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									Posters and Graphics
Training Crue panel and cockpit graphics
These large size cockpit representations of a wide range of aircraft
types, from two seat trainers to large commercial jets are ideal for
training purposes, or just familiarisation. Great for simulator work! The
sturdy art-paper posters are 24” (62cm) wide, larger versions are also
available on request.                                                       Aviation:
                                                                            Cessna 152
If you don’t see the type you are looking for – please call!
                                                                            TC152SMALL       £14.95 F
                                                                            Cessna 172N
                                                                            TC172NSMALL      £14.95 F
                                            Airliners:                      Cessna 172SP (G1000)
                                            Airbus A319/320/321             TC172SPSMALL     £14.95 F
                                            TCA320SMALL        £14.95 F     Cessna 182
                                            Airbus A330                     TC182SMALL       £14.95 F
                                            TCA330SMALL        £14.95 F     Cirrus SR20/22
                                            Airbus A340                     TCCSR2022MALL    £14.95 F
                                            TCA340SMALL        £14.95 F     Diamond DA40 Star
                                            Bae 146                         (G1000)
                                            TCBAE146SMALL      £14.95 F     TCDA40SSMALL     £14.95 F
                                            Boeing 737-700 (NG)             Diamond DA42 Twin Star
                                            Boeing 737-800
                                                               £14.95 F     TCDA42TSSMALL    £14.95 F
                                                                            Piper PA28 Warrior
                                                                                                          Bell 206B
                                                                                                                                      Other types are also
                                            TCB737800SMALL     £14.95 F     TCPA28WSMALL     £14.95 F     TCB206BSMALL     £14.95 F   Large (42”/108cm) wide,
                                            Boeing 747-400                  Piper PA28 Archer             Robinson R22 Beta           1:1 life-size for the light
                                            TCB747-400SMALL    £14.95 F     TCPA28ASMALL     £14.95 F     TCR22BSMALL      £14.95 F   aircraft types, reduced to
                                                                                                                                      fit for the commercial
                                            Boeing 757-200                  Piper PA28 Arrow              Robinson R44 Raven II       types are also available.
                                            TCB757SMALL        £14.95 F     TCPA28ARROWSMAL £14.95 F      TCR44RSMALL      £14.95 F
                                                                                                                                      Please see our website or
                                            Boeing 767-300                  Piper PA34 Seneca             Schweizer 300C              call for further details.
                                            TCB767SMALL        £14.95 F     TCPA34SENECSMAL £14.95 F      TCSCH300SMALL    £14.95 F
                                            Boeing 777-300                  Piper PA44 Seminole
                                            TCB777SMALL        £14.95 F     TCPA44SEMSMALL   £14.95 F

Boeing posters

Superb high-definition posters of current Boeing
aircraft on high-gloss art paper, approx 36 x 24”
(92 x 62cm). Choose from the following types:

Flight-deck                                             External
view:                                                   view:                                                    Airbus posters
Boeing 737                  Boeing 767                  Boeing 737
POSTERB737FD   £14.95 F     POSTERB767FD   £14.95 F     POSTERB737EXT £14.95 F
Boeing 747                  Boeing 777                  Boeing 747                  Boeing 777                                                 Superb high-defi-
POSTERB747FD £14.95 F       POSTERB777FD   £14.95 F     POSTERB747EXT £14.95 F      POSTERB777EXT £14.95 F                                     nition posters of
Boeing 757                  Boeing 787                  Boeing 767                  Boeing 787 Dreamliner                                      current Airbus air-
POSTERB757FD   £14.95 F     POSTERB787FD   £14.95 F     POSTERB767EXT £14.95 F      POSTERB787EXT £14.95 F                                     craft flight decks
                                                                                                                                               on high-gloss art
                                                                                                                                               paper, approx 27 x
 General Aviation Cockpits                                                                                                                     27” (70 x 70cm).
                                                                                                                                               Choose from the
                            Measuring an average of     Beech Super King Air 350    Cessna Citation 500                                        following types:
                            34 x 24” (87 x 62cm)        POSTERKINGAIR     £10.95    POSTERC500      £10.95
                            these      photographic     Cessna 172R                 Cirrus SR22                 Airbus A319/A320/A321
                            posters are ideal for       POSTERC172R       £10.95    POSTERCIRRUS    £10.95      PosterA320FD                           £12.95 F
                            training, familiarisation
                            or just your study wall.    Cessna 182 Turbo            Learjet 55                  Airbus A330
                                                        POSTERC182T       £10.95    POSTERLEARJET   £10.95      PosterA330FD                           £12.95 F
                                                        Cessna 182 G-1000                                       Airbus A340
                                                        POSTERC182G       £10.95                                PosterA340FD                           £12.95 F

72                                                                                               All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                        Flight Simulator Hardware
  Pilot’s Seat
A genuine Corbeau racing seat that enables you adopt the same sitting position
as a pilot does in the cockpit in comfort and total control. Easy to assemble and
fully adjustable to fit yoke, throttles and joysticks (not included) with rudder
pedals flat on the floor, there is a second quadrant mount may be used to support
a keyboard. Featuring rigid steel frame construction and a USB hub which can be
mounted anywhere on the Flight Sim, Pilots Seat comes with a Lifetime chassis
“A superb home cockpit experience without a four figure price tag!”
– PC Pilot Magazine

PILOTSSEAT                                                         £299.99 F

  Microsoft Flight Simulator as
  a Training Aid
                             Applicable to both FS 2004
                             and FSX, this new book
                             merges the “virtual world” of flight simulation
                              with “real life” flight training. It is the only
                              book of its kind that provides specific advice
                              and tools for pilots, flight instructors, and
                              students who want to use the world’s most
                               popular PC-based flight simulation as an
                               effective, easy-to-use training aid.
                                This new book also includes a bonus
                                companion CD with more than 150 VFR and
                                 IFR practice flights that make it easy to use
                                 Microsoft Flight Simulator to practice
                            specific skills, from basic flight manoeuvres to
                                                                                   Flight Sim Yoke
instrument approaches. The CD also includes reference documents, charts,            Turn your PC or Mac/iMac into a true flight
and other tools to transform virtual flying into an inexpensive, flexible, and      simulator with this combined control yoke
effective learning environment.                                                     and throttle quadrant, made from
Softcover, 256 pages                                                                industrial quality components. Features
                                                                                    precision control yoke with mechanical
ASAFSTRAININGAID                                             £19.95 D               trim wheel, plus throttle, mixture and
                                                                                    pitch controls; four push buttons; two
                                                                                    flip switch buttons and two rocker
 Pro Rudder Pedals                                                                  switches. In all 144 programmable functions
                                                                                    with Control Manager software (included).
The final touch to get true three-axis flight
simulation. Pro-pedals are robust and highly                                        Supplied with seven foot cable, requires a USB
durable foot pedals with rudder-style fore-                                         port. Two year limited guarantee.                                          WEBCHECK
and-aft action plus toe-braking function                                                                                                                       £109.95
                                                                                    Compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000,
Compatible with PC or Mac/iMac, USB port
                                                                                    Windows XP and Windows Vista.                                              CHECK OUR LATEST
required. Can also be used with driving
                                                                                                                                                                 ON-LINE PRICE
simulators, supplied with seven foot cable.                                                                                               £109.95 F
Two year limited guarantee.                                 WEBCHECK
Compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME,                      £99.95
Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
                                                            CHECK OUR LATEST       Flightstick Pro
PEDALSUSB                       £99.95 F                      ON-LINE PRICE
                                                                                  Real pilots fly with a joystick! 3-axis control with 12 buttons (four push
                                                                                  buttons and one eight way point of view hat) and side throttle wheel.
  Pro Throttle                                                                    Total of 80 programmable functions with Control Manager software
                                                                                  (included). Side slide throttle wheel, and comfortable grip designed
                                                                                  for both left and right handed operation. Dual rotary trim controls
The best Hands On Throttle And Stick                                              allow for precision adjustment of ailerons and elevators. This is the
(HOTAS) you can get your hands on, this is a                                      most popular gaming and flight sim joystick; requires a USB
“must-have” add-on for all armchair pilots.                                       port. Two year limited guarantee.
Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP                                                                                                                        WEBCHECK
for PC (requires Direct X7.0a or above) and                                       Compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows
MacOS 8.6. A total of 69 different programmable                                   2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
functions (three 4 way hat switches, one 8 way hat switch, three push                                                                                            CHECK OUR LATEST
buttons and a 3 way mode switch). Ergonomic jet throttle grip with                                                                                                 ON-LINE PRICE
                                                                                  FLIGHTSTICKUSB                                 £79.95 F
forward and back throttle slide motion, made from super durable
components. Easy USB installation, sturdy base and seven foot cable.
PROTHROTTLE                           £119.95 F                                    Multi Engine Throttle Quadrant
                                                                                  A “must-have” add-on for all armchair pilots, and ‘proper’
  Flight Sim Yoke + Pro Rudder Pedals BUNDLE                                      multi-engine simulation. Six axis, 24 buttons, six detents. Fully
                                                                                  programmable with CH Control Manager software (included),
                                                                                  enables 350 button positions. Compatible with all
                                                                                  Windows based games. USB port required. Two year
                                                                                  limited guarantee.
Buy the two most popular hardware
add-ons for flight simulation as a                                    WEBCHECK            Compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME,                              WEBCHECK
package and save £s!!                                                                     Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
                                                                      £199.95                                                                                  £139.95
                                                                      CHECK OUR LATEST    THROTTLEQUADRAN                   £139.95 F                          CHECK OUR LATEST
YOKEANDPEDALSUSB                 £199.95 F                              ON-LINE PRICE                                                                            ON-LINE PRICE

     Flight Simulators
Flight Simulator X                                          Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark Flight Simulator franchise—the most
                                                            significant addition to date. Flight Simulator X immerses you in a beautifully rich and realistic world and will
                                                            set the standard for technological innovation, incredible graphics and realism for the genre. ‘FSX’ also includes
                                                            dozens of aircraft and interactive missions for a completely new and innovative simulator experience. Free
                                                            Flight lets you fly anywhere in the world, from your local airport to the most exotic places on the planet.

                                                                                                                Aircraft included:                        FSX ‘Standard’    FSX ‘Deluxe’
                                                                                                                Airbus A321                                     •                •
                                                                                                                Aircreation 582SL ultralight                    •                •
                                                                                                                Beech Baron 58                                  •                •
                                                                                                                Beech KingAir 350                               •                •
                                                                                                                Bell 206 Jet Ranger III                         •                •
                                                                                                                Boeing 737-800                                  •                •
                                                                                                                Boeing 747-400                                  •                •
                                                                                                                Bombardier CRJ-700                              •                •
                                                                                                                Cessna 172                                      •                •
                                                                                                                Cessna 208                                      •                •
                                                                                                                Dehavilland DHC2 Beaver                         •                •
                                                                                                                DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S                          •                •
                                                                                                                Douglas DC-3                                    •                •
                                                                                                                Extra 300S                                      •                •
                                                                                                                Bombardier Lear 45                              •                •
FSX is available in two versions – standard and deluxe:                                                         Maule M7                                        •                •
Standard Edition includes:                           Deluxe Edition includes:                                   Mooney Bravo                                    •                •
     • 2 DVD                                              • 2 DVD
     • 18 aircraft                                        • 24 airplanes                                        Piper J-3                                       •                •
     • 40 high-detail airports(16 new to Flight           • 45 high-detail airports(21 new to Flight            Robinson R22                                                     •
       Simulator)                                           Simulator)
     • 28 high-detail cities                              • 38 high-detail cities                               Beech Baron w/Garmin G1000                                       •
     • 30+ structured missions                            • 50+ structured missions
                                                          • Glass panel (G1000) cockpits                        Cessna 172 w/Garmin G1000                                        •
                                                          • Tower controller                                    Grumman Goose                                                    •
FSX Standard                                         FSX Deluxe                                                 Maule M7-235 on skis                                             •
FSSTANDARD                       £45.95 F            FSDELUXE                               £49.95 F            Mooney Bravo w/Garmin G1000                                      •

 VFR Generation X for FSX                                                                           VFR Real Scenery


                                    ‘Fly’ Flight Sim FSX over England whilst viewing the
                                    actual scenery in photographic detail. Photographed
                                    from an average level of 5000ft, the 3D photographic
                                    scenery shows not just every town, but also every
                                    village, wood, field, stream, river, road, railway, canal,
                                    hill, valley etc. right down to individual streets! Fly real   Realistic scenery is all very well, but there really is no substitute for the real
                                    visual navigation over the UK and find real airfields,         thing! VFR Real Scenery is an incredible program that uses the very latest dig-
                                    including grass strips and disused sites. Practice routes,     ital aerial images of the UK to transform Flight Simulator X into the real land-
                                    locate airfields and landmarks or just look for your           scape you can see from the air. These four brilliant photographic scenery pack-
                                    home or workplace – the choice is yours!                       ages for Flight Simulator X will bring the real landscape straight to your PC.
                                    VFR Generation X 1 Southern England and South Wales            With pin-sharp resolu-      VFR Real Scenery - South East England (Vol. 1)
                                                                                                   tion, impressive night
                                    VFRGENERATIONX1                            £24.95 F            lighting and ‘real’         VFRREAL1                                    £19.95 F
                                                                                                   water effects, this
                                    VFR Generation X 2 England and Mid Wales                       scenery is a must-have      VFR Real Scenery – Central and South East England (Vol. 2)
                                                                                                   for anyone who wants
                                    VFRGENERATIONX2                            £24.95 F            their virtual aviation to   VFRREAL2                                    £19.95 F
                                                                                                   be as realistic as possi-
                                    VFR Generation X 3 Northern England and North Wales            ble.                        VFR Real Scenery – Wales and South West England (Vol. 3)
                                    VFRGENERATIONX3                            £24.95 F                                        VFRREAL3                                    £19.95 F
                                    VFR Generation Bundle – all three discs bundled together                                   VFR Real Scenery - North England (Vol. 4)
                                    VFRGENERATIONXBUNDLE                       £69.95 F                                        VFRREAL4                                    £19.95 F

74                                                                                                     All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                   Flight Simulators
                                                X-Plane Flight Simulator V8
                                                 Originally developed for use in the aviation industry, and now
                                                 used as the engine for several FAA-approved flight simulators, X-
                                                  Plane is the most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator
                                                  available for the personal computer - bar none. Using accurate
                                                   aerodynamic modelling, X-Plane is already used all over the
                                                   world by Defence Contractors, Air Forces, Aircraft Manufacturers
                                                    and even Space Agencies, for applications including flight
                                                    training to concept aircraft design/flight testing, systems
                                                     simulation and crash investigation.

                                                      Highly sophisticated, but easy to use, whether you’re looking
                                                      to enjoy your first flying experience or to practise exercises
                                                       for a private pilot’s licence, X-Plane should be top of your

                                                            X-Plane is provided with 29 aircraft which span the
                                                            aviation industry, including popular GA singles and twins,
                                                             airliners, military jets, helicopters, glider, airship,
                                                             amphibian, experimental military and spacecraft
                                                              (including the space shuttle!) and there are hundreds
                                                              more for you to download FREE.

                                                       X-Plane, version 8 XPLANE8                   £34.95 F

  X-Plane Photographic Scenery
  High-resolution photographic scenery to enhance the visual                   Volume 2: Wales, West & South West England
  experience. You can fly over your own home, practice VFR                                                    £19.95 F
  navigation, or just go sight-seeing. Almost as good as the real thing!

  Volume 1: Midlands, East & South East England                                Volume 3: Northern England & North Wales

  XPLANESCEN1                                                £19.95 F          XPLANESCEN3                    £19.95 F

Boeing B737 Checkride Guide                                   Boeing 747 Checkride Guide                                 Sim-Flying the AIRBUS A300 Series Flight
Mike Ray                                                      Mike Ray                                                   Simulations
                                                                                                                         Mike Ray

                                                              The unofficial Boeing 747-400 simulator checkride
                                                              survival manual is the latest addition to Captain Mike
                                                              Ray’s popular series of checkride manuals. If you liked
                                                              them, you will love this one. PC ‘simmers’ will find
The unofficial Boeing 737 simulator checkride survival
                                                              this manual just the thing for flying just like the air-
manual features fabulous graphics and diagrams pre-
                                                              line pilots.
senting the intricate and formidable technical details
of the ‘Glass Cockpit’ 737 300/400/500 series in a            B747CHECK                               £29.95 F
simple and entertaining manner. A must have for the
transitioning pilot, new entrant, or for the serious
simmer who wants to know how airline pilot do it for
                                                              Flying the BOEING 700 Series Flight
real. Approx 300 pages, spiral bound.                         Simulators
                                       £29.95 F               Mike Ray

Boeing 757/767 Checkride Guide
Mike Ray

                                                                                                                         Written specifically for flight simmers and recom-
                                                                                                                         mended by simulation developers, this is the must
                                                                                                                         have book for the simmer just starting to fly Airbus
                                                                                                                         airliner simulations using the Microsoft Flight sim pro-
                                                              Captain Mike Ray                                           grams. Written in a style that does not talk down to
                                                              has created some-                                          the beginner, but also has the meat of the details that
                                                              thing uniquely suited for the PC simmer that makes         veteran simmers want. Full colour graphics and dia-
The unofficial Boeing 757 / 767 simulator checkride                                                                      grams, technical descriptions and how-to flows to get
survival manual has undergone over 21 complete re-            the transition from reality to simulation simple and
                                                              fun. This new book is a must have for both the begin-      you up and flying like a real airline pilot.
writes in its 8 plus year life as it continues to reflect
the latest information and to keep pace with the lat-         ner as well as the expert simmer. Written in his witty,    Approx 200 pages.
est changes. Many pilots and serious PC “simmers”             graphical style that is concise yet highly readable and    FLYINGA300                              £24.95 F
throughout the world find the material easy to under-         entertaining, there is simply nothing else out there
stand, interesting and entertaining. Approx 320               like it.
pages.                                                        FLYINGB700                               £24.95 F
B757CHECK                                 £29.95 F

Flight Simulators
FS Military Aircraft Add-ons
                     Eurofighter –                                                                                                         Hurricane
                     Typhoon                                                         F-117A                                                Fly the aircraft
                      The models in this add-on were                                 Stealth Fighter                                       made famous in the Battle of
                      created using original EADS doc-                              The F-117A was so secret                               Britain, with beautifully mod-
                      umentation and the realistic                                  that it operated for seven                             elled cockpit and realistic flying
                      panel has newly programmed                                    years before the public                                characteristics. A variety of
                      displays, e.g. weather radar,                                 were told it even existed!                             marks and colour schemes can
                      engine and multi-function dis-                                Now       available     for                            be selected.
                      plays, autopilot, IRIS-T-System                               FSX/FS2004, the flight                                 FSHURRICANE £19.99 F
                      (Infrared Search & Tracking) and                              dynamics are based on over
many more. New animation in fully visible exterior                                  50 hours in the real flight
and virtual cockpit, e.g. detailed undercarriage, sus-                              simulator. The panel has
                                                                                                                                      MiG 15
pension, air fuelling ports simulated, the new for-                                 been          painstakingly                    The MiG-15 was one of the first swept
mation flight model with 3 Eurofighters flying in var-                              researched and is as true a                    wing fighters, most notably achieving
ious, adjustable formations and many more details.                                  representation as possible.                    fame in the skies over Korea in the
                                                                                    Elements include 3D AP                         1950s. An incredible virtual cockpit
FSEUROFIGHTER                           £18.99 F                                                                                   features authentic 1950’s Russian
                                                                                    assembly (includes Spatial
                                                           Disorientation button) and the AP and HUD frame                         gauges, virtually every switch and
                          F-16 Fighting                    have authentic positioning.                                             knob is clickable and fully functional
                                                                                                 £19.99 F                          and there are even front and rear
                          Falcon                           FSSTEALTH                                               cockpits – so you can fly from the front or back.
                          In FSX the F-16 is a joy to
                          fly, with the controllability                                                            FSMIG15                                     £19.99 F
                          of a light aircraft and capa-
                                                                                 Flight Deck 4
                                                                                 From the flight deck of the new
                          ble of altitudes of 50.000
                          feet and speeds exceeding
                                                                                 USS Ronald Reagan, you’ll fly                             WW1 Fighters
                                                                                 these seven aircraft: F/A-18C                             A collection of WWI fighters and
                          Mach1. It is extremely agile
                                                                                 HornetTM,     F/A-18E     Super                           other classic aircraft. Includes the
                          yet easy to control (it will
                                                                                 HornetTM, E-2C Hawkeye, S-3B                              Red Baron’s Fokker triplane,
                          fly where you point the
                                                                                 Viking, SH-60 Seahawk, C-2A                               Nieuport Nie 17, Avro 504,
                          nose) it allows you to
                                                                                 Greyhound, EA-6B Prowler.                                 Sopwith Pup and as a bonus a
                          explore the environment of
                          FSX like never before.                                         £17.99 F                                          Zeppelin!
                                                                                                                                           FSWW1                £19.99
FSF16   £19.99 F

 Stand Alone Flight Simulators                                                            FS Civilian Operations
                                Glider Simulator
                                A ‘standalone’ glider simulator which was original-
                                ly designed as a training program (called Sailors of                                         Flight Operation Center: FOC
                                the Sky) for sailplane lovers, so real reaction to                                           Flight Operation Center is a highly sophisti-
                                handling and flight simulation were primary tar-                                             cated flight planning tool incorporating many
                                gets of this simulator. In addition, an important                                            features normally only seen in real world air-
                                part of the development of this program has been                                             line operations such as ETOPS, EROPS, STOPS
                                the simulation of both thermal and ridge lift used                                           operations, special cruise modes and North
                                by glider pilots.                                                                            Atlantic Track support. Programmed by a
                                Features include an on-line multiplay option, NMEA                                           team of dispatchers, pilots and FS enthusi-
                                output and IGC formats. You can even also replay                                             asts, aircraft types include Boeing 747-400,
                                your task in 3D mode at a lower scale for a clearer                                          737, 767, 777, MD11, A320, A330, A340,
                                analysis.                                                                                    MD83, Saab 340, Concorde to smaller air-
                                Requires Windows 98 or higher                                                                planes like the Socata TB20.

