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					     A                    B                                                  C                                D   E          F
 1       AUTHOR                         TITLE                                                                DATE   SUBJECTS
 3       Buckley, Karen Kay             Above and beyond basics                                              1993   PATCHWORK
 4       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Aloha quilt, The                                                     2010   ELM CREEK QUILTS
 5       Better Homes and Gardens       American patchwork and quilting                                      1998   PATCHWORK
 6       Summers, Beth                  American quilt blocks: 50 patterns for 50 States                     1985   STATE PATTERNS
 7       Jenkins, Susan                 American quilt story: the how to and heritage of a craft tradition   1995   QUILTS - HISTORY
 8       Townswick, Jane                America's best quilting projects: homespun plaids                    1996   APPLIQUE - PLAIDS
 9       Fons, Marianne                 America's best quilting projects: scrap quilts                       1994   SCRAP QUILTS
10       Burns, Eleanor                 Amish quilt in a day- variations of Roman stripe                     1992   AMISH QUILTS
11       Bolesta, Ed                    Amish the classic American quilt collection                          1986   AMISH
12       Sienkiewicz, Elly              Applique 12 borders and medallions                                   1991   APPLIQUE
13       Buckley, Karen Kay             Applique basics: flower wreaths                                      1992   APPLIQUE
14       Anderson, Faye                 Applique designs                                                     2000   APPLIQUE
15       Swain, Gabrielle               Applique in bloom                                                    1988   APPLIQUE
16       Soltys, Karen Costello, Ed.    Applique made easy                                                   1994   APPLIQUE
17       Docherty, Margaret             Applique masterpiece: litle brown bird patterns                      2000   APPLIQUE
18       Rossman, Aie                   Applique masterpieces: affairs of the heart                          2004   APPLIQUE
19       Sienkiewicz, Elly              Applique paper greetings                                             1998   APPLIQUE
20       Sinema, Laurene                Applique! Applique! Applique! The complete guide to hand applique    1991   APPLIQUE
21       Sienkiewicz, Elly              Applique: 12 easy ways                                               1997   APPLIQUE
22       Hopkins, Judy                  Around the block with Judy Hopkins                                   1994   PATCHWORK
23       Zieman, Nancy                  Art of landscape quilting, The                                       2007   LANDSCAPES
24       Collins, Sally                 art of machine piecing, The                                          1994   MACHINE PIECING
25       Montano, Judith                art of silk ribbon embroidery, The                                   2001   EMBROIDERY
26       Townswick, Jane                Artful album quilts: applique inspirations from traditional blocks   1993   APPLIQUE
27       Townswick, Jane                Artful applique: the easy way                                        2001   APPLIQUE
28       Jensen, Lynette                At home with Thimbleberries                                          2000   PATCHWORK -PATTERNS
29       Engelbreit, Mary               Baby's feathered friends                                             1997   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
30       Hopkins, Mary Ellen            Baker's dozen doubled                                                2003   PATCHWORK
31       Sienkiewicz, Elly              Baltimore beauties and beyond. Vol. 2                                1989   APPLIQUE
32       Sienkiewicz, Elly              Baltimore beauties and beyond. Vol. 1                                1988   APPLIQUE
33       Dietrich, Mimi                 Baltimore bouquets: patterns &techniques for dimensional applique    1992   APPLIQUE
34       Edie, Marge                    Bargello quilts                                                      1991   BARGELLO
35       Miller, May T.                 batch of patchwork, A                                                1994   PATCHWORK
36       Shifron, Laurie                Batik gems: 29 dazzling quilt projects                               2009   BATIKS - PATTERNS
37       Dietrich, Mimi                 Bed & breakfast quilts with rise and shine recipes                   2003   PATCHWORK - APPLIQUE
38       Campbell, Patricia B.          best of Jacobean applique, The                                       1997   APPLIQUE
39       Dissmore, Susan Teegarden      Better by the Dozen: 12 blocks, 12 quilts, endless possibilities     2006   PATCHWORK - PATTERNS
     A                      B                                                          C                                   D   E            F
40       Knox, Gerald M., Ed.                 Better Homes and Gardens creative American quilting                         2000   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
41       Johnson-Srebro, Nancy                Big one-star quilts by magic                                                2008   STARS
42       Cross, Kay M. Capps                  Black and white quilts by design                                            2006   BLACK & WHITE
43       Mostek, Pamela                       Blended borders: quilts with a creative edge                                2009   BORDERS - PATTERNS
