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									                     Pre-Calculus (formerly Math-Analysis) Class Policy Sheet
                                           Mrs. Carlson
                                        706-7900 Ext. 91430
Every student in Pre-Calculus should have a positive and challenging experience. This course is
available for dual credit through Rio Salado College (passing a placement test is required). The pace is
fast and the difficulty level is high. The keys to success include:
    1. A consistent daily effort including coming to class prepared and completing all work on a regular
        basis. Keep absences (including school-related) to a minimum.
    2. A good work ethic and taking responsibility for your own learning (reading the book prior to
        notes can be very helpful!).
    3. Communication between teacher, student, and parent.

Class Rules
   1. All school rules will be enforced.
   2. There is to be no talking or leaving your seat while a teacher or student is speaking. No
       behaviors that interrupt teaching or learning will be tolerated.
   3. Any communication during or after a test or quiz will result in a ZERO.

  1. Homework will be assigned daily. It is the student’s responsibility to do all of the assigned
     work, including WeBWork. WeBWork should be worked on and submitted daily! The
     WeBWork link is found on the Honors Algebra 3-4 page. After clicking on the link, go to
     courses then click on Carlson Math Analysis. The following is the direct link (Mark this as a
     favorite!): http://webwork.tuhsd.k12.az.us/webwork2/Carlson_Math_Analysis/
  2. Write down the original problem (except for long application problems) and all supporting work
     for credit. No credit will be given for assignments turned in without work. A list of answers
     is not acceptable.
  3. Homework may be collected daily or on a random basis. No credit will be given for late
     homework. Any student absent is responsible for turning in their homework immediately upon
     their return.

   1. Graphing calculators are required for this class.
   2. The TI 83 Plus (or TI 84) is highly recommended. All instruction will be based on this model.
   3. Students who have a different calculator need to bring their manuals to class daily and must learn
      the functions independently.
   4. Misuse of calculators in class will not be tolerated. Any student found playing games or not
      following calculator directions may lose the privilege of using a calculator in class, including on
      tests and quizzes.

   1. Quarter grades are based on the total points possible, no rounding. The scale is:
             90 – 100               A
             80 – 89.9              B
             70 – 79.9              C
             60 – 69.9              D
              0 – 59.9              F
   2. Semester grades are 40% for each quarter and 20% for the final exam, no rounding.
Grades will be available on line throughout the course of the year. Grades will be updated approximately
once per week. I would encourage you to bookmark this address:
You then need to choose the class and type in your student's last name.
       Select the correct class.
       Enter last name.
       Enter password.
The password is the period your student has math followed by their six-digit student ID number.
This password can be changed by the student per request, but then it becomes the student’s
responsibility to communicate this with the parent(s)/guardian(s).
       Example: If ID number is 041234… for second period, the password would be 241234
You may need to refresh/reload several times to get the most current information, depending on
your computer settings.

   1. Homework
      a.      Keep up with work daily.
      b.      Do not copy.
      c.      Ask questions or come in for help, when needed.
      d.      Work with a study group.
   2. Absences
      a.      Written notification in advance of a known or school related absence. Tests/quizzes
              scheduled on scool related absence days must be taken prior to the absence.
      b.      Missed major quizzes or tests must be prearranged, or call on the voicemail if absence is
              unexpected. Failure to comply with this, or excessive absences (including school-
              related), will result in a make-up test that will be graded with no partial credit.
      c.      There is no make-up required for small quizzes. These will not count for or against your
              final grade.
      d.      Make up for missed group quizzes will be taken individually.
      e.      Please take note that students taking this class for college credit are allowed NO MORE
              THAN 10 ABSENCES FOR THE YEAR.

I am looking forward to working with your student and you this year. Let’s work together to make
this an enjoyable and successful year!

Parents: Please send me an e-mail at: pcarlson@tuhsd.k12.az.us to be on my “e-mailing” list. These
mailings will keep you informed of classroom policies; notify you to look for grade sheets, etc. I also
send home pdf files of templates of the notes for each chapter. I also recommend your son or daughter
send me an e-mail as well. There will be extra credit awarded when I receive your first e-mail, or by
checking the box to the right of your signature.
For your student to receive the extra credit, you must put your student’s name and period in the
subject line of the e-mail and include nothing in the text of the e-mail. I do not read these; they
are strictly for establishing my address book. Thank you.

Student signature                           Parent/Guardian signature

Printed Student name                        No, I do not want to be on the e-mailing list.

Please sign and return to me as soon as possible. You will receive a copy for your records when this is
returned signed.

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