                                                                      £17.95 F                                               FCFOC                             £39.99 F

                                Precision Simulator 744
                                Precision Simulator 744 (also known as ‘PS1’) has
                                been developed in conjunction with 747-400
                                experts and other pilots to produce a total PC sim-
                                ulator that is invaluable not just to 747-400 pilots                                                 Ultimate Traffic 2007
                                and instructors, but also to any pilot transitioning                                                 Real airlines, running to real schedules
                                to a ‘glass’ cockpit aircraft and aviation profession-                                               in Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX.
                                als from avionics designers to flight dispatchers                                                    Ultimate Traffic 2007 is a culmination of
                                and Air Traffic Controllers. This stunning simulation                                                over a year of research and develop-
                                includes compete autopilot and flight director                                                       ment, and takes advantage of the lat-
                                modes, the entire 744 FMC, all EFIS symbols and all                                                  est AI technology. The goal of this proj-
                                744 systems (including TCAS and GPWS). The aero-                                                     ect is to provide FSX users with the
                                dynamics simulation is highly accurate, there are                                                    most complete and realistic real-world
                                random or user-specified malfunction modes, a full                                                   airline movements worldwide and offer
                                airport and navigation database, weather genera-                                                     new levels in AI traffic design.
                                tor and semi-random ATC model. The simulator can                                                                               £19.99 F
                                even be set-up for specific airline configurations
and comes with a 350 page operations manual. All-in-all, this is a professional sim-
ulator for professional pilots.
                                                          Windows 95 or higher
                                                          PS744SIM   £189.95 F

76                                                                                                All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                   Flight Simulators
FS Civilian Aircraft Add-ons
                   Airbus Fleet                                           Boeing 747-400 & 400F                                          Flying Club X
              With Airbus Fleet you can enjoy the                       The PMDG 747-400 is the answer for                               Just Flight’s award-winning General
              A310, A319, A320, A330, A340 and                          747 enthusiasts who demand excep-                                Aviation expansion has now been
              A350. Each aircraft has a detailed                        tional functionality and visual appeal!                          fully updated for Flight Simulator X
              instrument panel and gauges, and                          Stunning photo real cockpit and exterior                         and comes with new content and fea-
              Virtual Cockpit with a full 3D panel and                  models combined with an accurate sys-                            tures. The four most popular light air-
              customised FMC.                               tems functionality. This package includes the passen-                        craft in the world - and also the all-
                                        £17.99 F            ger and cargo version for FSX.                                               new Schweizer 300CBi helicopter!
                                                            FS747400                               £39.99 F                               This is the definitive GA collection in
                                                                                                                         one pack. Flying Club X features the PA28-161 Warrior,
            A340-500/600                                                                                                 PA38-112 Tomahawk, C152, the twin-engined PA34-
            Part of Just Flight’s new F-Lite range, this                   Level D Boeing 767                            200T Seneca II and the Schweizer S300CBi helicopter.
            A340 package has been specially                               767 is one of the most amazing prod-           All the aircraft have authentic and realistic avionics
            designed to be very high in quality and                       uct releases for FSX. It is not just a sim-    suites and an additional set of colour schemes as well
            yet easy to operate.                                          ple drop-in aircraft, but an entire suite      as the default specimens. On the S300CBi you can
            FSA340                      £19.95 F                          of components and systems that func-           even select if you fly with one or two fuel tanks with
                                                                          tion together to give the most accurate        the appropriate changes to the flight performance
                                                            simulation experience possible. Features include fully
            Airbus Series Volume 1                          functioning FMC and AFDS including AUTOLAND logic,           FSFLYINGCLUBX                           £29.99 F
            These fly-by-wire airliners, the                realistic Flight Director, and A/P disconnection
            A318, A319, A320 and A321, have                 switches on the yoke and throttles.
                                                                                                     £29.99 F                            Legacy Executive Jet
            joined the feelThere/Wilco Publishing           FS767                                                                        Take the controls of one of the most
            Pilot In Command series, which guaran-
                                                                                                                                         prestigious private jets, an elegant
            tees the highest levels of accuracy from
flight model and avionics to liveries and interiors.                       Boeing 787                                                    and powerful aircraft offering unri-
                                                                       The incredible Boeing 787 will soon be                            valled piloting pleasure, with its ‘New
Each aircraft comes with the relevant avionics suite -
                                                                       flying the skies! This add-on is devel-                           Generation’ flight deck, and boasts
FMGC, MCDU, IRS and FADEC are simulated and all the
                                                                       oped by Abacus for FSX and FS2004. Fly                            the latest technological advances:
EFIS screens are available complete with system
                                                                       the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is produced                             simulation of all on-board systems,
pages. In addition the A319, A320 and A321 come
                                                                       under      license     from     Boeing                            head-up display navigation, complete
with a choice between CFM and IAE engines, with
                                                            Management Company.                                                          and ultra-realistic flight computer and
their specific displays and flight dynamics.
                                                                                                                                         much more.
                                          £24.99 F          FSB787                              £17.99 F
                                                                                                                         FSLEGACY                                £19.99 F

                   Airbus A380                                             Cessna 152 trainer
                                                                          In addition to the 3D virtual cockpit and                      SF260
                   Features an exquisite visual model, 12
                                                                          interior, the Flight 1 Cessna 152 fea-                        New features in the FSX edition of the
                   liveries of launch customers, complete
                                                                          tures complete 2D instrument panels                           SF260 include a completely new
                   3D virtual cockpit with specialised
                                                                          and interior views in DreamFleet’s high                       Virtual Cockpit – with separate panels
                   instrumentation for simplified long-
                                                                          resolution, digital photo realistic graph-                    layouts for left and right seats, 3D
                   haul flights, and enhanced scenery of
                                                            ics.The program also features authentic 152 engine                          gauges that have depth and realism
                   the Toulouse Airport area (final
                                                            sounds produced by Aaron Swindle. You will also get                         and switches and levers can be
                   assembly point of the A380) replete
                                                            all of the usual switch “clicks”, gyro sounds, etc.                         clicked on and manipulated – includ-
with AI traffic.
                                                                                                                                        ing pitch trim, parking brake and fuel
                                          £16.99 F          FS152                                     £9.95 F                           selector and cut-off. There is also
                                                                                                                         improved spin and recovery characteristics....the spin
                                                                        Cessna Skyhawk 172 R                             now continues with stick centered, there is visible
                     A380 Special Edition                                                                                and audible pre and post stall buffeting
                                                                      The Flight1 Skyhawk 172R captures
                Hot on the heels of the critically
                                                                      the spirit and feel of this famous                 FSSF260                                £27.99 F
                acclaimed Airbus A380 published in
                2004, comes this newly enhanced                       and popular high wing, single engine air-
                FSX compatible version. Every bit as                  craft. Features include a photo realistic 2D                        Tiger Moth
                exciting as flying the double-decker                  panel, 3D aircraft model, exceptionally
                                                                      clear virtual cockpit, new sounds and                              This beautiful add on to Flight
                monster of an aeroplane at Mach .8,                                                                                      Simulator allows you to relive the
                this new version now includes four                    flight dynamics that have been devel-
                                                            oped using the real performance tables.                                      days of classic flying. Highly
different models of the world’s latest super jumbo                                                                                       detailed, the models are exacting in
including the newly designed Model 900                      FSSKYHAWK                             £19.95 F                               accuracy and have been researched
                                          £17.99 F                                                                                       with the kind assistance of the de
                                                                                                                                         Havilland Moth Club, the official
                                                                          C441 Conquest 11                                               body that represents and safeguards
                   ATR 72-500                                            Following in the footsteps of the                               the Moth range of aircraft. The high-
                                                                         award-winning 421C Golden Eagle, this           quality models are accompanied by many high-fideli-
              Select to fly from the Captain’s or First
                                                                         441 Conquest II add-on offers the high-         ty animations and superb textures, covering a range
              Officer’s panel and experience the
                                                                         est level of realism and integration            of aircraft.
              fully functional and highly detailed
                                                                         available on the Microsoft Flight                                                     £21.99 F
              virtual cockpit with many never                                                                            FSTIGER MOTH
                                                            Simulator platform. The virtual cockpit of the 441
              before features, such as truly working
                                                            includes exquisite detail with full working gauges,
              windshield wipers that remove the
rain from the windows. Explore the 3D exterior
                                                            switches, and moving parts to give you the full expe-                         VLJ Business Jet
                                                            rience of what its like to fly this beautiful aircraft.                       The Eclipse Business Jet is one of the
model and listen to the real cockpit and engine
sounds recorded from a real ATR.                            FSCONQUEST                               £19.99 F                             first of a new generation of small
                                      £19.99 F                                                                                            personal VLJs – Very Light Jets -
                                                                                                                                          designed to be operated by a single
                                                                             Dyn’Aero MCR01                                               pilot. The aim is to bring business jet
             XTREME KING AIR B200                                             The MCR 01 is a very high perform-                          ownership and travel into a more
             This aircraft add-on has an amazing level                        ance aircraft, that can cruise as fast                      affordable arena. The quality of this
             of detail built into it. From accurate                           as 300 km/h with only a 100 hp                              add-on inside and out is amazing,
             panel images, through working EFIS-84                            engine, at very low cost. Thanks to                         with quality animations featured
             and pressurisation systems, to a very                            the highest level of technology avail-     throughout and an extensively modelled instrument
             detailed POH, this is, we believe, one of                        able, and very light material, this air-   panel, virtual cockpit and cabin. The VLJ Business Jet
             the most accurate turboprops add-ons                             craft has a very efficient direct con-     has a great set of cockpit systems, available in both
ever built. Includes a 100% clickable virtual cockpit       trol system that guarantees the same satisfaction as         2D and 3D cockpit.
and EFIS or ‘analogue’ cockpit options.                     flying a fighter jet.                                        FSVLJ                                    £16.99 F
                                        £19.99 F            FSMCR                                    £19.99 F

Flight Simulators
 Elite v8.0
                                                    ELITE v8.0 is the most advanced IFR simulator
                                                    available for the personal computer. Beautifully
                                                    rendered, high-resolution instrument panels and
                                                    precise aerodynamic flight makes this the
                                                    undisputed leader in professional standard PC-
                                                    based flight simulators. Elite offers a range of
                                                    products to support flight training at any level,
                                                    from PC-based home simulator to a free-
standing JAA-FNPT2 approved flight simulator. All ELITE products are based on the same core
software, so you are assured a class-leading performance whatever level of simulation you need.
Elite has the necessary detail to provide a superior training experience – on the desktop models
all switches, knobs, buttons and levers are fully functional and each aircraft cockpit panel is
photo-realistic. All avionics and associated instrumentation, including the GPS, function exactly
as their real-world counterparts.

Features include:
     • GenView Visual Database – integrated visuals covering Europe and the US
     • Apollo GX series GPS, Bendix/King Silver Crown Plus™ radio stack. Instrument INOP
       feature - allows you to place a virtual instrument cover on a selected instrument or
       instruments. Bendix/King EFS 40 with EHSI (electronic horizontal situation indicator)
       and EADI (electronic attitude direction indicator)
     • Fuel Imbalance – Asymmetric fuel loading will adversely affect flight characteristics
     • Structural Icing – Learn to increase your awareness of indications of icing
     • Easy METAR – Download current METAR reports and
       then fly real 3-D weather!
                                                                                                              Aircraft Included:     Pilot Core    Pilot Singles    Pilot Twins
     • 3D Sound – Enhanced audio with smart sound
       location for flap, gear and engine sounds                                                              C172R                      •               •
     • Dual monitor capable                                                                                   PA-28 Archer III           •               •
     • Worldwide Jeppesen NAV Databases                                                                       C182                                       •
                                                                                                              C182RG                                     •
                                                                                                              Mooney M20J                                •
                                                                                                              Bonanza A36                                •
                                                               ARROW                                          PA28 Arrow IV                              •
                                                                                                              TB10 Tobago                                •
                                                                                                              TB20 Trinidad                              •
                                                                                                              PA-34 Seneca III                                           •
                                                                                                              Beech Baron B58                                            •

                                            C182RG             TB10
ELITE Pilot Core v8.0
A complete IFR training environment incorporating the Cessna172R and Piper Archer III. Features
include photorealistic cockpits with complete functional detail, moving map, emergency training, and
advanced weather modelling and gives excellent value for money providing all the features you would
expect from a state-of-the-art flight simulator.
ELITEPILOTCORE8                                                                            £89.95 F

ELITE Pilot Singles v8.0
All the Elite V8.0 Core features but with a much wider range of aircraft types. Build your experience and
proficiency from fixed-gear, fixed-propeller light trainer to sophisticated retractable-undercarriage,
variable pitch propeller tourers; from basic flight instruments to EFIS displays; from the first instrument
flight exercise to advanced IFR touring.
ELITEPILOTSINGLES8                                                                        £169.95 F           ELITE PI-135
                                                                                                              The PI-135 is a full featured Flight Console system including
                                                                                                              the ELITE Pilot Singles and ELITE Pilot Twins v8.0 software, ELITE
ELITE Pilot Twins v8.0                                                                                        Pro Panel II digital flight console with MEL levers, ELITE
Build and maintain your multi-engine flying skills with Pilot Twins.                                          hydraulic rudder pedals and ELITE AP-3000 Avionics Panel with
                                                                                         £169.95 F            LED indications. The Flight Consoles include the yoke and
                                                                                                              throttle quadrants combined into a one-piece unit, plus they
                                                                                                              add more functionality and training capability with additional
                                                                                                              procedural switches. Flight consoles have procedural switches
ELITE King Air Throttle                                                                                       such as magnetos, starter, battery, alternator, avionics master,
                                                                                                              fuel pump, nav and landing lights, etc. These additional
Add the superior ELITE King Air Power Unit for added realism,
                                                                                                              switches all function with ELITE’s high resolution aircraft
especially using the ELITE King Air B200 aircraft module. Features
                                                                                                              models and allow instructors and flight schools the ability to
King Air-specific functionality including Reverse thrust, Prop feather
                                                                                                              train students on additional procedures from start-up to shut
and Condition levers. Connection via USB.
ELITEKINGTHROTT                                    £249.00 F                                                                                                 £3795.00 F

78                                                                                                 All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                      Flight Simulators
ASA On Top v9
On Top IFR Simulator                                                                                       V E R S I O N
Now with G-1000 PFD option
The On-Top IFR simulator has long set the standard for PC-based IFR proficiency simulators, and version 9.0 is
fully updated to reflect today’s Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with the inclusion of a G1000-style glass
cockpit primary flight display (PFD) in the Cessna 182. In addition a simulated Garmin 430 GPS is now avail-
able in the Cessna 172, Mooney, Bonanza and Baron aircraft.
Also included with On Top V9 is FlightPrep’s PlateView program, providing electronic approach plates for US air-
ports, and you can fly any approach in the world with the worldwide database. You can simulate truly realis-
tic flights by programming the weather to suit your needs, set instrument and equipment malfunctions to fail
predictably or randomly and choose panel options for each aircraft – such as an HI or HSI, an ADF or RMI, mov-
ing map or GPS, an attitude indicator or flight director. Choose also to fly a conventional ‘round dial’ cockpit or
a glass-cockpit featuring a G1000-like PFD.
On Top includes an accurate rendering of ten aircraft — Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cessna 182 Skylane, Cessna
182R Skylane RG, Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II, Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow IV, Lancair Columbia 300, Mooney
MSE, Beech Bonanza V-35, Beech Baron 58 Twin, Beech 1900 Twin Turboprop.