44       Biddick, Jean                        Blended quilt backgrounds                                                   2007   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
45       McCloskey, Marsha                    Blended quilts: from In the Beginning                                       2000   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
46       Kranz, Mary Ellen                    Blending photos with fabric: a beautiful way to combine photography…        2002   PHOTOGRAPHY
47       Miller, Margaret                     Block Bender Quilts                                                         1995   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
48       Martin, Judy                         block book, The                                                             2004   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
49       Johnson-Srebro, Nancy                block magic, too! Over 50 new blocks from squares and rectangles            1998   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
50       Miller, Margaret                     Blockbuster quilts                                                          2003   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
51       Kime, Janet                          border workbook: easy speed-pieced and foundatin-pieced borders, The        2006   BORDERS
52       Collins, Sally                       Borders, bindings and edges                                                 2004   BORDERS
53                                            Bright quilts from down under: 13 color-charged projects
         Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine                                                                         1990   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
54       Havig, Bettina                       Carrie Hall Blocks                                                          2003   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
55       Langerman, Lavera                    Cat quilts with crafts                                                      1999   CATS - PATTERNS
56       Kime, Janet                          Cat's meow                                                                  1992   CATS - PATTERNS
57       Wiechec, Philomena                   Celtic quilt designs                                                        1980   CELTIC QUILT DESIGNS
58       Aug, Bobbie                          Charm quilts with style                                                     1994   CHARM QUILTS
59       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION         Christmas quilt, The                                                        2005   ELM CREEK QUILTS
60       Beyer, Jinny                         Christmas with Jinny Beyer                                                  2000   CHRISTMAS
61       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION         Circle of quiltrs                                                           2007   ELM CREEK QUILTS
62       Pakusich, Reynola                    Circle play: simple designs for fabulous fabrics                            1996   CIRCLES - PATTERNS
63       Brackman, Barbara                    Civil War women: their quilts, their roles, activities for reenactors       2004   HISTORY
64       Townswick, Jane                      Classic country quilts: step by step directions for 25 all-time favorites   2000   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
65       Marston, Gwen                        Classic four-block applique quilts: a back-to-basics approach               1993   APPLIQUE
66       Dissmore, Susan Teegarden            Clever quarters: quilts from fat-quarter cuts                               2005   FAT-QUARTERS
67       Masopust, Katie Pasquini             Color and composition for the creative quilter                              2005   COLOR
68       McKelvey, Susan                      Color for quilters II                                                       2004   COLOR
69       Heine, Laura                         Color fusion: fiberworks by Laura Heine                                     1993   COLOR
70       Seely, Ann                           Color magic for quilters: absolutely the easiest, most successful…          2001   COLOR
71       Wolfram, Joen                        Color play: easy steps to imaginative color in quilts                       1997   COLOR
72       Alexander, Karla                     Color Shuffle: new quilts                                                   2009   COLOR
73       Barnes, Christine                    Color: the quilter's guide                                                  2000   COLOR
74       Townswick, Jane                      Color-blend applique                                                        1977   COLOR
75       Beany, Jan                           Colour explorations                                                         2003   COLOR
76       Amsden, Diedre                       Colourwash quilts                                                           2005   COLORWASH
77       Better Homes and Gardens             Complete guide to quilting                                                  1994   PATCHWORK
78       Goldsmith, Becky                     Contemporary classic in plaids & stripes                                    2002   PLAIDS
      A                      B                                                    C                      D   E            F
 79       Wilson, Elisa                  Crazy curves                                                   2002   CURVES
 80       Suit, Mary Sue                 Crazy eights: fun with 8 pointed stars                         2003   STAR QUILTS
