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					Paw Prints                                              This Administration/Parent Bulletin

 A P B                                                  includes a current calendar of our school’s
                                                        activities as well as additional information
                                                        for a quick reference.

  Volume XV, Issue 7                                                                           April 2010

                         APRIL                                                      MAY

2 3RD QUARTER ENDS                                            3-14 AP Testing

2 MINIMUM DAY                                                 8 Main Event, Terranea Resort

3-11- SPRING BREAK                                            9


13 Athletic Booster Club Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Library          17- 21 Senior Week

13 Marching Band Parent Meeting, 7:00 p.m., Band Room         17-18 Junior Conferences through US History
15 Comedy Sportz, 7:00 p.m., PAC
                                                              19 Awards Night, Ceremony begins at 6:30 p.m.,
20 CSF Gold Sealbearers Banquet, 6:00 p.m.                    Gym

21 3rd Quarter Report Card Distribution                       20 Senior Ditch Day

21 Choreo Show, 7:00 p.m., Armstrong Theater                  21 MINI ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE- End of the
                                                              Year Pep Rally, Gym, lunchtime
22 STAR Assemblies- Juniors- P2; Sophomores- P3;
Freshmen- P4                                                  21 Last day to drop with a “W”

22-23 Choreo Show, 7:00 p.m., Armstrong Theater               22 Prom, Universal Studios Globe Theatre, 8 p.m.
                                                              until midnight
26 Faculty Meeting
                                                              25 Athlete of the Year Banquet
26 LATE START (P0- 7:00 a.m.; P1- 8:36 a.m.)
                                                              28 MINI ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE- End of the
27 STAR TESTING (9th- 11th graders only)                      Year Luncheon for Faculty and Staff

28 STAR TESTING (9th – 11th graders only)                     31 MEMORIAL DAY

27 PTSA Meeting, 7:00 p.m., Library

28 12th Graders Assembly and Panoramic Picture, 10:00
a.m., Gym

28 Cap and Gown Delivery, 11:30 a.m., Gym

29 STAR TESTING (9th- 11th graders only)
                        Paw Prints
                   Paw Prints                               2                                    April 2010

  Volume XV, No. 7                                                                            April 2010

       Palos Verdes Peninsula
          High School PTSA
           is a member of
   Palos Verdes Peninsula Council
          33rd District PTA
         California State PTA

         PTSA President
       Donna Coogan-Segal

    Palos Verdes Peninsula High
      27118 Silver Spur Road                                                                April, 2010
      Rolling Hills Estates, CA

      Principal: Kelly Johnson
                                       Dear Parents,
         PTSA President                I am very proud of Season Pollock and our entire student body for their Walk for
       Donna Coogan-Segal
                                       Life which raised a tremendous amount of money which was given to the City of
 Paw Prints is published monthly       Hope and to the Wellness Community. I am always very proud of our students and
 except December, July, & August       the generosity that they have always shown to people in need.
        Editor: Nancy Scott
                                       Again, kudos to Season and to our students for our very successful blood drive for
     Athletic Booster Club             Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital and Miller’s Children’s Hospital in
        Editor/Coordinator             Long Beach where one of our students is receiving blood transfusions in her fight
           Mark Okuma
                                       against leukemia.
       Music Booster Editor
         Matt Schiebe                  We always excel in academics, athletics, and activities. More importantly, we
 The deadline to submit articles for   excel in humanity!
  this newsletter is the 15th of the
     month prior to publication.                                            Sincerely,
Articles may be placed in the Paw
         Prints Box in the
        Hawthorne Office,
             E-mail to:
                                                                            Kelly Johnson                                                 Principal
        (preferred method)

  Panther Graphics from web site:
          Paw Prints                            3                                 April 2010

                          It’s All About the Kids
Unfortunately, in this challenging time of unprecedented budget deficits and consequent cuts
to education…we need to keep both hope and perspective.

Hope…that all the stakeholders in this situation understand that these are economic
circumstances of unprecedented proportions that require sacrifice of unprecedented
proportions. “Oh…we’ve been through this before…and it will be OK in a few years”
doesn’t play well with parents whose students are caught in the “here and now”.

EDUCATION IS NOT A REDO…sacrificing the quality of education for our students
“until this passes” is not an option. Our students still need to be prepared to compete with
their peers in 49 other states as they seek the best colleges and universities for their continued

There are many families in this community that have taken 5, 10, 20 even 50% pay cuts since
2008. Some families in this community are unemployed and trying their best to stay solvent.
The effect of this economic downturn is acutely felt by all of us. Still, as parents, most of
us are willing to make the necessary financial sacrifices to fund our children’s educational

The PTA’s in PVPUSD have donated over $1.5 million to the schools this year alone. PEF has
pledged an unprecedented $2 million for this 2009-10 academic year. Boosters continue to
donate funds that ensure extracurricular programs necessary to keep our students “nationally
competitive” beyond the core curriculum. At Pen alone, the various Boosters contribute
$550,000+ to a vast array of programs.

The parent community will be asked to give MORE to support the programs at Pen next
year. We will do it no matter how hard it is financially because it is about giving our children
the educational experiences to be successful beyond high school. EDUCATION IS NOT A
REDO…there is no repeat for this or any other academic year!

Perspective… all the stakeholders involved in the education of our children need to
take a step back and realize these are unprecedented times. The chapter is not over; it can’t be
“the status quo” for now… the ending of this financial debacle is still far from over. Everyone
will need to “feel the pain” until California and this country can find their financial footing
           Paw Prints                            4                                 April 2010

We are a community of parents and education professionals that need to work together to
weather this economic recession. As parents, we are grateful to the time, effort and dedication
of all the people involved in our children’s education…teachers, staff, and administrators…all
the education stakeholders.

We need you…our children need you…BUT you also need us…the parents.
We contribute MILLIONS of dollars a year to maintain the educational excellence of this
school district. From bond measures to parcel taxes we have added hundreds of dollars to
our annual tax bills to just to maintain the financial stability of this school district. We donate
additional MILLIONS each year thru PTSA, PEF and Boosters.

As a parent, I am also a stakeholder in this next academic year. I just want all the stakeholders
“at the table” to keep the perspective that this is an unprecedented financial crisis. Each
stakeholder needs to significantly “feel the pain” and not rely on the others involved to absorb
their hurt.

Donna Coogan-Segal
PVPHS PTSA President
        Paw Prints                         5                        April 2010

     Palos Verdes Peninsula
        Meeting Agenda                               Ruby’s Diner
                                               550 Deep Valley Dr. #120
     April 27, 2010 7:00 p.m.
Principal’s Report
                                               The fourth Wednesday of
Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance         every month is Ruby’s night.
                                               Ruby’s Diner will contribute
Reading and approval of minutes from           a percentage of your bill to
the March 23, 2010 meeting; Recording          Peninsula PTSA. Remember to
Secretary                                      fill out the Pen Hi form at the
                                               cash register.
- President’s report
- Financial Secretary report
- Treasurer’s report
       Release of funds and approval of
- VP Reports
       Organization                                   Panda Express
                                                       In Pavilions
       Community Service                                   RHE
       Ways and Means                          The third Wednesday of every
- Corresponding Secretary                      month is Panda night. Panda
- Auditor                                      Express will contribute a
- Legislative Representatives                  percentage of your bill to Peninsula
- Historian                                    PTSA. Remember to fill out the
- Parliamentarian                              Pen Hi form at the cash register.
- New Business
- Adjournment

Refreshments will be served at 6:45 p.m.
            Paw Prints                                6                                    April 2010


Catalyst’s SAT Bootcamp is not a “mock” SAT or an infomercial for our services. It is a momentum-
boosting weekend seminar designed to make sure students head into the SAT with every key strategy
fresh in their mind. Students receive Catalyst’s prep materials, self-study materials, vocabulary list, and
copies of essays that have received perfect scores on actual SATs.

              Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Room P206 & P207

      April 24th and 25th. The SAT Bootcamp is a two-day weekend program that runs 9 am - 1 pm
both Saturday and Sunday. Snacks and beverages are provided.

                               Call Catalyst at 800.235.0056 or email To learn
more about this and other programs please visit

             Please mail this form, along with a check for $165 payable to PVPHS PTSA, to:
Paula Boothe 4775 Sugarhill Drive, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 (PAYMENT IS NON REFUNDABLE)

Student’s Name _________________________________________________Grade__________________


Phone________________________PARENT’S email address_____________________________________

Enrollment con rmation will be sent to parents who supply a legible e-mail address.
Checks must be received by Wednesday, April 21st at 6pm.
         Paw Prints                              7                                 April 2010

                             Peninsula’s Disaster Drill

On March 11, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. PVPHS had a disaster drill, it started with a lockdown to simulate
a threat on campus. All the different bell systems were tested and explained to the students (again).
Then the scenario was an earthquake, so everyone practiced to duck, cover and hold. This was
followed by a full evacuation of the school to the baseball field.

There were students and staff staged through the campus as injured or deceased. The 6 search
and rescue teams were activated, triage/first aid was set up along with the command post and
student release. The search and rescue teams were extremely professional and soon worked
through the school checking for the “trapped or injured” that were rescued, triaged and taken to first
aid which was expertly supervised by our dedicated nurse, Wendy Keller.

The Command post worked with student care to make sure that everyone on the baseball field was
accounted for and reported back to the extremely organized Operations Chief, Stephanie Scott and
her team, who made tally with the search and rescue teams of the students. All under the watchful
eye, of the well experienced Incident Command, Kelly Johnson.

Parent observers kindly volunteered their time to observe these teams in action, part of the review
system, which along with the feedback from the staff provides information on what went well and
anything that could changed to work even better. We also had some volunteers who tested the
student release to see how quickly their students could be found and released to them. Another
parent posed as a reporter and tried to get information.

The drill went exceedingly well and Pen has a great staff that are well prepared to deal with any
kind of emergency or disaster.

Many thanks to the parent volunteers: Nancy Jackson, Joanne DeArmond, Donna Segal, Lori Fan,
Carol Quan, LaWanda Zsheik, Pattie Shimotani, Cyndy Harrington, Rebecca Poon, Cecilia Sharbel
and Vallenic Light for their time and enthusiasm and especially to Stephanie Scott and the staff who
work so hard to make the campus a safe and well prepared environment.

Cheryl Dawson co 4th VP, PTSA
          Paw Prints                                       8                                         April 2010

“Become a living part of our high school. Buy a brick to congratulate great achievements, in memory
of loved ones, or simply because you would like to see your name in perpetuity at Palos Verdes
Peninsula High School.”
                                                                    ~Kelly Johnson, Principal PVPHS

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School has established itself as a superior high school, ranking in the top 100
nationally and committed to providing outstanding interdisciplinary education for all its students. The money
earned through this fundraiser will go directly towards the purchase of equipment and furnishings for
the classrooms of PVPHS.

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School and PTSA are offering alumni, parents, friends, and the community at
large the opportunity to purchase bricks that will be placed in the courtyard of Panther Hall, our new facility.
Each brick can be customized with a personal inscription.
                              Choose From Four Levels of Giving:
                                           (Ordering Options: See pages that follow)

       Member               $300                         Distinguished                    $2,500
       Honorary             $1,000                       Gold Seal Bearer                 $5,000+

                                              PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO:
                                        Palos Verdes Peninsula PTSA-Brick Fundraiser

                                                        PVPHS PTSA
                                                 Attention Diane Montalto
                                                  27118 Silver Spur Road
                                                       RHE, CA 90274
                                                     Tax ID# 33-046629

Check #: _________________________________
Credit Card payments and orders can be made at
Name: _________________________________________________________ Phone: (              ) ___________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: _________
Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

                                          FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED BY May 31, 2010
       If you have any questions, contact Diane Montalto at, (310) 544-6078; or Rhonda Niden at
                                     , (310) 377-0572
               Paw Prints                                          9                                    April 2010

Brick Donation Order Form – Page 2
Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
Yes, we support Peninsula’s drive to upgrade new and existing classrooms
with technical equipment and furnishings – by reserving a permanent brick,
to be placed in the courtyard of the new building.

