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           THE GAMERZ FUNK

       The Gamerz Funk’s mission is to provide a safe, fun, environment for all ages to enjoy computer gaming. It
allows a person who might otherwise play alone to have interaction with others and develop team skills. Rather
than having unlimited access to games at home, The Gamerz Funk provides a more controlled environment for
gaming. The Gamerz Funk will have leagues and tournaments to create camaraderie and sportsmanship and offer
opportunities for gamers to win prizes. The Gamerz Funk has rules that each customer must adhere to. They are as

                                     1. NO CURSING, SWEARING OR VULGARITY OF ANY KIND.

                                    2. NO OBSCENE, PROFANE OR VULGAR CHARACTER NAMES.

           OPEN                                 3. NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR TOBACCO.

                                               4. NO FIGHTING, ARGUING OR BULLYING.

    7 Days A Week!                       5. NO UNAUTHORIZED FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED.
                                                      (ASK FOR DETAILS)

                                          6. SKIPPING SCHOOL TO PLAY IS NOT PERMITTED.

                                      7. PARENTAL PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE
                                                         UNDER 17.

                                       -Anybody breaking any of the above rules will be asked to leave-

        The Gamerz Funk offers a variety of games starting with ratings from E-everyone, to T-teens up to M-
mature. At The Gamerz Funk there are no A-Adult rated games. We do not allow or promote pornographic or
extremely graphic games. At all The Gamerz Funk locations Internet access is filtered. Children under the age of
17 are required to have this permission slip signed. There are no drugs here, no alcohol, no pornography; we are
here to play games and have fun!
        Thank you for your support in making The Gamerz Funk a safe and fun place for all Gamers to enjoy. Just
like "cowboys and Indians" and "cops and robbers" the fun still goes on.
        By signing below I grant permission for my child to play all games at The Gamerz Funk. I understand it is
my responsibility to instruct my child if there are games I do not wish him/her to play.

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