 81       Wilholt, Alice                 Crazy Patchwork                                                2009   CRAZY QUILTING
 82       Michler, J. Marsha             Crazy quilts by machine                                        2005   CRAZY QUILTS
 83       Gillman, Rayna                 Create your own hand-printed cloth                             2008   TEXTILE PAINTING
 84       McKelvey, Susan                Creative ideas for color and fabric                            1989   COLOR
 85       That Patchwork Place           Creative quilt collections: volume one from….                  2006   PATCHWORK - DESIGNS
 86       Ball, Maggie                   Creative quilting with kidss                                   2001   QUILTING WITH CHILDREN
 87       Rayment, Jennie                Creative tucks and textures for quilts & embroidery            1996   TUCKS & TEXTURES
 88       Hohag, Linda                   Critter caboodle                                               2007   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
 89       Hohag, Linda                   Critters Dancin' in the Moonlight                              2002   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
 90       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Cross-country quilters, The                                    2009   ELM CREEK QUILTS
 91       Goldsmith, Becky               Curl-up quilts: flannel applique and more …                    2004   APPLIQUE- FLANNEL
 92       Stothers, Marilyn              Curved strip-piecing: a new technique                          2004   CURVES
 93       Dales, Judy B.                 Curves in motion: quilt designs & techniques                   1988   CURVES
 94       Mullen, Jan                    Cut-loose quilts: stack, slice, switch, and sew                1998   CROOKED CUTTING
 95       Bowles, Debbie                 Cutting curves from straight pieces                            2001   CURVES
 96       Bowles, Debbie                 Dancing quilts from straight pieces                            2001   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
 97       Trestain, Eileen Jahnke        Dating fabrics: a color guide 1800-1960                        1998   DATING TEXTILES
 98       Mumm, Debbie                   Debbie Mumm's country quilts for all ocasions                  2003   PATCHWORK
 99       Mumm, Debbie                   Debbie Mumm's country settings                                 2001   PATCHWORK
100       Torrence, Lorraine             Design essentials: the quilter's guide                         1988   QUILTING
101       Beyer, Jinny                   Designing tesselations: the secrets of interlocking patterns   1998   TESSELATIONS
102       McCloskey, Marsha              Dozen Variables, A                                             1990   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
103       Black, Lynette Ranney          Dream sewing spaces: design and organization for space…        1987   STUDIOS
104       Doak, Carol                    Easy stash quilts                                              1999   SCRAP QUILTS
105       Dietrich, Mimi                 Easy applique samplers                                         2005   APPLIQUE
106       Meunier, Christine             Easy art quilts: amazing designs based on tradition            1989   ART QUILTS
107       Bonesteel, Georgia             Easy does it quilts                                            1995   PATCHWORK - PATTERNS
108       Doak, Carol                    Easy machine paper piecing                                     2000   PAPER PIECING
109       Townswick, Jane                Easy machine quilting                                          1994   MACHINE QUILTING
110       Doak, Carol                    Easy reversible vests                                          1996   VESTS
111       Chiaverini, Jennifer           Elm Creek Quilts: quilt projects inspired by the Elm …         1995   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
112       Brackman, Barbara              Encyclopedia of pieced quilt patterns                          2002   QUILT PATTERNS
113       West, Deanna Hall              encyclopedia of ribbon embroidery, An                          1995   EMBROIDERY
114       Johnson-Srebro, Nancy          Endless possibilities using no-fail methods                    1995   MACHINE QUILTING
115       Hughes, Trudie                 Even more                                                      1989   MACHINE QUILTING
116       Simms, Ami                     Every trick in the book: over 500 tricks, tips…                1990   PATCHWORK
117       Wells, Jean                    Everything flowers: quilts from the garden                     1996   FLOWERS IN ART
      A                      B                                                              C                                 D   E            F
118       Briscoe, Susan                         Fabulous fat quarter Bags                                                   2009   BAGS - FAT QUARTERS
119                                              Fabulous feedsack quilts: a pattern book
          Editors of Traditional Quiltworks Magazine                                                                         1999   THIRTIES
120       Sienkiewicz, Elly                      Fancy applique: 12 lessons to enhance your skills                           1999   APPLIQUE
121       Sudo, Kumiko                           Fantasies and flowers: origami fabric for quilters                          1999   ORIGAMI
122       Wat, Rebecca                           Fantastic fabric folding: innovative quilting projects                      2000   ORIGAMI
