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									     Rates as at 5/2/2011                                       NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

NAME                                    STAR     ROOM OCCUPANCY                                             ROOM RATE             AIRPORT                    HOTEL TO UN   LOCATION
                                                                                                                                  TRANSFER                   TRANSPORT     DISTANCE TO UN
THE NORFOLK HOTEL                       5 Star   Fairmont Single Room                                       US$ 150               US$60 Per person                         City Center
P.O Box 40064-00100 Nairobi, Kenya               Fairmont Double Rooms                                      US$ 199               one way
Tel: 254-20-2216940/2265000                      Junior suite                                               US$229                                                         12 Km
Fax: 254-20-336742                               Duplex suite                                               US$229
                                                 1937 Suite                                                 US$369                Airport Transfers
Email:            Karura suite                                               US$419                The hotel is pleased to,                                                                                                          offer private hotel cars                         Signature Suite                                            US$519
                                                                                                                                  to and from the                                                 Value Added Benefits                       Exclusive all taxes   Airport at a cost of
                                                 ·    Complimentary wireless internet access                Bed only              USD 60.00 per person
                                                                                                                                  one way. This service
                                                 ·     Free guest enrolment to our Loyalty Club programme                         includes a welcome
                                                 ·     Access to the Pambo health club which includes:
                                                                                                                                  with scented chilled or
                                                 o     Outdoor heated swimming pool
                                                 o       Fitness center that offers a range of the latest
                                                                                                                                  warm towels
                                                 electronic work-out equipment, aerobic studio, separate                          depending on the
                                                 steam room and sauna.                                                            season and a choice of
                                                 ·     Complimentary Parking                                                      sparkling or still water
                                                 ·     Spacious work desk with own reading light
                                                                                                                                  after your flight. All
                                                 ·     Fully stocked minibar
                                                 ·     International direct dial telephone                                        transfer vehicles are
                                                 ·     Electronic safes                                                           State of the Art to
                                                 ·     Multi-channel satellite television                                         ensure your 25 - 45
                                                 ·     Tea and coffee making facility                                             minute drive is most
                                                 ·     Iron and ironing board                                                     comfortable.
                                                 ·        A selection of multilingual publications and
                                                 complimentary newspapers (national or local
                                                     Newspapers) are available upon request.

                                                 Breakfast at Lord Delamere Terrace
                                                 USD 30.00 per person inclusive of tax and service charge
FAIRVIEW HOTEL                          4 Star   Single room                                                                                                               Outside City Center
P.O. Box 40842                                   Economy                                                    Kshs. 10,400          Kshs.1500
Tel: 254-20-28810002710090                       Economy plus                                               Kshs.11,600           one way                                  14 Km
Fax: 254-20-2721320                              Business                                                   Kshs. 12,900
                                                 first                                                      Kshs. 14,400                     Executive Suite                                            Kshs. 20,000                                                                                       Inclusive all taxes
                                                                                                            Bed & Breakfast

HILTON HOTEL                            5 Star   Hilton Guest Single                                        US$185                US$ 21 per person          Nil           12 Km from city center
P.O. BOX 30624, Nairobi, Kenya                   Hilton Guest Double                                        US$225                one way
Tel: 254-20-2790000                              Hilton Deluxe Single                                       US$ 230

     Rates as at 5/2/2011                                     NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

Fax: 254-20-2226477                            Hilton Deluxe Double                         US$270
                                               Hilton Executive Single                      US$305
                                               Hilton Executive Double                      US$345                                                              Inclusive all taxes
                                                                                            Bed and Breakfast
SOUTHERN SUN MAYFAIR NAIROBI          4 Star   Single                                       US$225                US$ 32 per cab or      US$ 10   Outside City Center
                                                                                                                  US$ 16 for 2 pax One
P.O Box 66807(00800) Nairobi, Kenya            Double                                       US$252                Way
Tel: 254-20-3740920                            Executive                                    US$320                                                8Km (10-15 mins)
Fax: 254-20-3748823                            Junior Suite                                 US$380
Contact Person: Mr. Benson Mulandi
Email:                                                           inclusive all taxes                  EXTRAS                                       Bed & Breakfast
                                               Wifi internet and health club services                          for all resident guests
                                               Dinner: USD 25

     Rates as at 5/2/2011                                       NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

