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					                                    PARENT NEWSLETTER
                                      NOVEMBER, 2008


                                                         rd         th
We had a very busy month at North                       3    and 4      grade classes are
Garnerville Elementary!                                 preparing for the NYS ELA
    The Sunrise Literacy program is                    assessment for January. Practice
       now underway. Our early birds are                tests will be administered the week
       here at 8:00 a.m. working diligently             before Thanksgiving. Students will
       on Tuesdays and Thursdays.                       experience the testing process the
    NRG Link, our after school extra                   exact same way we will administer
       help program for third and fourth                the test in January. Teachers will
       graders meets on Wednesdays.                     use the data from the practice test
    The playground ribbon cutting                      to drive their ELA instruction for
       ceremony was a great success.                    December.
    Fire prevention activities not only
                                  th            All of this information and more is always
       took place on the 28 , but were
       spread out throughout the month          available on the NGES website. You can
       through classroom activities and         always stay up to date by logging on and
       town hall meetings with the              viewing our message board and yearly
       principal.                               calendar. It is kept up to date as information
    Our Halloween parade topped it all         comes our way. You will even find this
       off last Friday. Everyone enjoyed        newsletter available online!
       our traditional festivities.

Looking ahead at November:
    The Sunset Literacy program begins
       on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3
       and 4 graders.
    4 grade student council will be

       sponsoring a food drive.         More
       information will come home in a flyer
       next week. Classes will be asked to
       bring in specific food items so we
       can assemble Thanksgiving baskets
       for families in need in our
       community. Turkeys are in high
       demand. If you can donate a frozen
       turkey from points you earn food
       shopping at our local supermarkets,
       it would be greatly appreciated!
SCHOOL STORE:                                      SAFETY ITEMS:
Mrs. Golio is the faculty advisor of the           I’d like to remind parents with children in
school store. Mrs. Golio has been training         grades 1 through 4 with some important
teams of fourth graders who serve as               Information regarding drop off, dismissal
greeters (customer service), advertisers,          time and children’s birthdays.
cashiers and stock and inventory clerks. The
school store is open from 8:45-9:00 a.m. on:       If you are driving or walking your child to
Monday for grade 1                                 school, please arrive at 8:45 a.m.. There is
Tuesday for grade 2                                no supervision available before that time.
Wednesday for grade 3                              Do not let your child out of your vehicle
Thursday for grade 4                               unless there is a faculty member standing at
Mrs. Zivec reminds students outside as they        the drop off corner.       It will usually be
unload buses in the morning.                       Mrs. Chiodo-Kennedy. If you arrive before
Fridays are for inventory and re-stocking.         8:45 a.m., please wait with your child either
Order forms are available at the school            by the front door or in your car. This is for
store. Students must have their order form         your child’s safety.
completed and signed by a parent in order
to make a purchase.                                Do not park your car in the drop off lane.
                                                   This causes severe congestion and
CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FIRE                        confusion. If you would like to walk your
PREVENTION POSTER AND ESSAY                        child to the front door or playground gate,
CONTEST WINNERS:                                   please park your car in a parking spot in the
                                                   parking lot. Please pay close attention to
1 Place: Julian Levy, Jayna Becker, Dylan          the painted yellow arrows on the ground for
Estevez,   Leeyah     Hyppolite,  Jessica          vehicle flow and please watch out for
LoPresti, George Pashabigi, Prima Kalra,           pedestrians in the parking lot. I know that
Sarah Beckerle, Nicole McIsaac, Sophia             mornings are a busy time for all of us,
Housman, Daniella Devaney, John McElroy,           however, please exercise caution at all
Isabella Feeney, Carly Hessler, Hannah             times. School starts promptly at 9:00 a.m..
Beckerle                                           Arrival after 9:00, requires late sign in at the
                                                   front desk. Please make every effort to get
2     Place: Sirjaden Borden, Peter                your child here on time.
Cuccinello,     Lauren     Aylmer,   Reagan
McGovern, Paul Carrano, Patrick Apuzzo,            At dismissal time, all children assemble in
Francesca Teng, Tyler Cruger, Ariella Levy,        the all-purpose room. Students are lined up
Jimmy Costin, Sydney Kittner, Lauren               in their respective bus lines or walker/car
Leeber, Phillip Cipollina, Ryan Guzinski           pick up line. If you are picking up a walker
                                                   from school, wait by the custodian’s office
                                                   door. If you are picking up your child by car,
RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS:                           either wait in you car in the pick up lane and
We awarded our first random acts of                wait for your child to be dismissed to you.
kindness certificates this month.     Any          Do NOT honk the horn or summon your
student can get one by simply being                child to come off of the line in any way. If
nominated by a staff member who witnesses          you choose to park your car in the lot, you
it.  We are trying to make kindness                may stand at the corner at the front of the
contagious at NGES! Recipients were:               pick up lane.

