Newton on Ouse Parish Council
                           MINUTES OF PARISH MEETING

Present:       Councillors Wendy Appleby (Chair); John Morris, Paul Robinson, Glenda Turnbull and Karen
Morris (Clerk) – Cllr Gary Craig arrived at 8.30pm, due to unforeseen circumstances.
In Attendance: Fiona Coleman (Broadacres), Christine Norman (Broadacres), County Councillor Caroline
Patmore (arrived at 8.05pm), Bill Cooper, John Roughton and John Knighton
1.     Apologies for Absence. No apologies received.
2.     Declare any Interests in Items on the Agenda. No interests were declared.
3.     Minutes of Meeting held on 3 Nov 10. Accepted and signed as a true record.
4.     Chairman’s/Clerk’s Report
       4.1     Bus-Time Proposals for Newton on Ouse. Clerk reported that the final decision regarding
       proposed bus service reductions would now be made in February 2011 (originally the decision was due
       to take place in early December 2010).

       4.2    Allerton Park Incinerator. Clerk reported that on 15 December 2010 members of North
       Yorkshire County Council agreed to award a contract to AmeyCespa for the management of waste in
       North Yorkshire and York. AmeyCespa still have to submit a planning application for the Allerton
       Waste Recovery Park.
       4.3    Road Salt for the Village. Clerk had costed the price of road salt and was going to order some
       from BATA, Raskelf Road. Chair confirmed that the road salt could be stored in the Parish Hall
       grounds. The availability of the road salt will be advertised in the next Newsletter and also on the
       4.4     Spar Shop on the RAF Camp. It seems that the Spar shop will be opened on the RAF camp.
       Clerk to write to Clive/Lisa at Linton Stores to state that the Parish Council will support them.

       5.      Housing Development. Fiona Coleman and Christine Norman from Broadacres had been
       invited to attend the meeting to give an update on the housing development and lessons learned from the
       project. Fiona Coleman expressed her apologies for the late invitation to the Parish Council for the
       Open Day at George Crescent in October 2010. Broadacres were very proud of the scheme as it has
       raised the bar for affordable housing. Sir Bob Kerslake, Permanent Secretary at the Department for
       Communities and Local Government, came to see the new houses. Fiona said that Broadacres were
       submitting this scheme to the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Awards. Clerk is to
       contact Beccy Harvey (Chair Playing Fields Committee to obtain a breakdown of what the commuted
       sum for open spaces (given by Broadacres) has been spent on. This would go in the next Newsletter.
       Chair said that she had been very impressed with the contractor, he had been very helpful. The site was
       always kept very tidy whilst the work was being carried out.
       Lessons learned: Fiona said that she would have liked to have attended more Parish Council meetings.
       Christine Norman said the wording in the initial Housing Survey had now been changed on some of the
       questions – Chair informed that the Housing Survey had been highly controversial throughout the
       village. Chair said that it had been very difficult for the Parish Council to voice an expression at County
       Hall when the Public Planning Meeting had taken place.
       Lettings of Properties: All the houses were rented apart from 3 which are shared-ownership. They are
       all occupied (the last one being occupied at the beginning of December 2010. Data Protection Act
       prevents individual details being given but 10 of the residents already lived in the village and the
       remaining 2 had a very close family connection with the village. If someone moves out of one of the
       properties, the property will still have to be filled initially by someone from the village or with a close
       connection with the village.

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6.     Parking Proposals and Protocol. PCSO Mike Crosthwaite was due to attend the meeting but had not
       arrived. It was agreed to go through the draft parking protocol at an informal meeting and then to send
       the final copy to Highways and the Police in Easingwold to see if they had any comments to make on it.
       Mr John Knighton had sent a letter to the Clerk expressing his concern about where cars parked on the
       grass verges as water meters/stopcocks are located there and access must be available at all times. Clerk
       had received another letter from a resident along Back Lane enquiring about putting flag stones down on
       the grass verge opposite their property. Clerk had been in touch with Highways about this and also
       about putting grass matting down. Clerk had been informed that any works that are carried out within
       the highway, which include verges, must be approved by the Highways Authority and carried out by an
       approved contractor. It was also pointed out to the Clerk that the Highway Authority does not generally
       support such proposals and that grass matting is not an approved material, although in some instances
       grass crete has been approved for use to create parking areas.

