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                                      Cath Elliott
                  *SIRENS* -Leftie Bollocks Alert- *SIRENS* -Leftie Bollocks Alert-
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Reason it's Annoying:
Stricly speaking - maybe this idiot should be posted on the Guardian RIA. But I feel this
Tucker Jenkins look-a-like derserves her own nom. Where do I start? Nothing i could say
could beat the Guardians mini-bio of her: "Cath Elliott is a feminist and a trade union activist.
She is currently working in local government. She posts on Cif as Mswoman."
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Hello Tucker! I always wondered what happened to you after the Grange Hill gates
closed! What a shame you didn't learn anything while you were there. When I say
anything, I really mean it. You literally know nothing about anything. You think you
do, but you're so misguided it's quite extraordinary. There’s nothing wrong, per se,
with being a feminist, but taking it to extremes simply damages the cause. I for one am
delighted that women (those that are stupid enough to want to) have to fight on the
front line and are about to end up paying more for their car insurance; this is what
equality is all about. To pretend though, that the male of the species is somehow surplus
to requirements is just stupid and looks like a terrible case of sour grapes on your part.
If it weren’t for men, there would be almost nothing of the world you see around you.
Now, I know you’re mentally protesting at this point, but really, deep down, you know
it’s true. If men hadn’t existed (apart from the obvious procreation problems), there
would be no housing as we know it, no aircraft, no space craft, no synthetic materials,
no glasses or contact lenses, no finance, no discernible art, no cars, no science, no
finance, no real economy and no Cath Elliott, spouting her anal seepage from your man
invented Internet. Isn’t it about time you just said thank you and shut the fuck up for 5
- Ricardo                        (15/03/11 13:36) Reply Report as offensive

    Well said Ric, nowt wrong with being a Feminist, it's Left-wing feminism, or
    'Marxism in drag', that's problematic. So much so that even young women today
    don't want to be associated with the label. In the video bellow, the brilliant Minette
    Marrin hits the nail squarely on the head.
    - Yukio Mishima                       (15/03/11 14:01) Report as offensive

    Brilliant! That actually gave me the horn. I'm rather undermining my own
    argument here, but by the end of that I really wanted to smash her back doors in.
    - Ricardo                      (15/03/11 14:15) Report as offensive

    I met her in the flesh once at a book signing. A gorgeous intelligent woman.
    - Yukio Mishima                        (15/03/11 14:53) Report as offensive

                              She's still here
                              - milo                (15/03/11 13:17)   Reply Report as offensive
                                         Anyone remember 'Franky Doyle'?
                                         - neva2busy            (15/03/11 13:24)   Report as offensive

Has she gone? I was just finishing lunch and popped out for another vanilla slice.
- neva2busy                (15/03/11 13:14) Reply Report as offensive

At least your blog is accurately named: I usually
find that stuffing her mouth full of cock usually shuts women like you up.
- milo                 (15/03/11 13:06) Reply Report as offensive

Yeah, the mature comments here are really winning people over to your cause guys.
Heaven forbid any of you should have daughters, I would fear for them, I really would.
- Guest    (15/03/11 12:42) Reply Report as offensive

    You can be sure of one thing, if we do have daughters we'll bring them up
    properly, unlike you and your commie, islam-loving, english-hating chums.
    - milo               (15/03/11 12:45) Report as offensive

    They're fine, really, thanks for asking.
    - Fred West (15/03/11 12:45) Report as offensive

    You know, Guest, you can click on 'Reply' to post a comment that is most relevant
    to the last. It just helps with communication.
    - Andy_Dandy          (15/03/11 12:46) Report as offensive

    That's Laurie Penny, and Cath Elliott upset, if we get the major prize George
    Monbiot to complete the triangle then we can pat ourselves on the back.
    - Tosser spotter                    (15/03/11 12:52) Report as offensive

If you wondered what all the fuss was about.
- Twitter Watcher (15/03/11 12:41) Reply Report as offensive

    We made her actually cry! This is a fucking great day for DSMO, Ricardo you
    should add it to the calendar and we can celebrate Bawling-Day on the 15th of
    March every year.
    - milo                (15/03/11 12:48) Report as offensive
    I'd be very happy to contribute one of my spunky hankies to mop up her tears.
    Awwww, poor lady. Wrap her sensitive little soul in cotton wool!
    - Andy_Dandy       (15/03/11 12:55) Report as offensive

    It's a shame your mum threw out Sooty now.
    - Tosser spotter                  (15/03/11 12:56)         Report as offensive