ASAONTOP                                                                                     £99.95 F

 IP Trainer v7
                                                A PC-based instrument flying training package, IP Trainer is a
                                                true IFR Simulator based on an aerodynamically correct model
                                                of a Cessna C172 with accurate representation of all aircraft
                                                instruments, incorporating indicated airspeed errors, heading              On Top and IP Trainer
                                                indicator precession, and magnetic compass errors. IP trainer
                                                has 133 pre-set instrument flying lessons & tutorials, together                                              BUNDLE
                                                with a ‘free-flight’ function for when you just want to fly! IP
                                                Trainer supports digital and USB-compatible flight control
                                                hardware, and has an updated US and worldwide database.
                                                ASAIPTRAINER                                         £119.95 F

                                                                                                                        For those seeking the best combination of initial
                                                                                                                        instrument training and on-going IFR proficiency,
                                                                                                                        the IP Trainer and On Top bundle provides both. If
 The Complete G-1000 Course                                                                                             your instrument training will take place in high-
                                                                                                                        performance aircraft, combine these two programs
                                                                                                                        for greater savings and benefit.
The Complete G1000 Course helps pilots transition from conventional “round
dials” to the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) glass cockpit environment.                                            IP Trainer 7.0 is indispensable for helping you save
With this interactive software CD-ROM pilots can achieve an effective scan,                                             both time and money in obtaining your instrument
obtain an orientation to the screens, knobs and buttons, learn the proper                                               rating. On Top 9.0 will help you keep your instru-
operation of the G1000 and interpret system malfunctions. This is an                                                    ment rating current by improving your proficiency
effective orientation program for all the models that have standardized on
the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit system, including Cessna, Columbia,
                                                                                  £79.95                                between IFR flights.
                                                                                                                                                            £219.95 F
Diamond, Mooney, and Beech.
                                                                                       • Search function lets users
The Complete G1000 Course is as easy to use as This G1000 Features:                      navigate directly to a
reading a book. It features intuitive computer                                           keyword or phrase
learning tools that provide cockpit representations • 4-hour comprehensive course      • Mp3 files with full 4 hours
                                                                                         narration for review when
                                                                                                                        GPS Trainer
and demonstrations of the tasks to teach safe and • Scenario-based training              away from the computer
efficient operation of the G1000.                   • Modest system requirements
                                                                                       • Glossary of G1000-specific
                                                    •   PC and Mac compatible            terms
ASAG1000COUR                      £79.95 D          •   Narration provided for entire  • Short quiz concludes each
                                                        course                           lesson to ensure learning
                                                    •   More than 500 full-colour      • Certification of completion
                                                        multimedia elements              provided as proof of                                  ASA’s GPS Trainer V2.0
                                                    •   Student record tracks progress   accomplishment
                                                                                                                                               allows pilots to learn how to
                                                                                                                                                      use the KLN 89B/94,
 Teaching Confidence in the Clouds                                                                                                                       GNS       430/530,
                                                                                                                                                          GPSMAP 295, and
Teaching Confidence in the Clouds offers real-life application of computer desktop flight                                                                  the Apollo GX
simulators and flight training devices (PCATDs and Basic ATDs) as they relate to current                                                                   50/60. Exercises
methods of instrument training.                                                                                                                            are       included
                                                                                                                                                         throughout and the
Since they were first adopted in 1997, FAA-approved desktop flight simulators have been                                                                intuitive software is
an effective means to train students in the US. Increasingly, flying schools worldwide are                                                        as easy to use as reading a
recognising the benefits of simple non-approved desktop simulators for refresher training,                             book. Movie clips, animations, original figures and
student practice and low-cost extra tuition.                                                                           diagrams accelerate the learning process. Emulators
The scenario-based training concepts, training assignments, and instructor tips included in this                       integrate with the tutorial for hands-on practice of
book will be a valuable resource for flying instructors and help reduce the number of hours need-                      each task. Includes the manufacturer’s simulators for
ed to complete an instrument training programme. This new book is also a valuable source of advice and inspi-          the GNS 430, GNS 530, KLN 89B, and GX 50/60 (but
ration for any pilot wishing to self-teach or practice, using a desktop PC-based simulator.                            not GPSMAP 295 and KLN 94). PC and Mac
Softcover, illustrated, 156 pages including glossary and index.
ASATEACHING                                                                                             £10.95 D       ASAGPSTRAINDER                        £79.95 F

                         ITVV “In the Cockpit” DVDs
                           Comprehensive in-flight footage from the flight deck and detailed explanations of aircraft systems, walk-
                           round checks and much more. Sufficiently detailed and expert to be a valuable resource for any prospective
                           commercial pilot preparing for a simulator assessment on type. Multi-camera filming provides internal and
                           external shots for landing phase of flight on many programmes.

                  Concorde                                                      Boeing 747-200                                            Boeing MD-11
                  The world's fastest civil airliner flies
                  no more, but you can see this
                                                                                “Classic”                                                 Martinair from Amsterdam to
                                                                                                                                          Palma. 183 minutes.
                                                                                The classic 3-crew “Jumbo jet”
                  beautiful aircraft in the sky again                                                                                                        £23.95 F
                                                                                with Virgin Atlantic from                                 DVDMD-11
                  with the pilots and crew on the flight
                                                                                Gatwick to Miami. 112 minutes
                  deck of a scheduled British Airways
                                                                                running time.
                  return flight from London to New
                  York. Starting with a full guided tour                        DVD747-200         £23.95 F
                  and detailed 'Walk Around' through
  taxi, take-off from Heathrow and acceleration to
  cruise at 1350mph, the first part of this program                                                                                       A320-200
  takes you to New York’s JFK airport. For the return
  flight find out about the special takeoff procedure
                                                                                Boeing 737-300                                            An IEA (Inter European Airways)
                                                                                                                                          flight from Birmingham to
  that is required from JFK's 31L runway, checklist                             Go with “Go”, from Stansted to
                                                                                                                                          Zakinthos. 85 minutes.
  procedures, fuel transfer, centre of gravity changes                          Lisbon and return. 90 minutes.
  and many more details.                                                                           £23.95 F                               DVDA320IEA         £23.95 F
  Without doubt the most detailed look at Concorde
  that has ever been produced with un-missible
                                     £29.95 F
                                                                                Boeing 757-200                                            A320-200 Simulator
                                                                                An     Airtours    flight   from
                   BAe 146-200                                                  Manchester       to     Dalaman,
                                                                                                                                          See emergency procedures and
                                                                                                                                          many other things you’ll
                   Debonair from Luton to Rome,                                 includes detailed explanations                            (hopefully) never encounter on
                   includes the crew giving some                                of aircraft systems. 75 minutes.                          a live flight (including a barrel-
                   fascinating background on becoming
                   an airline pilot. 109 minutes.                               DVD757-200         £23.95 F                               roll!). 73 minutes.

                                          £23.95 F                                                                                        DVDA320SIM    £23.95 F

                                                                                Boeing 767-300ER                                          Airbus A330-200
                   747-400 Virgin Atlantic                                      A Leisure International Airways                           Airtours on a charter flight from
                   Heathrow to San Francisco on board                           flight from Gatwick to Orlando                            Manchester to Orlando. 139
                   a Virgin Atlantic Airways 747-400.                           using ETOPS procedures. 80                                minutes.
                   166 minutes.                                                 minutes.
                   DVD747VIRG           £23.95 F                                                                                          DVDA330           £23.95 F
                                                                                DVD767-300         £23.95 F

                   747-400 Cathay Pacific                                       Boeing 777-200                                            Fokker 100
                   Cathay Pacific flight from Heathrow                          Cathay Pacific from Auckland to                           British Midland from East
                   to the infamous (and now closed)                             Singapore with additional                                 Midlands to Nice. 167 minutes.
                   Hong-Kong Kai Tak airport including                          footage on the simulator
                   a section shot on Cathay’s 747-400                           covering            emergency                             DVDF100           £23.95 F
                   simulator. 63 minutes.                                       procedures. 101 minutes.
                   DVD747-400            £23.95 F                               DVD777-200         £23.95 F

               Touching                                  Pilot Training DVD –                         PPL Air Law DVD
                                                                                                    A comprehensive film covering all aspects of this vital topic. Student
               Cloudbase CD-ROM                          The Circuit                                pilots will find it an invaluable aid to passing that all important Air Law
               This CD-ROM version of                    Ron Campbell, former                       exam. Experienced pilots will find the film a highly informative refresher.
the book of the same name shows                          Chairman of AOPA, covers                   Subjects covered include: Aerodrome Traffic Zones, Air Traffic Services,
techniques and theory, as well as                        the ‘circuit’ section of the               Rules of the Air, Airfield Markings, Aircraft Lighting, Light Signals,
having lots of nice flying sequences and    PPL course including power checks,           Marshalling Signals, Distress Calls, Danger Zones, Altimeter Settings etc
covers every subject that a beginner or     take-off, circuit, approach, landing and
intermediate paraglider pilot would         the effect of a crosswind.                   AIRLAWDVD                                                             £29.95 F
want to know.                                                          £29.95 F
                                                                                                  Into IMC DVD                                    Into Aerobatics DVD
TOUCHINGCD               £29.95 F                                                                 A highly reputable and                          An exciting film that
                                                         Met for the PPL DVD                      experienced instructor, takes                   demonstrates basic club
              Pilot Training DVD –                       The complete syllabus for                you through this overview of                    aerobatics in a Cessna 150
                                                         PPL            meteorology               the IMC course. All PPLs wishing                Aerobat. As well as the
              The Basic                                  presented by Dave Prior,        to enhance their flying skills, or those                 pilots eye view of the
              Manoeuvres                                 this    fascinating      and    embarking on an IMC course, will find       manoeuvres there is plenty of
                                                         informative film is an          this DVD of immense benefit.                classroom work and diagrams to point
               Ron Campbell, former
                                            invaluable aid to anyone seeking an in-                                                  out the common errors. The ideal film
               Chairman of AOPA, covers                                                  Subjects covered include: Partial panel
                                            depth knowledge of all aspects of            flying, unusual attitude recovery, VOR &    to use in conjunction with your
               the basic manoeuvres of
                                            aviation meteorology. An essential           ADF Tracking, ILS approach, Holding, a      aerobatic instructor
the PPL course including effects of
                                            addition to any pilot’s reference library.   genuine vacuum pump failure and much,
controls, straight and level, climbing,                                                                                                                       £14.95 F
descend, turning and slow flight.           DVDMETFORTHEPPL          £29.95 F            much more.

DVDMANOEUVRES            £29.95 F                                                        DVDINTOIMC               £29.95 F

80                                                                                                  All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                             CD-ROM & DVD
 Wings in Focus: The Beechcraft Bonanza                                                                                    Pilot Refresher DVD
                                                                                        For over sixty years the
                                                                                        Beechcraft Bonanza has
                                                                                                                           Irv Lee’s Rust Remover for Pilots
                                                                                        inspired pilots and non-pilots     Most PPLs will admit to times
                                                                                        alike. This DVD tells the story    when they feel out of practice,
                                                                                        of the Bonanza, from its           less than sharp, or simply lack
                                                                                        introduction just after WWII, to   the time to keep as current as
                                                                                        the present day. See inside        they know they should. If you
                                                                                        Hawker Beechcraft's factory in     feel unsafe, there’s no substitute
                                                                                        Wichita and hear from the          for dual time with an instructor,
                                                                      people who continue to build and develop the         but if you’re just a little out of
                                                                      Bonanza. There are also interviews with the          practice, your planning is a bit
                                                                      American Bonanza Society and a look at the           muddled, checks are less than
                                                                      new Garmin glass cockpit. An invaluable buyer's      fluent, you’re letting yourself
                                                                      guide is also part of this informative DVD.          get behind the aircraft, ATC chat is too fast, or your
                                                                                                                           flying just lacks the precision you know you used to
                                                                      Covers the 33, 35 and 36 models.                     take for granted, you’re simply a bit rusty and it’s
                                                                      WINGSBEECH                        £24.95 F           time for a workout…
                                                                                                                           Well known to readers of the popular UK aviation
                                                                                                                           magazines, Irv Lee is a popular and highly experi-
 Wings In Focus: The Piper PA-28 Series DVD                                                                                enced contributor to aviation publications world-
 An in-depth look at Piper’s perennially popular PA28 from the original 160HP versions to                                  wide on subjects as diverse as Meteorology,
 current variants. Includes a buyer’s guide and interviews with noteworthy PA28 fliers                                     Aviation Law and Flying Techniques. Irv is also in
 including Polly Vacher a detailed section on the recent introduction of Avidyne glass-cockpit                             great demand for his PPL Masterclasses, and men-
 avionics and the PA-28 family timeline.                                                                                   toring courses helping PPLs to develop and
                                                                              £24.95 F                                     enhance their flying skills & experience.
                                                                                                                           This DVD film addresses such issues as:
                                                                                                                           • Are you fit to fly?
                                                                                                                           • Pre flight navigation planning, pre flight
 The Pilot's Sky DVD                                                                                                         checks & aircraft serviceability
                                                                                                                           • Use of simple GPS to aid visual navigation,
An in depth look at clouds and weather written and narrated by Brian                                                         map reading tips
Cosgrove, the renowned aviation author.                                                                                    • Use of mnemonic checklists
                                                                                                                           • Take-off performance, climb-out, trimming for
A sound knowledge of meteorology is a vital attribute for any pilot, but many                                                climb & cruise, standard & steep turns, joins,
meteorology textbooks lack the images of clouds that will help pilot interpret the sky                                       circuits, approaches, touch downs
and understand better the flying weather around them. ‘The Pilots Sky’ addresses this                                      • …and much more.
gap and also covers related subjects such as humidity, visibility, mist and fog, fronts,
thunderstorms and other weather hazards.                                                                                   RUSTREMOVER                          £24.95 F
40 minutes.
PILOTSSKYDVD                                                     £19.95 F
                                                                                                                           Morse Cracker
                                                                                                                           A simple interactive aid for
 The Complete JAR PPL Flying Course                                                                                        anybody learning or revising
                                                                                                                           Morse code skills. Runs straight
A two DVD set covering all the JAR PPL flying exercises. Filmed                                                            from a PC CD-ROM drive and
in high definition from up to seven different camera positions                                                             includes practice, revision and
inside and outside the aircraft, each PPL manoeuvre is                                                                     random test modes. ‘Text to Code ’option allows the
demonstrated by Lee Hearn, a CAA examiner and B767 pilot.                                                                  user to enter a letter, and hear the Morse conversion
In total there are 46 separate video lessons and a further 35                                                              in reply. ‘Mouse Key’ mode allows the user to tap out
pages of information and checklists. For student pilots this is an                                                         Morse code for the computer to check, and ‘Practice
invaluable training aid. For qualified pilots, this is an important                                                        Option’ plays Morse code and displays the letter after
reference source for revision and continuing development.                                                                  a short pause. This is an absolute must for anybody
                                                                                                                           who wants to learn or revise Morse code via their
105 minutes.                                                                                                               computer.
JARPPLDVD                                         £99.95 F                                                                 MORSECRACK                             £12.95 F

 Gliding                                                                                    Psychometric and Aptitude Test CDs
Windborn/Champions of the Wave DVD
Two films on one DVD. Windborn follows Lucy Wills through first                            Produced by The Time newspaper, these 2
solo as a glider pilot to a historic glider flight over New Zealand’s                      interactive CD ROMs contain multiple-
Mount Cooke. In Champions of the Wave we see why ‘The Wave’                                choice tests, some untimed, some against
attracts glider pilots from all over the globe to the World Glider                         the clock, designed to show you your apti-
Championships in Omarama, New Zealand. 110 minutes.                                        tude in various specific areas, and high-
DVDWINDBORN                                                             £29.95 F           light particular strengths & weaknesses.
                                                                                           These are very similar to the sort of tests
Black Sands, White Wings DVD                                                               used by airlines, flight training schools
Three gliders set out on a 200k cross-country soaring flight along                         and many other organisations to screen
the coast of New Zealand’s North islands – white glider wings over                         candidates for jobs, courses and sponsor-
black sands. Includes spectacular footage of low-level soaring along                       ship schemes. They are recommended for
the cliffs and informative commentary. An exciting introduction to                         anybody who expects to face these sorts
cross country soaring. Approx 20 minutes.                                                  of tests, to help combat nerves and give the best possi-
DVD/BLACKSANDS                                                          £21.95 F           ble performance. They will also help focus on key
                                                                                           strengths and weak spots, vital for making those fun-
                                                                                           damental career-defining decisions without having to
               A Fine Week of Soaring DVD                                                  learn the hard (and expensive) way!
               An insider’s view from a high-performance glider flown by 15-times
                                                                                           Psychometric Tests
               US champion Karl Striedieck. Includes remarkable airborne footage                                                    £8.99 F
               of ridge soaring the Applachian ridges and climbing under snow
               showers. 69 minutes.                                                        Aptitude Tests
               DVD/AFWOS                                            £29.95 F               TIMESTESTINGCD2                          £8.99 F


                 The IMC Rating and Instrument Flying                                                                  Essential Maths
                 The IMC rating is probably the most demanding, rewarding                                           This CD ROM on Essential Mathematics is
                 and also the most valuable extra a UK PPL can bolt-on to their                                     recommended for any pilot who wants to brush up
                 licence. With excellent graphics throughout, the material on                                        on their maths skills. A thorough understanding of
                 this CBT is clear, concise, effective and well-judged. The                                                 basic mathematics is an essential
                 layout of the material is also very logical and well thought-                                                 ingredient for success in the
                 out, and if you work through the lessons, there’s no doubt                                                      technological age and an absolute
                 you should be thoroughly prepared for the IMC written test.                                                      necessity for a pilot taking any pilot’s
                 Covering subjects such as documentation, preparation, and                                                        licence and in particular CPL and ATPL
                 technical material describing the instruments, pitot-static                                                      candidates. Essential Mathematics is
                 systems this CD-ROM also deals with the different types of                                                       an interactive, multimedia computer
                 radio aids, their basic theory of operation, and known                                                           based training course from OATmedia.
                 limitations and shortcomings.                                                                                    The CD-ROM contains 76 lessons, each
                                                                £89.95 G                                                        of which is packed with graphics and
                 CDOXFORDIMC                                                                                                 animations, and is narrated in clear, concise
                                                                                    English. It also has 390 test questions and numerous worked examples.
                 The Night Rating
                 This multi-media CR-ROM covers basic instrument flying and         Topics covered include:        •   Using Graphs
                     the physiological aspects of night flying before moving           • General Number Work       •   Diagrams and Charts
                        on to aircraft and airfield lighting. The course then          • Fractions, Percentages,   •   Trigonometry
                         moves on to night flying techniques (including start,            Decimals                 •   Angles
                         taxy and night circuits), night navigation and night          • Ratio and Proportion      •   Perimeter, Area,
                         emergencies.                                                  • Use of Symbols                Volume, Circles,
                         CDOXFORDNIGHT                          £49.95 G               • Equations                     Triangles, Other Shapes
                                                                                       • Formulae                  •   Transformations
                                                                                       • Sequences                 •   Vectors
                 VFR RTF Communications
                     A CD-ROM RTF tutor designed as a standalone training           CDOXFORDESSMATHS                           £29.95 G
                     aid so that when you have worked your way through all
                     the lessons you will be thoroughly familiar with the
                      general ICAO RTF procedures associated with a VFR             Essential Physics part 1
                           flight. Typical flight scenarios are covered with                                   Many prospective ATPL students find their study much
                              graphic aircraft and location illustrations, a                                   harder than expected, because they no longer have a
                              moving map display and text box confirmation of                                  firm grasp of basic physics. Part 1 covers electricity and
                              the audio RTF conversation. A wide variety of RTF                                magnetism including flow of charge; current, voltage,
                              transmissions are illustrated in the lessons and in                              power, resistance and Ohm’s Law; electromagnetism,
                             addition there is the opportunity to make radio                                           electric motors, electromagnetic induction and
                          calls if your computer has a record/playback facility.                                           transformers. Also suitable for National
                    JAAVFRRTCD                                   £54.95 G                                                    Curriculum study to GCSE level.
                                                                                                                                OATESSPHYSICS              £19.95 G
                 IFR RTF Communications
                    This CD-ROM covers the IFR elements of the JAR
                    Communications syllabus, and contains many examples
                                                                                                                                Essential Physics part 2
                                                                                                                              If you missed out on Physics at school, or
                     of RTF used when flying IFR. A wide variety of situations
                                                                                                                           simply wish to improve your knowledge of
                          and RTF transmissions are illustrated in the lessons
                                                                                                                                Physics, in preparation for pilot training,
                            and the record/playback facility allows the user
                                                                                                                                    Essential Physics is the course for
                             to make and record their own RTF calls and then
                                                                                                                                      you. Essential Physics part 2
                             compare them to the calls given in each lesson.
                                                                                                                                        includes lessons on forces,
                             To use this facility you must have a suitable
                                                                                                                                         energy, motion, pressure, friction
                             sound system and microphone on your
                                                                                                                                         and it also includes lessons on
                            computer. However the lessons can be completed
                                                                                                                                         the basics of Astronomy.
                         with or without the recording capability.
                    JAAIFRRTCD                                   £34.95 G                                                             OATESSPHYSICS2       £19.95 G

                           £10!                                                 £15!