123       McCaffery, Bonie Lyn                   Fantasy floral quilts: creating with silk flowers                           2001   FLOWERS
124       Hallock, Anita                         Fast patch, kid's quilts                                                    1996   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
125       Nelson, Suzanne                        Fast, fun & fabulous quilts: 30 terrific projects…                          1996   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
126       Johansen, Linda                        Fast, fun and easy fabric bowls: reversible shapes to use and display       2003   BOWLS
127       Pappas, Dina                           Fast-forward your quilting                                                  2004   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
128       Hallock, Anita                         Fast-patch: a treasury of strip quilt projects                              1989   STRIP PIECING
129       Purney-Mark, Susan                     Fat quarter frenzy                                                          2005   FAT-QUARTERS
130       Torrence, Lorraine                     Fearless designs for every quilter                                          2009   DESIGN TECHNIQUES
131       McCloskey, Marsha                      Feathered star quilts                                                       1987   FEATHERED STAR
132       McGinnis, Edie                         Feed-sacks: beautiful quilts from humble beginnings                         2006   FEED SACKS
133       Wilder, Donna                          Field of flower quilt, A                                                    1994   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
134       Olson, Claudia                         Fifteen two-block quilts                                                    2002   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
135       Echols, Margit, Ed.                    Fifty country quilting projects                                             1990   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
136       Doak, Carol                            Fifty fabulous paper-pieced stars                                           2000   PAPER PIECING
137       Figuerosa, Joanna                      Fig Tree quilts: houses                                                     2007   HOUSES - PATTERNS
138       Hall, Jane                             Firm foundations - techniques & quilts blocks …                             1996   FOUNDATION PIECING
139       Better Homes and Gardens               Five hundred and one quilt blocks                                           1994   PATCHWORK
140       Rounds, Jennifer                       floral affair quilts, accessories for romantics, A                          2001   FLOWERS IN ART
141       Martin, Nancy J.                       Folded fabric fun                                                           1997   FOLDED FABRIC
142       Mori, Joyce                            Folded fabric squares & more                                                2003   ORIGAMI
143       Doak, Carol                            Forty bright and bold paper-pieced blocks…                                  2002   PAPER PIECING
144       Carlson, Susan E.                      Free-Style Quilts: A "No Rules" Approach                                    2000   FREEHAND CUTTING
145       Nelson, Marjorie                       Friendships in bloom: round robin quilts                                    2003   ROUND ROBIN QUILTS
146       Buckley, Karen Kay                     From basic to binding to making quilts                                      1992   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
147       Smith, Lois T.                         Fun and fancy machine quiltmaking                                           1990   MACHINE QUILTING
148       Martin, Nancy J                        Fun with fat quarters                                                       1994   FAT-QUARTERS
149       Wasilowski, Laura                      Fusing fun! Fast, fearless art quilts                                       2005   FUSING
150       Wolfram, Joen                          garden party of quilts 7 pieced projects for flower lovers, A               2005   FLOWERS IN ART
151       Armstrong, Carol                       gathered garden, A                                                          2004   FLOWERS IN ART
152       Wierzbicki, Cathy                      Geometric gems: quilts from diamonds, circles and squares                   2010   GEOMETRICS
153       Wien, Carol Anne                       great American log cabin quilt book, The                                    1984   LOG CABIN
154       Craig, Sharyn                          Great sets: 7 roadmaps to spectacular quilts                                2004   SETS & SETTINGS
155       Hawkins, Liz                           Greetings from Tucsadelphia: travel-inspired projects from LizzieBCre8ive   2010   APPLIQUE
156       Dietrich, Mimi                         Growing up with quilts                                                      2004   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
      A                      B                                                    C                        D   E            F
157       Root, Elizabeth                Hawaiian quilting: instructions & full-size patterns…            1989   QUILTING -HAWAIIAN
158       Lie, Lorinda                   Heart-felt wool applique                                         2000   WOOL FELT
159       Hargrave, Harriet              Heirloom machine quilting                                        1990   MACHINE QUILTING