    - Andy_Dandy        (15/03/11 12:57) Report as offensive

    You can't say Sooty anymore actually, it's racist you fascist right wing running-
    dogs! People used to call nig-nogs Sooty in the 1970s so there actually.
    - Laurie Penny     (15/03/11 13:00) Report as offensive

I am assuming many find this remarkable woman a threat, but they should question
what about themselves she threatens? Cath Elliot, I know little about you but hope that
you can see this for what it is. It\'s a compliment, it means your words are reaching
people and stirring emotion, it means that you are rocking the world of some.
- Guest     (15/03/11 12:41) Reply Report as offensive

    Except of course that it doesn't mean that at all. It means there's simply more
    people who detest her and what she stands for today than did yesterday. A single
    word she writes is not going to have the slightest affect on the world ever. I hope
    she understands that.
    - milo                (15/03/11 12:51) Report as offensive

    Does that mean that everything I've been saying here doesn't change the world?
    Bugger! I'm going down the pub instead.
    - Tosser spotter                    (15/03/11 12:53) Report as offensive

    Being remarkable is relative to who's judging. She maybe remarkable to you, but I
    find her a boring one topic pony - like I find all Marxist-Feminists. As for the tired
    'externalizing/internal inscecurity' accusation, which we get from many a guest anti
    - you wish!
    - Yukio Mishima                        (15/03/11 13:57) Report as offensive

I am assuming many find this remarkable woman a threat, but they should question
what about themselves she threatens? Cath Elliot, I know little about you but hope that
you can see this for what it is. It's a compliment, it means your words are reaching
people and stirring emotion, it means that you are rocking the world of some.
- PosieParker (15/03/11 12:41) Reply Report as offensive

    Sorry deary, the World is laughing at you, you just haven't realised it yet.
    - Baggy (15/03/11 12:44) Report as offensive

    She's rockin' my world – phwoooaaarrrr!
     - Andy_Dandy          (15/03/11 12:44) Report as offensive

What sad, puerile, hate-filled people you are. Cath Elliott is a great journalist and
campaigner and has done a lot more to make the world a better place than all of you
who think this post (and the stunningly ignorant comments echoing its bile) anything
other than depressing, ignorant rubbish ever will.
- Guest     (15/03/11 12:31) Reply Report as offensive

     Is there any chance you could send me a pair of your signed panties in the post,
     - Andy_Dandy       (15/03/11 12:33) Report as offensive

     Go on then guest, please list some of Ms.Elliott's philanthropic achievements for us.
     - milo               (15/03/11 12:43) Report as offensive

     Silence is golden, golden..
     - The Tremeloes (15/03/11 12:47)    Report as offensive

All you guys have mummy issues. Aw diddums!
- Guest     (15/03/11 12:25) Reply Report as offensive

     Hmmm. I'm not sure what you mean by your ambiguity. Explain.
     - Andy_Dandy    (15/03/11 12:28) Report as offensive

You people are sickening. Absolutely sickening. If the majority of you are adults, I
suggest you do some growing up.
- Guest     (15/03/11 11:29) Reply Report as offensive

     I'm sorry, you have typed in the URL incorrectly; the Lesbian and Gay
     Switchboard is here:
     - bismark     (15/03/11 11:43) Report as offensive

     Have you seen her ramblings in the Guardian? She's obviously bonkers. Needless
     to say she doesn't get into the realms of idiocy of Laurie Penny but she could give
     her a good race.
     - Tosser spotter                      (15/03/11 11:54) Report as offensive

     Bismark: Genius! Because calling someone gay is a really clever insult!!! .. if you're
     12, and have never read a book.
     - Magnum (15/03/11 12:08) Report as offensive

     And you enjoy an all fish diet and masquerading as a man, i believe that makes you
     significantly sicker don't you think?
     - phlegminist (15/03/11 12:14) Report as offensive

     I've just read her 'Sisters who stand up to sexism, I salute you' article. I'd wager
     my mortgage that she's got a hairier minge than Kirstie Allsopp.
     - Andy_Dandy      (15/03/11 12:16) Report as offensive

     Good heavens above. She uses the same picture in the guardian,that's on this
     thread! I really thought that was the worst imaginable! Hahaha.
     - neva2busy                 (15/03/11 12:34) Report as offensive

     Hehe, it must be her best portrait.
     - Andy_Dandy       (15/03/11 12:37) Report as offensive