Four levels of giving:                                                                            Options:
 Member               4” x 8” cinnamon-red brick                               $300      Text
 Honorary             8” x 8” cinnamon-red brick                               $1,000    + Panther head
 Distinguished       8” x 16” ivory-colored brick                             $2,500     +Panther head
 Gold Seal Bearer 16” x 16” ivory-colored brick                               $5,000+ +Custom logo
                                                                               or PVPHS logo

 Member Level: $300
Please engrave our brick as follows (use white area on form below):

 Honorary Level: $1,000
Please engrave our brick as follows (use white and gray areas on form below):
 ADD PANTHER HEAD (CENTERED, ABOVE TEXT) (pictured at the top of this page)



G     O          P       V   P   H     S               P       A       N   T        H   E   R   S
T     H    E             J   O   H     N       S       O       N           F        A   M   I   L   Y
D     A    N     ,           L   E     S       L       I       E           &            M   A   T   T


P     A     N        T   H   E     R       S               F       O       R    E       V   E   R   !
T     H     A        N   K   S             M       R       .       S       M    I       T   H
F     O     R            T   E     A       C       H       I       N       G            M   E
T     O              L   E   A     R       N               &               L    A       U   G   H
K     Y     L        E       J     E       N       N       I       N       G    S
C     L     A        S   S         O       F               2       0       0    8
           Paw Prints                                              10                                                   April 2010

                               Brick Donation Order Form – Page 3

 Distinguished Level: $2,500
Please engrave our brick as follows (use white area on form below):
 ADD PANTHER HEAD (CENTERED, ABOVE TEXT) (pictured at the top of page 2 of this form)

 Gold Seal Bearer Level: $5,000+
Please engrave our brick as follows (use white and gray areas on form below):
PICK 1:     ADD CUSTOM LOGO (please attach)
            ADD PVPHS EMBLEM (pictured on page 1 of this form)
            ADD PANTHER HEAD (pictured on page 2 of this form)


                       P   E   N       H   I   G   H       B   O    Y   S       B   A   S       K   E   T   B   A   L   L
                                   C   I   F       C   H   A   M    P   I   O   N   S           2   0   0   8

                               W   E       A   R   E       P   R    O   U   D       O   F           Y   O   U   !

                                       T   H   E       B   R   O    W   N       F   A   M       I   L   Y


                               W   I   S   H   I   N   G       Y    O   U       T   H   E           B   E   S   T
   O   F       L   U   C   K       A   L   W   A   Y   S       P    E   N       H   I   G   H           P   A   N   T   H   E   R   S

                       P   L   A   C   E       C   U   S   T   O    M       L   O   G   O           O   R       P   V   P   H   S
                       E   M   B   L   E   M       O   R       P    A   N   T   H   E   R           H   E   A   D       H   E   R   E

   T   H   E       C   H   U       F   A   M   I   L   Y                        A   L   L   I       S   O   N       2   0   0   4
                                                                                G   R   E   G                       2   0   0   6
                                                                                M   A   X                           2   0   0   8
         Paw Prints                                  11                                   April 2010

          ATTENTION                             SENIOR                 PARENTS ! ! !
       WE NEED YOU to make sure your senior has purchased a Grad Nite
       ticket to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event. This is a fun-
       filled night that keeps our seniors safe & sober. Forms are available in
       the Student Store.

                  RIGHT NOW— GRAD NITE TICKETS are $185
                  On April 16, 2009 the ticket price will increase to $200

                                   BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW ! !
                                   Let’s have 100% participation

                                            eScrip Grad Nite Fund

                                        PLEASE SUPPORT GRAD NITE!!!

        Ralphs and Pavilions will donate a portion of your purchases to Grad Nite. All you
                  have to do is sign up and use your Club Card when you shop!

                       Registering is easy and can be done any time of the year.

                  Pavilions                                                       Ralphs
1. Visit and click “Sign Up-It’s Free”.    1. Go to
2. Our group ID# is 139422818.                            2. Click on “community contribution”.
3. Click on “Peninsula High Grad Nite”.                   3. Click on “sign-up”.
4. Click “Next” and follow the easy steps to “confirm”.   4. Fill in the online form. (Our NPO# is 80635.)
                                                          5. Click on “submit”.

Let’s see if all of us can sign up and continue to support Grad Nite!

Grad Nite 2010 Committee:             Nancy Jackson, Rebecca Poon,
                                      Nancy Scott & Susan Breitenstein
        Paw Prints                     12       April 2010

                        GRAD NITE DONORS:

Ashmore Family          Suzuki Family
Beranek Family          Tarr Family
Bjekovic Family         Tomsic Family
Chen Family             Tu Family
Ciarolla Family         Uba Family
Cook Family             VanVolkom Family
De Lossa Family         Villanueva Family
Douthwright Family      Wakayama Family
Euceph Family           Walton Family
Foroudi Family          Mrs. Katherine Warner
Francisco Family        Weatherit Family
Galloway Family         Yacobucci Family
Gilleyye Family         Yamanaka Family
Griego Family           Zheng Family
Harada Family           Zippert Family
Higa Family
Hinsch Family
Hosozawa Family
                        Business Donors
Hsieh Family
Mr. Jianshi Huang &
  Ms. Jin Xiao          Carl’s Jr.
Jackson Family          Friar Tux
Kadowaki Family         Walteria Flowers
Kawai Family
Kawazoe Family
Kilpin Family
Kim Family – Caitlin
Kim Family – Tommy
Kurata Family
Kwon Family
Layton Family
Liebig Family
Liu Family
Maltz Family
Monsoubi Family
Montalto Family
Nguyen Family
Oyang Family
Pharris Family
Ryan Family
Schick Family
Scott Family
Smith Family – Sydney
Steiner Family
           Paw Prints                          13                                April 2010

           Freshmen, Sophomore & Junior Parents
            Needed to Chaperone Grad Nite 2010!

The Grad Nite Committee needs parents of freshmen, sophomores and juniors to help
chaperone the seniors during Grad Nite. Every year parents step up, continuing the
promise that others will step up when their students are seniors. This is a great chance to
get an idea of what happens at Grad Nite when your child becomes a senior.

Chaperones are needed because the students are not allowed to travel to Grad Nite
without a chaperone on each bus. Volunteers receive cool t-shirts and terrific food….and
coffee, too!

Volunteers are needed at the Gym on Thursday, June 10, at 7:30 p.m., after the Graduation
ceremony. Buses load at 8:15 p.m. to go to the event and return to PVPHS at 5:00 a.m. on
June 11th.

June 10 is the last day of school, so parents will not have to get their children up for school
the next day. Some people volunteer with friends – and remember the late parties of their

For more information or to volunteer, please e-mail or call Hiromi Ashmore at or 310-377-4238.
Paw Prints             14             April 2010

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
    Class of 2010 Valedictorians
                    Kristin Au
               Chloe Bell Wilson
               Alan Christopher
                 Hannah Chute
                 Samantha Hill
             Hyun Jae (Albert) Hong
                Kyohei Itamura
                Stephanie Jocis
                  Jaking Kong
                    Laura Kurt
                Tiffany LaForest
                 Kristopher Lin
                   Melvin Low
                   Emily Lowe
                 Michael Lyons
               Yuka Matsuyama
                Deborah Moon
                 Michelle Paik
              WooJin (Kevin) Park
                  Jessica Poon
                 Carolyn Sinow
                     Jane Suh
                  Andrew Tam
                  Jocelyn Tang
                   Lauren Uba
         Paw Prints                15                          April 2010

Elementary School               Intermediate School

Cornerstone                     Miraleste
       Emily Lowe                     Kristin Au
Dapplegray                            Chloe Bell Wilson
       Tiffany La Forest              Laura Kurt
       Deborah Moon                   Tiffany La Forest
       Lauren Uba                     Deborah Moon
Mira Catalina                         Andrew Tam
       Kristin Au               Palos Verdes
       Laura Kurt                     Alan Christopher
       Andrew Tam                     Samantha Hill
       Lauren Uba                     Emily Lowe
Montemalaga                           Carolyn Sinow
       Kristopher Lin           Ridgecrest
       Michael Lyons                  Hannah Chute
Rancho Vista                          Hyun Jae (Albert) Hong
       Chloe Bell Wilson              Kyohei Itamura
       WooJin (Kevin) Park            Stephanie Jocis
Silver Spur                           Kristopher Lin
       Alan Christopher               Melvin Low
       Samantha Hill                  Michael Lyons
       Carolyn Sinow                  Michelle Paik
Soleado                               WooJin (Kevin) Park
       Hannah Chute                   Jessica Poon
       Hyun Jae (Albert) Hong         Jane Suh
       Kyohei Itamura                 Jocelyn Tang
       Jocelyn Tang                   Lauren Uba
St. John Fisher
       Jessica Poon             Out of state/country
Vista Grande                          Jaking Kong
       Melvin Low                     Yuka Matsuyama
       Michelle Paik
       Jane Suh

Out of state/country
      Stephanie Jocis
      Jaking Kong
      Yuka Matsuyama
               Paw Prints                                 16                                       April 2010

                         Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
                          California Scholarship Federation
California Scholarship Federation had a Successful Membership Drive and Banquet!
        Congratulations to all of the new and continuing CSF members! During the last two weeks in
 February, the CSF Board members and advisers took in 870 applications for spring 2010 membership.
 Spring 2010 membership is based upon the academic excellence achieved during the fall semester
 ending January 22, 2010. The class of 2010 has 206 Gold Sealbearers with 166 of them achieving
 Highest Honors. According to our By-Laws, seniors must have at least one of their qualifying
 semesters in their senior year. Gold Sealbearer Status requires four semesters of membership in any
 of the sophomore, junior, and senior years.

       Thank you to the CSF Board Members who worked so hard to make our membership drive a
 success! We appreciate your efforts! You are all awesome! We couldn’t do it without you.

       Immediately following the membership drive, the Class of 2011 held elections for their CSF
 Board members. The outcome for the elections is listed as follows:

 The new CSF Board for the Class of 2011 is
                   President ........................................................Saral Jalan
                   Vice-President .............................................Priscilla Perey
                   Secretary ..................................................... Sarah Simko
                   Treasurer ..................................................... Michelle Kim
                   Members At Large .................................... Benjamin Bang
                                        Monica Chen, Nicole Fischer, Alyssa Limbo
                                                               Julie Ouyang & Jessica Yu

        The annual CSF banquet will be held on April 20th at the Marriott Hotel in Torrance. All seniors
 who received Gold Sealbearer status have been invited to attend. Each senior will be introduced
 and will receive a certificate of achievement of Gold Sealbearer status, a membership pin, and gold
 cords to be worn at graduation. Each Gold Sealbearer was encouraged to apply for one of the many
 scholarships that will be given at the banquet. Please check the May PawPrints for the list fo recipients
 of the scholarships and special awards and recognition given to the CSF Sealbearers at banquet. If
 you have questions regarding the event, please contact one of the advisers. Also, if you feel that your
 senior should have received an invitation but did not, please contact the advisers IMMEDIATELY!

        One final note...If you have a student who has transferred either from or to Palos Verdes High
 School and were members of CSF, please contact advisers immediately as membership does transfer
 between schools. Actually, if your student was a member of CSF at any other California high school,
 please contact adviers so that we may obtain their records. If you recently moved to the state, we
 can offer retroactive membership to your child. Please note: the only times we offer retro-active
 membership is for grade changes or students who have moved from out of state.

