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					Online Travel Agency Program
November 2009 through February 2010

Program Description

The Online Travel Agency (OTA) Custom Sponsorship Program, CTTC’s main
online initiative for 2009/2010, continues to drive consideration of California
among consumers in the travel planning process on Expedia Network,
Travelocity Network and Orbitz.

Phase I
Brand positioning and OTA-served deals via a California-branded microsites
launched in November 2009. Microsites and online advertising play off the
“Pack More Into Your Vacation” campaign theme, developed to showcase the
abundance of diverse offerings within the Golden State. Microsites include
breathtaking California images, OTA-served deals, trip itineraries, must sees,
popular spots and much more.

Phase II
An incorporation of partner/co-op deals and content will be developed in
2010. CTTC is exploring the custom sponsorship on a broader, more custom
level, including ways to further incorporate partners and co-ops, leverage
existing co-op deals and drive additional traffic to the microsites.

Target Audience

Leisure travelers visiting online travel agencies to search, plan and/or book
their vacation (40% of whom visit OTAs first in their travel planning process).

Objectives & Reach

   •   In current economic climate, hold stead OTA bookings (air, hotel and
       rental car) using baseline metrics.
   •   Drive consideration of California among travelers by engaging in the
       social networks they rely upon to research and plan travel.
   •   Remain competitive throughout the year by creating a long-term
       persistent marketplace presence.
   •   Do more with less by building an online media program that carries as
       much value beyond paid media as possible.
  Results & Accomplishments

  Performance Metrics
  Microsite and online ad banner performance metrics since campaign launch:

     Travelocity                 TripAdvisor                 Expedia                   Orbitz
• Impressions:               • Impressions:           • Impressions:           • Impressions:
  22,722,860                   22,580,057               7,067,820                11,690,603
• Clicks: 25,376             • Clicks: 9,761          • Clicks: 7,999          • Clicks: 16,133
• CTR: 0.11%                 • CTR: 0.04%             • CTR: 0.11%             • CTR: 0.14%
• Page Views: 29,382         • Page Views: 7,527      • Page Views: 11,190     • Page Views: 34,463
• Total Uniques: 26,445      • Total Uniques: 1,042   • Total Uniques: 3,978   • Total Uniques: 19,680
• Average TOS: 2:49          • Average TOS: 2:16      • Average TOS: 1:04      • Average TOS: 1:30
   (CTR = Click-Thru Rate;   TOS = Time On Site)

  Bookings and Revenue Metrics
  Bookings and revenue return since program launch

               Benchmark                 Campaign
               (34 -month                (4-
                                         (4 -month
                average)                 average)
Bookings   726,720                   1,252,361

Revenue    $87,027,057               $78,370,030

  Program Contact(s)

  Antonette Eckert
  Acting Advertising & Co-op
  Marketing Manager

  Chris Kilkes
  Media Director