New Parent Orientation

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					New Parent Orientation
Austin Discovery School is a creative learning environment open to all
   students and their families to provide an individualized, hands‐on
   curriculum that develops confident, environmentally and socially
                         aware, critical thinkers.

•   Respect
•   Responsibility
•   Creativity
•   Continuous Learning

5/2/2011                     Austin Discovery School                     2
           Important Information:
Please Visit the Webpage for:
• Student Handbook
• Class Lists
• Immunization Requirements
• Curriculum (Academics, Outdoor & Social)
• School Supply Options
**Anyone can request paper copies of above documents at the
   front office**

5/2/2011                Austin Discovery School               3
           Please Visit the Webpage for:
• NCLB School Report Card link on front page
  of website or

• Highly Qualified Teacher Reports

• 100% ADS teachers are Highly Qualified
• Bios on Website and available in front office

5/2/2011                               Austin Discovery School                               4
PARKING LOT                       FIELD PARKING                       PARKING LOT

    No Parking, Stopping, Standing…Pick up only…must keep traffic moving…No parking, stopping

    First & Second Grades                Third & Fourth Grades                 Kindergarten

                 #3                              #2                                #1

                                                        Fifth & Sixth Grades

   … No Parking, Stopping, Standing…Pick up only…must keep traffic moving…No parking,
Pick-Up Safety Procedures:
In order to maintain a safe and orderly
pick-up time, please adhere to the following rules:
• Refrain from conversations with teacher or other
  parents in the pick-up area
• Notify front office if your child is going home with another
• Make sure the teacher checks off your child before leaving
• Do not park or idle in pick-up lane

 5/2/2011                    Austin Discovery School             6
Official School Communications:                                PTO Communications:
      • Website                                               • Forum
      • Thursday Folders (weekly)                             • Newsletter (monthly)
      • Classroom Web pages (coming soon)                     • Calendar**
      • Classroom Handouts                                    • Coffee Chat**
      • Back to School Event                                  • PTO meetings**
      • Parent/Student Conferences
      • Calendar**                     School Goals:
      • Coffee Chat (monthly)**        •Provide consistent, current and thorough information
      • PTO Meetings (monthly)**       from the school via official school communication
                                             • Collaborate with parents to achieve school vision and

5/2/2011                             Austin Discovery School                                   7
                                 Staff Emails:
• All ADS staff will respond to emails within 24
  hours during the school week.
• Emails of staff are:
      – First initial, last

      If you are having difficulty getting a response from a staff member, please contact the
          Executive Director.

5/2/2011                                 Austin Discovery School                                8
       Issue concerning your child:                           Issue concerning
      (i.e. child’s teacher/s or your child’s
      classroom, homework, academic or
                                                               school program:
         social/emotional progress, etc.)
                                                                   (school safety,
            Teacher/s:                                               curriculum,
     (not during drop off,                                    philosophy, school-wide
   recess or pick-up time)                                     procedures, program
                                                                   concerns, etc.)
           Teacher/s and
                                                               Academic Director
    Academic Director
                                                                Executive Director
    Executive Director

                                Board of Directors:
 All requests must be submitted to Executive Director, in writing, after all steps
 of the grievance process are followed and the issue needs further intervention.

5/2/2011                            Austin Discovery School                             9
                         Executive Director:
                    Program Evaluation, Legal and
                    Financial Compliance, Program
                 Development/ Fundraising, Ex-Officio
                            Board Member
                                                  Instructional Program:
   School Business:                                  (Academic Director,
  Business Manager,                                 Instructional Coach)
     Front Office)                                    Staff Evaluation,
  Attendance, School                              Curriculum Alignment,
Communication, Safety,                                  Professional
  Human Resources,                                 Development, Special
Payroll, PEIMS, Records                           Program Coordination,
  Management, etc.                                 Student Assessment
Academic Calendar on website
•   Attendance policy in student handbook
•   School opens at 7:30, students dismissed at 7:50
•   Classes begin at 8:00
•   Pickup from 3:30-3:45 (Friday 12:30-12:45)
      – Report Absences to Front Office, return to school with note for
        attendance file
      – Excused absences: doctor note upon returning to school

5/2/2011                         Austin Discovery School                  11
                Visiting the School
• Please arrange volunteering and observations
  in the classroom with your child’s teacher.
      – All non-employee adults will be required to sign in
        at the front desk at 8:00. Please sign out when
      – Employees will ask you to sign in if you do not
        have an identification badge.

5/2/2011                 Austin Discovery School          12
      Classroom Specific Information
• August 28th: Classroom Orientations
• September 16th:
      – First PTO meeting of Year (5:30)

      – Bring water bottles, lunches, snack (packed
        separately), comfortable shoes, Kindergarten(nap
        bag & change of clothes)

5/2/2011                 Austin Discovery School           13
5/2/2011   Austin Discovery School   14
• Outdoor education:
      – Hikes
      – Recess
      – Cooperative Games
      – Fitness Skills (FitGram Assessment)

5/2/2011                 Austin Discovery School   15
• All grades: Reading 30 min a night
• Upper grades: No more than 10 minutes X grade (so, 30 min
  for a 3rd grader) If your child is taking longer, discuss with
• Homework is intended to extend concepts already covered,
  not to introduce new concepts.
• Homework is intended to provide practice in organization,
  time management, and skills practice.
• Homework concerns should be communicated with classroom
• Aftercare- 30 minutes of homework/ reading time daily

5/2/2011                  Austin Discovery School              16
              Nutrition Guidelines
• Low Sugar, Foods of Minimal Nutritious Value
      – No caffeine, chocolate, sodas
• Breakfast
• Free & Reduced Lunch Forms
• Aftercare Snacks

5/2/2011                 Austin Discovery School   17
• TRIBES agreements
• Proactive Classroom Management (Conscious
• Behavioral Interventionist
      – Goals, Contracts, Behavior Plans
      – Code of Conduct in Student Handbook

5/2/2011               Austin Discovery School   18
           Fundraising/ Events
•   Slow Foods (November)
•   Onefest (May 7th)
•   Donations
•   Grants & Development
•   PTO events

5/2/2011           Austin Discovery School   19
• PTO Volunteer Coordinator: Lydie Jessin &
  Jessica Son
• Classroom Parents
• School Announcements
• Gardening
• PTO Committees

5/2/2011           Austin Discovery School    20

5/2/2011      Austin Discovery School   21