         Any questions or corrections regarding the current membership list, please contact Mrs. Betsy
 Okamoto at
         Thanks again for your support, it is greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful, restful, spring
 Alicia Foulk & Betsy Okamoto, Advisers
 Please see the following class lists for current membership. Only those students
 who have applied for and received membership for this semester are listed.
               Paw Prints                                  17                                       April 2010
                           C S F         M e m b e r s h i p: Class of 201 0
The following students from the class of 2010 have qualified for membership for this semester (spring 2010) based upon
grades from fall 2009 (semester ending 1-22-10). This list contains only those students who have current membership. In
order for a member to obtain Sealbearer status, they must have membership in one of the semesters during their senior year.
*Highest Honors Gold Sealbearer (5 semesters, second semester grades will be checked by advisers in June)
**Gold Sealbearer Lifetime Member (4 semesters)
Young-Ju Ahn                 Thomas Griego*             David (Kuen Bit) Lee*            Jason Shapiro**
Anum Amin**                  Daniel Grzywacz            Karl-Erik Leesment**             Amy Shi*
Kevin Amiro*                 Leanne Gutierrez**         Bianca Lesmana*                  Kaylyn Shibata*
Joshin Atone*                Andrew Guttman**           Roger Li*                        Ryan Shiozaki*
Kristin Au*                  Spencer Hall*              Miguel Liberato*                 Arjun Shokeen*
Jordan Augustine*            Ashley Han*                Melvin Low*                      Jaeln Shon
Daniella Aviel*              Christina Harper*          Emily Lowe*                      Alexander Sida*
Zeina Awad*                  LeslieHashimoto*           Kelsey Lyberger*                 Jenny Siegel*
Hyun (Michelle) Bai*         Dorothy Hayden**           Michael Lyons*                   Carolyn Sinow*
Alexander Beemis*            Kaitlyn Higa*              Kaelyn Maehara**                 Justin Song*
Amanda Beranek               Samantha Hill*             Golnoosh Mahdavi*                Sheena Song*
Kandace Boothe**             Meghan Hinsch**            Donya Mansoubi*                  Suraj Sood*
EricaBower*                  Hyung Jae Hong*            Jennifer Marchant**              Scott Spielman*
Scott Breitenstein*          Seong Min Hong             Yuka Matsuyama                   Kali Staniec*
Mia Bruno*                   Jasmine Hormati*           Rami Mazid**                     Alyse Stone*
Allison Burr                 Evangeline Hsiao*          Sierra McCloud*                  Lindsey Sugimoto*
Glen Cartaroja*              Emmelyn Hsieh*             Casey McCulloh*                  Jane Suh*
Erika Castillo               Eric Hsieh**               Erin McElroy                     Laura Sun**
Sally Chae                   Adalia Hsu*                Sabrina Mera                     Ariel Szilagyi*
Zara Chaudhuey*              Cher Huang*                Jeffrey Michaels*                Sogole Tabatabaepur*
Lawrence Chen**              Lawrence Huang*            Andrew Minami**                  Colin Kaz Takahashi**
Liuyi Chen                   Sara Hupp*                 Mari Miyamoto*                   Ryan Takemura*
Franklin Cheng               Megan Ikemoto              Zenda Mohammed*                  Andrew Tam*
Lynn Chu*                    Yanghee Im*                Kyle Montalto**                  Matthew Tambara*
Sarah Chung*                 Nathan Ing                 Deborah Moon                     Jocelyn Tang*
Hannah Chute*                Kyohei Itamura*            Sean Moran*                      Quinci Thomas
Alexa Ciarolla*              Ryan Ito*                  Armeen Moshrefi*                 Cynthia Tong*
Kristin Coleman*             Minoru Iwasaki*            Melina Mossberg                  Michael Tsai*
Jennifer Coleman*            Kekoa Jackson              Kaylie Murakami*                 Timothy Tsai*
Kyle Collins**               Haejeong Jeon**            Jonathon Nakai*                  Lauren Uba*
Alexander Constant*          Stephanie Jocis*           Yuri Namikawa*                   Kristine (Kristi) Ueda*
Mia Counts*                  Seong Yeun (Michelle) Joh* Yara Nasrallah*                  Spencer Uemura*
Karena Craemer**             Carrine Johnson*           James Nee*                       Kaitlin Van Volkom*
Rashid Dadashi*              Kelly Johnson*             Tiffany Ng*                      Francis Villanueva*
Olivia DeJesus*              Kelcie Kadowaki*           Brendon Nguyen*                  Nicole Wakayama*
Lincoln Der                  Michael Kamm*              Kelcey Nishihara*                Cynthia Wang*
Vikram Dhawan**              Pia-Marie Kawagoe          Ilana Ochs*                      Melanie Wathugala*
Melanie Diggs*               Christy Kawai              Folashade Okunubi                Elissa Weiner*
Kristine Donahue*            Kayla Kelly-Slatten*       Megan O’Neil*                    Brittany Wendorff*
Daniel Doo*                  Farah Kerawala             Maaya Ono*                       Spencer Winter**
Ruiqi Rachel Du*             Caitlin Kim*               Michelle Paik**                  Danielle Wong*
Emily Ellis*                 David Kim*                 Anthony Papadakis**              Sarah Wong**
Ilana Elroi                  Hyunjean Kim*              Woo Jin (Kevin) Park**           Calvin Woo*
Aika Erlandson**             Jane Kim*                  William Pearce                   Gongshu Xie
Misha Euceph                 Theresa Kim*               Ryan Pereborow                   Andrew Yakawa**
Brandon Fan                  Thomas Kim**               Blake Perkins*                   Ida Yalzadeh*
Devin Finkel                 Wayne Kim*                 Jessica Poon*                    Jason Yamanaka*
Jennifer Fong*               Tae Hyun Kim*              Heather Reppert**                Richard Yan*
Abigail Francisco**          Leslie Klashman**          Chelsea Rickel                   Yik Ching Yeung*
Brandon Fu*                  Melissa Klose*             Samantha Ridout*                 Gregory Yin
Marina Fukuchi*              Haruna Komiyama*           Lauren Sarazen*                  Melinda Yin*
Gregory Futami               Jaking Kong*               Kristen Sato*                    Christina Yoon*
Hannah Galloway*             Jayme Kritzler*            Melvina Sato*                    Seung Ho Yoon*
Kelly Georgis*               Jason Kurata*              Neha Savant*                     Daisy Young*
Lindsey Gerber**             Laura Kurt*                Douglas Schauer*                 Kyeong-Ri Yu*
Anais Gharabegian**          Angela Kwon**              Brandon Schick**                 Ella Yuen**
Danielle Gibbel**            Brian Lam*                 Eric Scott*                      Erica Yuen*
Taylor Gillette**            Julia Layton*              Tristan Scow*                    Nicole Zerunyan*
Brandi Gluyas*               Jacqueline Lee             Katherine Segal*                 Rebecca Zisser**
Sarah Gragg*                 Joanne Lee*                Annabel Shabestari*
Katherine Green*             Robin Lee*                 Stephen Shahnararian
               Paw Prints                              18                                   April 2010

                        C S F         M e m b e r s h i p: Class of 201 1
   The following students from the class of 2011 have qualified for membership for this semester (spring 2010) based
   upon grades from fall 2009 (semester ending 1-22-10) This list contains only those students who have current