                                                                                                                                                            US$ 20 per person
HOTEL BOULEVARD                          3 Star   Standard                                                 US$85                 US$ 25 per person          one                 City Center
P.O Box 42831-00100 Nairobi, Kenya                Double room                                              US$190                                           way
Tel: 254-20-227567                                                                                                                                                              18 Km
Fax: 254-20-334071
                                                                                                          Inclusive all taxes,                                                                               Bed & Breakfast
HOTEL LA MADA                            4 Star                                                                                                                                 Outside City Center
P.O Box 40683- 00100, Nairobi Kenya                                                                                                                                             8 Km
Tel: 254-20-8561041/8561460
Fax: 254-20-8561194
Contact person: Mr. Martin Thinji                                                                         Bed & Breakfast
INTERCONTINENTAL NAIROBI                 5 Star   Superior Single                                         US$ 185                US$ 30 one way               US$14             City Center
P.O. Box 30353-00200, Nairobi, Kenya              Superior Double                                         US$ 205                per person
Tel: 254-20- 320 00 000                           Deluxe Single                                           US$ 225
Fax: 254-20- 320 00 030                           Deluxe Double                                           US$ 245                                                               12 km
Contact Person: Mr. Simon Chege                   Executive Single                                        US$ 255
Email:                  Executive Double                                        US$ 275                                                                                Bed & Breakfast                                                                                               Inclusive all taxes,
JACARANDA HOTEL                          4 Star   Superior Single                                          US$ 175
P.O. Box 14287 - 00800, Nairobi Kenya             Superior Twin                                            US$ 215                                                              Outside city center
Tel: 254-20-4448713/4/5/6/7
Fax: 254-20-4445818                                                                                                                                                             10Km
Email:                                                                          Bed & Breakfast                                                                                    Inclusive all taxes
LAICO REGENCY HOTEL                      5 Star   Deluxe Single                                            US$165                US$40 Per person                               City Center
P.O Box 57549 Nairobi, Kenya                      Deluxe Double                                            US$190                one way
Tel: 254-20-2211199                               Deluxe suite single                                      US$430                                                               8.5 Km
Fax: 254-20-2217120                               Executive Suite                                          US$875
                                                                                                                                 By a 9 seat Van @US$
Contact person: Mr. Eddie Mbugua                  EXTRAS                                                                         20.00
                                                                                                                                 per person per trip and
Email:            Accommodation Enhancements & Discounts                  Bed & Breakfast        a
                                                  ** Complimentary use of health club offering the latest                               electronic work-out equipment, separate steam and       Inclusive all taxes    minimum of 4 passengers
                                                                                                                                 By a 25 seat Bus @US$
                                                  Sauna for Ladies and Gentlemen                                                 15.00
                                                  ** Complimentary wireless and wired internet access.                            per person per trip and
                                                                                                                                  a minimum of 10
                                                  ** Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities.                             passengers
                                                  ** Complimentary shoe polishing
                                                  ** 25% Discount on pre-booked one ‘Signature
                                                  Angsana’ or ‘Coffee Delight treatment’ massage per
                                                  Buffet Lunch or Dinner @ US$ 30.00 per person

     Rates as at 5/2/2011                                              NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

LENANA MOUNT HOTEL                             3 Star                                                                                                                                          Outside City Center
P.O. Box 40943 Nairobi Kenya
Tel: 254-20-2717044/48                                                                                                                                                                         20 Km.
Fax: 254-20-2719394

NAIROBI SAFARI CLUB                            5 Star   Single Suite Rates                                               US$ 160                US$ 30 one way      US$ 15 one way
P.O. Box 43564 Nairobi, Kenya                           Double Suite Rates                                               US$ 190                per person          per person                 City Center
Tel: 254-20-251333                                      1 Bedroom penthouse suite                                        US800
Fax: 254-20-215137/224625                               2 Bedroom penthouse suite                                        US$1,200                                                              12 Km

Contact person: Ms. Florence Marangu                    EXTRAS                                                           Inclusive all taxes,                       transport from the hotel
                                                                                                                                                                    to UN complex and
Email:                                                                             bed & breakfast                            back to the Hotel within                             Some of the benefits to the delegates are free use of Internet                                              the meeting period for
                                                        connectivity in the room so long as you have your own lap                                                   groups of ten and
                                                        top.                                                                                                        above.
                                                        Free use of Gym, steam, sauna and swimming except                               massage services
NAIROBI SERENA HOTELS                          5 Star   Single Deluxe room                                               US$211                 US$ 40 Per person                              City Center
                                                        Superior rooms                                                   US$364                 one way
P.O Box 48690 Nairobi, Kenya                            Executive Suite                                                  US$485
Tel: 254-20-2821000                                     Garden Suite                                                     US$524                                                                12 Km
Fax: 254-20-2718100                                     Executive Bateleur Suite                                         US$524
Contact person: Ms. Grace Nyundo                        Business Suite                                                   US$559
E-mail:                            State Suite                                                      US$1,395
                                                                                                                         Bed and Breakfast
PANARI HOTEL                                   5 Star
P.O Box 4372, 00506 Nairobi Kenya                                                                                                                                                              Outside city center
Tel: 254-20-828990/6946000
Fax: 254-20-828985                                                                                                                                                                             18 Km
Contact person: Ms. Sherry Ayugi

