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Poseidon - PowerPoint

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          His Temple
Poseidon in Sculpture


“Poseidon, marble statue from Melos, 2nd century BC; in
     the National Archaeological Museum, Athens.”
       Poseidon in a Mosaic


“An ancient Greek mosaic shows the sea god Poseidon riding two
  dolphins. The mosaic was made from many small, flat colored
Poseidon and Amphitrite


 “Poseidon and Amphitrite, the king and queen of the
sea, are served nectar by the winged goddess Iris (or
perhaps Hebe). Poseidon holds his usual attribute, the
    Poseidon and Amphitrite


“Amphitrite and Poseidon in a chariot, drawn by Tritons, detail of a frieze
         from an altar in the Temple of Neptune, Rome, 40 BC”
Her Temple
       Hera in Sculpture


    “Head of Hera, sculpture from the votive group in the
Heraeum at Olympia; in the Archaeological Museum, Olympia,
                      Hera and Iris


  “The goddess Hera is attended by her handmaiden Iris. Hera is depicted
wearing a tiara-crown and holds a royal sceptre and cup in her hands. Beside
her the winged rainbow-goddess Iris serves nectar from an oinochoe jar. She
  wears a sakkos head-scarf, and holds a kerykeion (herald's wand) in her
      Aphrodite’s Birth


“Her gods and men call Aphrodite...because she grew
            amid the foam.” - Theogony
Aphrodite in Sculpture


“Aphrodite - Hygieia with Eros 2nd century A.D.”
Aphrodite in Sculpture


   “Head of Aphrodite 3rd century A.D.”
    Why Aren’t There More Pictures?

Many portrayed Aphrodite in the nude as this was
    the way the Greeks imagined her to look.

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