Chatelaine Achterberg        Makenzie Gomez              Daniel Lew                 Melanie Shiao
Ama Amoafo-Yeboah            Rachel Gonzalez             Aonan Li                   Kaitlyn Shimizu
Rina Aoyama                  Ellie Hara                  Jorge Liberato             Sarah Simko
Cristina Arias               Gregory Hawkins             Alyssa Limbo               Marie Skari
Kiyana Asemanfar             Ryan Ho                     George Lin                 Peter Smolke
Kirsten Asuncion             Amanda Ho                   Jean Liu                   Crystal Su
Kyle Aube                    Kimberly Hong               Elyse Lyou                 Akari Sunaga
Jessica Azer                 Justin Hong                 Stephen Ma                 Kai Sunaga
Katherine Bailey             Eun Young Hong              Jack McGregor              Hiromi Suzuki
Benjamin Bang                Sean Hora                   Kirstie Melott             Allyson Taguchi
Jennifer Barr                Selene Hsu                  Sophie Miller              Derek Tai
Roshan Berentes              Elaine Hu                   Angela Mo                  Shohei Takahashi
Diana Berman                 Kelly Hu                    Matthew Mori               Jaee Tamhaneq
Maria Blew                   Eva Huang                   Jackson Munde              David Tang-Quan
Ciara Bogdanovic             Zi Hui                      Micah Nakajima             Max Teles
Rosemary Boyland             Philip Iacono               Alexander Nguyen           Autsin Thomas
Brandea Bunnag               Eun Jung Im                 Lauren Nguyen              Calvin Torng
Rebecca Butcher              Tatsuki Inoue               Cory Nicks                 Kelli Tseng
Ashley Calderon              Anna Marie Iporac           Beverly Nobbay             Alysha Tsuji
Bruna Celic                  Tasneem Islam               Michael O’Crowley          Ryan Usui
Michelle Chan                Saral Jalan                 Yumi Ogawa                 Maryl Vanden Bos
Nadia Chang                  Jason Jen                   Julie Onyang               Aleena Virani
Eunice Chang                 Theodore Johnson            Michelle Osofsky           Grant Waldron
Michelle Charles             Katia Joo                   Amber Pak                  Sienna Walker
Monica Chen                  Hinonori Kawano             Mayuri Patel               Eric Wallace
Hanqing Chen                 Rebecca Kim                 Kathleen Pearce            John Wang
Wen Ting Chen                Jonathon Kim                Maria Peltekova            Chelsea Whitaker
MuMin Chiu                   Michelle Kim                Pricilla Perey             Ashley Willard
Gloria Choi                  Davin Kim                   Lauren Pierce              Walter Woo
Joseph Chou                  Debbie Kol                  Grace Privett              Alexander Wood
Jesse Chou                   Hikaru Komiyama             Nisha Puri                 Chelsea Wu
Iris Chow                    Elliot Kwon                 Diane Rhee                 Max Wyman
Joseph Conovaloff            Li-an Lai                   Richard Riedl              Sijia Yan
Jeffrey Credido              Regina LaMonte              Mikela Ritter              Bronte Yang
Raffi Djenderedjian          Isabel Lee                  Kaihan Roman               Timothy Yeh
Andrew Dodson                Yoo Ha Lee                  Olufemi Saliu              James Yeh
Akoua Doffou                 Sae Hwan (Ethan) Lee        Melody Schmidt             Yurika Yoneda
Stephanie Fan                Ronald Lee                  Jennifer Schneiderman      Jessica Yu
Summer Farooq                Elizabeth Lee               Amy Segura                 Young Kyun Yun
Nicole Fischer               YouJin Lee                  Moizza Shabbir             Lily Zaghari
Queenie Fung                 Daniel Lee                  Anjali Shah                Theodore Zhu
Kelsey Fung                  Susie Lee                   Brian Shaw                 Lulu Zilinskas
Dimitri Gean                 Beom Hee Lee                Jonathan Shen              Sara Zimmerman
              Paw Prints                                  19                                       April 2010
                           C S F         M e m b e r s h i p: Class of 2012
The following students from the class of 2012 have qualified for membership for this semester (spring 2010) based upon
grades from fall 2009 (semester ending 1-22-10) This list contains only those students who have current membership.
 Lara Adoumie               Leah Hardenbrook               Forrest Lee               Brianna Schrader
 Negar Afshar               Haley Harrington               Kenneth Lee               Hannah Scow
 Diane Ahn                  Taylor Hata                    Elisabeth Lee             Brian Sha
 Kelly Allison              Isabella Havas                 DaeSeung Lee              Sanjana Shah
 Kelly Anderson             Quinn Hazard                   YeHuan Lee                Kevin Shang
 Beenish Anwar              Jack Hensley                   Jong In Lee               Lisa Shimizu
 Anne Bartholomew           Julia Hernandez                Nicholas Lee              Abeal Siddiq
 Haley Bates                Matthew Hezlep                 Seung Yeon Lee            Jacob Simon
 Kelsey Bazshushtari        Wesley Ho                      Margaret Lenker           Christine Skari
 Alexander Becker           Krista Hong                    Brian Levin               Erin Sledge
 Marie Bishop               Derek Honkawa                  Alexis Lim                Andrew Smith
 James Blackwood            Astrid Hsu                     Chelsea Lim               Nicole Smith
 Samantha Bolero            Lianne Huang                   Steven Lin                Byoung Chan Song
 Matthew Bolinger           Carson Hughes                  Albert Liu                Katherine Sover
 Jordan Bravin              Emily Hutchings                Tzyy-Harn Lo              Erin Standen
 Steven Brietstein          Alexander Hwing                Alexandra Long            Sergio Staub
 Matthew Buccholz           Karen Ichimaru                 Patrick Lowe              Michael Stimpson
 Erin Burgos                Ozair Ilyas                    Katheleen Lowe            Christopher Sue
 Cecilla Burwasser          SunYoung Im                    Christian Maestas         Marina Sugimoto
 Casey Cameron              Lauren Ishibashi               Jin Matsumoto             Matthew Sugimoto
 Gianne Cataroja            Kyle Ishida                    Harrison McGowen          Adam Surti
 Maximillian Chai           Esha Jalota                    Jonathon Melara           Lauren Sussman
 Hsinning Chang             Daniel Jeong                   Yasaman Mestchian         Samuel Sweetnam
 Cynthia Chao               Kirbi Joe                      Aniga Mian                Chinatsu Takahashi
 Xiyue Chen                 Dong Yeun Joh                  Gabrielle Michaels        Hirataka Takeda
 Justin Chen (Kevin)        Kendal Johnson                 Andrew Minassi            Kayla Takemoto
 Woori Cho                  Michael Jolly                  Sabah Mohammad            Samuel Teles
 Joyce Choi                 Ashley Jordan                  Gribron Mohmud            Shanti Teppara
 Katie Choi                 Maren Jorgensen                Matthew Montalto          Marcus Tom
 Christine Choi             Jennie Jun                     Sarah Moody               Nicholas Tong
 Moo-Hyun Choi              Mimi Jung                      Anne Moody                Eugene Tsai
 Moonui Choi                Marisa Kanemistru              Rebecca Moody             Asher Uchida
 Agness Choo                Min Gyung Kang                 Adnan Muttalib            Mason Uemura
 Jieun Chung                Nicholas Karlsen               Rachelle Naghi            Jazmine Uy
 Eugene Chung               Alexander Kasperovich          Hiroki Nakaajima          Jahanshah Vafaeisefat
 Taylor Cornell             Natsumi Kato                   Elly Nakahara             Monu Vaish
 Lauren Credido             Nicole Kawakami                Robert Nasr               Allison Valasek
 Neda Dai                   Sean Kelly                     Jennifer Nee              Kristie Valentekovich
 Ghazal Dalirifar           Dina Khattab                   Paulina Ngai              Roman Ventura
 Olivia Dawson              Hannah Kim                     Joseph Ong                Patrick Villanvera
 Robyn DeLassa              Brian Kim                      Luke Ong                  Erica Vogel
 Katherine Draffen          Hye Ryun Kim                   Lena Oren                 Kristen Vondrak
 Claire Draper              Jung Hyun Kim                  Andrew Palosaari          Andrew Wallace
 Lauren Eiges               Christine Kim                  Janet Park                David Wang
 Lauren Eiges               HoJae Kim                      Min-Woo Park              Alan Wang
 Tyler Eliel                ShuHee Kim                     Magur Patel               Audry Wang
 Stephanie Eng              Kaylyn Kim                     Suriya Patel              Leon Wang
 Ryan Farmer                Sang Bum Kim                   Coery Pawar               Lauren Wedekind
 Irene Farr                 Stephen Kim                    Laurel Pecchia            Reesha White
 Jeffrey Farooq             Julian Kimura                  Jonah Perine              Danielle Williams
 Jason Flannigan            Meredith Klashman              Ethan Pham                Stephanie Wong
 Julianne Fu                Brandon Kobayshi               Kevin Piper               Kristina Wong
 Wakana Fujiwara            Golden Kong                    Nicole Powell             Peter Yamanaka
 Jonathon Gau               Dora Kram                      Brianna Prock             Ina Yamauchi
 Tiffany Gean               Vedika Kumar                   Yifang Qian               Alicia Yang
 Shreya Gelly               Tyler Lacombe                  Stephen Qu                HeeChang Yang
 Crystal Gianvecchio        Carol Lam                      Ge Qu                     Brandon Yi
 Daniel Gomez               Juliette Langit                Laura Quinn               Kendyl Yonamine
 Yara Gorashi               Benjamin Latesch               Shannon Quinn             Marissa Yoshizawa
 Zamantha Granados          Jessica Lauro                  Salekha Ramayya           Hee Kyun Yun
 Michael Green              Jenna Lawrence                 Kyle Reece                Andrew Zhang
 Eunice Gwon                Kentaro Layton                 Henry Resnick             Mitchell Zhao
 Seung Hahm                 Connie Lee                     David Salvay              Sarah Zisser
 Mohamad Hamden             Kevin Lee                      Kenji Sato                Michael Asher
 Cameryn Hara               Jeannie Lee                    Drake Schauer             Andrew Wieland
               Paw Prints                          20                         April 2010
                               C S F        M e m b e r s h i p: Class of 2013
 The following students from the class of 2013 have qualified for junior membership for this semester (spring 2010) based
 upon grades from fall 2009 (semester ending 1-22-10). This list contains only those students who have current membership.
Zafirah Abdulrahoof
                             Janine Fu                     Rachel Lipton                       Courtlyn Shimada
Chase Abelson
                             Miya Fuh                      Michael Louie                       Abdul Siddiqui
Maeva Adoumie
                             Tyler Fukunaga                Joanne Louie                        Andrea Siegel
Kaela Aglipay
                             Christina Gago                Christopher Low                     Kharin Smiley
Hannah Akiyama
                             Ana Gheorghiu                 Taylor Lyberger                     Hannah Song
Erica Arnold
                             Heather Gillis                Jillene Ma                          Ryan Steubs
Laurel Ast
                             Silvestre Ginovelli           Jordan Mackenzie                    Melody Su
Jogen Atone
                             Sogol Gohari                  Lauren MacLEod                      Sayaka Suganuma
John Baer
                             Jason Griffin                 Mitchell Mailanen                   Melissa Sugay
Roanne Balagtas
                             Sara Grzywacz                 Yash Majmudar                       Ellen Suh
Ian Baxter
                             Dhoou Gupta                   Norika Matsuyama                    Conno Sweeney
Louis Bongard
                             Anna Gurevich                 Matthew McFarland                   Kristen Takemura
Sean Bonyadlou
                             Joo Hyung Hahm                John McGregor                       Nicholas Tang-Mifsud
Grant Borzigian
                             Alexander Han                 Max McHugh                          Daniel Tartakovsky
Samitha Boypalli
                             Aryan Haratian                Adriana Mellor                      Delana Tavakol
Aidan Browleit
                             Tiffanie Hassanally           Francesco Merola                    Chloe Techaueyres
Somako Bruya
                             Kim Hoey                      Nicholas Meyers                     Austyn Thalmann
John Buda
                             Mitchell Hong                 Carolyn Michael                     Krirstin Thordarson
Anthony Bumatay
                             Rebecca Hsiao                 Vimal Moorti                        Derek Torng
Mary Butcher
                             Patrick Hulbert               Alexander Moskhos                   Rachel Tosney
Sachi Carlson
                             Megan Hung                    Kaitlin Murray                      Jason Tran
Genon Catarroja
                             Andrew Igarashi               Vivian Na                           Terina Tsai
Victoria Chan
                             Charissa Iluore               Megan Nagasaki                      Anson Tsan
Shulin Chang
                             Mio Iwasaki                   Alexander Naylor                    Peter Tseng
Michelle Chao
                             Shahana Jaffer                Samantha Neal                       Emily Turpahjian
Alexander Chen
                             Seunghea Jung                 Megan Neene                         Grant Uba
Victoria Chen
                             Stephanie Kamar               Mitchell Nelson                     Kendall Van Nart
William Chen
                             Jamie Kang                    Cory Ng                             ClayVan Nortwick
Jeffrey Chen
                             Kyle Katayama                 Michael Nixt                        Jaime Velasquez
Jason Choe
                             Megan Kelly-Slatten           Akiho Ogawa                         Emilie Vieweg
Justin Choe
                             Nicole Kerkhof                Patricia Pan                        Grace Waldron
Yoon Sung Choi
                             Albert Khalbourji             Troy Paolucci                       Wendy Wei
Julian Choi
                             JaWon Kim                     Isabella Park                       Deborah Weltman
Joon Choi
                             Jung Eun Kim                  John Park                           Theodore Wendorff
Lisa Choi
                             Sarah Kim                     Dhrumi Patel                        Adam Whitman
Edwin Chu
                             Ji-Hae (Michelle) Kim         Akshay Patel                        Sabrina Will
Jason Chung
                             Aleks Kivuls                  Jake Phillips                       Alan Williams
Hannah Cochran-
                             Samantha Ko                   Gregory Phillips                    Malamatenia Wilson
                             Maika Koehl                   Kylie Pilger                        Austin Wong
Margaret Collins
                             Shogo Komiyama                Anne Pluimer                        Michelle Wong
Kentaro Crockett
                             Meena Kopti                   Olivia Quan                         Erika Woo
Dana Dai
                             Chanel Kostich                Samuel Quon                         Joel Wyman
Christopher De La Fuente
                             Kristen Koyanag               Taylor Raymond                      Sean Yamone
Natalia DeSalles
                             Issac Kuo                     Roxana Razi                         Monami Yang
Jake DeWitt-Hoeger
                             Leslie Kurt                   Sehar Redmari                       Teren Yedikian
Dylan Do
                             Guan-Ju Lai                   Brian Rubin                         Chandler Yee
Danica Duenas
                             Nicholas Lapinski             Kristi Sakai                        Alexander Yen
Jackson Dulzo
                             Nicholas Le                   Aaron Santos                        Ashley Yin
Veronica Edwards
                             Benjamin Lee                  Arina Sato                          Paul Yoon
Noelani Emnance
                             Sangheon Lee                  Melissa Sato                        Ryan Yoshikawa
Rachel Enders
                             Anabel Lee                    Bethan Saunders                     Michael (Cheong-In) Yu
Nicholas Entin
                             Brian Lee                     Sarah Schafenacker                  Matthew Yun
Mahnoor Euceph
                             Brian Lee                     Christy Schmidt                     Jasmine Zahedi
Amir Fadlallah
                             Jamie Lesser                  Alexis Sears                        Jack Zalinskas
Bruce Fan
                             Michelle Lin                  Riley Seidman                       Henry Zhang
Devin Ferguson
                             Jenna Lin                     Cynthis Shi                         Camille Zuliani
Tara Florentino
                             Josephine Lin                 Ashley Shim
Andrew Folks
                      Paw Prints                                                                       21                                                                                   April 2010
                                                         PVPHS College & Career Center (CCC)
     Thank you, Peninsula Education Foundation, for making the CCC possible!
                                  April Update
                                                                                   march/april update
" #$%&'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                                            " #$%&'!!
" ($)$*+,!-./+01!-.2&3!4%56.-'!                                                                             " B<!92//$0.*3!.%8601!%0!O>!9*%--Q!9+0-6&$/!/$16-.$/601!<+/!.4$!DO:!D25R$9.!:$-.!<+/!
" 7+/8!4%/&!60!9*%--!$)$/3!&%3!%0&!-./6)$!.+!1$.!.4$!5$-.!1/%&$-!,+--65*$'!!                                    .4%.!9*%--'!I+0-2*.!3+2/!9+20-$*+/!<+/!/$9+@@$0&%.6+0-!+0!.%8601!.4$!DO:!
  :46-!6-!.4$!5$-.!;%3!.+!,/$,%/$!0+;!<+/!9+**$1$'!                                                              D25R$9.!:$-.1!!
" =6-6.!9+**$1$-!%03;4$/$!%0&!$)$/3;4$/$!3+2!1+'!                                                           !!!!!233"144+%3-(977#:#;9%5,-(964"5%(3'(#4+%3<+*;=#(3<3#+3<"5#"%5%3'9$!
" >/$,%/$!0+;!<+/!<60%*!$?%@-!53!&+601!;$**!60!9*%--!$)$/3!&%3'!                                            !!!!:+!-$$!%!*6-.!+<!-94++*-!/$T26/601!DO:!D25R$9.!:$-.-H!!!
" A$.!B0)+*)$&!%.!>=>CD'!                                                                                   !!!!233"144>>>-(96"%++"5#"-(964%,6'++'9$+?5#@?+*;=#(3+-%+"A!
" A$.!.+!80+;!3+2/!9+20-$*+/'!                                                                          ¥       EI!D25R$9.!:$-.!#$T26/$@$0.-!<+/!I*%--!+<!UVWUH !
" E,&%.$!3+2/!F%)6%09$!%99+20.!;6.4!%!92//$0.!$@%6*G,%--;+/&H!                                          ¥       233"144>>>-*$'&#5+'389B(%7'B95$'%-#,*4%,6'++'9$+4*$,#5:5%,?%,64"%32+?39?
           !      A+!.+!.4$!III!+/!I+20-$*601!J<<69$!                                                         %,64B5#+26%$4#A%6'$%3'9$?5#@+-2367!
     !            K@%6*!"#$$%&'%$(#)"&"*+,-./0-(%-*+!<+/!%--6-.%09$!                                        " >/$,%/$!0+;!<+/!<60%*!$?%@-!%0&!-299$--!60!9+**$1$!53!;+/8601!4%/&!60!9*%--!$)$/3!
" D.%/.!3+2/!/$-2@$!+0!F%)6%09$!L!9*698!+0!M%5+2.!@$N'!                                                       &%3!%0&!8$$,601!2,!;6.4!9*%--$-!+0!%!/$12*%/!5%-6-'!
" :4608!%5+2.!3+2/!-2@@$/!,*%0-H!K?,*+/$!M$0/694@$0.!,/+1/%@-N!%0&!                                         " >/$,%/$!<+/!.4$!DO:H!!
      !M+.4$/!-2@@$/!,/+1/%@-N!+0!F%)6%09$'!=6-6.!K0/694@$0.!O**$3!<+/!@+/$!                                  !!!!/X!#$9$6)$!.4$!DO:!Y2$-.6+0!+<!.4$!(%3!53!$@%6*H!!
      6&$%-1!233"144#$5'(26#$3%77#8-(964-!P$!-2/$!.+!609*2&$!.6@$!<+/!<20Q!                                     !!!!!!!!!233"144%""+-(977#:#;9%5,-(964@93,4@*#+3'9$-,9!!!!
      /$*%?%.6+0!%0&!-2@@$/!/$%&601!<+/!$0R+3@$0.S!                                                         !!!!!!!!!0X!#$%&!.4$!0$;-,%,$/Q!$-,$96%**3!.4$!$&6.+/6%*!-$9.6+0'!
      !                                                                                                     !!!!!!!!!CD!K?,*+/$!Z$.4+&!:$-.!>/$,!+0!F%)6%09$![%-8!3+2/!9+20-$*+/!+/!)6-6.!.4$!IIIX'!
       !                                                                                      JUNIOR        !!!!!!!!!!!!!\!]+160!.+!F%)6%09$'!!
    ¥ #$%&'!
                                                                                                            ! !!!!!!!!\!I*698!+0!M.$-.!,/$,%/%.6+0N!<+20&!+0!.4$!*$<.!-6&$!+<!.4$!-9/$$0'!
    ¥ >/$,%/$!<+/!.4$!DO:H!!
                                                                                                            " A$.!60)+*)$&!%.!>=>CD'!
                                                                                                            ¥ A$.!.+!80+;!3+2/!9+20-$*+/'!
                                                                                                            ¥ =6-6.!9+**$1$-!$)$/3;4$/$!%0&!%03;4$/$!3+2!1+!$)$0!6<!<+/!+0*3!WV!@602.$-'!
                                                                                                            " E,&%.$!3+2/!F%)6%09$!$@%6*!%0&!,%--;+/&'!B<!3+2!4%)$!<+/1+..$0!3+2/!,%--;+/&!
    !!!!CD!K?,*+/$!Z$.4+&!:$-.!>/$,!+0!F%)6%09$![%-8!3+2/!9+20-$*+/!+/!)6-6.!.4$!IIIX'!                         +/!0$$&!%--6-.%09$!,*$%-$!$@%6*H!"#$$%&'%$(#)"&"*+,-./0-(%-*+-!C%)$!%!
    !!!!!!!!\!]+160!.+!F%)6%09$'!!                                                                              -$,%/%.$!%0&!%,,/+,/6%.$!$@%6*!%&&/$--!<+/!3+2/!-94++*!60<+/@%.6+0'!A$..601!60!
    !!!!!!!!\!I*698!+0!M9+**$1$-N'!                                                                             .4$!4%56.!+<!!"#$%&'(.4+-$!$@%6*-!;6**!8$$,!-.2&$0.-G<%@6*6$-!2,!.+!&%.$!%0&!
    ! !!!!\!I*698!+0!M.$-.!,/$,%/%.6+0N!<+20&!+0!.4$!*$<.!-6&$!+<!.4$!-9/$$0'!                                  ,/$,%/$!-.2&$0.-!;$**!<+/!9+**$1$'!I+**$1$-!9+@@2069%.$!)6%!$@%6*!%0&!;%0.!
    " :%8$!%!,/%9.69$!DO:GOI:GD25R$9.!:$-.Q!6<!0$9$--%/3Q!60!+/&$/!.+!$?,$/6$09$!.4$!                           -.2&$0.-!.+!1$.!60!.4$!4%56.!+<!/$%&601!$@%6*-!0+;'!
                                                                                                            " !
    " #$16-.$/!<+/!+<<696%*!DO:Q!OI:!^!D25R$9.!:$-.-![6<!94++-601!@%.4!5$!-2/$!.+!.%8$!                                                                                                            SENIOR
      Z%.4!UX'!P$!-2/$!.+!9+@,*$.$!+0$!OI:!+/!DO:!.$-.!53!$0&!+<!R206+/!3$%/'!                              ¥ #$%&!<+/!$0R+3@$0.'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    " I+0-2*.!3+2/!9+20-$*+/!<+/!T2$-.6+0-!9+09$/0601!.4$!DO:!D25R$9.!:$-.-'!                               " D94+*%/-46,!+,,+/.206.6$-!%/$!-.6**!%)%6*%5*$!+0!F%)6%09$!L!;%.94!&$%&*60$-S!
      233"144+%3-(977#:#;9%5,-(964"5%(3'(#4+%3<+*;=#(3<3#+3<"5#"%5%3'9$!                                    " b$$,!4%/&!9+,6$-!+<!%**!&+92@$0.-'!
    " :+!-$$!-94++*-!/$T26/601!.4$!DO:!D25R$9.!:$-.H!                                                       ¥ #$)6$;!<60%096%*!%6&!,%98%1$-!-$0.!;6.4!+<<$/-!+<!9+**$1$!%&@6--6+0'!Y2$-.6+0-c!!
      233"144>>>-(96"%++"5#"-(964%,6'++'9$+?5#@?+*;=#(3+-%+"A!                                              !!!!!D$$!Z/-'!b+3%0%16!60!III'!!!
    " A$.!.+!80+;!3+2/!9+20-$*+/!%0&!&$)$*+,!-./+01!-.2&3!4%56.-'!                                          ¥ =6-6.!9+**$1$-Q!6<!,+--65*$Q!.+!9+@,%/$G9+0./%-.!%-!&$96-6+0-!%/$!@%&$'!
    " :4$!5$-.!;%3!.+!,/$,%/$!<+/!O>!$?%@-!%0&!9+**$1$!6-!.+!&+!!;$**!60!9*%--$-!                           " O**!9+**$1$!&$96-6+0-!%/$!/$*$%-$&!53!O,/6*!W !L!D.2&$0.-!)*+,(0+.6<3!!
          $%94!%0&!$)$/3!&%3'!                                                                              !!!!%**!9+**$1$-!53!Z%3!W '!F+.6<3!+0*3!W!9+**$1$!+<!3+2/!60.$0.!.+!%..$0&'!
    " =6-6.!9+**$1$-!;4$/$)$/!3+2!1+'!                                                                      ¥ Y2$-.6+0-!/$1%/&601!;%6.*6-.!-.%.2-c!=6-6.!3+2/!9+20-$*+/!+/!.4$!III'!
    " FOIOI!L!-.2&$0.!/$-+2/9$-H!!                                                                          " :4$!III!0$$&-!.4$!4$*,!+<!$)$/3!-$06+/'!>*$%-$!60,2.!9+**$1$!&$96-6+0!60<+!.+!
          233"144>>>-$%(%($#3-95:4E3*,#$3F#+9*5(#+4G%:#+4,#B%*73-%+"A!                                        F%)6%09$'!!E-$!92//$0.!$@%6*G,%--;+/&'!I+@,*$.$!U!-$06+/!-2/)$3-!53!Z%3!W` '!
    " E,&%.$!3+2/!F%)6%09$!$@%6*!%0&!,%--;+/&'!F%)6%09$!6-!.4$!@%60!-+2/9$!+<!                                B0-./29.6+0-!;6**!5$!,/+)6&$&!60!K01*6-4!9*%--'!
      9+@@2069%.6+0!</+@!.4$!III'!B<!3+2!4%)$!<+/1+..$0!3+2/!,%--;+/&!+/!0$$&!                              " E#$'95!:5%,#+!(9*$3!<!+3%8!B9(*+#,H!>/$,%/$!0+;!<+/!O>!$?%@-!%0&!<60%*-!53!
          %--6-.%09$!,*$%-$!$@%6*H!"#$$%&'%$(#)"&"*+,-./0-(%-*+-!                                             &+601!;$**!$%94!%0&!$)$/3!&%3!60!9*%--'!
    " C%)$!%!-$,%/%.$!%0&!%,,/+,/6%.$!$@%6*!%&&/$--!<+/!3+2/!-94++*!60<+/@%.6+0'!                           " A$.!60!.4$!4%56.!+<!!"#$%&'!3+2/!$@%6*-'!I+**$1$-!9+@@2069%.$!)6%!$@%6*!%0&!
      A$..601!60!.4$!4%56.!+<!!"#$%&'(.4+-$!$@%6*-!;6**!8$$,!-.2&$0.-!%0&!<%@6*6$-!2,!                        ;%0.!-.2&$0.-!.+!1$.!60!.4$!4%56.!+<!9+@@2069%.601!)6%!$@%6*!0+;'!
          .+!&%.$!%0&!,/$,%/$!-.2&$0.-!;$**!<+/!9+**$1$'!I+**$1$-!9+@@2069%.$!)6%!$@%6*!                    " 7/6.$!.4%08!3+2!0+.$-!.+!.4+-$!;4+!;/+.$!9+**$1$!%,,*69%.6+0!+/!-94+*%/-46,!
      %0&!;%0.!-.2&$0.-!.+!1$.!60!.4$!4%56.!+<!/$%&601!$@%6*-!0+;'!                                           /$9+@@$0&%.6+0!*$..$/-!+0!3+2/!5$4%*<'!
                                                    .4     .4
    " _206+/!9+20-$*601!-$--6+0-Q!60!9*%--!+0!Z%3!W` !^!Wa Q!;6**!%0-;$/!@%03!                              " :;+!5++8-!.4%.!@%8$!1/$%.!16<.-!<+/!4614!-94++*!1/%&2%.$-H!!
      9+**$1$!%&@6--6+0-!%0&!%,,*69%.6+0!T2$-.6+0-!<+/!/6-601!-$06+/!-.2&$0.-'!                               *Wooden!53!_+40!7++&$0!!!!!!!!\The Outliers!53!Z%*9+*@!A*%&;$**'!
                 Paw Prints                                                 22                                           April 2010