RTF VFR + IFR Pack                      RTF VFR + UK Supplement Pack                          RTF Complete Pack
The VFR RTF Communications and IFR      The VFR RTF Communications CD-ROM plus the UK The VFR RTF Communications CD-ROM, UK supplement CD-ROM
RTF Communications D-ROMs together.     supplement CD-ROM.                            and IFR RTF Communications CD-ROMs together.

CDOXFORDVFRIFR        £79.95 G          CDOXFORDVFRUK                         £69.95 G        CDOXFORDVFRIFRUK                                      £89.95 G

82                                                                                             All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                      CD-ROM & DVD

                          CD-ROM Ground Training Pack for                             £199
                          Buy all six CD-ROMs together and save ££££s !!
                          TRAPPLCDPACK                                            £199.00 F

                                    Air Law and Operational                           Meteorology
                                                                                      A thorough understanding of weather theory
                                    Procedures                                        and the ability to interpret weather briefing
                                  The introduction of the Joint Aviation              documents are absolutely essential to all
                                  Authorities (JAA) Private Pilot Licence has         pilots to ensure that they can make informed
                                  brought with it a change in the way Air Law         and accurate decisions about how prevailing
                                  is examined. The new theoretical                    or forecast weather conditions will affect
                                  examination now includes the subject                flying operations. Above all, a full
                                  Operational     Procedures      and,    more        understanding of how the weather influences
                                  fundamentally, you are now just as likely to        aircraft operations is crucial to flight safety.
                                  be asked questions on ICAO procedures as on         This interactive, multimedia CBT course will enable private
                      procedures applicable to UK airspace alone. This CBT            pilots to learn all they need to know in order to fly safely and
                      course is designed to help you absorb, understand and           expeditiously, and pass their JAA PPL or UK NPPL theoretical
                      retain all those aspects of Air Law that you need to            examinations.
                       master as a practising private pilot, and to prepare you                                                   £39.95 F
                       for your theoretical exams for the JAA PPL or the UK           TRAPPLCD4
                        TRAPPLCD1                                  £39.95 F           Aircraft General and Principles of Flight
                                                                                      Aircraft General: The course teaches you
                                                                                      the theoretical and practical knowledge
Human Performance and Limitations                                                     required to fly efficiently and safely
A thorough understanding of this subject is                                           whilst exercising proper care of the
essential if you are to develop the high                                              aeroplane itself. Aircraft General is a
standards of airmanship required of all                                               complex subject yet, being presented
those who fly, whether as a private or                                                through the medium of interactive
professional pilot. This course will teach                                            computer based training, you will find it
you the essentials of what you need to                                                easy to understand.
know about the interaction between the                                                Principles of Flight: A sound knowledge
human being, his aircraft and the flying                                              of the theory of flight is vital if you are to
environment. The course also covers the                                               fully appreciate the flight characteristics of your aircraft
basic psychological considerations of                                                 and become a safe and proficient pilot. This interactive,
piloting, by stressing the demands that                                               graphically-rich CBT course is an effective and enjoyable
flying places on perception, communication, judgement and                             method for studying the scientific principles upon which
decision making, and by pointing out some important                                   flight itself depends.
limitations of those faculties.
                                                                                      TRAPPLCD5                                      £49.95 F
TRAPPLCD2                               £34.95 F
                                                                                                                               Flight Performance and
                                    Navigation and
                                    Radio Aids                                                                                 Pilots must know, for instance, how well
                                   The private pilot is invariably not only a pilot                                            or badly your aircraft performs in the
                                   but a navigator too and developing this skill                                               various phases of flight. How much
                                   is essential to safe single-pilot operation.                                                runway will you use for the take-off and
                                   The foundation on which this skill resides is                                               landing, how well will the aircraft climb,
                                   meticulous flight planning and the aim of                                                   how far can it fly, how long can it remain
                                   this interactive, multimedia CBT course to                                                  airborne? Whatever the phase of flight, it
                                   teach you every element of the theory                                                       is vitally important that the location of
                                   underlying flight planning and the art of                                 the aircraft’s centre of gravity always remains within the
                      single-pilot navigation (and to prepare you for the PPL                                limits specified by the design of the aircraft. ‘Airframe
                      ground examinations) more quickly, effectively and                                      Limitations’ deals with the crucial relationship between
                      enjoyably than ever before.                                                             loading and the speed at which the aircraft can be safely
                                                                   £49.95 F                                   manoeuvred.
                                                                                                               TRAPPLCD6                                  £34.95 F

                                                                                                                           JAA PPL Exam Preparation
                                                                                                                           This PPL exam preparation CD-ROM allows
                              Practical Flying Training                                                                    the user to become familiar with the level of
                              This interactive CD-ROM covers the practical                                                 difficulty and style of the PPL exmination
                                    flying exercises for the JAA PPL course. A                                             papers in preparation for taking the exams
                                        valuable supplement to a set of                                                    themselves. Over 1550 questions are
                                          textbooks, the CD-ROM consists of 14                                             included, covering all the examination
                                           pre-flight briefings using graphics,                                            subjects. You can choose to test on a
                                            animation, audio, text and video                                               particular subject, or attempt a practice PPL
                                            clips.                                                                         exam.
                                            TRAPPLCDPFT            £89.95 G                                                OXPPLEXAMPREP                 £34.95 G

                                      ATPL Aircraft
                                        This     CD-ROM      on      Aircraft
                                        Performance is designed to help
                                        students gain a detailed knowledge
                                        of all aspects of aeroplane
                                        performance in preparation for the
                                        JAA/EASA Airline Transport Pilot's
                                        Licence     (ATPL)     examination.
                                        Following       this     interactive,
                                        multimedia course should enable
                                        student professional pilots to learn what
                                        Aircraft Performance is all about, more
                                        effectively, more enjoyably and more                                             Aviation Meteorology
                                        rapidly than ever before. The course will                                        This self-teach, media-rich, interactive CD-
                                        also be valuable both to General Aviation                                        ROM gives instruction is up to JAA ATPL
                                        pilots who wish to expand their knowledge                                        level, but as the course is designed for
                                        of aircraft performance, and to qualified                                        beginners it is suitable for CPL, PPL and all
airline transport pilots in fulfilling their recurrent training requirements and                                                       other intermediate stages
improving their knowledge of performance theory.                                                                                           too. The main aim of this
                                                                                                                                               course is to teach
  •   Covers the JAA ATPL Aircraft Performance Syllabus
                                                                                                                                                 pilots to use aviation
  •   Numerous 3d images and animations
                                                                                                                                                  meteorology theory
  •   Over 460 ATPL examination-style questions and answers
                                                                                                                                                   to interpret met
Contents include:                                                                                                                                  forecasts       and
  • Classes of Aircraft                                                                                                                            reports in order to
  • Performance Standards                                                                                                                         plan safe and
  • Airfields                                                                                                                                    expeditious flying
  • Performance Principles for Aircraft Classes A and B in Take-off, Climb,                                                                     sorties. The secondary
     Descent, En-Route, Landing                                                                                                              aim of the CBT is to
                                                                                                                                         teach pilots how to extract
CDOXFORDPERF                                                     £59.95 G                                                        and interpret information from the
                                                                                                                          Met Office web site.
                                                                                    CDOXFORDMET                                                        £59.95 G

                                                                                                                           Aircraft Piston Engines
                                                                                                                          A new interactive, multi-media CD-ROM
                                                                                                                          which covers the whole of the JAA ATPL
                                                                                                                                     theoretical        knowledge
                                                                                                                                         syllabus      for  Piston
                                                                                                                                           Engines, and even
                                                                                                                                             includes a lesson on
                                                                                                                                              aircraft      diesel
                                         JAA ATPL Exam                                                                                         engines. There are
                                         Preparation                                                                                           over 250 JAA ATPL-
                                                                                                                                              style questions and
                                         OAT bring you their JAA ATPL question
                                                                                                                                              answers in the self-
                                         bank – over 2600 JAA ATPL-style
                                                                                                                                             assessment section
                                         questions which are as close as possible
                                                                                                                                           of the CD-ROM. This
                                        to the official JAA ATPL questions. You
                                                                                                                                         product is also aimed at
                                        can choose to test yourself by individual
                                                                                                                                     General Aviation pilots who
                                        subject, syllabus sub-section or attempt
                                                                                                                       fly piston- engine powered aircraft and
                                        a complete JAA ATPL-style question
                                                                                    who wish to learn more about how their power-plant functions.
                                        OXEXAMPREP                £39.95 G          CDOXFORDPISTONENG                                                  £59.95 G

                                                                                                                       Gas Turbine Engines
                                                                                                                       This CBT course in Gas Turbines teaches the
                                                                                                                       subject of gas turbine engines up to and
Flight Computer                                                                                                        beyond the standard required by the
An interactive CD that teaches the                                                                                                EASA/JAA ATPL syllabus. It also
principal functions of the ‘mechanical’                                                                                                covers      all     EASA/JAA
Flight Computer. Illustrated lessons,                                                                                                     objectives for the ATPL
numerous animations and worked                                                                                                              helicopter gas turbine
examples guide you through the                                                                                                               syllabus, except for
principles of operation of the instrument,                                                                                                    those       pertaining
with full-colour graphics, voice-over                                                                                                         specifically        to
narration and key points. Ideal for                                                                                                           helicopter     engine
student pilots, learning to use the flight                                                                                                   intakes. Includes 250
computer for the first time, or                                                                                                             self-assessment
experienced pilots who wish to get the                                                                                                     questions and answers.
best from the ‘whiz-wheel’.
OXFORDFCCD                 £19.95 F
                                                                                    CDOXFORDGASTURB                                                   £59.95 G

84                                                                                           All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                        ATPL Training Manuals

                                                                                                                                    Complete set of Oxford
                                                                                                                                    ATPL Training Manuals
                                                                                                                                   including vol 15, Reference Material and
                                                                                                                                   exam prep CD-ROM

                                                                                                                                   OXATPLSET   £599.00

                                                              Vol 6. Flight Performance                                  Vol 11. Navigation
                                                                     & Planning
                                                                                                                        Part 2: Radio Navigation
                                                             Part 1: Mass, Balance                                                                               Covers         all
                                                             & Performance                                                                                       aspects of mod-
 Vol 1. Air Law                                                                                      Correct loading                                             ern technology
                                         arguably every                                              and balance is                                              for aircraft navi-
                                         student’s least-                                            essential   for                                             gation, includ-
                                         favourite topic,                                            safe operation                                              ing GNSS.
                                         this compre-                                                of any aircraft,   OXATPL11                                        £37.50
                                         hensive vol-                                                and a thorough
                                         ume includes a      understanding of the principles and practices is
                                         full bibliogra-     essential for a professional pilot. Performance covers     Vol 12. Operational Procedures
phy of official reference material.                          all aspects of flight, from takeoff to touchdown, for
OXATPL1                                        £37.50        single-engine, multi-engine and class “A” aircraft.                                               Company pro-
                                                             OXATPL6                                      £44.95                                               cedures, opera-
                                                                                                                                                               tions manuals,
 Vol 2. Aircraft General Knowledge                                                                                                                             JAR-OPS, ICAO
                                                              Vol 7. Flight Performance                                                                        Annexes, the
Part 1: Airframes & Systems                                          & Planning                                                                                list goes on and
                                                                                                                        on. Get it all sorted out with the help of this volume.
                                        Covering 8 of
                                        the key sys-         Part 2: Flight Planning                                    OXATPL12                                        £37.50
                                        tems     which       & Monitoring
                                        work together                                               Covers a wide        Vol 13. Principles of Flight
                                        to make a                                                   variety of types,
                                        modern aircraft                                                                                                        From         basic
                                                                                                    from piston sin-
fly, including Structures, Hydraulics, Fuel systems, Air                                                                                                       a e ro d y n a m i c
                                                                                                    gles to multi-
conditioning, Anti-icing, Landing gear, Emergency                                                                                                              theory          to
                                                                                                    engined jets.
equipment and Flight control systems.                                                                                                                          supersonic
                                                                                                                                                               flight, a sound
OXATPL2                                        £44.95        OXATPL7                                      £44.95                                               grasp of these
                                                                                                                                                               principles       is
 Vol 3. Aircraft General Knowledge                           Vol 8. Human Performance                                   both a fundamental part of the ATPL course, and one
                                                                                                                        of the cornerstones of any pilot’s training.
                                                                    & Limitations
Part 2: Electrics & Electronics                                                                                         OXATPL13                                        £51.95
                                                                                                                        Remember       the    first   rule:   Aviate,   Navigate,
                                          An understand-                                            Covers       all
                                          ing the “black                                            aspects of this
                                          art” of elec-                                             diverse subject,     Vol 14. Communications
                                          tronics       is                                          from Fitness to
                                          essential in a                                            Fly to Multi-
                                                                                                                                                                 Proficient RT
                                          modern com-                                               Crew operation.
mercial aircraft. This book takes the student from           OXATPL8                                      £44.95                                                 tions are just as
first-principles of electricity, through to radio theory.
                                                                                                                                                                 vital for any
OXATPL3                                        £44.95                                                                                                            pilot as the
                                                              Vol 9. Meterology                                                                                  basic      flying
 Vol 4. Aircraft General Knowledge                                                             The English are
                                                                                                                        OXATPL14                                        £23.95
                                                                                               often accused
                                                                                                                        Not available separately, vol 15 provides much useful
Part 3: Powerplant                                                                             of spending too
                                         Engines, their                                        much       time
                                         design       and                                      talking about            Vol 15. Reference Material
                                         operation,          the weather. Now you can do so with real authority!
                                         including possi-    OXATPL9                                      £59.95                                                 reference
                                         ble failures and                                                                                                        material     to
                                         malfunctions.                                                                                                           supplement
OXATPL4                                        £51.95
                                                              Vol 10. Navigation                                                                                 the 14 course
                                                                                                                                                                 books. Supplied
                                                             Part 1: General Navigation                                                                          only as part of
 Vol 5. Aircraft General Knowledge                                                                 The fundamen-        the complete set.
                                                                                                   tal principles of
Part 4: Instrumentation                                                                            navigation
                                                                                                   have        been      Exam Preparation
                                     From          the
                                     “clockwork” of                                                around since
                                                                                                                        CD-ROM with 2000 questions for
                                     co nve nt i o n a l                                           man first took
                                                                                                                        self-testing and exam preparation.
                                     mechanical and          to the rivers in hollowed-out logs. Somewhat more
                                                                                                                        Questions developed from Oxford’s
                                     pressure instru-        sophisticated today, of course, the application of the
                                                                                                                        years of experience, choose to
                                     ments, to the           basic principles of dead-reckoning and plotting cause
                                                                                                                        answer questions in “practice paper”
“magic” of modern EFIS and Flight Control Systems.           many headaches for the ATPL student and are thor-
                                                                                                                        mode, or by subject material.
                                                             oughly covered here.
OXATPL5                                        £67.50
                                                             OXATPL10                                     £51.95        OXEXAMPREP                                      £34.95

Jeppesen JAA ATPL Training Manuals
                                                                 Jeppesen have produced 15 top-quality ATPL training books based on the philosophy of train-
                                                                 ing pilots to fly, not to simply pass the exams. To this end, the ATPL books and supporting
                                                                 materials are thorough and comprehensive, yet utilise full-colour graphics and illustrations to
                                                                 make even the most complex concept easy to grasp. The set complies with the ATPL learn-
                                                                 ing objectives published by the JAA and consists of nearly 4000 pages of information in 15
                                                                 hard bound volumes. The manuals are now in their second (2007) edition.

                                                                                                                                      Buy all 15 manuals
                                                                                                                                   together to save £££s !!
                                                                                                                                   JEPPATPLSET £499.99 E

 Vol 1. Meteorology                                 Vol 7. Instrumentation                                 Vol 12. Air Law
             Since the Airline Transport Pilot                    This volume provides an in-depth                          This volume is designed to be as
             may be required to operate any-                      knowledge of the operating princi-                        “friendly” as possible whilst
             where in the world, this volume                      ples behind, and the value of, all                        ensuring that the reader is fully
             includes an extensive section on                     the most common aircraft instru-                          prepared for the JAR Air Law
             global and regional climatology.                     mentation systems.                                        examination.
             JEPPATPL1               £44.95 E                     JEPPATPL7               £44.95 E                          JEPPATPL12               £44.95 E

 Vol 2. General Navigation                           Vol 8. Principles of Flight                           Vol 13. Human Performance
                                                                                                                   and Limitations
             This volume prepares the student                     This volume has been written to
             for the General Navigation exami-                    give the student a good under-                            Gives the reader an insight into
             nation, and also discusses the prac-                 standing of the principles underly-                       the performance, limitations, and
             tical aspects of navigation that                     ing their practical flying training.                      behavioral characteristics of
             might be encountered during com-                     JEPPATPL8               £44.95 E                          humans in the aviation environ-
             mercial airline operations.                                                                                    ment.
             JEPPATPL2                £36.95                                                                                JEPPATPL13               £28.95 E

 Vol 3. Radio Navigation                            Vol 9. Performance
                                                                  Provides a concise but readable set      Vol 14. Operational Procedures
             This volume provides the student
             with the necessary information to                    of notes, while emphasizing the
                                                                  operational significance of aircraft                      Includes the requirements for the
             pass the Radio Navigation exami-                                                                               issue of an Air Operator's
             nation and gives a grounding for                     performance. To enable this book
                                                                  to stand alone, fundamental math-                         Certificate (AOC), Flight Operations
             type rating training and commer-                                                                               and Planning, Low Visibility
             cial operations.                                     ematics, principles of flight, and
                                                                  engine theory are given in the ini-                       Operations, and Transoceanic
             JEPPATPL3               £44.95 E                     tial chapters.                                            Flight. A significant part of the vol-
                                                                                                                            ume covers Special Operational
                                                    JEPPATPL9                             £28.95 E                          Procedures and Hazards.
 Vol 4. Airframe and Systems                                                                              JEPPATPL14                                 £24.95 E
                                                    Vol 10. Mass and Balance
             Provides a good grounding in the
             technical aspect of an aircraft's                    Covers the factors governing the
                                                                                                           Vol 15. Communications
             structure and systems, also detail-                  loading of an aeroplane to ensure
             ing the regulations that the student                 that the longitudinal centre of                           This volume takes the student
             has to know and the methods by                       gravity and mass are within the                           from the basic principles of VHF
             which these requirements are met.                    structural and performance limits.                        and HF communication to its appli-
             JEPPATPL4               £56.95 E                                                                               cation in the VFR and IFR environ-
                                                                  JEPPATPL10              £24.95 E                          ment.
                                                                                                                            JEPPATPL15               £22.95 E
 Vol 5. Powerplant
                                                    Vol 11. Flight Planning
             This volume gives the reader an
             insight into the construction, func-                 This volume is designed to teach                     Jeppesen ATPL CD-ROM
                                                                  the practical elements of flight
             tion, and operation of both piston
                                                                  planning and to provide a sound
                                                                                                                       Questions Database
             and gas turbine engines
                                                                  basis for the planning skills
             JEPPATPL5               £28.95 E                     required as an Airline Transport                             Jeppesen’s Test Preparation
                                                                  Pilot. Covers the application of this                        Software comes on a CD which
                                                                  knowledge to single engine piston,                           includes a User Guide/
                                                                  multi-engine piston, and medium                              Installation Guide and covers
                                                                  range jet transport aircraft                                 approximately 2700 questions
 Vol 6. Electrics                                                                                                              to be used in conjunction with
                                                    JEPPATPL11                            £24.95 E                             the Jeppesen JAA ATPL series.
             Leads the reader from the most
             basic DC circuits to understanding                                                           JEPPATPLCD                                 £49.95 E
             and appreciating the concepts
             behind advanced aircraft electrical
             JEPPATPL6               £29.95 E

