uncheck build automatically
                                 3) Project clean
                                 4) Recheck build automatically

                                 None will fix but a restart.

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Mac OS 10.6.2 and Win XP and Win Vista (It's   Severity and Description Path Resource Location     public
happened on every computer I have worked on)   Creation Time Id
                                               Could not resolve function 'trace' at line 24
                                               column 3.
                                      Unknown 1265810651154 589

                                               This happens occasionally. Not sure what triggers
                                               it but it makes working hard as your whole
                                               project looks full of errors.

                                               Uncheck build automatically
                                               Select project clean
                                               Recheck build automatically

Mac OS 10.6.2 and Win XP                       When creating a new AS2 project and linking     public
                                               multiple linked libraries FDT will become
                                               This occurs frequently on my Mac and 5 students

                                               Create new Flash project
                                               Type name that matches an existing folder (that
                                               contains files in both bin and src folders)
                                               Click next
                                               Click add linked libraries
                                               Click add on the New Linked libraries dialogue
                                               Select 2 linked libraries to add
                                               Click ok
                                               Click finish
                                               Click finish

                                               FDT will now become unresponsive and require a
                                               force quit.

                                               Relaunch FDT and the project has been created.

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OS X 10.6.2, FDT Standalone version   When you leave FDT/Eclipse running for a few        public
                                      days (overnight, essentially), the "information
                                      bar" immediately to left of the code stops
                                      updating and scrolling with the code.

                                      I have been able to reproduce this several times,
                                      and it only seems to occur when I leave FDT
                                      running for a long period of time.
Mac, Snow Leopard                     About a 10 second delay when right clicking on a public
                                      project in the Flash Explorer or even within an
                                      open class file.
MacOS X 10.6.1, FDT Standalone        Opening FDT opens the same amount of windows public
                                      of the previous session, but each window gets the
                                      same Working set even if the windows got
                                      assigned different Wokring sets in a previous

                                      Expected behavior:
                                      The windows opening with the different previous
                                      Working Sets assigned to each of the window.

MacOS X 10.6.1, FDT standalone.       When opening projects there is a high change       public
                                      that the building workspace phase stays at
                                      around 8% and the cpu maxes out.
                                      It might be related to #FDT-724, because
                                      everytime that issue is happening, there is a high
                                      change of this issue also happening. Especially
                                      with some of the larger projects with multiple

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                                                  inline xml is not parsed correctly if tags contain   public

                                                  This code is marked as errerneous, but should not
                                                  var xml:XML = <TestClass xmlns="XAMLTesting"

                                                  Once one removes the dot from
                                                  TestClass.mapVariable everything works fine

Eclipse SDK Version: 3.4.2 Build id: M20090211-   template name : constNum                           public
1700                                              pattern : private static const ${cursor}: Number =

                                                  select 0.2, press ctrl+space, type const, no
                                                  constNum in list. sad ;(

                                                  select 0, press ctrl+space, type const, yes
                                                  constNum in list. happy :)

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Latest local FDT   QuickFix doesn't work, exceptions are logged. Bug public
                   is not reproducible, seems to be "random".

                   {code}private function registerListeners() : void

                   "handleSelectedTagChanged" does not exist. Use
                   QuickFix to create it. Results in Exception:


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XP, FDT:                              Every second or third build (not depending         public
                                              whether i build it with ant or run it via FDT
                                              application) I get this frustrating

                                              (fcsh) Fehler: null


                                              After closing the SWF, clearing the console and
                                              with some luck the following build works fine.

Windows XP intel quad core i7, and mac OS X   When a new project is imported into the work       public
mac book pro                                  space, You are unable to compile anything right
                                              away. I have found that I need to do a full system
                                              restart to get everything working again.

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Vista SP1   If I rename a package in AS2, it brakes the classes public
            code this way:

            import it.logicweb.admin.base.vo.SchedaVO;

            class extends
            AbstractStageSet {
            private var scheda_mc:Prodotti;

            public function StageSet(target_mc:MovieClip) {

            private function
            creaIstanza(scheda_vo:SchedaVO) {
            var treeConfig_vo:TreeNewsVO = new
            var factorySchede:FactorySchede = new
            scheda_vo.showMercati = false;
            scheda_mc = new Prodotti(target, 1, scheda_vo,
            treeConfig_vo, factorySchede);

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If you fill a function call with arguments you get   public
the "info panel" which is focussed to the certain

Now: If you enter a square-braced array to the
arguments list the focus will jump for every
argument of the array, the best example goes
with beginGradientFill:

beginGradientFill( GradientType.LINEAR,
[0xFFFFFF, 0x000000],

now the focus jumped one too far because of the
colon between white & black. the methods the public
When using "with" expression
code completion shows the wrong methods:

with( graphics )

if I now hit Ctrl+Space for codecompletion it
shows me the method of the underlying sprite
and not of the "Graphics" object. This is usually
no problem, but it becomes annoying as you have
same method names with varying arguments.