Julian Arvanitis, Antonio Dickson, Jonathan        If your child normally takes the bus, but you
Minchala, Kaelyn Serra, Emily Guzinski,            need to pick them up on any particular day,
Justin Ghawi, Carly Byman, Ciara Carlson,          please write a note to your child’s teacher so
Jessalyn Guilamo, Jayleen Martinez,                that they can be placed on the correct
George Pashabigi, Danny Santana, Anthony           dismissal line. If you forget to write the note
Pichardo, Arianna Miklos, Travis Graham,           or if something unexpected happens during
Alexa Marcus, Matthew Gregg, Aalaijah              the day that requires your child to be picked
Grossett, Brandon Ruballos                         up, please notify the main office by calling
                                                   942-3120. We will get the message to the
                                                   classroom teacher.       NOTE: Only persons
                                                   listed on the emergency card may pick up
your child from school. We will ask for ID if           PTA CORNER
we do not recognize the person picking up.
Please know that these procedures have                  Our Fall Fundraiser was a great success.
been established to ensure the children’s               Thanks to all the families who contributed.
safety.                                                 Our Fall Fundraiser pick up date is Tuesday,
                                                        November 4 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
BIRTHDAYS:                                              Please make arrangements for someone to
We would love to celebrate your child’s                 pick up your merchandise.
birthday! We ask that you stay within the
following parameters for students in grades             Also, the 4 grade will be hosting a bake
1-4. Kindergarten and Pre-K are a little                sale on November 4 during parent/teacher
different and your child’s teacher will give            conferences.
you guidelines:
      Provide a snack that is easy to                  Volunteers will be needed to help run the
                                                                                        th      th
         distribute in class.     (i.e. cookie,         Holiday Shoppe on December 11 and 12 .
         munchkin, cupcake) Please do not               Please look for a flyer coming home soon
         send in anything that requires                 with details.
         cutting, slicing etc..
      Also provide napkins. Plates are                 Congratulations to Jonathan Patterson who
         not necessary nor are drinks. Since            won our Halloween raffle.
         the class celebration will take place
         during the scheduled class snack
         time, students will have a drink
      For health and safety reasons, it is
         best if the snack items brought in
         are store purchased and sealed.
      There are students who have food
         allergies in our building. For those
         children, we ask that their parents
         bring in a supply of “special” snacks          Remember, all PTA events are posted on
         at the beginning of the year so that           the school calendar when you visit:
         when there is a classroom
         celebration, everyone is included.   
      Please no party goody bags or
         balloons either.                               These events are all sponsored and/or
      For privacy issues, it is our policy to          hosted by the PTA. Please support NGES
         not release class lists with names             and join the PTA. Volunteers are always
         and phone numbers. If you would                needed. If you can volunteer your time and
         like to invite classmates to an                expertise in any way, please call the school
         outside birthday party, the teacher is         at 942-3120.
         only permitted to give a list with first
         names and last initials.
      Every child’s birthday is important              Angela Cipollina
         and should be celebrated. Let’s                PTA President
         keep in mind that the school
         celebration is for your child to be
         recognized amongst his or her
         peers. With that in mind, we ask
         that you help us stay consistent
         within these simple guidelines.
If you have any questions or concerns,
please do not hesitate to contact me by
calling 942-3123 or E-mailing me at:

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mary Esposito