86                                                                                     All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                        Airliner guides
Quick Study Guides                                       Boeing 737 FMC Users Guide                                 Boeing B737-300 Cockpit
                                                                     Captain Bill Bulfer                            Companion
                                                                      The Flight Management Computer (FMC)                         Captain Bill Bulfer
                                                                      is at the heart of any modern ‘glass                        The B737-300 Cockpit Companion
                                                                      cockpit’ airliner, and so knowing how to                    describes the switches and systems of
                                                                      operate it properly is of vital importance                  Boeing 737 300-400-500. It includes
                                                                      to any airliner pilot. The Boeing 737 FMC                   pictures of most controls and instru-
                                                         User’s Guide covers all models of 737 (300-400-500-                      ments and a generic alphabetized cir-
                                                         600-700-800-900-BBJ) and describes all software                          cuit breaker locator. Inserts contain
                                                         features of the Smiths Industries FMC. This book          schematics of major systems and panel layouts and
                                                         includes update version 10 as installed in the Next       the comprehensive Index allows quick location of
                                                         Generation (NG) 737 aircraft and includes descrip-        information. Softcover with spiral binding.
                                                         tions of the IRUs (Inertia Reference Units) and diffi-
                                                         cult concepts such as Cost Index, Cruise Performance,     B737300CC                                £39.95 F
                                                         and VNAV descent. With extensive use of drawings
                                                         and CDU displays, this user’s guide also contains
                                                         many 737 piloting techniques. Approx 280 pages.
                                                                                                                    Boeing B737 Cockpit Companion
                                                         B737FMC                                £39.95 F                          Captain Bill Bulfer
                                                                                                                                  The B737 Combo Cockpit Companion
                                                                                                                                  describes the switches and systems of
                                                          Boeing 737NG FMC Users Guide                                            Classic and NG versions of the Boeing
                                                                                                                                  737 300-400-500-600-700-800-900
                                                                     Captain Bill Bulfer                                          (does not describe BBJ). It includes pic-
Detailed, photorealistic graphics submerged in the
                                                                       The Boeing 737NG FMC User’s Guide cov-      tures of most controls and instruments and a generic
pages of these Quick Study Guide books take the user
                                                                       ers only the ‘Next Generation’ models of    alphabetized circuit breaker locator. Inserts contain
through the comprehensive cockpit and systems
                                                                       737     (600-700-800-900-BBJ)       and     schematics of major systems and panel layouts and
review of a range of modern airliners. The Quick
                                                                       describes all software features of the      the comprehensive Index allows quick location of
Study Guide makes a great training aid for anyone
                                                         Smiths Industries FMC. This book includes extra infor-    information. Softcover with spiral binding.
needing to know more about an airliner’s systems.
                                                         mation on holds as well as descriptions of the IRUs       B737COMBOCC                              £39.95 F
Each book is a comprehensive cockpit review guide,       (Inertia Reference Units) and difficult concepts such
featuring an easy-to-use graphical index and detailed    as Cost Index, Cruise Performance, and VNAV
panel descriptions (graphical coverage of every cock-    descent. With extensive use of drawings and CDU dis-       Boeing B737 Ryanair Cockpit
pit light, switch, and gauge). The QSG mirrors cockpit   plays, this user’s guide also contains many 737 pilot-
panel layouts, such as the Overhead, Flight              ing techniques. Approx 280 pages.
Instruments, Centre Pedestal, Glareshield, and ECAM
pages. It also includes photorealistic aircraft system   B737NGFMC                              £39.95 F                           Captain Bill Bulfer
diagrams as well as a comprehensive Q & A section.                                                                                The B737 Ryanair Cockpit Companion
                                                                                                                                  describes the switches and systems of
  • Photorealistic cockpit graphics                       Big Boeing FMC User Guide                                               the Boeing 737 800 as equipped by
  • Aircraft system diagrams                                                                                                      Ryanair. It includes pictures of most
  • Detailed panel description (graphical coverage       Captains Bill Bulfer and Richard (Skeet) Gifford                         controls and instruments and a gener-
     of every light, switch, gauge, and indicator in                 Describes the software features of the                       ic alphabetised circuit breaker locator.
     the flight deck)                                                Honeywell        Flight     Management        Inserts contain schematics of major systems and
   • Acronyms and abbreviations section                              Computer (FMC) found on the B757 /            panel layouts and the comprehensive index allows
   • Thorough set of practice questions and answers                  B767 / B747 / B777. Included are in           quick location of information. Softcover with spiral
                                                                     depth descriptions of Cost Index, Cruise      binding, approx 230 pages.
   • Easy-to-use graphical index                                     Performance Planning, and VNAV.
Airbus A319 Quick Study Guide                                                                                      B737RYANAIRCC                            £39.95 F
QSGA319                                   £34.95 F       Advanced techniques are also included as are long
                                                         range operations, including the special requirements
Airbus A320 Quick Study Guide                            of ETOPS. LNAV paths are shown graphically and CDU         Boeing 737 New Generation
QSGA320                                   £34.95 F       displays are comprehensively annotated. Whether            Cockpit Companion
Airbus A330 Quick Study Guide                            you are new to glass or an expert, there is something
QSGA330                                   £34.95 F       here for you. Over 200 pages.                                         The Boeing 737 New
                                                         BIGFMC                                 £39.95 F                       Generation Cockpit Companion
Airbus A340 Quick Study Guide
                                                                                                                               describes switches and systems of
QSGA340                                   £34.95 F
                                                                                                                               the Next Generation (NG) Boeing 737
Boeing B737-300/500 Quick Study Guide                                                                                          600, 700, 800, 900 and BBJ series. It
QSGB737300                                £34.95 F                                                                             includes pictures of most cockpit controls
Boeing B737-600/700/800 Quick Study Guide                                                                          and instruments and a generic alphabetized circuit
QSGB737600                                £34.95 F                                                                 breaker locator. Inserts contain schematics of major
                                                                                                                   systems and panel layouts and the comprehensive
Boeing B757-200/300 Quick Study Guide
                                                                                                                   index allows quick location of information that is very
QSGB757                                   £34.95 F                                                                 helpful for on-line operations. This guide is not air-
 Boeing B777 Quick Study Guide                                                                                     line-specific so the following may NOT match your
 QSGB777                                  £34.95 F                                                                 airline specs: limitations, circuit breaker location, MEL
 CRJ 200 Quick Study Guide                                                                                         samples. Does not yet contain the HUD information.
 QSGCRJ200                                £34.95 F                                                                 Softcover with spiral binding, approximately 240
 DO 328 Jet                                                                                                        pages.
 QSGDO328                                 £34.95 F                                                                 B737NGCC                                 £39.95 F
Embraer EMB145 Quick Study Guide
QSGEMB145                                 £34.95 F

Professional Pilot Studies
JAR Professional Pilot Studies
Phil Croucher                                                  JAR FCL Student Pilot Route Manual
                                 Just as important as
                                 the exams is the inter-                                       JAR FCL Student Pilot Route Manual
                                 view panel, and this is                                       Jeppesen have produced the definitive Student Route Manual for the JAA ATPL
                                 the book for those                                            examinations. Every pilot taking the JAA ATPL will need this manual during the
                                 who want to deal with                                         examinations and you can familiarise yourself with it in advance by ordering
                                 both - its purpose is to                                      your personal copy.
                                 help you become a                                                                                                             £34.95 F
                                 professional, for which
                                 the exams are but a
                                 step on the way. Doing                                                                 Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies
                                 the bare minimum to                                                                                        Phil Croucher
                                 pass the exams makes
                                                                                                                                            Based on the author's soon-to-
                                 you ill-prepared to be
                                                                                                                                            be-approved JAA ATPL(H) course,
                                 a pilot, which is not
                                                                                                                                            this book provides all the materi-
                                 fair to future passen-
                                                                                                                                            al required for the FAA, JAA or
gers and painfully obvious to employers (and inter-
                                                                                                                                            Canadian exams, including the
viewers). This is a reference book that follows the
                                                                                                                                            PPL(H), CPL(H) and ATPL(H), plus
ATPL syllabus for aeroplanes and helicopters, so you         CAA JAR FCL Examination                                                        a few extras, like the Instrument
can use it before, during and after your exams, for          Manuals                                                                        Rating. The book has been spe-
the whole of your career! People waiting to start a          A set of CAA manuals to be used                            cially designed for the needs of professional or mili-
course, or keeping current while waiting for a job to        in the JAR FCL Loading, Flight                             tary pilots seeking to gain an alternative licence, but
turn up will find it useful. In fact, there's a lot in its   Planning and Performance exami-                            newcomers to the industry can use it too, since it
pages you don't get taught in flying school, and a lot       nations.                                                   assumes no previous knowledge.
you should be taught, were it not for time constraints
- many professional tips and tricks have been includ-        CAP696 CAA/JAR FCL Examination                             “More than you need for the exams, but the mini-
ed to help make your transition to being a working           Loading Manual                                             mum you need for survival.” Shawn Coyle
pilot as easy as possible. Much of the contents are                                 £12.00 F                            “As a former Chief Pilot and Training Pilot I've have
based on common questions asked during recurrent                                                                        gone through a lot of books over the years and
training, and typical exam questions, including the                                                                     have written quite a few of my own company
usual subjects, that is, radio, weather, law, flight         CAP697 CAA/JAR FCL Examination                             handbooks and training courses. This is without a
planning, etc., plus Going For a Job (with lots of inter-    Flight Planning Manual                                     doubt the best book in its class. Regards,” Lee
view questions!).                                                                   £15.75 F                            Johnson
JARPROFSTUDIES                           £39.95 E                                                                       “The more I read the better it is. Trying to hit that
                                                             CAP698 CAA/JAR FCL Examination                             easy medium you mentioned sure isn't easy! Pretty
                                                             Performance Manual                                         damn good if I may say. Keep up the good work!”
                                                                                                                        Nicholas Carpenter
                                                             CAP698                 £15.75 F                            PROFHELISTUDIES                       £59.95 E

                                  Mental Math for
                                                               JAR ATPL & CPL Exam Revision
                               All pilots eventually                                                                                Each book now
                                                             1000 Questions, Answers and Explanations for                                          com
                               need to perform                                                                                      interactive CD-R es with a free
                               some type of maths            the JAR ATPL & CPL Examinations                                      comprehensive
                                                                                                                                                    OM containing
                               calculation in their          Keith Williams                                                                       ATPL question ba
                               head while flying.                                                                                                                 nk.
                                                             A series of books designed to assist the CPL or ATPL candidate in preparing to pass
                               Here is a book to help        the JAR ATPL & CPL examinations. Each book contains more than 1,000 questions and answers, with detailed
                               rev up your brain-            explanations and additional diagrams where appropriate. The explanations are intended to assist the student
                               power, allowing you           in developing a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject, rather than simply learn-
                               to quickly process            ing the answers to a limited range of questions. The questions are based upon feedback provided by a wide
                               complex equations             range of students who have undertaken the JAR ATPL and CPL examinations. Ringbinder, loose-leaf format.
while expanding mental acuity towards a wide range
of practical maths problems frequently used in flight.
Quick recall and retention aids are provided for calcu-
lating temperature conversions, crosswind compo-             Aircraft Performance                                      Mass & Balance
nents, time-speed-distance problems, reciprocal              Q&APERFORMANCE         £35.00 F                           Q&AMASS&BALANCE       £35.00 F
headings, visual descent points and many, many
more. Complex equations are explained in straight-
forward terms along with helpful tips, calculations          Principles of Flight                                      Instruments
and formulas to sharpen maths skills and mentally            Q&APRINCIPLES          £35.00 F                           Q&AINSTRUMENTS        £35.00 F
keep you ahead of the game. Softcover,116 pages.
ASAMATHS                                 £15.95 D
                                                             Aircraft General Knowledge                                General Navigation
                                                             Q&AGENKNOWLEDGE        £35.00 F                           Q&ANAVIGATION         £35.00 F
                          JAR OPS in Plain
                          Phil Croucher                      Practice Examination Papers for the JAR ATPL & CPL Examinations
                          This book is intended to be a      Keith Williams
                          quick reference for people         A series of practice examination papers designed to allow the CPL or ATPL candidate to rehearse for the JAR
                          involved in European profes-       ATPL & CPL examinations. Each practice examination set contains 20 sample examinations for the subject.
                          sional aviation, from pilots
                                                             Aircraft Performance
                          to Operations staff, to save
                                                             EXAMPERFORMANCE                             £35.00 F
                          either carrying around a lot
                          of large files, or a CD which      Principles of Flight
                          requires a laptop.                 EXAMPRINCIPLES                              £35.00 F
                         This book has left out as           Aircraft General Knowledge
many boring bits as possible, such as preambles, etc,        EXAMGENKNOWLEDGE                            £35.00 F
together with a lot of duplication, and incorporated         Instruments
all the AMCs etc (Part 2) into Part 1.                       EXAMINSTRUMENTS                             £35.00 F
JAROPS                                   £24.95 E

88                                                                                                     All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                          Career Guides
Guide to Becoming a Professional Pilot                    Preparing for your Emirates Interview                     Ace the Technical Pilot interview
Clive Hughes                                              Anonymous
                           Armed with a copy of this                             Perhaps     you’ve      decided
                           book, (and a subscription to                          Emirates deserves to employ
                           Flight Training News), the                            you as a pilot. Here’s how best
                           aspiring professional pilot                           to explain this to them at the
                           has access to most of the                             all-important interview. Much                                         This is our no.1
                           advice and information they                           of the information has been                                           bestselling inter-
                           need to get a foothold in                             obtained from successful                                              view preparation
                           this    demanding       and                           applicants and covers recruit-                                        book. As a compre-
                           rewarding career. Regularly                           ment and employment proce-                                            hensive        study
                           updated, the information                              dures, minimum qualifica-                                             guide, this publica-
                           keeps pace with develop-                              tions, the selection process,                                         tion gives you all
ments and has been written by a man who has clear-        general interview techniques, technical quizzes,                                             the    information
ly “been there, done that”. No mere armchair pundit,      medical requirements, psychological exams, group                                             and revision you
this book tells it how it is.                             exercises, simulator evaluation, facts about Emirates                                        need to excel at
                                         £24.95 E         and an overview of the Boeing 777.                                                           your technical air-
GUIDEPROPILOT                                                                                                                                          line      interview.
                                                          EMIRATESINTERVIEW                       £24.95 F
                                                                                                                                                       Featuring nearly
Job Hunting for Pilots                                                                                                                                 1000       potential
                                                          The Airline Career and Interview Manual                   questions (and answers) that could be asked during
                     Gregory N.Brown
                                                                                                                    the technical interview for pilot positions, the wide
                     So you’ve got the licence and the    Bob Norris & Danny Mortensen
                                                                                                                    scope of subjects ranges from light aircraft through to
                     IR, and the ratings, now all you                            This is a time of great change     heavy jet operations, including aerodynamics,
                     need is the job… Here’s a book                              in the airline world. As always,   engines, jet & propeller aircraft differences, naviga-
                     devoted to the black art of net-                            change will bring opportunities    tion, atmosphere and speed, aircraft instruments and
                     working your way into the job                               as well as problems. Those         systems, performance and flight planning, meteorol-
                     you know you want and                                       best-placed to seize the oppor-    ogy and weather recognition, flight operations and
                     deserve. You owe it to yourself                             tunities and avoid the prob-       technique, human performance and type-specific
                     to read this book!                                          lems will be those who have        questions.
                                       £14.95 F                                  given careful consideration to
                     JOBHUNTING                                                                                     Culled from the interviewing practices of leading air-
                                                                                 the bigger picture and done
                                                                                                                    lines worldwide, ‘Ace’ includes advice on interview-
                                                                                 their homework accordingly.
                                                                                                                    ing tips and techniques. Get smart, get ahead and
How to Get a Place on an Airline Pilot                                           This book could be a good
                                                                                                                    stand out from the crowd! Softback, 330 pages.
                                                          start. Plenty of good career advice for new starters or
Training Scheme                                           those moving up the airline food chain!                                                           £21.99 F
Sam Maybrey
                                                          AIRLINECAREER&INT                      £26.95 F
                   Every year the airlines receive
                   thousands of CVs and applications
                   from well qualified, well-educat-
                   ed hopefuls, keen to get a job as                                                      Flight Training News
                   a pilot. So how do you make sure
                   your application stands out from
                   the crowd? Find out here! Full of                                                       An average of 30 flying jobs in every issue!
                   advice and inside knowledge
                   about what the airlines are look-                                                                Flight Training News has been required reading for
                   ing for and how to make it                                                                       professional pilot candidates and flying training
through the “cut”. Invaluable.                                                                                      industry professionals for over 10 years. The most
AIRLINESCHEME                          £14.95 F                                                                                  authoritative news publication devot-
                                                                                                                                 ed to flying training at all levels, FTN
                                                                                                                                 also carries inside information on the
Airline Pilot Interviews                                                                                                         pilot recruitment scene - who is hiring
Irv Jasinski                                                                                                                     and firing, new fleets, who is training,
                    “So, Mr Bloggs, why should we                                                                                sponsoring or cutting back, and carries
                    hire you to fly our Wonderplane                                                                              features, advertisements and news
                    fleet?” If you didn’t see that one                                                                           stories relating to all aspects of flying
                    coming and have a good answer                                                                                training. There is also an average of
                    ready, you probably didn’t read                                                                              30 flying jobs advertised in every
                    this book… You can be the safest,                                                                            issue.
                    most reliable and most compe-                                                                                Widely recognised in the flying train-
                    tent pilot the world has ever                                                                                ing business for providing unique
                    known, but if you don’t impress                                                                              insight and coverage, if you want the
                    at the interview you might not                                                                               inside track on a flying job, you should
                    get the chance to prove it.                                                                                  get FTN every month.
PILOTINTERVIEWS                        £26.95 F
                                                                                                                                Flight Training News 1 year subscrip-
Preparing for your Cathay Pacific                                                                                               FTNSUBS £19.95 F
Anonymous                                                                                                                       You can also order individual
                       If you’ve set your sights on a                                                                           back copies via the AFE website:
                       career with Cathay Pacific, or                                                                           Flight Training News back issue
                       even if you just quite like the                                                                          FTN/                 £2.00 F
                       idea, you’d be silly not to read
                       this book. Written by Captains
                       ‘X, Y 7 Z’ and now in its 11th
                       edition, it’s the inside track                                                                           To keep up-to-date 24/7,
                       how the selections and inter-                                                                            visit the FTN website;
                       view process used by Cathay
                       Pacific. The book covers all                                                                   
                       aspects including interviews,
medical, psychological, technical quiz and simulator
screening, as well as detailed company information.
CATHAYINTERVIEW                        £24.95 F