7.     Financial Matters
       7.1   Community Account as at 10 Dec - £8492.77 (balance as at 1 Jan £7464.38); Business Account

       7.2     Payments to be made/made are: Clerk’s Wages for 1 Nov 10 – 13 Dec 10 (£219.84 to Clerk;
       £54.96 to HM R & C); Clerk’s Wages for 13 Dec 10 – 10 Jan 11 (£109.92 to Clerk; £27.48 to
       HM R & C); £31.69 (including VAT) for website hosting for 3 months; £15.97 to Cllr Morris
       for Ink Cartridge £15.97; £20 for tokens for Ellie Richardson (bugler player at Remembrance Sunday).
8.     Planning Applications
       8.1    11/00021/CAT (received on 10 Jan 11) - Proposed works to 2 trees – The Sanctuary, Newton on
       Ouse – Mr H Masters. The Council AGREED with the application as the trees in question are right
       down by the river and are also storm damaged.

9.     Hambleton DC’s Planning Decisions
       9.1   10/02661/CAT – Proposed works to cherry trees – Cherry Tree Avenue, Newton on Ouse –
       Newton on Ouse Parish Council - APPROVED.

       9.2    10/01975/FUL – Proposed demolition of outbuildings and construction of a triple domestic
       garage to include change of use of land from agricultural to domestic – Lake View, Moor Lane - Mr E
       Kennedy – APPROVED.

       9.3    10/02637/FUL – Proposed installation of a new window to first floor side elevation -2 Bravener
       Court – Mr & Mrs M Chadwick – APPROVED.

10.     Cherry Trees. As the planning application for works to cherry trees had been approved, J C Trees had
emailed Clerk to say he was aiming to get the cherry tree dismantled on Thu 20 Jan or Sat 22 Jan and that he
will grind the stump not long after (Clerk to write/inform resident near tree that work is to be carried out). He
has booked the pruning work for 3 May 11. Clerk had contacted Des Cotton (Beningbrough Hall) about the
replacement tree that they are providing and he will plant this at the beginning of March. As soon as this work
has been carried out, Parish Council will look at the cherry trees at Bravener Court/Back Lane. [Clerk had been
informed since that the Cherry tree is to be removed on Wednesday 19th January 2011].
11.    Highways Issues. Clerk had received an email from Jayne Charlton at Highways confirming that the
works on the footway have recommenced under traffic management. The carriageway patching works are
programmed to recommence on Friday 21 Jan 11 for up to 5 days excluding the weekend (these dates and
duration are weather dependant). Highways had agreed to extend the existing 30mph speeding restriction on
the C92 at the western end of Newton on Ouse in a westerly direction by approximately 45 metres. [Clerk had
been emailed since to say the work will take up to 4 days (excluding the weekend)]

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12.     Report from Parish Hall. Because of financial reasons, the Parish Hall Trustees are having great
difficulty in keeping the complex in a fit state of repair. The Old School has been empty for 2 years now and is
deteriorating (basic repairs would be around £30,000). A questionnaire is to be put together which will be
circulated around the village to ask about feelings towards the hall etc. Once the questionnaires have been
completed, a meeting would be held in the Parish Hall and the whole village would be invited to this. The
caretakers flat has been refurbished is up for rent from 1 Feb 11. The new caretaker is Mr John Bagnall.

13.     Future Delivery of Library and Information Services in North Yorkshire. The mobile library
service in Linton and Newton will definitely be finishing in April 2011. A public consultation is taking place
between 1 Dec 10 and 28 Feb 11 references the future delivery of Library and Information Services
(Easingwold library is under threat of closure) and an online response form can be found on the website: Comments can also be emailed to

14.     County Councillor Patmore’s Report. The last 8 months at County Council have been spent trying to
sort out Budgets and cuts still ongoing (budgets have changed again since Christmas) – at the last count there
was still a deficit. There is to be a £2million cut on libraries. Cllr Patmore had just attended a meeting in Huby
and they are going to write to Easingwold Town Council to say that they will be supporting them on keeping
Easingwold Library open (Clerk to also write on behalf of Council). Trying hard not to touch front-line
services at the moment. There will be fewer services for young people and youth justice will also be hit.
Reference the Allerton Park Incinerator, Cllr Patmore confirmed that the contract had been signed but no
planning had been agreed yet and this would probably end up being presented to the Secretary of State. Cllr
Patmore said the next edition received of the N.Yorks Times would be the final edition. Cllr Patmore asked
what state the roads were in through the village – Cllr Morris said that they were very bad in places where the
patching repairs had lifted.

15.    District Councillor Huntington’s Report. No report.

16.     Note any Incoming Correspondence. ‘The Great Poppy Party Weekend’ – letter received from Royal
British Legion reference the RBL’s 90th birthday.

17.    Date of Next Meeting/s. Thursday 3 Mar 11 and Thursday 12 May 11 – AGM (Clerk to book hall).

18.     Any Other Business (no decisions to be made at this meeting). With elections coming up in May,
Clerk to put on website that if anyone was interested in standing for election as a councillor to contact one of
the members of the council.

                                           Meeting closed at 9.05pm

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