                                              CCC Calendar of Events April - June
                             Thank you, Peninsula Education Foundation, for making the CCC possible!

     Date                                 Event                                        Grade Level            Location       Time
 April TBD          ACT PLAN Test Score Return/Information Night               Sophomores                      CCC          6:30 pm
                    (Naviance email invitation with details)
 April 17           Practice SAT, Subject or ACT Test                          Interested students             CCC          9:00 am
                    Sign up in CCC
 May 17 & 18        Junior Conference with Counselors                          Junior students                 Class        All Day
                    (during designated class time)
 May 19             Honors & Awards Night                                      Invitation only                 Gym          6:30 pm
                    (Naviance email invitation with details)
 June TBD           2009 Alumni Student Panel                                  Senior students only            CCC          All Day

                              College Admissions Testing Calendar March – June 2010
 To sign up for the SAT & Subject Tests:
 SAT Test Registration Dates and Deadlines: 233"144+%3-(977#:#;9%5,-(9645#:'+3#54+%3<,%3#+
 To sign up for the ACT Test:
 ACT Test Registration Dates and Deadlines: 233"144>>>-%(3+3*,#$3-95:45#:'+34,%3#+-2367
 The CEEB (College Entrance Examination Board) code for PVPHS is 052683.
 To sign up for a Practice Test:
 Come to the CCC. View the CCC Calendar of Events for dates.

 Juniors and Sophomores – Consider taking the Subject Test for any current AP class. Be sure to know the Subject Test requirements for
 colleges being considered. Students need to consult their counselor regarding Subject Tests.
 To view a list of schools requiring Subject Test visit1!233"144>>>-(96"%++"5#"-(964%,6'++'9$+?5#@?+*;=#(3+-%+"A.
 To view the UC Examination requirements, including Subject Test requirements, visit:





 !¥ ! Countdown to College with Beth Pickett: 233"144>>>-(9*$3,9>$39(977#:#5%,'9-(96/

  ¥      College Navigator: 233"144$(#+-#,-:9&4(977#:#$%&':%3954!
         Career search: 233"144>>>-(,#-(%-:9&45#4,(4!I!233"144>>>-(%5##5&98%:#+-:9&4!
  ¥      Understanding the college admissions processH!!233"144>>>-#,*(%3'9$(9$+#5&%$(8-95:4!
 ¥       U.S. News & World Report Video on Senioritis, Transfer, Grad School, College Road trips:


           E%(%1!F#$'%-2C#$1!/'&4'0C(G!&$!?06%0$-#!,$.#'!12#!F-&55#4#(G!10>!!         !               !   !          !
   ¥ E%(%1!)!233"144#$5'(26#$3%77#8-(964!
   ¥ :&$(%.#'!6&5,$1##'!;&'=!%$!0$!0'#0!&3!/#'(&$05!%$1#'#(18!