Multi-Engine Flying                                                      Instrument Flying
                                                             VOR, ADF & RMI                                             The IMC Rating Questions and Answer
                                                             Martin Cass                                                Simplifier
                                                                               An updated version of an old
                                                                               favourite ‘VOR and ADF’, details of
                                                                               the RMI have been added to give
                                                                               the pilot a more complete knowl-
                                                                               edge of modern radio aids. This
                                                                               book provides information on
                                                                               instrument navigation systems
                                                                               and is a good introduction to more
 The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot                                               advanced radionavigation, and as
 Bob Gardner                                                                   such is just as suitable for a quali-
                   An excellent text, written for the        fied pilot wanting to expand their skills and knowl-
                   single engine pilot converting to         edge as for a PPL student. Softback, 128 pages.
                   a multi-engine type, it explains
                                                             VORANDADF                               £16.00 D
                   in detail the fundamentals of fly-
                   ing multi engine aircraft and the
                   aerodynamic laws relating to this         Radio Navigation for Pilots
                   type of flying. Although written          Birch/Bramson
                   for the FAA (USA) licences, the
                   information is equally applicable                          Radio Navigation for pilots explains
 to the JAR-FCL multi engine piston class rating.                             the subject of radio navigation in a
 Softback, 144 pages.                                                         simple format with many illustra-
                                                                              tions. The first section explains the
 ASACOMPLETEMULT                      £17.95 D                                concept of radio navigation and           Studying for the UK Instrument Meteorological
                                                                              includes revision of instrument fly-      Conditions (IMC) rating written examination is chal-
 Multi-Engine Piston                                                          ing, and the use of radio charts.         lenging enough, without books that make it more
                                                                              Section 2 describes the function and      confusing! The IMC Rating Questions and Answer
 David Robson
                                                                              principles of VDF, radar, ADF, VOR        Simplifier is specifically written and designed to
                     A new approach to the art of fly-                        and ILS. The final section deals with     make the IMC course material and exam questions
                     ing multi piston engine aircraft,       instrument flight. All flights are demonstrated and        simpler to understand, not more difficult. Arranged
                     preparing the student for the new       supported by appropriate met. forms, radio charts          as a series of test papers with the same style, for-
                     skills required and the instructor in   and Aerad training charts.                                 mat, marking system and time limits as the real
                     preparing a training program. Part
                                                             RADIONAV                                £20.00 D           thing, The IMC Rating Questions and Answer
                     one covers all aspects of twin                                                                     Simplifier not only gives the correct answer to each
                     engine operations, including aero-                                                                 question, but also includes a fully worked and illus-
                     dynamics,        normal/abnormal        Instrument / Commercial Manual                             trated explanation of how the correct answer is
                     operations and VFR/night and IFR        Jeppesen                                                   achieved. Also included are question-specific refer-
                     considerations. Part two looks at                                                                  ences for further study.
 the rating itself, with suggested contents of lectures,
                                                                                                                        This edition is the only up-to-date guide to the IMC
 briefings – long and pre-flight. An excellent book for
                                                                                                                        Rating written examination and is required reading
 student and instructor alike. Softback, 224 pages.
                                                                                                                        for all pilots taking the IMC Rating examination, as
 APM8                                     £19.95 E                                                                      well as any IMC-rated pilot wishing to refresh and
                                                                                                                        update their knowledge.
                                                                                                                        QUESTIONSIMC                          £13.95 A
                   Multi-Engine Flying                                                    Jeppesen's Instrument/
                   Paul Craig                                                             Commercial manual pro-
                   Part I: Multi Engine Basics – aerody-                                  vides the most complete       Instrument Flying Handbook
                   namics, multi engine take-off and                                      explanations of aeronau-
                   landing, engine-out procedures.                                        tical concepts for pilots
                                                                                          pursuing an instrument
                 Part II: Multi Engine Systems - pro-                                     flying rating. This colour-
 peller systems, fuel systems multiengine electrical                                      ful textbook includes the
 systems minimum equipment lists.                            Principles of Instrument Flight, The Flight
 Part III: Advanced Multi Engine Flight – turboprops,        Environment, Instrument Charts and Procedures,
 high-altitude operations , cockpit resource manage-         Aviation Weather and IFR Flight Operations. The
 ment, glass cockpit systems.                                Instrument/ Commercial manual is a primary source
                                                             for initial study and review to achieve an instrument
 Part IV: Earning a Multi Engine Rating - computerised
                                                             flying qualification, the intuitive organisation and
 and simulator training, the multi engine flight
                                                             colourful presentation of the manual will help the
 instructor, why multi engine?
                                                             reader learn quickly from the start. The text contains
 Softback, 360 pages.                                        complete and concise explanations of the advanced
 MULTIENGINEF                             £29.95 E           concepts and ideas that every instrument and com-
                                                             mercial pilot needs to know with the subjects
                                                             arranged in a logical manner to build upon previous-
 Multi-Engine Manual                                         ly introduced topics. Hardback, 300 pages.
 Jeppesen                                                                                            £59.95 E
                     The Multi-Engine Manual from
                     Jeppesen uses full-colour photos
                     and illustrations to provide com-       Flying IFR
                     plete and concise explanations of       Richard Collins
                     the advanced concepts and ideas                                                                    This new edition of the FAA’s Instrument Flying hand-
                                                                                 The author shares his experience in    book features information applicable to both conven-
                     that every pilot seeking a multi-
                                                                                 this guide to the real world of        tional cockpit instrumentation and glass cockpits
                     engine rating needs to know.
                                                                                 instrument flight, detailing the IFR   found in technically advanced aircraft (TAA). The new
                     Incorporating the most recent
                                                                                 system, equipment, and exploring       information covers flight support systems (AHRS and
                     information on multi-engine per-
                                                                                 the risks and rewards of instrument    ADC), pictorial displays, flight management systems
                     formance, safety, and aerodynam-
                                                                                 flying. The invaluable discussions     (FMS), primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function
 ics, the Multi-Engine Manual presents each subject in
                                                                                 on instrument airmanship, weather      display (MFD), synthetic vision, advanced technology
 an innovative, logical, and contemporary format.
                                                                                 analysis, flight planning and deci-    systems such as ADS, and safety systems such as traf-
 Each chapter includes Discovery Insets that explore
                                                                                 sion making, handling equipment        fic advisory systems. This new edition also incorpo-
 the world of aviation and Human Element Insets that
                                                                                 glitches, and that critical survival   rates single-pilot resource management, scenario-
 provide insight about how the mind and body func-
                                                             skill — partial panel flying — are all presented for the   based training and hazard identification as well as
 tion in flight. Summary Checklists, Key Terms, and
                                                             sole objective of better preparing you to fly on IFR       task, automation, and risk management to supple-
 Questions provide a comprehensive review at the
                                                             flight plans. The only tests this book prepares you for    ment the human factors discussion.
 end of each section. Hardback, 200 pages
                                                             are those encountered in flying actual IFR. Softcover,
                                          £59.95 E           230 pages.                                                 Softcover, 392 pages.
                                                                                                      £17.95 D          ASAINSTRUMENT                         £19.95 D

90                                                                                                   All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                    Professional and Advanced Flying
Operational Flying                                          The Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual                           Cockpit Automation Includes bonus DVD
Phil Croucher                                               Includes bonus CD-ROM                                       Stephen M. Casner
                                      An updated ver-       Greg Brown and Mark Holt                                                                      Cockpit Automation
                                      sion     of     the                                   Whether you are a                                             provides       basic
                                      author’s well-                                        piston pilot prepar-                                          instruction in the
                                      known           The                                   ing to fly your first                                         use     of   cockpit
                                      Professional                                          turbo-prop or jet, or                                         automation equip-
                                      Pilot's Manual, a                                     a transitioning mili-                                         ment now preva-
                                      book that has                                         tary pilot preparing                                          lent in General
                                      very little to do                                     for that first corpo-                                         Aviation (GA) air-
                                      with flying, but                                      rate or airline inter-                                        craft — GPS, autopi-
                                      everything to do                                      view, or an old pro                                           lots, and other col-
                                      with being a                                          brushing up on tur-                                           orful displays for
                                      pilot. The sort of                                    bine aircraft opera-                                          weather, terrain,
                                      training       and                                    tions, The Turbine                                            etc.         Cockpit
                                      information you                                       Pilot’s Flight Manual                                         automation is cov-
                                      need after you                                        is designed for you.                                          ered as it happens
                                      pass your licence                                     Authors Greg Brown                                            in an actual flight,
                                      exams, but don't      and Mark Holt cover all the basics, clearly explaining                                        from preflight, taxi,
                                      always         get.   the difference between turbine aircraft and their pis-      take-off, cruise, descent and landing.
Covering the practical and admin sides of flying aero-      ton engine counterparts. Issues addressed include           Ideal for both self-study and classroom use, this book
planes and helicopters. If you're a corporate pilot,        high speed aerodynamics, co-coordinating multi pilot        provides step-by-step, common-sense instruction
faced with operating an aircraft with little external       crews, wake turbulence, navigating in high-altitude         that teaches you to use your panel-mounted IFR GPS
help, this may be the manual you don't have the             weather and more.                                           computer and other modern cockpit technologies,
time or experience to write for yourself. It will also be                                                               with particular emphasis on the Garmin G430. The
especially useful to Operations Staff, who often have       The authors clarify complex topics with a wealth of
                                                            illustrations and for the first time include in this edi-   fundamental skills you need are presented using
to put themselves in a pilot's shoes. Think of it as the                                                                simple language and familiar examples drawn from
sequel to the professional pilot textbooks, for reading     tion the multimedia Aircraft Systems CD-ROM. Access
                                                            narrated color animations that make complex sys-            everyday flight situations. Each chapter ends with a
once you've passed all those exams.                                                                                     practice session that can be used in a simulator pro-
                                                            tems easier than ever to understand.
OPERATIONALFLYING                        £24.95 E           Includes a glossary of airline and corporate aviation
                                                                                                                        gram or an airplane at the local flight school. Includes
                                                                                                                        a bonus DVD that demonstrates each of the skills cov-
                                                            terminology, handy turbine pilot rules-of-thumb, and        ered in the book (approximately 30 minutes).
Attitude                                                    a comprehensive turbine aircraft Spotter’s Guide.
                                                                                                                        This book provides hands-on experience with cockpit
                                                            Softcover, 272 pages.
Hugh John and Nigel Everett                                                                                             automation in the aircraft pilots are flying today.
                                                            ASATURBINE                            £24.95 D
                                  Sub-titled       ‘A                                                                   Softcover, 192 pages.
                                  guide            to                                                                   ASAAUTOMATION                        £19.95 D
                                  advanced flying                                 The Pilot's Guide to the
                                  training        and                             Modern Airline Cockpit
                                  tests’, this is the                                                                   Global Navigation for Pilots
                                  book for anyone                                 Stephen M. Casner                     Dale De Remer & Donald McLean
                                  undertaking fly-                                Pilot’s transitioning to the air-                                         The second edi-
                                  ing training for                                lines seldom realise they will                                            tion of the defini-
                                  the Instrument                                  have to put their instrument fly-                                         tive reference for
                                  rating or any pro-                              ing skills to work using modern                                           l o n g - d i s t a n ce,
                                  fessional qualifi-                              cockpit technology. This book                                             trans- oceanic
                                  cation. Attitude –                              gives the new airline pilot a                                             navigation.
                                  that is the atti-         head start on learning this exciting new aspect of air-                                         Subjects such as
                                  tude of the pilot –       line flying. Unlike conventional flight training manu-                                          LORAN, GPS, INS,
                                  is the key to suc-        als, this book places you in the captain’s seat and                                             FMS and celestial
                                  cess according to         takes you step-by-step through a challenging line                                               navigation are
                                  this book. It             flight. After programming your flight route using the                                           tackled, together
                                  explains how to           flight management computer, learn how to use the                                                with considera-
                                  organise       your       airplane’s autoflight system to help automatically                                              tion        of        the
                                  training, how to          guide you along the route you have built.                                                       Human Factors
choose your flying schools and how to give yourself         Along the way the book deals with realistic enroute                                             issues of flight
the best chance of passing those all-important skills       scenarios including vectors, holds, diversions, inter-                                          over featureless
tests.                                                      cepts, traffic, surrounding terrain and many others                                             terrain (i.e. long
Softcover, 115 pages.                                       Learn how cockpit automation can potentially help or        overwater sectors), this second edition includes
ATTITUDE                                 £12.00 D           hinder while you and your crew work as a team to            recently updated sections to include European opera-
                                                                            decide the best way to fly the air-         tions, Differential GPS, WAAS & LAAS, and considera-
                                                                            plane. Softcover, 168 pages.                tion of Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS).
                          Fly the Wing                                        ASAMODERN              £17.95 D           ASAGLOBALNAV                               £22.95 D
                          B Walker, J Webb
                           Newly updated to include coverage of mod-
                           ern cockpit automation Fly the Wing, Third
                           Edition, provides pilots with valuable tools        Instructional Technique
                           and proven techniques for all flight opera-
                           tions. Also new to this edition is a compan-
                           ion CD-ROM with a complete glossary of                               Flying Training – Instructor Manual R D Campbell
                           flight terms, printable quick reference hand-                        This book was written specifically for the training of flying instructors and cov-
   books, and numerous supporting graphics. Written in easy, conver-                            ers the content of the flight training sections in the PPL and Flying Instructor
   sational style, this useful reference progresses from ground school                          rating syllabus, principally in the form of ‘long briefing’ for the flight exercis-
   equipment and procedures to simulators, to real flight. Along the                            es. Used mostly by Flying Instructor Course (FIC) students, but also useful for
   way, the authors cover the physical, psychological and technical                             the qualified instructor as a reference work. Softback, 650 pages.
   preparation needed by pilots to acquire a professional licence                                                                                                   £34.95 E
   while maintaining the highest standards of performance.
   Although not intended to replace training manuals, Fly the Wing is
   by itself a course in advanced aviation. With clear explanations and      The Flying Instructor’s Patter Manual Phillips & Cole
   in-depth coverage, it has been described as a full step beyond the        A book all about the language – the ‘patter’ – that a flying instructor uses
   normal training handbook. Pilots desiring additional knowledge in         whilst demonstrating training exercises in the air and as such this is an
   the fields of modern flight deck automation, high speed aerody-           essential purchase for all aspiring flying instructors. Included are illustrations
   namics, high altitude flying, speed control, take-offs and landings       from the cockpit, demonstrating the view as seen by both the instructor and
   in heavy, high performance aircraft, will do well to read and retain      student. A section has been added in the latest edition demonstrating
   this material. Softcover 256 pages.                                       advanced techniques such as multi-engine flying. Hardback
   FLYTHEWING                                            £19.95 E                                                                               £18.00 D

 Aviation Law and Reference
                 Aviation Law for Pilots                                      Aircraft Technical                                        UK AIM
                 Underdown                                                    Dictionary                                               The UK Aeronautical Information
                 The classic work on airlaw from a                            Jeppesen                                                 Manual is, like LASORS, rapidly
                 pilot’s perspective, now in its tenth                                                                                 becoming an indispensable refer-
                                                                              This is exactly what it says on the                      ence guide for pilots. Containing
                 edition. This book deals with UK avi-                        cover: a technical dictionary par
                 ation law, ICAO procedures and the                                                                                    updated information from the
                                                                              excellence, over 500 pages of                            Aeronautical          Information
                 latest JAR related legislation. For                          definitions, diagrams and abbre-
                 nearly three decades this book has                                                                                    Publication (AIP), Air Navigation
                                                                              viations. Don’t go into the hangar                       Order     (ANO),     Aeronautical
been essential for those taking professional pilot the-   without it. Softback 501pages.
oretical examinations, as well as anyone with a seri-                                                                                  Information Circulars (AICS), as
                                                          JEPPDICTIONARY                          £19.99 D          well as dozens of other aviation references. Updated
ous interest in aviation law. Includes checklists and
specimen test papers which are cross-referenced to                                                                  annually, don’t be without your current copy.
                                                                                                                    Softback, 900 pages.
the pages containing the relevant information.                                           LASORS                                                           £18.95 C
Softback 224 pages.                                                                      Civil Aviation             UKAIM
AVIATIONLAW                            £29.95 D                                          Authority
                                                                                         An indispensible advi-                     The ANO (& Rules of The Air)
                 Dictionary of Aeronautical                                              sory book published by
                                                                                                                                    in Plain English
                                                                                         the UK CAA containing
                 Terms                                                                   clear, accurate answers                    Phil Croucher
                 Dale Crane                                                              to the frequently asked                     Subtitled ‘British Aviation Regulations
                   Both a dictionary and encyclopaedia                                   questions on flight                         translated!’ this is a guide to what's
                   of aviation terminology, this is the                                  crew licensing and                          commonly called the ANO (i.e. the
                   ultimate aviation reference book for                                  flight           safety.                    big green book). This book deals with
                   industry professionals, containing                                    Comprising two sec-        Part 1, the Air Navigation Order, and Part 2, The Rules
                   over 7,400 aviation terms and defi-                                   tions: LAS or Licensing,   of the Air, which are officially called Statutory
nitions and over 485 illustrations. Now in its third                                     Administration       and   Instruments 2000 No 1562 and 1991 No 2437. They
edition, it is the most complete reference book avail-    Standardisation, and ORS or Operating Requirements        are, of necessity, written in legal language, which is
able for aeronautical terminology, covering               and Safety, grouping together highly regarded, but        bad enough, but are also difficult to get around. The
acronyms, abbreviations and technical language with       often unused sources of information for ease of           value of this book therefore lies not just in making
appendices for phonetic alphabet, Morse code etc.         access. Essential reading, reprinted annually. Softback   them easier to understand, but in the comprehensive
Softcover, 600 pages.                                     600 pages.                                                indexing.
ASADICTIONARY                            £15.95 D         LASORS                                  £13.95 F          ANOPLAIN                                  £14.95 E