     Stupid lefto-cunt bitch. She's marching on the 26th : 'protesting on the day and
     voicing our opposition to the government's swingeing cuts." When are these
     dumbass liberal fuckers going to realise a simple fact - we have spending cuts
     because Gordon the moron spent all the money, and what he didn't spend he
     simply gave away to the banks, why can't the lentil farting likes of this silly bitch
     and Laurie Penny get it through their thick dykey heads? Repeat after me...
     - milo                (15/03/11 12:38) Report as offensive

The best thing about feminists, is that they have few-to-zero children. They are
exterminating themselves. Ha ha ahahah ah There IS a god.
- Masculist (13/03/11 02:14) Reply Report as offensive

     There IS a God and He is a MAN. I bet that really gets up the feminists hairy and
     bogey-clogged nostrils !
     - GuestHagen (13/03/11 09:43) Report as offensive

Cath? Strange name for a Russian weightlifter.
- bismark    (10/03/11 14:38) Reply Report as offensive

can someone add anoyances and move her on because I'm sick of seeing for ugly boy
dyke butch spot beneath her right eye shit earinged face
- otis             (10/03/11 14:20) Reply Report as offensive

Fred Elliott.
- neva2busy                       (09/03/11 09:21)     Reply Report as offensive

Bath Smelliott.
- big cj                            (08/03/11 22:37)     Reply Report as offensive

Look at the pose in that photo. Either she's stroking her goatee or she's desperately
trying to look intellectual. Or maybe both. Bastard.
- Ricardo                       (08/03/11 21:26) Reply Report as offensive

     With a face like that, it looks like it needs milking!
     - Ray Tupper       (08/03/11 21:27) Report as offensive
                                                                                    More like Paul
                                                                                    - Ray Tupper
                                                                                           (08/03/11 21:23)
                                                                                      Reply Report as offensive

This cunt is needed in Holland, the fucking Dyke!
- Ray Tupper      (08/03/11 21:18) Reply Report as offensive

     Aye, she let's out plenty of water but doesn't let any in.
     - Pezzer      (08/03/11 21:38) Report as offensive

                                        can someone put her back in hospital please
                                        - otis             (08/03/11 21:05) Reply Report as offensive

     Ahhhh, someone bought her an airfix dildo. How sweet.
     - Ricardo                   (08/03/11 21:06) Report as offensive

     Is that picture in hospital after it had the Penis Grafting Surgery?
     - Ray Tupper       (08/03/11 21:20) Report as offensive

"Tucker Jenkins look-a-like" Hahaha.
- Ricardo                    (08/03/11 20:58)      Reply Report as offensive
                                     It's uncanny
                                     - monkey               (08/03/11 21:09) Report as offensive

     fuck haha
     - otis              (08/03/11 21:14) Report as offensive

Wolfie Smith is alive and well and living in Norwich!! This is priceless Love the intro Commitment is free
- monkey     (08/03/11 20:40) Reply Report as offensive

     Sloganeering and pie-in-the sky vagaries aside, all that she demands (harsher
     sentences, end to arranged marriages and honour killings etc), can, ironically, only
     come from the Right. Or dare I say it, the Far-Right.
     - Yukio Mishima                      (08/03/11 21:20) Report as offensive

     'women,women,women' that's the only word she seems to use in that vid, another
     feminist who knows alot about nothing, only that she hates men so much she's
     making every effort to look like one.
     - Guest     (09/03/11 11:59) Report as offensive

What a horrible looking cunt.
- Coxy                            (08/03/11 20:09)    Reply Report as offensive

Billy Elliot
- Joe ego                        (08/03/11 20:04)    Reply Report as offensive

     Fred Elliot
     - willy digits                 (08/03/11 20:31) Report as offensive

I know fuck all about this person. but one thing just jumps out at you with that picture!
- Ray Tupper      (08/03/11 19:52) Reply Report as offensive

     until i read your comment on the main page I honestly thought it was a chap. ffs
     - otis               (08/03/11 19:54) Report as offensive

Good nom. Another ugly, sex-is-negative, skater-arounder of Islam and lover of
diversity whilst living in Norwich, puritanical feminist, who's wormed her way onto the
Grun's commentariat payroll after bombarding its message board for years with stupid
fucking comments. Biatch!
- Yukio Mishima                     (08/03/11 19:46) Reply Report as offensive

    Today's rant about the TUC march is particularly pathetic: What an
    absolutely depressingly thick bell-end she is
    - monkey      (08/03/11 19:51) Report as offensive

    Sorry man, can't go there. I have to ration this stuff for my own sake. Nina Power's
    article this morning sent me over my daily limit of Women Taking Bullshit.
    - Yukio Mishima                       (08/03/11 20:02) Report as offensive

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