   ¥ :&$(%.#'!4#11%$4!0!B&>8!HC/5&+C#$1!.#6#5&/(!3%$0$-%05!0;0'#$#((A!!
 !!!!!!!!!!/#'(&$05!.%(-%/5%$#A!1%C#!C0$04#C#$1A!0$.!%$1#'/#'(&$05!'#501%&$(2%/!(=%55(8!!                                                 !
     Paw Prints                          23                               April 2010

Teen Fun on the Peninsula Center Library Rooftop

Teens, join us for some Bollywood-style fun on Friday, April 16, 6:15 – 9:15 p.m.,
on the Peninsula Center Library rooftop parking deck. Try out yoga, enjoy authentic
Indian snacks and drinks, get a (temporary) henna tattoo and watch a Bollywood movie
under the stars, all for free! Bring your chairs and remember, it may be chilly, so bring
a jacket.

At 7:30, a Bollywood movie will be shown on the library’s outdoor movie screen. The
movie is based the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice, with a Bollywood
twist and is rated PG-13.

For more information call 310.377.9584, ext 240 or check
        Paw Prints                 24                        April 2010

                         PVP Council of PTAs


                 Reflections Award Ceremony

                            April 14, 2010

                               6:30 p.m.

                Ridgecrest Intermediate School MPR

Six entries from PVPUSD Council won at the 33rd District judging. They
went on to the State competition. State winners may be announced at
this ceremony!

Next year’s theme is “Together We Can”. Hope to see all your wonderful

Co-Chairs, Reflections Program
Won Na Ng
Amy Lam
           Paw Prints                               25                                    April 2010

The Costume Closet is your source for themed parties, special events as well as book reports,
                   historical representations and other school projects.

         Spring is here and it is inventory time at the Costume Closet.
     Earn $10 an hour for your school and credit toward your own rentals!
          April 16- 30, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (every day except Sunday.)
                       Call Judy/310-378-5005 to sign up

                                      Costume Closet Hours
                           Mon., Thurs. and Fri. 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
                       Weds. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sat. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
                               Closed Sundays and Tuesdays
        We will be closed for Spring Break – Monday, April 5 – Saturday, April 10

                                300 “D” Paseo Del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates

The Costume Closet accepts CASH and CHECKS ONLY. There is a deposit fee and a rental fee so you
may want to bring at least one check for the deposit.

Funds raised through the rental of costumes benefit the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District via the
PTA/PTSA units!

Our Costume Closet is a project of the PVP Council of PTAs.

Please call Judy or Peggy, 310-378-5005, for questions regarding the Costume Closet or speak with your PTA
Costume Closet Representative.
          Paw Prints                         26                              April 2010


Thank you to all the volunteers from your school and the many supporters of the Costume
Closet. Without you, the Costume Closet would not be what it is today. On March 19, 2010,
the PVPUSD PTAs and PTSAs received checks totaling $38,457; your PTA/PTSA received a
portion of that. Despite the economy, the Costume Closet had more rental income that ever
before, and it is our pleasure to pass our proceeds on to you. Since the early 80’s when the
Costume Closet first started giving donations to the PTA Council, the schools, and the PTA’s
and the Council have benefitted with over $500,000 to them by us.

We can always use more volunteers; please think about it. You, too, can earn $$$ for your PTA
as well as credit towards rentals.

When you see your volunteers, please give them a big thank you for earning money for your

Judy Lacer, Director

                        Thank you Pen High Parents
                         Carolyn Tuttle              367.00
                         Maya Lee                     79.00
                         Barbara Chan                 34.00
                         Mina Jorgensen               33.00
                         Rebecca Poon                 25.50
                         Sherry McCulloh              24.00
                         Julie O’Meagher              18.00
                         Kelly Bates                  14.25
                         Joanne Wright                 9.00
                         Jo-Anne Silva                 8.50
                         Sheela Inuganti               6.00
                         Deborah Smith                 4.00
                         Casey McCulloh                3.00
                         Leslie Scow                   2.50
                         Susan Swank                   2.00
                         Meiling Yuen                  1.50
                         Alyssa Lee                    1.00
                         Carol Quan                    1.00
                             total hours worked:                633.25
                             amount donated:                  $9499.00
   Paw Prints                          27                                                         April 2010


              “A Marvelous Night for a Moondance”
     Main Event 2010
   Saturday, May 8, 2010
      Terranea Resort
     6 pm to midnight
           Silent auction
            Wine auction
            Live auction
  Dinner by the chefs at Terranea
     Dancing to the sounds of
       the John Brown Band
  Special room rates, babysitting,
  Mother’s Day Brunch at Terranea

  Reservations and tickets online at
                Original painting by local plein air artist Don Crocker will be available at Main Event.

                                                             Visit our on line auction!
                                                            Can’t come to Main Event?
                                                          Love surfing the net in your PJ’s?

                                                       Here’s your chance to get a piece of
                                                         the Main Event auction EARLY!

       You can win this car!                      Sports tickets, travel, art, jewelry, parking
       A sporty Lexus IS 350                           passes, grad tickets and more!
    1 ticket $50/3 tickets $125
Available online at                      Check it out April 16 – April 26!
     Thanks to our friends at

                                            P.O. Box 2632, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274
                                                   310.378.2278 Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
                                                                          Tax ID#95-3498211
    Paw Prints                    28                         April 2010

                 One Act Student Directed Plays
                        April 1st at 7pm ($5)
    “He’s Having A Baby”, “Flowers for Algernon”, “Splitsville”
               Cast lists are posted on the website.

                      For incoming 9th graders
                   Drama I Advanced Auditions
               April 21, 22 and 27 at 3:30 p.m. (PAC)
              Audition flyer available on the website.

              2010 Summer Musical “Guys and Dolls”
         Information Meeting April 14 at 3:30 p.m. (PAC)
               Audition flyer available on the website.
       Auditions on May 17 and 18 and Callbacks on May 20

The Appetizer will donate 25% to the Drama Boosters from take out,
        dine in and delivery orders on April 23, 24 and 25.

   Student Production “The Creature Creeps!” by Jack Sharkey
                    Show Dates: May 6-9, 2010
           Directors: Samantha Hill, Kaitlin Van Volkom
                       Producer: Erica Bower
        Cast list and ticket info are posted on the website.

   Please support the Drama Department, join Drama Boosters.
       For more information, go to
               or call 310-377-4888 extension 830.

                     Be part of the drama!
      Paw Prints                                29                                     April 2010

All choirs just finished performing at the Pen Café. What a success it was! Ruqayyah Abdulrahoof
said, “Pen café was a very exhilarating experience. Women’s choir sang the Locomotion. I also had my
first solo in this choir, so I was really excited.” Hannah Song, also a member of the Women’s choir
performed a duet (Battle by Colbie Callait) at the Pen café with Rachael Gonzalez. Hannah said, “We
were really nervous at first, but when we began to sing, we just felt the message of the song and did our
very best.” Man’s Doo Wop sang Viva la Vida which received a roaring applause. Women’s A Capella’s
performed “Fever” for another thunderous response. Ethan Lee said, “My favorite act was Over the
Rainbow by Pia-Marie Kawagoe, David Kim, and Stefani Fan. David used skills he learned in Mr.
Doctor’s music theory class to completely rearrange the song into a new and interesting version that
nobody had heard before. This is definitely my favorite concert and I really want to do it again.” Alyssa
Miyamoto was stage manager and thus was able to see all of the acts and she said, “There wasn’t a weak
spot in the show.” Varsity voices were particularly energetic and the audience loved them! Ethan Lee
described the Mr. Kim and Friends concert as “performances that included a broad range of music -
anything from folk to metal to pop - and it was awesome to see my math teacher perform.”

The big annual competition this year is The Heritage Festival in Chicago. Shayne Burns, from the
Advanced Women’s assemble, said she is “so excited about the Festival. We are going to meet so
many new people and hear different choirs from all over the nation. I’m confident we will win!” Sara
Grzywacz, also from the women’s assemble, said, “I’m excited about my first trip with my choir family.
I’m looking forward to performing Ubicaritas which we will sing in Latin. We also have a gospel song
Right on King Jesus that I especially enjoy because it gives us a feeling of hope.” At the Festival, the
students will also be privileged to enjoy time at the Navy Pier, walks along Magnificent Miles, visit to
Millennium Park, visits to museums, night out at Comedy Sportz and Medieval Times, and of course fun

Reminder: the student body will be having choir placement auditions for next year’s choir on April
13th, 14th, and 15th from 3p.m.-5p.m. in the choir room (S33). For the audition the students should
prepare a song of their choosing. Mr. Doctor will ask them to sing a portion of it without any sort of
accompaniment (ex. piano, guitar, CD track). Then he will also ask the students to match pitches that are
played on the piano. Listen for announcements at school for more information on when to sign up for an
audition time.

Dates to remember: April 6 – 11 Heritage Festival in Chicago.

Elizabeth Moore, Choir Communications
         Paw Prints                               30                                     April 2010

The Orchestras
Our musicians had a great opportunity to attend the live rehearsal of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
on February 26, 2010 at the Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles. We were lucky to listen to a free concert
of the entire Beethoven Symphony No 7. What a meaningful learning experience for our students! Thanks
to the parent-chaperones.

The Philharmonic wrote to us, “This year, we are eager to hear feedback directly from your students so
that we may better serve them in the future. To that end, we have designed an online survey that students
can access at: We would appreciate it if you
would share this website with your students and encourage them to respond.”

Student participation is voluntary and anonymous. Completing the survey should take no more than 15
minutes. We will however reward the school with the highest survey participation rate with a free Hollywood
Bowl Vouchers (good for 2 bench seats) for each returned survey. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lydia Mulkey at

A very special thanks to Sally Chae, Sean Moran, David Lee, Trevor Portiz and our director Mr. Steiner
donating several hours of their time to provide us with music during an event they had at Terranea in
February. As a result, our orchestra booster club received a check in the amount of $1000.00 from Cox
Communications. Also, thanks to the parents of Alex Chen for the unexpected and generous donation made
to our orchestra of an amount of $1000.00.

Up-coming events: Friday June 2nd, 2010 7:00 p.m. at the RHUMC

TJ Chen, MiWurmbrand, Co-Presidents
Julie Creamer, Secretary
Liza Portiz, Treasurer
         Paw Prints                              31                                    April 2010

Concert Band
We will definitely meet in April 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the band room, since we should have new officers in
place for the following year. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know. Mari Yamanaka
and Kristine Sweetnam have already agreed to be in charge of uniforms again. Thank you so much for
the wonderful job you did this year and for staying on next year. Thank you to Susan Entin who has
also volunteered to be in charge of band camp and planning the meals for competitions next year. Please
consider helping the band drive the truck for next year. We are losing our Senior Parents who were very
generous with their time and took care of this.

Mary Ann Limbo, Marching Band President


Winterguard placed 3rd at their last competition on February 20th at Marina High School in Huntington
Beach, with a big jump in their total score from the first competition. The show has been renamed
“Another Day in the Office”. They are now working very hard learning the final and most challenging
part of their show, where they will be tossing rifles and spinning flags while in rolling office chairs.
They’re looking forward to further improving their score at their future competitions on March 13, March
27 and Championship on April 17.

We want to recognize Tim Melott for pulling our trailer at each competition, and Mo Chang, Emily
Nguyen, Yolanda & Alan Jenkin and Mimi Tran for driving our carpools to the competitions. Also
the Gonzales’, Nomiyama’s and Carino’s provided snacks and drinks. Thank you to all the parents who
helped. We couldn’t have done it without them!
           Paw Prints                                32                                     April 2010

Jazz Band
Parents: We need you! Nominate yourself. Please consider being a board member or just take on a
specific project. There are lots of opportunities to help with your children’s jazz band! If you have any
ideas for next year, please share them by sending an email to
Paw Prints   33                 April 2010

                  Jazz Band continued….
        Paw Prints                          34                                April 2010

 The Music Department Awards Banquet will be on Thursday May 13th at the Los Verdes
 Country Club. We invite the Jazz, Concert, Marching Band, Colorguard/Winterguard,
 Percussion, Orchestra, Choir students, and their parents, to join us at 6:00 p.m.
 We are limited to 270 attendees and the cost is still $35 prepaid, or $45 at the door. {We
 regret we cannot guarantee admittance, or a dinner, if you just show up at the door!}
 Invites will be handed out and emailed in the near future. To RSVP: Cut off the bottom
 portion of the invite, print your information, attach your check for all those who are going,
 staple your check to it, and put it in the envelope in the Instrumental Practice Room. Checks
 are payable to PVPHS Music Boosters.
  Graduating/Senior music booster students: you still need to pre-pay with a check for your
 RSVP, however, we will return it to you when you check in at the door. If you do not show
 up, you will forfeit the money as we will have already paid for your meal.