 Aircraft Systems and Performance
                 Avionics for the Pilot                                     Manual of Avionics                                      Transport Category Aircraft
                 Joe Johnson                                                Brian Kendal                                            Systems
                 An overview for the non-technical                         A complete account of the principles                     Thomas W Wild
                 reader of the principles and opera-                       and operation of electronic systems                       Written to provide a simple and self-
                 tion of the many electronic instru-                       and navigational aids including                           contained description of large trans-
                 ments and aids found on all types                         satellite navigation systems, satel-                      ports and their onboard systems, this
                 and sizes of aircraft. Systems cov-                       lite communications, navigation          book attempts to familiarise the reader with the
                 ered include VHF, in-flight inter-                        equipment and digital audio and          basics that are common to all large aircraft. As a
phone, flight data recorder systems, ILS, radio altime-   radar recording and latest developments. An ideal         technical text, it assumes some basic knowledge and
ters and many more. Air traffic control, transponders,    source of information for student pilots, ground engi-    aims to provide an understanding of transport cate-
weather radar and possible future developments are        neers, professional pilots and air traffic controllers.   gory systems. Softcover,
also covered. Softback, 254 pages.                        Illustrated with drawings and photographs through-                                                £24.95 F
AVIONICSFOR                            £20.00 D           out, softback, 292 pages.
                                                          MANUALOFAVIONIC                        £34.95 C
                                                                                                                                    A Pilot's Guide to Aircraft
                       Aircraft Instruments &                                                                                       and Their Systems
                       Integrated Systems                                   Automatic Flight Control                                Dale Crane
                       Pallett                                              Pallet/Coyle                                              The more you know about
                       Covers all aspects of the oper-                     Now in its fourth edition with new                         your aircraft systems, the better you
                       ating principles and construc-                      information added – including auto-                        fly. Pilots must understand what
                       tional features of the instru-                      throttle control, digital computer       each handle or knob controls and what he or she can
                       mentation and systems of                            based systems and fly by wire con-       expect from each system. This book furnishes pilots
                       modern commercial aircraft,                         trol systems – this book can be used     and armchair aviators with explanation and insight
                       including the performance                           as reference material for aircraft       into what the aircraft, powerplant, and each of the
monitoring of engines. Illustrated with a wealth of       maintenance examinations. It is equally valuable to       systems do. Written in an easy-to-grasp style, cover-
schematics, diagrams and photographs, and with            any pilot wanting a detailed explanation and descrip-     ing single-engine pistons to multi-engine turbines,
appendices for easy reference, each chapter ends          tion of the automatic control systems that govern         including: principles of flight; control surfaces and
with essay type exercises and multiple-choice ques-       modern commercial flight. Softback, 320 pages.            their operation; aircraft structures and materials; sys-
tions. Softback, 440 pages.                                                                                         tems — hydraulic, electrical, fuel, ice protection and
                                       £45.95 D           AUTOMATICFLIGHT                        £39.95 C           instrument; turbine and piston engine theory and
                                                                                                                    operations; propeller forces, construction and con-
                                                                                                                    trols. Softcover, 320 pages.
                     Aircraft Electrical                                      Understanding Radar                   ASASYSTEMS                               £18.95 D
                     Systems                                                  Cole
                     Pallett                                                  This book is written mainly for                       Aircraft Performance
                                                                              radar users, providing them with
                    This 3rd edition provides up-to-
                                                                              a greater understanding and
                                                                                                                                    Requirements Manual
                    date information on the operat-                                                                                 R V Davies
                    ing principles and applications                           insight into how radar works its’
                    of the systems and equipment                              problems, and the solutions pro-                     Aiming to help the student profes-
                    used in aircraft. It includes a                           vided by radar engineers. The                        sional pilot understand the perform-
review of the fundamental principles of electricity,                          principles and effects of both pri-                  ance problems of Groups A, C and D,
and a wide range of aircraft currently in commercial                          mary and secondary radar are                         this book will provide assistance in
service. Diagrams, photographs and appendices sup-        covered including tracking by radar and alternative       actual operations as well as in the classroom. Using
port the text. The book is a recognised course book       modern radar techniques. This revised edition             easy to understand tables and diagrams, as well as a
for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence.          includes an update on mode ‘S’ secondary systems          comprehensive glossary, this is an essential guide to
Hardback, 232 pages.                                      and over-the-horizon radar. Hardback, 330 pages.          performance and safety. Softback, 179 pages.
AIRCRAFTELETRI                        £38.95 D            UNDERSTANDRAD                          £39.95 D           AIRCRAFTPERFORM                         £14.00 E

92                                                                                                All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                        Human Factors and Flight Safety
A Pilot’s Guide to Safe Flying                             Human Performance & Limitations                               Controlling Pilot Error
Sander Vandeth                                             Campbell & Bagshaw                                            Various Authors
                             “The      Superior    Pilot                        A new edition of this training           Up to 80% of General Aviation accidents are attrib-
                             makes use of their                                 manual for the JAR human fac-            uted to pilot error, and so this series identifies and
                             Superior Judgement to                              tors syllabus, the basic psychol-        examines the top areas of concern to pilot safety.
                             avoid situations which                             ogy section has been expanded            Each book contains real-life pilot stories drawn from
                             might require their                                and new topics have been intro-          aviation safety databases, and offers valuable “save-
                             Superior Skills” – how                             duced such as the high altitude          yourself” techniques and an action agenda of pre-
                             true! Only a foolish pilot                         environment and health main-             ventive techniques that pilots can implement to
                             would pay lip-service to                           tenance. The book avoids the             avoid risks. Softback, 150-250 pages
                             the subject of airman-                             use of medical jargon making it
                             ship, but what is it,                              accessible to anybody with an
                             exactly? Instructors try to                        interest in aviation human fac-
                             instil airmanship into us     tors. Softback, 168 pages.
from our first flying lessons and this book takes a        HUMANPERFORMANC                        £21.50 C                                 Controlling Pilot Error – Fatigue
detailed and serious look at the issues involved in
                                                                                                                                           CPEFATIGUE                £14.95 E
flight safety. Not just another “Human Factors” text-
book, the information and advice contained in this                                Human Factors in Flight                                  Controlling Pilot Error – Training and
book could change your whole approach to flying.                                  Hawkins                                                  Instruction
Highly recommended. Spiral bound, approx. 200                                                                                              CPETRAINING               £14.95 E
                                                                            Human Factors in Flight is about
                                                                            and for people who fly or have
PILOTSGUIDETOSA                          £24.95 D                           a concern on the ground for the
                                                                                                                                                            Controlling Pilot
                                                                                                                                                            Error           –
                                                                            safe and efficient operation of                                                 Maintenance and
                                                                            aircraft and is particularly well
                             Aviation Medicine                              suited to those taking profes-
                             & Other Human                                  sional pilot exams. It brings the
                                                                                                                                                            £14.95 E
                             Factors for Pilots                             best of scientific knowledge to
                             Ross Ewing                                     the practical management of                                                     Controlling Pilot
                                                           the human component in flight. The author was an                                                 Error – Automation
                           This fascinating textbook
                                                           acknowledged expert in the field long before it                                                  CPEAUTOMATG
                           covers subjects such as
                                                           became a compulsory subject for pilots. Softback,                                                £14.95 E
                           human information pro-
                                                           384 pages.
                           cessing, the effects of                                                                                                          Controlling Pilot
                           altitude, vision, disorien-     HUMANFACTORINF                     £35.00 C
                                                                                                                                                            Error – Culture,
                           tation,     stress     and                                                                                                       Environ-ment and
                           fatigue, rescue and sur-
                           vival. Illustrated with
                                                                                  The Naked Pilot                                                           CRM
                                                                                  David Beaty                                                               CPECULTURE
clear diagrams, each chapter has useful self-assess-                                                                                                        £14.95 E
ment modules at the end. Invaluable for students                                ‘The Naked Pilot’ analyses
and instructors alike.                                                          human error flying accidents.                                               Controlling Pilot
                                                                                The arresting title gives a                                                 Error – Weather
AVIATIONMEDICIN                         £18.95 F                                flavour of the easy to under-                                               CPEWEATHER
                                                                                stand style, written with very                                              £14.95 E
Single Pilot CRM                                                                little jargon. Many well-known
                                                                                                                                                            Controlling Pilot
                                                                                aviation accidents and incidents
                             Phil Croucher                                                                                                                  Error – Checklists
                                                                                are described to bring home the
                           For aeroplane and heli-         importance of human decision making in flight safe-                                              and Compliance
                           copter pilots! Many peo-        ty, the author is a former RAF and airline pilot and                                             CPECHECKLIST
                           ple think of Cockpit            psychologist. Softback, 308 pages.                                                               £14.95 E
                           Resource Management                                                    £12.95 D
                                                           NAKEDPILOT                                                                                       Controlling Pilot
                           (CRM) as a multi-crew
                           specialisation. But in the                                                                                                       Error – Approach
                                                                                                                                                            and Landing
                           real world, the demands                                PPL5                                                                      CPEAPPROACH
                           of single-crew operation                              Covering not only the JAA PPL
                           make good CRM even                                                                                                               £14.95 E
                                                                                 syllabus material for the Human
                           more vital in a crisis. The                           Factors written examination, but                                           Controlling Pilot
                           material is based on the                              also a considered and thought-                                             Error – Situational
                           author's Single Pilot CRM                             provoking analysis of commonly                                             Awareness
                           courses, with lots more                               occurring GA accident scenarios,                                           CPESITUATION
                           thrown in, and has                                    and ways to avoid them. Even if                                            £14.95 E
received great acclaim from many highly experi-                                  you already have a PPL, this
enced pilots and trainers.                                 book is full of valuable insights and airmanship
SINGLEPILOTCRM                          £14.95 E           advice, which will be of great value to even the most
                                                           experienced light aircraft pilot. See p57 for full details.   The Killing Zone: How and
                                                                                                     £17.95 A            Why Pilots Die
Human Factors for Pilots                                   PPL5
                                                                                                                                                        Paul Craig
                             Green & Others
                                                                              Van Sickle’s Modern                                                      This survival guide for
                             Human Factors for Pilots                                                                                                  new pilots identifies
                             covers the syllabus for                          Airmanship                                                               “the killing zone,” the
                             human performance and                            Welch and Bjork                                                          40-250 flight hours dur-
                             limitations         exam                                                                                                  ing which unseasoned
                                                                             The ultimate and standard aviation
                             required by the CAA and                                                                                                   pilots are most likely to
                                                                             encyclopaedia for 43 years, Modern
                             JAA for all private and                                                                                                   commit lethal mistakes.
                                                                             Airmanship covers every subject of
                             commercial licences. It                                                                                                   This ‘self-help’ guide
                                                                             relevance to the pilot from aerody-
                             covers basic aviation                                                                                                     calls attention to the
                                                                             namics, to emergency and survival
                             physiology and health                                                                                                     eight top pilot killers
                                                           techniques, to aircraft and aerospace structures. It is
                             maintenance,       stress,                                                                                                (“VFR into IFR,” “Take-
                                                           also the pre-eminent how-to source for all aviation
                             fatigue     and      crew                                                                                                 off and Climb” etc.); and
                                                           professionals. This eighth edition, lavishly illustrated,
                             resource management,                                                                                                      maps strategies for
                                                           includes the latest information on federal regulations
                             basic aviation psycholo-                                                                                                  avoiding, diverting, cor-
                                                           and technical advances. From the theory of flight, air-
                             gy, the social psychology                                                                   recting, and managing the dangers. Includes a Pilot
                                                           craft propulsion, instruments, avionics and aeromed-
and ergonomics of the flight deck. Now in its second                                                                     Personality Self-Assessment Exercise that identifies
                                                           icine, to high performance aircraft and weather, this
edition, this was the first ‘human factors’ book for                                                                     pilot “types” and how each type can best react to
                                                           book covers every topic related to modern airman-
the PPL and it remains a favourite. Softback, 126                                                                        survive the killing zone. Hardback 300pages.
                                                           ship. Hardcover, 926 pages.
HUMANFACTORS                           £22.50 F            VANSICKLEAIR                              £49.95 E            KILLINGZONE                             £21.95 E

Aerodynamics & Principles of Flight
                   Flight Without Formulae                                                                     The Flying Qualities & Flight Testing
                   Kermode, edited by Bill Gunston                                                             of the Aeroplane
                   For over 50 years, this classic book has helped generations of
                   pilots and engineers through the essentials of aerodynamics,                                The Anatomy of the Aeroplane
                   without recourse to complex mathematics. Illustrated with dia-
                   grams and photographs throughout it helps the student under-                                The Design of the Aeroplane
                   stand how and why an aeroplane flies. This is still an excellent
                                                                                                               Darrol Stinton MBE
                   book for trainee pilots, aeronautical engineers and anybody
                   wanting a working knowledge of the aerodynamic principles of                                Three books from a renowned test pilot who has specialised
                   flight. Softcover, 320 pages                                                                in flying and testing General Aviation (GA) aircraft.
                                                                   £27.99 D                                    Collectively these volumes deal with all aspects of aero-
                                                                                                               plane design, construction and handling qualities and as
                                                                                                               such are particularly invaluable for anybody involved in
                   Mechanics of Flight                                                                         designing, building or testing GA aircraft, as well as giving
                   Kermode, revised by Barnard & Philpott                                                      the enthusiast a surprisingly fascinating insight into how
                                                                                                                        and why particular aircraft fly the way they do.
                  An excellent introduction into the more detailed principles of
                  flight, which makes a natural companion and follow-on from                                            The Flying Qualities & Flight Testing of the
                  ‘Flight Without Formulae’. Beginning with a summary of the                                            Aeroplane
                  mechanics of flight, it covers air and airflow, aerofoils, thrust,                                    FLYINGQUALITIES                           £49.95 D
                  level flight, gliding, landing, performance manoeuvres and sta-
                                                                                                                        The Anatomy of the Aeroplane
                  bility control. Now in its tenth edition, it has been upgraded to
                                                                                                                        ANATOMYOFTHEAER                           £49.95 D
                  include current teaching practices and technical information.
                  Highly recommended for student pilots, aeronautical and engi-                                         The Design of the Aeroplane
neering students. Softcover 500 pages.                                                                                  DESIGNOFTHEAERO                           £57.95 D
MECHANICSOFFLIG                                                      £34.99 D

                  Aircraft Flight                                                        Physics for Aviation
                  Barnard & Philpott                                                     Jeppesen
                  An excellent book and fully up-to-date work for anyone working         A complete physics course for aviation related trades. The only
                  or planning a career in the aircraft industry, it provides an under-   physics textbook specifically written for aviation training with
                  standing of the fundamental principles of flight. The main fea-        relevant examples to illustrate key points.
                  tures include non-mathematical and straightforward information         JEPPPHYSICS                                £19.95 D
                  and over 300 diagrams and black and white photographs. All
                  information is based upon the very latest aircraft, using the
                  newest technology. Softcover 380 pages
                                                                                                              Aerodynamics for Naval
AIRCRAFTFLIGHT                                                          £38.99 D                              Aviators
                                                                                                              The traditional text for US Navy pilots; this is the definitive
                                                                                                              source on aerodynamic and engineering theory as they apply
                  Flightwise                                                                                  to flight operations. This textbook presents the elements of
                  Chris Carpenter                                                                             applied aerodynamics and aeronautical engineering which
                                                                                                              relate directly to flight training and general flight operations.
                  A pair of comprehensive texts, offering an in-depth explanation
                                                                                                              Originally published by the US Navy. Softcover, 432 pages.
                  of aerodynamics and principles of flight for pilots and aeronau-
                  tical engineers.
                                                                                         ASAAERODYNAMICS                                                       £17.95 D
                  Volume 1 – Principles of Aircraft Flight provides the pilot with a
                  grounding in the principles of aircraft flight, explaining why the
                  wing generates lift, and how the aircraft design varies accord-                            Stick & Rudder
                  ing to the flying task involved, plus much more. Hardback, 412                             Langewiesche
                  pages.                                                                                     Although written in the 1930s, this excellent book explaining
                  Flightwise Volume 1 FLIGHTWISE                      £24.95 D                               the art of flying is as relevant today as it was then – and in
                                                                                                             many ways no less controversial, as it demolishes some of
                  Volume 2 – Aircraft Stability and Control, covers the concept and                          the long held myths about flying technique that still persist
                  definitions and stability, longitudinal static and dynamic stabili-                        today. Explaining in simple terms what happens when an air-
                  ty and lateral/directional static and dynamic stability. Hardback,                         craft flies, and how and why it happens, this is a book found
                  412 pages.                                                                                 on the bookshelves of all pilots ‘in the know’.
                  Flightwise Volume 2 FLIGHTWISE2                     £24.95 D
                                                                                         STICKANDRUDDER                                                        £28.99 E

                 Thrust for Flight                                                                                                            The Jet Engine
                 Thomson, revised by Gunston                                                                                                  Rolls Royce
             First published in 1969, but now extensively revised, this is the                                                                        Absolutely the standard
             perfect introduction to the principles of aircraft engines and                                                                           reference for anyone
             propulsion, written for pilots and student aeronautical engineers.                                                                       flying jet powered air-
             This book has been designed to be used in combination with the                                                                           craft or sitting a profes-
             book ‘Flight Without Formulae’ and follows the same principles by                                                                sional pilot or engineer exams.
             covering the subject matter without recourse to long formulae or                                                                 Legend has it that Rolls Royce
advanced mathematics. Includes a question and answer section. Softback.                                                                       still make a loss on every copy
                                                                                                                                              sold because of the mass of
THRUSTFORFLIGHT                                                       £21.99 D                                                                full colour, intricately detailed
                                                                                                                                              cutaway illustrations found
                                                                                                                                              within its pages. Whatever the
                                                                                                                                              truth, the fact remains that the
                        Gas Turbine Engines for Pilots and Mechanics                                                                          principles, operation and con-
                        RE Birch                                                                                                              struction of jet engines have
                        This full-colour text provides an introduction to the history,                                                        never been better explained
                        theory, and inner workings of modern turbine engines.                                                                 than in this book, which brings
                        Covering jet engine fundamentals this is the idela ‘primer’                                                           the complexities of the gas
                        for a pilot or mechanic new to jet engines. Softcover, 122                                                            turbine engine into the grasp
                        pages                                                                                                                 of a non-scientific reader.
                                                                                                                                              Softcover, 300 pages.
                        JEPPGASTURBINE                                £24.95 D
                                                                                         JETENGINE                                                             £39.95 F

