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                                     Cave Painting

                                          Prehistoric Art

                                       Title: Chinese Horse

                                       Artist: Cave Dweller

                                     Medium: Ground blood

                                   Time Period: Old Stone Age

                         30,000 – 10,000BC old stone age or paediatric period

              Cave paintings are almost entirely of animals probably because of people
                            dependence on animals for food and survival

           These paintings are found deep inside caves. This fact has protected them from
            the elements, as well as, led scholars to conclude that they were very important.

          It is beloved that cave paintings were part of a magical ritual to help the hunters to
                                              be successful

           Two significant locations of cave paintings are in Altamira, Spain and Lascaux,

           The paintings in these locations were found in 1879 and 1940 quite accidentally
         Cave paintings of animals show carful observations and attention to form.
                              Animals average 5 feet in length

       Colours used are red, black, and brown. These pigments are made by grinding
          clay or soft stone and mixing it with a binder such as animal blood or fat

             Paint is thought to be applied by hand, with moss or bristle brush

         The surface of the rock adds to the three dimensional shape of the animal

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