 Make your check payable to “PVPHS Music Boosters”

 Student Name ______________________________________
 Family Name _______________________________________ Number Attending ______
 Contact Information: Phone # (_____) ___________________
                      Family EMAIL __________________________________________

 Check Amount $_____________ Check Number_____________
           Paw Prints                               35                                   April 2010

                                   Panther Sports
                                         VARSITY BOYS GOLF

With the completion of the first week of League competition, the Panthers are 1-1.

In the first tournament of the 2010 Golf Season, the Varsity Boys Golf Team led by Trevor Portiz (81) placed
12th at the Ayala Tournament held on March 1st.

The first league match was against North Torrance at Palos Verdes Country Club on March 2. The Panthers
won 195-224. Kyohei Itamura (35), Mac Kimura (43), Trevor Portiz (39), Ryan Jackson (39), and Nick
Medina (42). On March 3, the match against Millikan was played at El Dorado with the Panthers losing 222-
218 led by Mac Kimura (40), Trevor Portiz (47), Elliot Kim (49), Ryan Jackson (43), and Nick Medina
(43). The team however did get to witness a hole-in-one shot by a Millikan player.

The Varsity Boys Golf Roster includes: (1) Seniors Kyohei Itamura, Ryan Jackson, Raphael Kho, Elliot
Kim, Mac Kimura, Trevor Portiz, and Alex Shin; (2) Juniors Jon Gould, J. Kim, Michael Lau, Nick
Medina, Chris Park and Max Teles; (3) Sophomore Chase Fujihara; and (4) Coach Bob Wilton.

                                    JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS GOLF

With the completion of the first week of League competition, the Panthers are 0-2.

In the first tournament of the 2010 Golf Season, the JV Boys Golf Team placed 24th at the Ayala Tournament
held on March 1st led by Kenny Lee (91) with a team score of 486.

The first league match was against Palos Verdes at Rolling Hills Country Club on March 2. The Panthers lost
223 -219 led by Alex Hwung (42), Ryan Yoshikawa (43), and Kenny Lee (44). On March 3, the match against
PV was played at Palos Verdes Golf Course with the Panthers losing 224-206 led by Ryan Yoshikawa (42) and
Marcus Tom (42).

The JV Boys Golf Roster includes: (1) Sophomores Alex Hwung, Matt Imwalle, Kenny Lee, and Marcus
Tom; (2) Freshmen Ian Banderas, Jason Choi, Steven Fodemski, Matt Lau, Max MacLeay, Clay Van
Nortwick, and Austin Wong; and (4) Coach Glenn Van Enk.

                                     GIRLS VARSITY SWIMMING

On March 2 Peninsula’s Varsity Girls Swimming Team hosted its first meet of the season, at Peninsula, easily
beating South Torrance High with a score of 124.5 to 45.5.

Coming back for their last season are Seniors Kayla Bazshustari, Kandace Booth, Diana Maltz, Sogole
Tabatabaiepur, Lauren Uba, Traci Vassallo and Danielle Wong; Juniors Lina Aoyama, Becky Butcher,
Jackie Chan, Monica Chen, Sayuri Hayashi, Karly Nishikawa, and Amber Pak; and Sophomores Kelsey
Bazshustari, Katie Draffen, Niki Kawakami, Alexandra Long, Jacqui Suitt, Allie Valasek and Lauren
Webb. New to the team are freshmen swimmers Megan Hung, Leslie Kurt, Roxana Razi, Courtlyn Simada,
Kharin Smiley and Chelsea Webb.
            Paw Prints                                36                                     April 2010

                                   Panther Sports
Notable highlights and first place finishes in the 200F and 500F by Traci Vassallo with a time of 2:08.06 and
5:48.18, respectively. Danielle Wong, with a time of 58.14, also out touched all in the 100F. Lina Aoyama
placed first in the 100 Fly with a time of 1:09.81. The relay team of Danielle Wong, Niki Kawakami, Traci
Vassallo and Becky Butcher took first in the 400F with a time of 4:03.46.

                                   GIRLS FROSH/SOPH SWIMMING

Who says cats can’t swim? Our Panther frosh/soph girls swam their way to a huge win against South in the first
meet of the season. On March 13, they headed to Mt. SAC for an all day meet. Results not in at time of printing.
Kiely Brady helped rack up points by coming in 1st for the 50 yard Back, first as 1/4 of the 200 yard Medley
and placed 2nd for the 100 yard Individual Medley. Jordan Elwood placed 1st in the 50 yard Free and was a
part of the 200 yard Free Relay. Rachel Enders helped her Relay team place 2nd. Sara Grzywacz placed in
the 50 yard Back and helped her Relay team place 3rd with teammates Ariana Haghighi and Karen Ichimaru.
Karen place 2nd in the 50 Back and her Free Relay team placed 2nd as well. Arisa Inoue got points for her 50
Breast Stroke. Ashley Kobayashi placed 2nd in the 50 Free and was on 2 Relay teams which placed 1st and
2nd in the 200 Free and 400 Free relays, respectively. The 200 yard Free saw Penn High swimmers Alexandra
Long, Emily Langland, and Gemma Western place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Kendall Van Nort placed 1st in the 100
Free and teammate Yoko Matsuo placed 2nd. They were on the 200 Free Relay team which placed 2nd, and
Yoko swam into 1st place for the 50 yard Breast Stroke. Gemma was part of the 1st place 200 yard Medley
relay. Hee Kyun Yun took 3rd place in the 50 yard Fly. Kristie Valentekovic assisted the Panthers place 2nd
in the 400 Free Relay. Come to the pool and cheer on the Panthers as they glide through the water on their way
to more victories, whether they are beating another team or their own best times.

                                       VARSITY BOYS BASEBALL

This year’s boy’s varsity baseball team is comprised of 20 players (11 seniors and 9 juniors). The seniors are
Joshin Atone, Jason Beck, Michael Draffen, Brandon Fu, Roy Hughes, Cameron Leigh, Ryan Pereborow,
Blake Perkins, Alexander Pettis, Yuki Takahashi and Spencer Wall. The juniors are Justin Hertzman,
David Luna, Henry Mainini, Sam Moore, Mark Okuma, Tony Poncia, Dillon Rozas, Luke Streeter and
Cristian Torres.

We celebrated Opening day on Saturday, February 20th with a Varsity vs. Junior Varsity practice game, played
on our newly renovated field. Many family members attended, since we also included a first ever Chili cook
off won by Chris Wall and a barbeque, plus raffles and chances to win many prizes.

Following Opening day and many practices, Pen beat Bishop Montgomery 12-0 at Pen in the first game of the
season played on March 5th. Cristian Torres pitched a complete 6 inning, three hit shut out, striking out 11
opponents. The defense was flawless including excellent catching by Joshin Atone, and great defensive plays
by Mark Okuma (2nd), Ryan Pereborow (first), Cameron Leigh (RF), Luke Streeter (CF), Tony Poncia
(SS), and Yuki Takahashi (3rd). All 9 starting hitters contributed to the offense, including Cameron Leigh
(1 hit and 2 runs), Joshin Atone (3 hits, 1 RBI, and 2 runs), Yuki Takahashi (2 hits, 2 RBIs, and 1 run), Sam
Moore (1 hit, a double, and 2 RBIs), Ryan Pereborow (1 hit and 1 RBI), Luke Streeter (1 run), Mark Okuma
(1 hit, 1 RBI and 2 Runs), Justin Hertzman (2 hits, including a home run, 2 RBIs and 2 Runs), and Tony
Poncia (2 hits, 1 RBI, and 2 runs).
          Paw Prints                                  37                                       April 2010

                                    Panther Sports
In the second game of the season, played on March 8th, Pen beat Carson 12-0 at Pen (the game against Carson
and the previous game against Bishop Montgomery are part of the El Segundo tournament). Dillon Rozas
pitched a complete 5 inning, no hit shut out, with 4 strike outs and no walks. The defense was solid including
good catching by Joshin Atone and good defensive plays by Ryan Pereborow (1st), Cameron Leigh (RF),
Tony Poncia (SS), Mark Okuma (2nd), Yuki Takahasi (3rd), and Dillon Rozas (Pitcher) (when the opposing
batters started trying to bunt because they could not get any hits off of Dillon). All 9 starting hitters contributed
to the offense, including Joshin Atone (2 hits, including a home run, 2 RBIs and 1 run), Yuki Takahasi (2 hits
and 1 RBI), Tony Poncia (1 hit and 2 runs), Cameron Leigh (1 hit, including a triple, 2 RBIs, and 2 runs), Sam
Moore (1 hit, including a double, 1 RBI, and 1 run), Ryan Pereborow (1 hit, 2 RBIs, and 1 run), Mark Okuma
(2 hits, including a home run and a double, 3 RBIs, and 2 runs), Luke Streeter (1 hit, including a double, and
1 run), and Justin Hertzman (1 run).

                                    JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS BASEBALL

The Junior Varsity Panthers opened their 2010 season with a thriller at Carson on March 5. Michael Green
and Matt Hezlep threw a combined 1-hitter on 7 strikeouts through 6, and the Panthers took a 1-0 lead into the
last of the 7th. After an unearned run scored, Gabe Linsky took the mound with no outs and runners on 2nd and
3rd. After a walk, a strikeout and an infield fly, Gabe fielded a soft grounder and tagged the final Colt batter
to secure a 1-1 tie as time was called. Derek Chance (2), Ted Dilts, Mickey O’Crowley and Chase Nakano
singled for the Panthers, whose lone run came in the 2nd on Gabe Linsky’s triple and Michael Green’s sacrifice
fly. Jordan Rice was robbed on a hard liner to third, as was Michael Mulligan on a deep drive to right. What
a way to start the season!

The Panthers won their first game and remained unbeaten with a 7-6 come-from-behind victory at home against
El Segundo on March 6. Ted Dilts pitched 4 and 2/3, but the Panthers were down by 3 when they came to
the plate in the 7th. Jordan Rice doubled to lead off the Panthers bat around, and Michael Green scored the
winning run on a blown pick-off attempt with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count on Chase Nakano. Earlier,
Green had 2 hits and 2 RBIs, and Derek Chance singled. Michael Mulligan doubled and was light’s out for
1 and 2/3 to keep the game close.

On March 10, the Panthers fell to the Loyola Cubs, 10-4, after surrendering 7 unearned runs in a second inning
which featured 12 batters and 8 hits. After the damage was done, the Panthers collected 9 hits and left 10
runners on base (both season highs). Chase Nakano, Michael Green, Michael Mulligan and Gabe Linsky
had 2 hits each, and Jordan Rice also singled. Defensively, Alex Crawford was brilliant in his pitching debut,
scattering 2 hits and 3 walks in 4 1/3 scoreless innings; Jordan Rice made a nice play deep in the hole at short
to retire the lead-off batter in 5th; and Gabe Linsky worked out of a 2-on, 1-out jam to close the game.

Panther bats came alive at San Pedro on March 12 as the Panthers beat the Pirates 8-6 behind 4 extra-base hits.
Will Cummins hit a 3-run homer (the Panthers’ first of the year). Michael Mulligan doubled twice and scored
3 runs. Ted Dilts doubled, scored and had two RBIs. Gabe Linsky had 2 RBIs on a single and a sacrifice
fly. Catcher Michael Green injured his arm while singling in the 5th inning. Defensively, Ted Dilts pitched 5
strong innings, scattering 3 hits and allowing only 1 earned run while recording 6 strikeouts. After robbing a
base hit behind the bag at second, shortstop Jordan Rice closed out the game, striking out 4 in two innings.
               Paw Prints                                 38                                       April 2010

                                       Panther Sports
                                      FROSH/SOPH BOYS BASEBALL

Our 2010 Frosh/Soph Baseball Team is lead by Coach Morris and Coach McPherson. The players are Johnny
Lauro (Captain), Ryan Fuhrman (Captain), Zach Laferriere, Joe Lebental, Brad Nichols, Jordan Zippert,
Matt Montalto, Drake Schauer, Jay Chance, Billy Delpit, AJ Fager, Yuuki Hayakawa, Mitchel Hong,
Max Moilanen, Jack Seaton, Sean Yamane, Kaz Yaganeh, Torris Cannon, OC Behrens, Andrew Folks,
Bo Steinhauer, and Troy Paolucci.

