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					                           TFAA PTO General Meeting

                                 February 8, 2010

                                TFAA Gymnasium

                                     6:00 pm

Presiding: Terri Lucksinger, President

Details of the meeting:

   I.     Welcome – Mr. Duke

               a. Mr. Duke shared that Mrs. Hughes will be holding a parent
   training on computer and cell phone safety on March 9th.

               b.Ms. Marlin will be giving a brief presentation following the
   meeting about Camp Invention which will be held again this year at TFAA.

               c.    Introduction of TFAA Teacher of the year, Ms. Entsminger

   II.    Terri officially called meeting to order and announced that the dance
            team would be starting off with a performance followed by the
            second general meeting for this school year.

   III.    Amy Willbanks gave report for the Grant Committee

               a.    We received a $5,000.00 grant

               b.  There is going to be an opportunity for a grant through
   Pepsi. This will be a grant request that is submitted and then we will have
   the opportunity to vote on line. More information will be given on this in
   the future, but be watching for that. There may even be an opportunity to
   submit grant requests for more than one area.

               c.If you know of any other grants that are available and
   would like me to apply for those, let me know and I will be happy to do
   that as well.

   IV. Treasure’s   Report-read by Terri Lucksinger in Shane Wood’s absence
      As of this date we have a balance of $6,040.00 this amount will need
      to carry us through for operating costs for the year. This also allows
      us to distribute money to our teachers. We recently have given Mr.
      Swaim and Mr. Featherston $3,064.00 for the purchase of
      instruments. We gave the dance company $500.00 to use in that
      area. We were also able to give the Drama club $500.00. The choir
      was given $500.00 for the purchase of music. Lastly, Mr. Crandle
      was given $100.00 for use in his classroom. In the past we have also
      been able to give money for cameras, and other needs. This money
      comes from our fund raiser nights and from box tops.

      It has been decided that the money that is raised from ink cartridge
      recycling will be used to replenish ink cartridges for teachers as they
      run out.

V.       Kroger/Food Lion report – Kathy Skinner and Teresa Todd were

unable to attend. Report was given by Terri

    Kroger program is doing well. Several teachers have hit their $100
mark which means as soon as their class has raised $100 by using
Kroger gift cards to make purchases then all of the rest of the money
raised for the year will be put into the teacher’s account. The following
teachers are already receiving money in their accounts through this

Ms. Jordan, Ms. Stucky, Ms. Coble, Ms. Essery, Mrs. Mullins, Ms.
Lightford, Ms. Tuverson, Ms. Loveless, Ms. McElroy, Ms. Gehrke, Ms.
Marlin, Ms. Chase, and Mr. Swaim. Other teachers are getting close to
the $100 mark. Keep using those Kroger gift cards and if you have not
yet designated a teacher make sure you see Kathy or Teresa to do that.

We have just learned that you can start using your Kroger plus card at
the pump at Shell gasoline stations to take advantage of your 10 cent
savings from grocery purchases.

VI.      Spirit Wear – No report
  VII.     Applause Committee – Everything is going well.

  VIII.  Box Tops – 3,000 box tops were recently sent in. There is an
abundance of coupons, and prizes to be used for those sending in box tops
so continue to send those in as soon as you have at least 25 points. All
money received from our box tops is going into our instrument fund to
purchase both band and orchestra instruments.

  IX.    Hospitality Committee – There is a teacher luncheon this Friday
which the 2nd grade will be hosting. There are still a few items needed for
this. If you have a 2nd grader check with your teacher to see what is
designated for your class to bring. We have a coordinator for this
luncheon and a coordinator for the April luncheon as well so we are good
in that area. Hospitality will also be helping next week with the Magnet
Kindergarten screening by being present to welcome parents and
prospective students, answer questions and provide cookies and juice
during the testing. Cookies and juice are still needed.

  X.    Middle School Liasons – Valentine dance went very well.
Everyone had fun.

  XI.      Campbell’s soup – No Report

  XII.     Registration – No Report

  XIII.  Nestle is no longer participating in the label program so you no
longer need to send those in. Nestle has discontinued that program.

  XIV.    Questions & Answers:

  Q. Are they planning to replace the PTO Manager site?

  A. Yes, we are working with Jonathon Kerby and trying to get that in
  place so we can discontinue the use of PTO Manager. This will be a
  savings of approximately $300.00/year.

  One final note: Friday February, 26th Ms. League is having an author
  come and she is in need of a few volunteers to come and help with that.
  Also, March 2nd will be Dr. Seuss day and volunteers are needed to read
in the library all day that day. If you would be willing to volunteer for
either of those, please let Mrs. League know.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:36

Our next meeting will be in the cafeteria on March 9, 2010.