      Rates as at 5/2/2011                                        NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

RED COURT HOTEL                                                                                                                                                   Outside City Center
P.O. Box 26601-00100 GPO Nairobi.          4 Star   Single Room                                             US$ 120                                               18 Km
Tel: 254-20-604528 Or 3520757/3593145/6             Double Room                                             US$ 165
Fax: 254-20-608681
Fmail:                                                                                  bed & breakfast                                                                                          inclusive all taxes
SAFARI PARK HOTEL                          5 Star   Deluxe Single room                                      US$ 170                                               Outside City Center
P.O. Box 45038, Thika Rd. Nairobi, Kenya            Deluxe Double room                                      US$190                     Complimentary
Tel: 254-20-3633000/3633312/971                     Junior suite                                            US$210                     Airport pick up for more   12 Km
Fax: 254-20-3633919                                 Buisnes Suite                                           US$240                     than 8 persons arriving
                                                    Executive Suite                                         US$260                     in the same flight         Free shuttle bus to and
                                                                                                                                                                  from the city centre                  Free day use on availability till 1800hrs                                          US$35 Per person
                                                    Free internet connectivity in the bedroom both cabled
Email:                  and wireless.                                         Inclusive taxes              one way

                                                    Check in time is after 12.00 noon, check out at 10.00
                                                    am, early check ins and late check outs attract                            additional charge and free on rooms availability        bed & Breakfast

                                                    Complimentary Parking
                                                    Complimentary daily local newspaper at the lobby
                                                    Free access to the Casino Paradise and ‘Cats Club’

                                                    Fruits platter for long staying guests every week
                                                    Fruit basket for suites guests and flowers every two
SANKARA NAIROBI                            5 Star                                                           Single       Double
                                                    Superior room                                           US$224         US$249
P.O. Box 1638-00606                                 Deluxe room                                             US$249         US$274      Personalized secure        Outside City Center
Tel: 254-20-4208000                                 Club room                                               US$363         US$388      airport transfers at $45
Fax: 254-20-4208888                                 Junior suite                                            US$512         US$537      per person one way.        10 Km
Contact Person: Mr. Charles Kikuvi                  Executive suite                                         US$768        US$793
Paul Nguyo <>                 EXTRAS                                                  Inclusive all taxes                                     Accommodation Enhancements & Discounts                  bed & breakfast

                                                    ** Complimentary use of health club offering the latest
                                                    electronic work-out equipment, separate steam and
                                                    Sauna for Ladies and Gentlemen                          Double room occupancy
                                                                                                            additional $25 for extra
                                                    ** Complimentary wireless and wired internet access. breakfast
                                                    ** Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities.
                                                    ** Complimentary shoe polishing
                                                    ** 25% Discount on pre-booked one ‘Signature
                                                    Angsana’ or ‘Coffee Delight treatment’ massage per

      Rates as at 5/2/2011                                      NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

SAROVA HOTELS                          5 Star   Deluxe Single                                                US$190                   US$ 27 one way                                      City Center
1. THE STANLEY                                  Deluxe Double                                                US$240                   per person
P.O. Box 72493 Nairobi Kenya                    Club Room Single                                             US$270                                                                       12 Km
Tel: 254-20-316377                              Club Room Double                                             US$320
Fax: 254-20- 2715566                            Business Suite                                               US$360
                                                Executive Suite (one bedroom)                                US$360
Email:              Executive Suite (two bedroom)                                US$560                                                                                         Inclusive all taxes &
2. PANAFRIC HOTEL                      4 Star   Standard room Single                                         Bed & Breakfast
                                                                                                             US$ 115                                                                      City Center
SILVER SPRINGS HOTEL                   3 Star   Standard                                                     Kshs 15000               Kshs.1,800                   Kshs. 1800             Outside City Center
P.O. Box 61363-00200                            Superior room                                                Kshs 25000
Tel: 254-20-2722451/2-7                         Deluxe Suite                                                 Kshs 34,000                                                                  Approx: 5kms
Fax: 254-20-2720545                             Executive Suite                                              Kshs 50,000
Contact:John Mburu                                                                                           Inclusive of all taxes                                                                         bed & breakfast