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32bit, Vista Business, Eclipse Ganymede   RegExp literals that contain "/*" are treated as if   public
                                          they are opening a multiline comment.


                                          private var r:RegExp = /\/*/;

                                          Hitting enter after this line to move to the next
                                          line will automatically insert closing comments.

                                          A workaround for now is to close the 'comment'
                                          like so:

                                          private var r:RegExp = /\/*/; //*/;

                                          We are at a project where the launcher facility    public
                                          "Pre compile ant file" and "Post compile ant file"
                                          are used. It works well, but when using the
                                          launcher, the console for the compiler is replaced
                                          by the console from the ant task (most probably
                                          only the "postcompile" task). The problem is: the
                                          compiler spits out warnings (that FDT does not
                                          mark) and the output is get away so quickly that
                                          we can't read the warning message. The console
                                          could not be brought back (it is not in the
                                          "Display Selected Console" stack any more).

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Eclipse SDK Version: 3.5.0   eclipse.buildId=I20090611-1540                public
Windows 7                    java.version=1.6.0_13
                             java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
                             BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86,
                             WS=win32, NL=de_DE
                             Command-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -
                             arch x86

                             Mon Aug 03 13:58:43 CEST 2009
                             Unhandled event loop exception

                             org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Failed to execute
                             runnable (java.lang.ClassCastException:
                             eldModel cannot be cast to
                             at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error(
                             at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error(
                             When a class has no consturctor declared (not      public
                             even a default constructor!) and the class is
                             instantiated (new Test("hallo")) there is no error
                             marker. But the default constructor is created
                             implizitly, so the compiler will not compile.

                             FDT does show this error if the default
                             consturctor is explizitly defined.

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Mac OS 10.5.7, Eclipse Version: 3.4.2 Build id:   The first instance of the XML/CDATA var works        public
M20090211-1700                                    properly as it should, but if you add another one
                                                  anywhere in the class, the first XML/CDATA
                                                  highlighting wraps to include everything between
                                                  it and the semicolon at the end of the last
                                                  XML/CDATA var. This also makes any
                                                  code/variables that are in between these show
                                                  up as not declared and errors out all over. We run
                                                  into this issue because we are trying to do some
                                                  advanced Javascript calling from directly within
                                                  flash. We have a static class JavascriptFunctions
                                                  that has many public static constants that are
                                                  available for use with ExternalInterface so that
                                                  we can write and call Javascript from Flash
                                                  directly. The project still compiles, but the errors
                                                  that show up are a nuisance.

os x, eclipse 3.3-3.5, 3.0.1029                   syntax highlighting very frequently lags behind.      public
                                                  Stuff is still marked as errorneous, colors are
                                                  messed up since indices of functions have not yet
                                                  been recalculated, ... I hit organize imports all the
                                                  time since that usually corrects everything.
                                                  Sometimes this does not help, but this might be
                                                  related to bug FDT-594, since that seems to
                                                  happen only for classes where open type doesn't
                                                  work anymore.

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os x,, eclipse 3.5   open type is not working correctly. When         public
                                hovering over the class it is underlined but
                                neither "open type" in the context menu, nor the
                                hotkey(F4 on my system) nor alt + mouse click
                                opens the type.

                                Opening the type via "quick open type" doesn't
                                work completely as well. The class is included in
                                three projects. Two of those use the class as part
                                of a linked library, one is the library itself. It
                                doesn't work in the library and one of the
                                projects but works in the other project.

                                Affects different classes every once in a while, but
                                can't figure out any pattern yet. The class to be
                                opened is in a linked library(source path) and
                                working in linked libraries is activated.

FDT                  When using auto completion for this case:            public
                                _hitarea.use... (_hitarea.useHandCursor = true;),
                                the previous lines get deleted with the string
                                Maxim says: "Model crashes because of the
                                keyword irritation". After this line recovering goes
VIsta, OSX, FDT      Editor does not regognize references for             public
                                NumberBaseRoundType.NONE, etc.

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                                Source/com/yahoo/astra/fl/controls/treeClasses/ public
                                Description Resource Path Location Type
                                Wrong number of arguments. Expect maximal 0
                                but have found 1. Found at line 315 column 35.
                                Unknown Flash Problem

                                Description Resource Path Location Type
                                Wrong number of arguments. Expect maximal 0
                                but have found 1. Found at line 323 column 35.
                                Unknown Flash Problem

                                Description Resource Path Location Type
                                Wrong number of arguments. Expect maximal 0
                                but have found 1. Found at line 333 column 34.
                                Unknown Flash Problem

                                if convert source into
                                setStyle("icon", (parentTree.iconFunction)(data));
                                compile without errors
Eclipse 3.4.2, FDT                                                        public

Eclipse 3.4.2, FDT   ! public

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