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How to create facebook fanpage


How to create facebook fan page

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									How to Create & Add Facebook Like Box or Fanpage in Your Blog

Facebook, one of most populated website on internet which has about 500 million users,
so it is easy to meet people of different countries to increase your online business and

But there is some restriction in privacy and adding friends in facebook profile so if you
need to improve your business through social network facebook fanpage is the best
choice i can say for you.

It’s easy to create facebook fanpage and increase your followers base which ultimately
results in high popularity and create a brand impression to your business or blogs.

Here I’ll show you how to create and integrate facebook like box or fanpage in simple

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1. Create Like box or Fanpage

– Go to official create page

– Create page of your needs.
                                                               1. Select what type of page
you are going to create.

For example, if you need to create page for your blog or website, then click “Brand,
product, organaisation” and select “website“

2. Type name of your page.

3. Tick mark or agree with terms and condition.

4. click “create official page“

That’s it, you’ve create a official fanpage for your business or blog

2. Set Username

Note – You must have atleast 30+ followers for your fanpage to set desired username.

So Read this Article first -

1. Increase facebook Fans for Free: Get 100 fans/week, after having some good amount
followers proceed to next step.

– Go to username setting page
– Select the page to set desired username and set it.

Be wise in choosing username for your blog or business as it is the visiting card for your
online business.

3. Add or Integrate FB Like box in Your Blog

Now its time for promoting your fanpage or like box. If you show your likebox in your
blog or in social sites, it is easy for your readers and people to become your followers

– Go to Developer’s page

– After finishing the setting, click “Get code” button.

– Copy the “Highlighted code” and place it in your blog.

Note - Blog sidebar and below every article is the best place to have your fanpage
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