After weeks of long rigorous practices, our Frosh/Soph Baseball Team was eager to pounce on the field and
Play Some Baseball!! February 27th, would have been the date of their first pre-season game against Culver
City but it was cancelled due to the weather. Bummer. March 5th, was to be our first game of the North High
Tournament and the Panthers were to play Arcadia High School. Unfortunately, Arcadia High players arrived
too late for the game to start and we were unable to play.

On March 6th, our Panthers played at Downey High School, losing to the Vikings 9 to 3.. Our Panthers did
chalk up 12 hits, including 2 doubles, one by Ryan Fuhrman and the other by Brad Nichols. Jack Seaton
pitched efficiently as a middle-reliever, hitting one batter, but giving up no walks or runs, 2 hits, and he got two
strikeouts. He threw 26 pitches in 2 innings.

On March 9th, Long Beach Jordan visited the Panthers at Miraleste Field, where the Panthers dominated,
winning 15 to 0, allowing no hits. Penn’s pitchers struck-out 11 batters, and gave up 3 walks in 5 innings. Yuuki
Hayakawa struck out 5, Joe Lebental struck out 4, and Drake Schauer struck out 2, facing only 3 batters to
close with 10 pitches in the final inning. Jay Chance threw out a Jordan runner trying to steal 2nd base, with
Mitchel Hong laying the tag down. Chance also started a rundown by throwing over to 3rd base, where they
nailed the runner between 2nd and 3rd. The Panthers had 6 hits and no fielding errors on a very cold, windy

On March 10th, in game #3 of the North High Tournament, the South High Spartans came back late in the game
to tie the Panthers 4 to 4 in a 6 inning game, called due to darkness. Peninsula had 5 hits. Ryan Fuhrman
tripled down the 3rd base line for 2 RBI’s, and pitched 3 scoreless innings. Matt Montalto smacked a double
into left field. The Panthers led 4 to 0 going into the 4th inning, but the Panthers were unable to stop the Spartans
from scoring 2 runs in the 5th and 2 runs in the 6th. The Panthers couldn’t produce another run, so the game
ended in a tie.

Our Frosh/Soph Panthers are off and running. Let’s keep up the hard work boys. Practice Hard and Play Hard!!
Go Frosh/Soph Panthers!!

                                         VARSITY BOYS LACROSSE

The Boys Varsity Lacrosse season kicked off with an exciting game at Pen against Chaminade on Saturday,
March 6. The score was tied for a while at 3 to 3 with an eventual slim win by Chaminade, by a final score of
4 to 5. On Monday, March 8, 2010 the team played at Mira Costa against the Mustangs, and the players made a
valiant effort to get some goals for a final score of 12-4 in favor of the Mustangs. Scott Spielman made 6 shots
          Paw Prints                                39                                    April 2010

                                 Panther Sports
for 2 goals, Kodiak Spydell made 4 shots for 1 goal and one assist, and Michael Nocket, Blake Allman, and
Jason Yamanaka made two shots each, and Jason Yamanaka made that goal. Ching Kao, Jin Matsumoto,
Spencer Winter, and Hiroki Nakajima all made a shot on the goal, and goalie Barrington Wilson defended
the net from 14 potential goals. Coach Christian Sears is optimistic about having an outstanding season.

                                  JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS LACROSSE

The season opener on Saturday March 6th against Chaminade High School, at home, was a great introduction
for our young, mostly freshman team, into high school lacrosse competition. On Monday, March 8th they met
at Mira Costa High School to challenge the Mustangs.

Having only two games under their belts, at the time of this writing, freshman goalie Michael Gurunlian has
done an impressive job in goal. Our defensive unit, made up of Andrew Berwyn, Peter Berwyn, Zachary
Dunbar and Will Song work as a very strong cohesive unit. Their coach, Chris Jewett, feels they will only
become more solid as the season progresses.

Out of that pack, Andrew Berwyn has emerged as the defender who is capable of shutting down the opposing
team’s best attack man. He is someone who is relentlessly creating fast breaks with his keen sense of defense.
Denny Non and Kyle Uraguachi have been pleasant surprises with their great face-off skills. Denny’s face-offs
against Chaminade created goals and scoring opportunities for Ryan Augustine, Hiroki Nakajima and Nico
Vallin. Jake Stein and Andrew Handlen have demonstrated on the field leadership and hustle, especially as
the defensive middies, as well as off field mentoring, which a young inexperienced junior varsity team needs.

Please come out and support your junior varsity boy’s lacrosse and see what it’s all about! For game schedules
and information about lacrosse please visit:

                                     VARSITY BOYS VOLLEYBALL

Boys Varsity Volleyball is off to a very busy start of the pre-season, which started March 3rd. In the first 10
days, the boys have had 10 matches (4 and 6) and gained valuable experience for this somewhat young team.
The four seniors, Michael Lyons, Calvin Woo, Grant Walker and Andrieu Aguinaldo, are joined by the
strong junior group of Max Wyman, Michael Austin, Ryan Usui, Sean Reilly, Nick DiMatteo and Chris
Amsden. Sophomores Chandler Tayek and Matt Choi along with freshman Matt McFarland will be strong
contributors to the team for years to come. Michael Lyons leads the team by doing most of the setting. Max
Wyman, Michael Austin and Chandler Tayek provide most of the hitting. Middle blocking is shared between
Calvin Woo and Chris Amsden. The back row defense is led by returning libero Ryan Usui. The regular
season opener with Palos Verdes is on March 30th. Go Panthers.

                                JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS VOLLEYBALL

The Boys Junior Varsity volleyball team has gotten off to a great start under the direction of Coach Mike Jagd.
The team posted victories at South High and El Segundo High the first week of the season. On March 10, they
faced a scrappy Torrance High team and won 25-18, 25-19. They met a tough Bishop Montgomery team on our
            Paw Prints                                40                                     April 2010

                                   Panther Sports
home court March 12 and lost two close matches. The 2010 Junior Varsity team members are Joel Wyman,
Matt Sugimoto, Jake Simon, Sean Lynn, Andrew Jessop, Brian Levin, Sergio Staub, Forrest Lee, Chris
Keller, Aleks Kivuls, Ryan Blome and Shaunt Gharabegian.

                                  FROSH/SOPH BOYS VOLLEYBALL

The Boys Frosh/Soph Volleyball team kicked off its preseason with games against South Torrance, Torrance,
and a scrimmage against El Segundo during the first weeks of March. Coach Kevin Williams has thirteen new
players he is busy training and preparing for this upcoming league season. First year playing are sophomores
Brandon Sprague and James Riple, and freshmen Aryan Haratian, Albert Khalbourji, Jake Phillips, Matt
Bond, Kyle Reilly, Josh Engein, Jack Dulzo, Mateen Ramezani, Eric Yule, Patrick Hulbert, and Gino
Silvestre. After learning some new drills and skills, the Panthers are looking forward to adding some wins to
their tough start.

                                       VARSITY GIRLS LACROSSE

On March 6th, the Girls Varsity opened the pre-season with a tournament at the Rose Bowl. Playing 3 games
in the Red division, in the pouring rain, the lady Panthers out scored their opponents 30-11 with 13 different
players scoring goals. In the final game against Capo Valley, the Panthers were behind the entire game but never
gave up. They tied the score with only a couple minutes left to play in regulation. The game went to a 5 minute,
sudden-death play-off, and they put together some great passes and scored the winning goal. Tournament
scoring was lead by Sara Wong, 7 goals, and Liana Kwan, 4 goals, 2 players had 3 goals each and 3 players
scored in all three games.

On March 10th, the Varsity girls opened their season with a home game against Mira Costa. The Varsity jumped
to an early 2 goal lead but was unable to hold off Mira Costa in the end. The game ended with a 7-5 loss.

On March 11th, the Varsity girls had their first travel game against San Clemente High School. The girls had
a tough game, pulling to an early lead again but losing to the Tritons 8-3. Scoring was by Daisy Young and
Liana Kwon.

                                 JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS LACROSSE

On March 6th, the Girl’s Junior Varsity joined the Varsity at the Rose Bowl tournament. Several players got
some experience subbing into the games for the Varsity. The Junior Varsity girls worked hard in support of the
tournament by taking game stats for games from 8 AM until 3 PM, at times in the pouring rain. Thanks to the
Junior Varsity!

On March 10th, the Junior Varsity girls opened their season with a home game against Mira Costa. The girls
came out strong and never looked back. The final score in the Panther win was 11-3. Scoring goals for the
Panthers were Yurika Nishimoto with 3 goals, Lily Lai with 3 goals, Taylor Raymond with 2, and 1 goal
each for Kei Lin Chang, Zeina Awad and Tiffany Tan. Great goal tending was provided by Olivia Haley and
Isabella Havas.
          Paw Prints                                41                                    April 2010

                                   Panther Sports
On March 11th, the Junior Varsity joined the Varsity in their first away game against San Clemente High
School. The Panthers scored early and were able to hold off a late charge by the Tritons for the win. The final
score was 9-8, with scoring by Yara Gorashi, Yurika Nishimoto, Zeina Awad and Lily Lai.

                                         BOYS VARSITY TENNIS

10 S N E 1? With new Peninsula tennis courts, for many, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

The Panthers inaugurated their sparkling new courts—newly painted fences, net posts and wind screens—with
a victory over Beverly Hills, 13-5 on March 16th, and look for the heightened ambiance to inspire more wins
this season.

The boys’ tennis teams go into the Bay League season with some impressive non-league wins. The varsity is
7-1 and ranked #5 in CIF Division 1. They have 11-7 wins over both Harvard-Westlake and Brentwood and
13-5 wins over Beverly Hills and San Marino. They also defeated Chadwick, Newbury Park and Sunny Hills
with 15-3 scores. They also place 5th in the 16 team invitation-only Dana Hill Coastal Tournament.

The team, coached by Mike Hoeger, returns four seniors who started as freshmen--Melvin Low, Richard
Yan, Yasuto Miyawaki, and Greg Yin. The four top players are Shuhei Shibahara, Horea Porutiu, Chris
Dalton (all juniors) and Nick Tong (sophomore), and the captains are Miyawaki, Yin, Shibahara, and Dalton.
Junior Joseph Chou is a three year varsity starter and freshman Jake Hoeger has been placed in a starting role.
Seniors Justin Song and Lawrence Huang are two-year veterans. Also contributing are juniors Kevin Li and
Teddy Zhu and sophomores Arian Akhavan, Adnan Muttalib, Kyle Reece, and Andrew Zhang. Of the 19
players on the varsity all have played and all have individual wins. This team has terrific depth.

                                             BOYS JV TENNIS

The Junior varsity is 3-2 under seventh year coach Ron Saldana. They figure to repeat as Bay League JV
champions. This team defeated Bishop Montgomery 17-1, Newbury Park 12-6 and San Marino 10-8. They
lost to University and Harvard Westlake. Five juniors anchor the team: Ryan Ho, Karan Karia, Matt Kim,
Ronald Lee and Franco Staub. Five sophomores include returning players Simon Chae and Andrew
Whitman to go along with Albert Lui, Charles Ohata and Manu Vaish. Four freshmen have shown good
early potential: Alex Chen, Benjamin Lee, Matt Menard, and Jake Teren. Recently two more freshmen
were moved up from the frosh/soph team: Yuuma Sakakibara and Daniel Tartakovsky.

                                      BOYS FROSH/SOPH TENNIS

Coach Barbara Dewitt’s frosh/soph team is 1-2. They have the decided disadvantage of playing other teams’
junior varsity squads since most schools do not have frosh/soph tennis programs. The team lost to Brentwood
and Beverly Hills but defeated Sunny Hills 12-6. Returning players include Edwin Choi, Paul Lee and
Jumpei Natake. Other sophomore players include Daniel Byun, Aaron Chang, Michael Flores, Nobutake
Nakagawa, and Hajime Tsuchida. The freshmen class is equally deep: Somdeb Banerjee, Andre Enriquez,
Bruce Fan, Narain Inuganti, Jeff Lee and Chris Yeh. Singles players Yuuma Sakakibara and Daniel
Tartakovsky were recently moved up to the junior varsity because of their inspired play.

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