SIXEIGHTY HOTEL                        3 Star   Standard single                                              US$65                    US$25 Per person one         US$20 One way          City Center
P.O. Box 43436                                  Standard double                                              US$160                   way
Tel: 254-20- 315680                                                                                                                                                                       18 Km
Fax: 254-20-332908
                                                                                                             Inclusive all taxes,
 Email:                                                                              bed & Breakfast
                                                                                                                                      Airport transfers will be    Complimentary
TRIBE-THE VILLAGE MARKET HOTEL         5 Star   Deluxe single                                                US$225                   charged                      subject                4 Km
                                                                                                                                      at a rate of USD 40 per
P.O. Box 1333,00621 Village Market              Deluxe Double                                                US$245                   person

Nairobi                                         Physically Single                                            US$225                   one way on our shuttle bus
                                                                                                                                                                   to availability from
Tel: 254-20-72 00 000                           Physically challenged Double                                 US$245                   while transfers done by our 7A.M
                                                                                                                                      Limousine will be charged to 9 A.M and 4.30 to
Fax: 254-20-7200 110                            Superior Single                                              US$265                   at                          6.00pm
                                                                                                                                       USD 50 per person one
                                                Superior Double                                              US$285                   way.                        every 30 Minutes
Contact Person: Ms. Olivia Otieno               Junior Suite                                  Single         US$345
Email:                  Junior Suite                                  Double         US$365                Lofted Business Suites                                       US$ 375                        Ambassadorial Suite                                          US$575
                                                Penthouse                                                    US$675
                                                Presidential                                                 US$ 1075
                                                                                                             Inclusive taxes
                                                EXTRAS                                                       Bed Breakfast

                                                · Express check-in and check-out with 24 hour room service
                                                · Wireless Internet available in each room
                                                · International direct dial phones.

       Rates as at 5/2/2011                                     NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

                                                 · Limousine transfer available at a charge
                                                 · In room laptop size electronic safe
                                                 · LCD screen with inbuilt DVD players in each room
                                                 · Complimentary daily local newspapers
                                                 · Unlimited supply of complimentary mineral water
                                                 · Swimming pool
                                                 · Minutes from Village Market - the largest shopping and
                                                 recreation complex in the region

UTALII HOTEL                            3 Star
P.O Box 31067-00600, Nairobi Kenya                                                                                                  Outside city center
Tel: 254-20-8563540/8561201
Fax: 254-20-8560514                                                                                                                 6 Km
Contact person: Mr. Suleiman Mwanyere
WINDSOR GOLF HOTEL & COUNTRY CLUB       5 Star   Deluxe Single                                                US$198                Outside City Center
P.O. Box 45587 Nairobi, Kenya                    Deluxe double                                                US$245                15 Km
Tel: 254-20- 8562300/8562500                     Studio Suite                                                 US$368
Fax: 254-20-8563322                              2-bed roomed Cottage                                         US$485

                                                                                                              Inclusive all taxes
                                                                                                              bed & breakfast
SAROVA PANAFRIC HOTEL                   4 Star   Starndard room                                 Single        US$130

P.O. Box                                         Double                                                       US$165

Tel:                                             Superior                                            single   US$165

Fax:                                             Double                                                       US$200                  Club room                                          Single    US$200                             Double                                                       US$235
                                                 1 Bedroom suite                                              us$350

                                                                                                              Inclusive of taxes
                                                                                                              bed $breakfast

     Rates as at 5/2/2011                                     NAIROBI HOTEL RATES - 2010

OLE-SERENI HOTEL                                  Superior Single             US$200                   US$15              US$35 One way   25 Kms
P.O Box 18187-00500                               Superiior Double            US$250
Tel:+254 20 3901000                               Deluxe Single               US$240
                                                  Deluxe Double               US$300
                                                  Suites Single               US$800

Email:                                                       Inclusive of all taxes

CROWNE PLAZA NAIROBI                              Standard Single             US$225                   US$25 Per person
P.O Box. 25574- 00100                             Standard Double             US$255                   one way
Tel:+254 20 2746000                               Superior Single             US$245
Fax:+254 20 2746100                               Superior Double             US$275
Email:I                         Deluxe Single               US$265

                                                                              Inclusive of all taxes

1. These hotels are approved by the UN security
2. Hotel rates are not fixed


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