160       Hargrave, Harriet              Heirloom machine quilting: 4th edition                           2004   MACHINE QUILTING
161       Squre, Helen                   Helen's copy and use quilting patterns                           2002   QUILTING PATTERNS
162       Tobin, Jacqueline              Hidden in plain view: a secret story of quilts …                 1999   HISTORICAL FICTION
163       Henninger, Debra G.            Hobo quilts: 55+ original blocks based on the secret language…   2010   HOBO QUILTS - PATTERNS
164       Fons, Marianne                 Holidays & celebrations                                          1993   HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS
165       Binney, 3rd, Edward            Homage to Amanda: 200 years of American quilts…                  1984   ART QUILTS
166       Pellman, rachel                How to make an Amish quilt                                       2989   AMISH QUILTS
167       Krentz, Jan                    Hunter star quilts and beyond: techniques and projects…          2003   STAR QUILTS
168       Laury, Jean Ray                Imagery on fabric                                                1992   DYES & DYEING
169       Perry, Gai                     Impressionist palette; quilt color and design                    1997   FABRIC PICTURES
170       Dunn, Sarah Sacks, Ed.         Innovative piecing                                               2000   CURVES
171       Fowler, Earlene                Irish chain (FICTION)                                            1995   FICTION
172       Brier, Susan                   It's a wrap: sewing fabric purses, baskets and bowls             2006   BOWLS
173       Murrah, Judy                   Jacket jazz                                                      1993   JACKETS
174       Campbell, Patricia B.          Jacobean Rhapsodies: composing with 29 applique designs          1998   APPLIQUE
175       Martin, Judy                   Judy Martin's ultimate book of quilt block patterns              1988   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
176       Martin, Judy                   Judy Martin's ultimate rotary cutting reference                  1997   ROTARY CUTTING
177       Stone, Karen K                 Karen K. Stone quilts                                            2004   PAPER PIECING
178       Marston, Gwen                  Liberated quiltmaking II                                         2010   PATCHWORK
179       Farrow, Rita                   Life is not a dress size…                                        1996   CLOTHING & DRESS
180       Connors, Kay                   Link to the '30s: making the quilts we didn't inherit            2009   THIRTIES
181       Hickey, Mary                   Little by little: quilts in miniature                            1988   MINIATURE QUILTS
182       Berg, Alice                    Little quilts all through the house                              1993   MINIATURE QUILTS
183       Vanessa, Ann                   Living with quilts                                               1991   PATCHWORK
184       Burns, Eleanor                 Log cabin Christmas tree                                         1990   LOG CABIN - CHRISTMAS
185       Hopkins, Mary Ellen            log cabin notebook, A                                            1991   LOG CABIN
186       Brayfield, Brenda              Log cabin rediscovered by machine                                2001   LOG CABIN
187       Green, Mary V., Ed.            Log cabin: the classic American quilt collection                 1994   LOG CABIN
188       Smith, Lois T.                 Lois Smith's machine quiltmaking                                 1997   MACHINE QUILTING
189       Krentz, Jan                    Lone star quilts and beyond: step-by-step…                       2001   LONE STAR QUILTS
190       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Lost quilter, The                                                2010   ELM CREEK QUILTS
191       Price, Caroline                Love to machine applique: a medley of techniques                 2008   MACHINE APPLIQUE
192       Kimball, Jeana                 Loving stitches: a guide to fine hand quilting                   1992   HAND QUILTING
193       Nickels, Sue                   Machine applique: a sampler of techniques                        2001   APPLIQUE - MACHINE
194       Noble, Maurine                 Machine quilting made easy                                       1994   MACHINE QUILTING
195       Noble, Maurine                 Machine quilting with decorative threads                         1998   MACHINE QUILTING
      A                      B                                                    C                               D   E            F
196       Nickels, Sue                   Machine quilting: a primer of techniques                                2003   MACHINE QUILTING
197       Smith, Lois T.                 Machine quiltmaking                                                     1997   MACHINE QUILTING
198       Reynolds, Bethany S.           Magic stack-n-whack quilts                                              1998   KALEIDOSCOPES IN ART
199       Porcella, Yvonne               Magical four-patch and nine-patch quilts                                2001   PATCHWORK
200       Thompson, Martha               Magical hexagons: simple steps to dynamic quilts                        2002   HEXAGONS
201       Burns, Eleanor                 Make a quilt in a day: Log cabin pattern                                1989   LOG CABIN
202       Wolfram, Joen                  Make any block any size                                                 1999   PATCHWORK
203       Mathieson, Judy                Mariner's compass quilts                                                2005   MARINERS COMPASS