94                                                                                                   All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                       Meteorology and Flight               Understanding Flying Weather
                       Tom Bradbury                         Derek Piggott
                      This is a practical weather book                            A pocket-sized guide for pilots          Flying on Water
                      for anyone interested in avia-                              from the renowned glider
                      tion meteorology, covering                                  instructor and aviation author.
                      both large and small weather                                All the essential features of fly-    Notes of a Seaplane Instructor
                      systems, from an experienced                                ing (and non-flying) weather are      Burke Mees
                      forecaster and author who is                                covered in a text that specifically                               A distillation of many
                      well-known for his articles in                              covers the syllabus for the BGA                                   years of experience
                      flying magazines and in partic-                             ‘Bronze C’ certificate and much                                   operating and teaching
ular his work on meteorology and gliding. As well as                              of the PPL meteorology syllabus.                                  floatplane flying, in
covering the common features of flying weather, the                               Illustrated throughout with pho-                                  demanding environ-
book also describes the influence of high level jet                               tographs and diagrams, this is                                    ments such as Alaska,
streams on the development of depressions, ther-            the perfect ‘primer’ to the fundamentals of weather                                     and an ideal primer to
mals, lee-waves and up and down currents.                   for aviators and includes chapters with specific advice                                 this challenging, but
Illustrated throughout with charts, drawings and pho-       on glider soaring conditions. Softback, 98 pages.                                       hugely rewarding extra
tographs. Softback, 184 pages.                                                                       £12.99 F                                       skill.
                                        £15.99 D            UNDERSTANDFW
                                                            Severe Weather Flying                                                                    £14.99 D
Meteorology for Pilots                                      Dennis Newton
Mike Wickson
                         This    latest    edition    of
                                                                                 A book for every pilot, which          Seaplane Operations
                                                                                 describes the most hazardous
                         ‘Meteorology for Pilots’ has                                                                   Dale DeRemer & Cesare Baj
                                                                                 weather conditions a pilot
                         been updated to the latest JAR                          may encounter, as well as                                             Beautifully      and
                         syllabus and enables the                                how to recognise and avoid                                            extensively illus-
                         trainee professional pilot to                           them. For extreme situations it                                       trated manual for
                         understand this complex and                             even describes what to do if                                          basic and advanced
                         often misunderstood subject.                            caught-out by severe weather.                                         techniques for float-
                         It provides a detailed knowl-                           Topics covered include air                                            planes, flying boats
                         edge of the atmosphere and it                           masses, atmospheric stability,                                        and        amphibian
                         how functions, enabling accu-      thunderstorms and associated hazards. Illustrated                                          operations world-
                         rate interpretation of aviation    throughout with diagrams, graphs and photographs.                                          wide. Cesare Baj
                         weather forecasts and reports.     Softback 172 pages.                                                                        writes      from    a
This advanced text is popular with students studying                                            £15.99 F                                               European perspec-
for JAA Air Transport licences. Softback, 372 pages.        SEVEREWEATHERFL
                                                                                                                                                       tive, operating for
                                         £25.00 D                                                                                                      many years from
                                                            Air Riders’ Weather                                                                        Lake Como in north-
                                                                                                                                                       ern Italy.
                      Pilot’s Weather                                           Specially written for pilots of                                        ASASEAPLANEOPS
                      Brian Cosgrove                                            paragliders,      hang      gliders,
                                                                                sailplanes and balloons, this                                           £29.95 D
                       A common sense approach and
                                                                                book concentrates on the weath-
                       highly illustrated format make a
                                                                                er, wind and air motion occur-
                       winning combination in this
                                                                                ring in the first few thousand          Water Flying Concepts
                       practical introduction to aviation                                                               Dale De Remer
                                                                                feet of air deck. As well as brief
                       meteorology. Many colour pho-
                                                                                coverage of gliding principles to                                      A       fascinating,
                       tographs of the weather you
                                                                                explain the limitations of wing,                                       thought-provoking
                       will actually see whilst flying,
                                                                                sail or parafoil, it gives essential                                   and valuable addi-
                       the actual skyscapes as they
                                                            information about how to read and adapt to con-                                            tion to any float-
appear and what they mean about the state of the
                                                            stantly changing conditions. Originally retailing for                                      plane flyer’s library.
atmosphere help to build a practical knowledge of
                                                            £14.99, thanks to a bulk purchase by AFE this handy                                        Advanced        tech-
how to interpret the sky around you. This is probably
                                                            weather guide is now available at a greatly reduced                                        niques and advice
the closest a pilot can get to a colour guide to the sky.
                                                            cost.                                                                                      for operating from
Hardback 192 pages.
                                                            AIRRIDERSW                                 £4.99 H                                         more demanding
PILOTSWEATHER                            £20.00 D                                                                                                      water      environ-
                                                                                                                                                       ments, including
                                                            Climatology for Airline Pilots                                                             remote operations
                  The World of Weather                      H R Quantick                                                                               and      wilderness
                  Brian Cosgrove                            This is the first book to deal specifically with the sub-                                  environments.
                  The author is already highly regard-                                 ject of aviation climatology,                                   ASAWATERFLYING
                  ed for his other meteorology text,                                   a topic made essential by
                  “Pilot’s Weather” also listed here.                                  the direct routes flown by                                        £19.95 D
                  Given the enormous technological                                     modern airliners through
                  breakthroughs that satellites and                                    difficult and sometimes
                  radar have brought to the weather                                    extreme climatic conditions.
forecaster, accurate predictions remain, by nature,                                    Based on the requirements
without total certainty. Meteorology is an inexact sci-                                of the JAR syllabus for pilot
ence where fate holds the trump card. Yet, with an                                     training, subjects covered
understanding of the basic weather systems and of                                      include tropical climates, the
why certain skyscapes occur, it is often possible to                                   climatology of the tropo-
add personal observations to the overall situation to                                  sphere and regional climatic
arrive at a more accurate local forecast. A valuable        variations. Softback, 280 pages.
addition to any VFR pilot’s repertoire.                     CLIMATOLOGY                               £41.99 D
WORLDOFWEATHER                          £16.99 D

                        The Cloud Spotters Guide
                        GAVIN Pretor-Pinney                                                   while stocks last
                        A quirky and fascinating weather book, this is book to really bring alive a subject that
                        often baffles and perplexes even the experienced pilot. If you feel that you have never
                        really understood the formation of advection fog, or if you just want to know where the
                        expression “to be on cloud nine” came from, we’ve found just the book for you. This is
                        a book to live on your windowsill and to dip into when you look out of the window.
                        Hardcover, 300 pages
                        CLOUDSPOTTER                                                                  £6.99 E

                     Advanced Aerobatics                                             All About Aerobatics                                    Better Aerobatics
                     Szurovy/Goulian                                                 Ross Ewing                                              Alan Cassidy
                    An excellent book for advanced                                  Written by an experienced                               A comprehensive textbook that
                    aerobatics, taking the reader into                              aerobatic pilot and instructor                          sets a new standard for aerobatic
                    the dizzy world beyond the                                      this is an authoritative refer-                         manuals. Covering the whole
                    basics. Each advanced figure is                                 ence to the field of aerobatics.                        range of aerobatic manoeuvres
                    allocated a chapter with a clear                                Much more than a ‘how to’                               and techniques from first steps to
                    description of its elements, theo-                              manual, it gives clear descrip-                         unlimited level sequences in a
 ry and step by step details of how to fly it.                                      tions, diagrams, advice and          light and readable style, but with an appropriate
 The book combines text written by aerobatic cham-                                  background         information       level of depth, including the principles of flight
 pions with cockpit view photographs and detailed                                   about all aspects of aerobat-        underpinning the manoeuvres and detailed accounts
 graphic illustrations. Softback, 232 pages.                ics, as well as cautions and anecdotes based on real-        of how to fly them. A worthy successor to the great
                                                            life experience. Softback, 115 pages.                        Neil Williams, Alan Cassidy has both the experience
 AEROBATICSADV                           £19.99 D                                                   £14.95 F             as British National Champion (4 times, and count-
                                                                                                                         ing…) and the writing skills to make this book a
                 Aerobatics                                                                                              “must read” not only for anybody thinking of
                                                                                      Basic Aerobatics                   embarking on the exciting journey into aerobatics,
                 Neil Williams                                                        Campbell & Tempest                 but also for serious aerobatic pilots wishing to
                 Probably the best known aerobatic                                                                       improve their technique and competitive edge.
                 textbook of the last 30 years, and                                    The standard textbook to
                                                                                                                         Hardback, 450 pages, 470 diagrams.
                                                                                       cover the AOPA Aerobatic
                 deservedly so. Neil Williams was not
                                                                                       Certificate Course, written by    BETTERAERO                            £30.00 F
                 only a supremely gifted pilot but a tal-
                 ented author. His book explains both                                  a former AOPA chairman and
                                                                                       a former air display pilot. The
                 the rudiments, and advanced tech-
                                                                                       book starts with a revision of
                                                                                                                         Skydancing: Aerobatic Flight Techniques
                 niques in a clear and lucid style. As an                                                                David Robson
                 instructional manual on good aerobat-                                 stalling and spinning, mov-
 ic technique, or just a book on flying to “dip into”                                  ing on to basic moves and an                              Covers all the basic aerobat-
 from time-to-time, Aerobatics has few peers.                                          explanation of relevant tech-                             ic manoeuvres and much
 Beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Neil’s                                  nical subjects including legis-                           more besides with easy to
 equally talented brother, Lynn, this book deserves a       lation, aircraft limitations, human factors and aerody-                              follow instructions accom-
 place on any aerobatic pilot’s bookshelves. Softback,      namics. The book closes with an introduction to aer-                                 panied by very clear dia-
 266 pages.                                                 obatic competitions. Softback, 140 pages.                                            grams, following a defined
                                                                                                     £16.00 D                                    aerobatic instruction syl-
 AEROBATICS                              £20.00 D           BASICAEROBATICS                                                                      labus. The Aresti aerobatic
                                                                                                                                                 manoeuvre notation is
                                                                                                                                                 explained and background
 Flying Technique                                                                                                                                subjects such as aircraft lim-
                                                                                                                         itations and human factors are also explored. This is
                                                                                                                         an ideal introduction to the art of aerobatic flying
                       Be a Better Pilot                                                                                 even if you have no intention of progressing beyond
                                                                                  Handling In-Flight                     the basic manoeuvres. Softback 184 pages.
                                                                                  Emergencies                            ASASKYDANCING                           £17.95 D
                       £16.95 £9.95                                               Jerry Eichenberger
                       Alan Bramson                                                A guide to recognising and
                       Be a Better Pilot is the original                           handling the various in-flight           Night Flying
                       pilot improvement book,                                     emergencies that a pilot may
                       designed to help any pilot                                  be called upon to face at any
                       increase his or her skill and                               time, including: engine failure;                                  Sunset to Sunrise
knowledge and become, in every sense, a better pilot.       the VFR pilot in IFR conditions; electrical system fail-                                 David Robson
Bramson covers many different topics – pre-flight           ure; control systems emergencies; water landings;                                        The night rating is one of
checks, operating from private airstrips, instrument        icing; thunderstorm encounters; loss of communica-                                       the most popular “add-
flying, crosswind take off and landing, power failure,      tions; partial-panel flying etc. The author is a gener-                                  ons” to the PPL, and
avoiding weather accidents, forced landings and             al aviation and commercial pilot, flight instructor, and                                 with good reason. Apart
engine handling – in practical terms. Originally pub-       aircraft owner who contributes to a number of avia-                                      from the added flexibili-
lished at £16.95, this book is now available at a           tion magazines. Softback, illustrated, 300 pages.                                        ty this allows the pilot,
reduced price thanks to a special bulk purchase by AFE.                                              £29.95 E                                        there is something mag-
                                          £9.95 A                                                                                                    ical about flying at night.
BEABETTERPILOT                                                                                                                                       It brings its own chal-
                                                                                        Lessons From the                 lenges and rewards, but demands different skills of
                     Conventional Gear –                                                Logbook                          the pilot from conventional day-VFR flight. Highly-
                                                                                                                         respected aviation author David Robson has written
                     Flying a Taildragger                                               Ron Fowler                       what promises to be a valuable addition to any PPL’s
                     David Robson                                                    “Our skills of flight either        library. Softback, 208 pages.
                     Written in plain language with                                  improve or slowly erode,
                                                                                     but they rarely remain              SUNSET                                 £13.95 D
                     many clear illustrations to
                     explain the dynamics and tech-                                  unchanged.”        Speaking
                     niques of flying tailwheel air-                                 pilot to pilot, the author
craft, ‘Conventional Gear’ provides a thorough foun-                                 picks up where initial pilot        Flying The Edge
dation for any pilot seeking to convert from a nose-                                 training leaves off with            Brian McAllister
wheel aircraft to a ‘taildragger’. Within this book is                               flying technique advice                                      Sub-titled ‘Operation at the
the combined wisdom of many thousands of hours of                                    from the best teacher of                                     threshold of optimum per-
tailwheel experience by civilian and military pilots,                                all: experience. The book                                    formance’, this is a book to
who grew up flying what was then the conventional                                    is organised to reflect all                                  help pilots at all levels of
undercarriage arrangement. Softback, 200pages.            the phases of flight: preflight, departure, en route,                                   experience. Concentrating on
                                                          and arrival, and concludes with a section on recurrent                                  the full utilization of an air-
ASACONVENTIONAL                        £16.95 D           training. It provides piloting techniques on such                                       craft's safe flight parameters,
                                                                             diverse topics as night flying;                                      it covers the topics of low-
                                                                              what to do when you get stuck                                       speed flight during take-off
                      Taming The Taildragger                                  above or below a cloud deck; how                                    and landing, and essential
                      John Ball                                               to handle in-flight emergencies;                                    performance           problems
                      This is a guide for owners and pilots of older tail- evaluating real-life takeoff per-                                      encountered in normal flying
                      wheel type aircraft, containing the procedures and formance; pursuing a path to per-                                        such as the best usage of lift
                      techniques that anyone contemplating learning to fly fect flying; and much, much                   and the correction of faulty approach and landing.
                      a taildragger should know. Flying classic taildraggers more. Softback, 246 pages.                  Short field take-off and landing technique and emer-
                      captures flying as it should be - simple, relaxing, and   ASALESSONS           £12.95 D            gency landing procedure are covered in a clear, read-
                      fun, and this manual will add to your pleasure.                                                    able manner. 224 pages
                      TAMINGTHE                                 £9.95 E                                                  FLYINGTHEEDGE                          £20.00 D

96                                                                                                    All prices include UK VAT where applicable
                                                                                                    Helicopter Flying
                                                                Principles of Helicopter Flight
                                                                W Wagtendonk
                                                                ‘Principles of Helicopter Flight’ is our best-selling helicopter training
                                                                manual, explaining the complex art of helicopter flying in a clear
                                                                and easy to understand format. This book explains the background
                                                                knowledge of why the helicopter flies and why sometimes it does
                                                                not and the aerodynamic factors associated with rotor stalls, mast
                                                                bumping, wind effects etc. are all clearly explained. A firm
                                                                favourite with helicopter training schools worldwide, this is the
                                                                closest there is to a ‘standard’ helicopter training textbook.
                                                                Softback, 274 pages.
                                                                ASAPRINCIPLESOF                                  £18.95 D

                 The Art & Science of Flying                                      The Helicopter Pilot’s
                 Helicopters                                                      Handbook                                 Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies
                 Shawn Cole                                                       Phil Croucher
                                                                                                                           Phil Croucher
                 The beginner’s section of this book                               One problem with helicoptering is
                 covers the basic helicopter theory,                               that pilots get very little chance to                     Based on the author's soon-to-be-
                 performance and flying. The                                       swap stories. As a result, the same                       approved JAA ATPL(H) course, this
                 advanced section covers all the infor-                            mistakes are being made and the                           book provides all the material
mation required to understand the helicopter in                                    same lessons learnt separately                            required for the FAA, JAA or
depth. Shawn Cole has over thirty years of flying and                              instead of being shared - it's com-                       Canadian exams, including the
has flown 43 different types of helicopter and he             forting sometimes to know that you're not the only                             PPL(H), CPL(H) and ATPL(H), plus a
describes the way helicopters fly and some of the             one to inflate the floats by accident! This book is an                         few extras, like the Instrument
peculiar things they do. Softback, 225 pages.                 attempt to gather together as much information as                              Rating. The book has been specially
                                                              possible for helicopter pilots, old and new, profession-     designed for the needs of professional or military
ARTANDSCIENCE                             £35.95 E                                                                         pilots seeking to gain an alternative licence, but new-
                                                              al and otherwise, in an attempt to explain the why, so
                                                              the how will become easier. It has additional chapters       comers to the industry can use it too, since it assumes
                The Helicopter Pilot’s Manual                 for two popular light helicopters (Bell 206 and AS 350       no previous knowledge.
                Volume 1                                      Squirrel), including Public Transport standard check-        “More than you need for the exams, but the mini-
                Norman Bailey                                 lists, operating tips and other stuff likely to be useful    mum you need for survival.” Shawn Coyle
                                                              to someone having to convert to a different type. In         “As a former Chief Pilot and Training Pilot I've have
                This volume explains how and why a            short, this is all the stuff nobody teaches, but every-
                helicopter flies, whilst teaching the cor-                                                                 gone through a lot of books over the years and
                                                              body needs to learn.                                         have written quite a few of my own company
                rect handling techniques required to
obtain a helicopter pilots licence. The focus of this first   HELICOPTERHANDBOOK                       £19.95 E            handbooks and training courses. This is without a
volume is the helicopter principles of flight and helicop-                                                                 doubt the best book in its class. Regards,” Lee
ter handling. Softback, 248 pages.                                              The Bell 206 Book                          Johnson
The Helicopter Pilot’s Manual Volume 1                                          Phil Croucher                              “The more I read the better it is. Trying to hit that
                                                                               In response to popular demand, this         easy medium you mentioned sure isn't easy! Pretty
HELICOPTERMANUA                           £20.00 D                                                                         damn good if I may say. Keep up the good work!”
                                                                               book is based on the Bell 206 chap-
                                                                               ter in the Helicopter Pilot's               Nicholas Carpenter
                The Helicopter Pilot’s Manual                                  Handbook and reflects the author's          PROFHELISTUDIES                       £59.95 E
                Volume 2                                                       extensive experience, both on type
                Norman Bailey                                 and training others to fly it.                               Private Helicopter Pilot Studies
                Volume two covers powerplants,                “The new 206 book was great for getting me spot on           Phil Croucher
                instruments and hydraulics. Designed          for the numbers…This is a book that I’ll be referenc-                         A complete study guide
                to follow Volume 1, instructing the hel-      ing on a regular basis.” Darren Keast                                         for the JAA/EASA Private
icopter pilot on the technical aspect of the PPL(H),          “The book is just what I have been looking for and                            Pilot Licence (Helicopter), this is the
volume 2 includes a large section on gas-turbine              very helpful indeed, which is why I have bought                               new standard by which all previous
engines, essential reading for those wishing to con-          copies for all my students. Very hard for lay pilots to                       helicopter training manuals are now
vert to a turbine type. Softback,152 pages.                   work out the 206 from the POH alone. Should have                              being judged.
The Helicopter Pilot’s Manual Volume 2                        written it myself”. Iain Hatfield                                           “Your work will be an invaluable
                                          £20.00 D            BELL206                               £14.95 E               reference source and as I'm sure you know, the
                                                                                                                           level you have set will appeal to a particular type
                Rotorcraft Flying Handbook                                    Basic Helicopter                             who does want to raise his knowledge higher than
                                                                                                                           the average.
                FAA Reprint                                                   Aerodynamics
                                                                              J Seddon                                     I like the fact that you separate Map reading from
                 This is the standard reference book                                                                       Navigation. So many FIs don't. I also like your use
                 used for the FAA knowledge exams for                          Starting at the first principles of heli-   of 'Gyroplane' There's so much confusion between
                 helicopter pilots, covering both aero-                        copter aerodynamics, this book moves        Autogyro and Autigiro. And finally - finally - just
                 nautical knowledge and operating pro-                         through the aerodynamics of the rotor       love the constant use of your humour to lighten the
cedures. Subjects included are flight aerodynamics,                            in hover, vertical flight, forward flight   student's day.
flight manoeuvres and performance and this book can           and climb. The book moves on to helicopter perform-
                                                              ance, stability and control, avoiding the lengthy math-      ... what you have produced is in the same league as
be used by students and instructors alike. Full colour
                                                              ematical treatment that some textbooks on this sub-          the ancient but totally comprehensive AP 129.”
illustrations are used throughout and there is a glos-
sary and index. Softback, 208 pages.                          ject resort to. Hardback, 135 pages.                         Dennis Kenyon
ASAROTORCRAFT                            £13.95 D                                                      £29.95 D            PRIVATEHELI                             £49.95 D

                Rotary Wing Flight                            Helicopter Pilot's Handbook Of Mountain Flying And Advanced Techniques
                US Army Reprint
                                                                                        Norman Bailey
                Rotary wing flight is a version of the
                                                                                        There is a growing interest in mountain flying and a significant lack of information on
                US Army FM 1-51 manual of helicopter
                                                                                        the subject available to the helicopter pilot. The aim of this book is to supply this
                flying, edited and adapted here for
                                                                                        much-needed information and to present it in an easy-to-read format. Safe mountain
                civilian helicopter students. All major
                                                                                        flying techniques are explained in simple, non-technical language and the author also
aspects of helicopter flight are included – helicopter
                                                                                        explains Advanced Techniques which are not covered in other training manuals and
aerodynamics, common flight techniques, normal
                                                                                        which will be of particular interest to pilots already holding their helicopter licence.
field operations, precautionary measures and critical
                                                                                        Softcover, 96 pages
conditions. Includes glossary. Softback, 122 pages.
                                                                                        HELICOPTERMOUNT                                                          £14.99 E
ASAROTARYWING                           £12.95 D


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