Option _7—Kinetic Sculpture _For individuals or groups of 2_ by wanghonghx


									Option #7—Kinetic Sculpture        (For individuals or groups of 2)

A work of art can “change” depending on how it is displayed, the light in which it is
viewed, or even its age. However, some art—kinetic art—is designed to change based on
a movement created by a stimulus, like wind or a motor. For this option, you will create
a kinetic environmental sculpture, a piece of art made largely of recycled materials that
moves or changes based on variations in an abiotic environmental factor (wind, heat,
light, water).

Project Requirements
Research an artist (or 2 artists if working in a group of 2) who worked in kinetic art
(preferably pieces that are responsive to abiotic environmental factors), land art, or
environmental sculpture. Write a short (up to one page, 12pt font, double-spaced)
biography of the artist and a description and opinion of one selected work.
Using at least 75% reused/recycled materials (provide one-paragraph
documentation/description of the recycled content), create a piece of kinetic sculpture.
The sculpture must change or move in response to stimulus from an abiotic
environmental factor as well as be aesthetically compelling and interesting. The sculpture
must be self-supported, safe, weigh no more than 40 pounds, and should be no larger
than a space measuring 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 feet. Entries will be judged at a Challenge Art
Show on April 19th, so you must be able to transport/display your piece.
Write a short (up to one page, 12pt font, double-spaced) artist’s statement for your
work. This statement should provide insight into why you created what you did: how you
were inspired and your thoughts process in conceptualizing the project. The artist’s
statement should also include a description of your piece and the information about the
process of construction.

Judging Criteria
Sculptures will be judged on artistry, originality, creativity, technical ability,
appeal, and clarity and thoughtfulness of the accompanying description and bio.

Special Conditions
Individuals or small groups of students are invited to visit the kinetic
sculptures at The Huntington, including Sounding Sculpture by Harry Bertoia, and
Ned Kahn’s creations for the Children’s Garden. To make arrangements, contact us at
<challenge@Huntington.org>. Schools submitting entries for judging must be ready to
transport and display their work for Challenge Art Show on April 19, 2011. Entry setup
will occur between 9:30am to 11:00am; judging will begin at 11:00am. At the end of the
Challenge Art Show, pieces and related material must be removed from the site.
Selected submissions will be displayed temporarily on the grounds of the
Huntington Botanical Gardens. If your piece has special requirements or considerations
for display, please contact us at <challenge@Huntington.org>. We will attempt to
accommodate when possible.

Submittal Requirements
Submit: One-page artist bio and opinion piece; documentation of recycled content;
artist’s statement; kinetic sculpture transported to the Huntington for display on April
19, 2011.
Maximum possible points: 100 points/student
Sculpture and written components due on Monday, April 4.
Turn them in to Mrs. Snyder in room 205.

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