204       Fowler, Earlene                Mariner's compass (FICTION)                                             1996   FICTION
205       Levie, Eleanor, Ed.            Marvelous miniatures                                                    2002   MINIATURE QUILTS
206       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Master quilter, The                                                     2005   ELM CREEK QUILTS
207       Collins, Sally                 Mastering precision piecing: 7 spectacular quilts …                     2006   PIECING
208       Cory, Pepper                   Mastering quilt marking                                                 1999   QUILT MARKING
209       Hamilton, Cindy V              Medallion quilts: inspiration and patterns                              2006   MEDALLION QUILTS
210       Richards, Rhonda, Ed.          Memory quilts in the making                                             1999   T SHIRT QUILTS
211       Dietrich, Mimi                 Mimi Dietrich's Baltimore basics: album quilts from start to finish     2006   APPLIQUE
212       Corcoran, Adele                Mini quilts from traditional designsss                                  1995   MINIATURE QUILTS
213       Buechel, Jenifer               Miniature Baltimore album quilts                                        1997   MINIATURE QUILTS
214       Gravatt, Tina M.               Miniature quilts: connecting new and old worlds                         1996   MINIATURE QUILTS
215       Speth, Pat                     More nickel quilts: 20 new designs from 5 inch squares                  2004   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
216       Mumm, Debbie                   More quick country quilting                                             1994   PATCHWORK
217       Wilens, Patricia               More quick rotary cutter quilts                                         1996   ROTARY CUTTING
218       Reikes, Ursula                 More quilts for baby: easy as ABC                                       1997   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
219       Walter, Cindy                  More snippet sensations                                                 2000   ART QUILTS
220       Mussell, Michal                New classic quilt designs                                               1999   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
221       Better Homes and Gardens       New patchwork and quilting book                                         1987   PATCHWORK
222       Leone, Diana                   new sampler quilt, The                                                  1977   SAMPLER QUILTS
223       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   New Year's quilt                                                        2007   ELM CREEK QUILTS
224       Speth, Pat                     Nickel quilts: great designs from five inch scraps                      2002   SCRAP QUILTS
225       Hershey, Cyndi                 Nine by nine: 9-patch quilts, 9 ways                                    2007   NINE PATCH
226       Green, Mary V., Ed.            Nine Patch: the classic American quilt collection                       1994   NINE PATCH
227       Caffrey, Debbie                Noodle Soup - New Mexico: Debbie's creative moments                     2001   PATCHWORK - PATTERNS
228       Beevers, Sue                   Off-the-shelf fabric painting: 30 simple recipes for gourment results   2004   FABRIC PAINTING
229       Finley, Ruth E.                Old patchwork quilts and the women who made them                        1929   HISTORICAL
230       Rosenthal, Maxine              One block wonders                                                       2005   KALEIDOSCOPE
231       Hopkins, Judy                  One hundred One fabulous rotary-cut quilts                              1998   ROTARY CUTTING
232       Soltys, Karen, Ed.             One patch                                                               1995   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
233       Combs, Karen                   Optical illusions for Quilters                                          1997   OPTICAL ILLUSIONS
234       Hire, Dianne S., Ed.           Oxymorons: absurd logical quilts                                        2001   OXYMORON HUMOR
      A                      B                                                    C                                     D   E            F
235       Milligan, Lynda                P.S. I love you, Three!!                                                      2002   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
236       Fassett, Kaffe                 Passionate patchwork: over 20 original quilt designs                          2001   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
237       Colby, A                       Patchwork                                                                     1982   PATCHWORK
238       Westfall, Emily                Patchwork alphabet, A                                                         1993   ALPHABET - PATCHWORK
239       Wells, Jean                    Patchwork quilts made easy; make a quilt you can be proud of in 3 days        1994   PATCHWORK
240       McDowell, Ruth B.              Pattern on pattern: spectacular quilts from traditional blocks                1991   PATCHWORK
241       Speckmann, Doreen              Pattern play: creating your own quilts                                        1993   PATCHWORK
242       Simms, Ami                     Picture play quilts                                                           2000   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
243       Martin, Judy                   Piece 'n' play quilts                                                         2002   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
244       Martin, Nancy                  Pieced borders - the complete resource                                        1994   BORDERS
245       Fleming, Dale                  Pieced curves so simple: the 6 minute circle and other time saving delights   2005   CURVES
246       McDowell, Ruth B.              Pieced flowers                                                                2000   FLOWERS IN ART
247       Rexrod, Sharon                 Pineapple stars: sparkling quilts, perfectly pieced                           2005   PAPER PIECING
248       Dietrich, Mimi                 Pink ribbon quilts: a book because of breast cancer                           1999   PATCHWORK
249       Pahl, Ellen                    Pinwheel party: 12 fun and unique quilts                                      2010   PINWHEELS - PATTERNS
250       Horton, Roberta                Plaids & stripes; the use of directional fabrics in quilts                    1990   PLAIDS
251       Reardon, Caroline              Postcard quilts                                                               2005   POSTCARDS
252       Hickey, Mary                   Quick and easy quiltmaking: 26 projects…                                      1993   PATCHWORK
253       Mumm, Debbie                   Quick country Christmas quilts                                                1995   CHRISTMAS QUILTS
254       Mumm, Debbie                   Quick country quilting                                                        1992   PATCHWORK
255       Porter, Liz                    Quick quilts from the heart                                                   1994   PATCHWORK
256       Bono, Pam, designer            Quick rotary cutter quilts                                                    1994   ROTARY CUTTING
257       Potter, Linda                  Quilt & embellish in one step                                                 2004   EMBELLISHMENTS
258       Stuart, Trish                  Quilt Art: curves made easy                                                   2003   CURVES
259       Chambers, Nicole C.            quilt maniac's playbook: fuel for the quilt imagination                       2001   PATCHWORK PATTERNS
260       Hiney, Mary Jo                 Quiltagami: the art of fabric folding                                         2002   ORIGAMI
261       Weiland, Barbara               Quilted for Christmas, Book II                                                1995   CHRISTMAS
262       Sassaman, Jane A.              quilted garden, The                                                           2000   EMBROIDERY
263       Weidman, Mary Lou              Quilted memories: celebrations of life                                        2001   STORIES- QUILTED
264       Beyer, Jinny                   Quilter's album of blocks & borders                                           1986   BORDERS
265       Chiaverini, Jennifer           Quilter's apprentice, The (FICTION)                                           2001   FICTION
266       Strobel, Robin                 Quilter's bounty: extraordinary quilts from ordinary blocks                   2004   PATCHWORK
267       Michell, Marti                 Quilter's Christmas                                                           1993   CHRISTMAS
268       Fons, Marianne                 Quilter's complete guide                                                      1993   CRAZY QUILTING
269       Zimmerman, Darlene             Quilter's edge, The                                                           2005   BORDERS
270       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Quilter's holiday, A                                                          2009   ELM CREEK QUILTS
271       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Quilter's homecoming, The                                                     2008   ELM CREEK QUILTS
272       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Quilter's kitchen, The                                                        2008   ELM CREEK QUILTS
273       Chiaverini, Jennifer FICTION   Quilter's legacy, The                                                         2004   ELM CREEK QUILTS
      A                      B                                                    C                                    D   E            F
274       No author                      Quilters' travel companion 10th edition                                      2008   TRAVEL
275       Pahl, Ellen, Ed.               Quilter's ultimate visual guide, The. From A to Z, 100's tips/techq's        1997   PATCHWORK
276       Pignatelli, Vikki              Quilting curves; an innovative technique for maching-piecing curves w/ease   2001   CURVES
277       Eddy, Celia                    Quilting illusions: create over 40 eye-fooler quilts                         2004   OPTICAL ILLUSTIONS
278       Soltys, Karen, Ed.             Quilting made easy                                                           1995   PATCHWORK P
279       Guerrier. Katherine            Quilting masterclass: inspirations & techniques from the experts             2000   ART QUILTS
280       Bonsib, Sandy                  Quilting more memories: creating projects with image transfer                2001   PHOTOGRAPHS
281       Millett, Sandra                Quilting the savory garden                                                   2003   APPLIQUE
282       Jim Henson Company             Quilting with the Muppets: 15 fun and creative patterns                      2000   CHILDREN'S QUILTS
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