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1.      Roll Call
Stella Ward, President; Muno Richards, Publications & Area Rep Liaison Portfolio
Leader; Gina Tillard, Professional Standards Portfolio Leader, Catherine Moran,
Professional Standards Portfolio Leader, Fiona Hewerdine, Public Relations Portfolio
In attendance: Ngaire Hamilton, Executive Officer

2.     Apologies
There were no apologies.

3.     Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the August meeting having been circulated and read, be signed as a true
and correct record, moved Gina, seconded Muno, carried

4.      Matters Arising
Programme Accreditation Council needs to attend to exam process. Stella to action.
University of Canterbury - Change of name for the BSLT and MSLT degree - Stella to
look at May minutes and write to Mike Robb.

5.     Financial Report
The accounts for August and September were passed for payment, moved Stella,
seconded Fiona, carried.
August 2005
Cash Receipts                      9,048.00
Cash Payments                      9,767.65
September 2005
Cash Receipts                     26,722.55 ($19,000 Conf. grant)
Cash Payments                     27,571.43 ($19,000 Conf. grant)

6.       Portfolio Reports
(a)      President
University of Auckland Accreditation Site visit occurred on 7 & 8 September – copy of
report was tabled for discussion. Some gaps identified for action by first annual report
from the University of Auckland due 28.10.06. NZSTA funded Prof. Bruce Murdoch as
a member of the Site Visit team - his input was excellent. Recommendation of the site
visit report is the University of Auckland MSLT (Prac) is accredited. The Executive
Committee supports the recommendation of the Site Visit Report that the University of
Auckland MSLT (Prac) programme is accredited effective from 28 October 2005. Stella
Ward put forward the motion which was carried. A presentation to the UoA will occur at
the AGM in April.
Graduates from 2004 MSLT (Prac) are eligible for provisional membership from 28th
October 2005.
Strategic Planning Committee – report was received. One more face-to-face meeting to
be scheduled for December. EO to organize travel. There is a 2-tier plan with
registration in the planning. What is the shape of the association once registration is in

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place? Brief: to come up with the draft plan by the AGM in 2006. Stella to write to the
SP committee thanking them for their initial draft and request that the detailed draft
Strategic Plan be submitted for the February Executive meeting, circulated to the Board
during March for comment, and final draft SP Plan presented to members at the AGM in
Qualifications Approval – the following applications were tabled and approved.
     o Elena Antipova, Russia – provisional membership.
     o Helene Mautner, US – provisional
     o Jaimy Joseph, India – provisional
Non-practising member – discussion around this membership category. A remit to be
formulated and presented at the AGM. Rationale is to be able to distinguish non
practicing manager who is earning money but not clinical hours and someone who is on
maternity leave doing no clinical hours and someone on maternity leave not working.
The important thing is the CPD will log their hours of accrued knowledge.
Corporate membership – formal contact back to GSE office for further discussion.
Stella to write and Muno to meet national manager on behalf of NZSTA Executive once
letter is written.
AHPAF rep – it is essential this rep position is filled, Health or Education. Fiona to
shoulder tap for a rep and NZSTA will support.
Mutual Recognition – Speech Pathology Australia has written regarding mutual
recognition advising they would support.
Health Leaders Forum – Key areas discussed: paediatric dysphagia, motor speech
disorders, standards of practice, recruitment, strategic vision within health.
ASHA Convention – Stella is attending this convention and to network with other
associations regarding mutual recognition, CASPLA, SPA, IASLT, RCSLT and ASHA.
Flights and accommodation will be paid by NZSTA, registration to be paid by Stella.
This is one of the strategic directions and NZSTA needs to be in attendance.
Association has been invited to attend ASHA luncheon.
Resource Room employee contract – Stella is following up.
Report be accepted, moved Stella, seconded Fiona, carried.

(b)    Public Relations
MP packs have been distributed. Review the use of these packs and ask the SP
committee to look at this. Election year is a busy time for MPs and is it effective. Muno
and EO to check prizes and distribute.
Random phone calls – feedback was discussed and will be passed onto the Strategic
Planning Committee. Fiona to action. Acknowledgement emailed to the participants in
the random phone calls. EO to action.
Medical Insurance Providers - letters have been sent to medical insurance providers
from the Private Practice Special Interest Group with a supporting letter from the Labour
Speak Easy – Fiona to ask Shelley Williams, NZSTA Rep to contact vice president.
Talk Back Pamphlets – the majority of feedback from the members was to keep the
name ‘Talk back’ pamphlets. Hearing pamphlet – Hearing advisor contact will be
included on the next reprint.
SLT Awareness Day – acknowledgement sent to Heather de Croix for putting together
the e-pack. Fiona to action.
Report be accepted, moved Fiona, seconded Gina, carried.

(c)    Professional Standards
A verbal report was tabled.

Page 2 of 5                                         Executive Committee minutes, October 2005
HPCAA Teleconference – concerns have been addressed. Total feedback to
questionnaire, 100 written responses received. Biggest concern by far was cost.
Concern being registered by Health when working for Education. Feedback was
discussed. It was agreed Scope of Practice needs to be very broad.
Application is ready to go and plan is to submit to the Ministry of Health before the end of
the year. Catherine will personally meet with Assistant MP for Health, Jim Anderton and
deliver a copy of the application. NZSTA to consider how it will recognize once
confirmation of registration is received.
Feeding & swallowing in Education/Health - protocols – discussion re proposal submitted
by Jo Davies and Linda Barton following query from Celia Butler. NZSTA endorses
content of letter. Catherine to action and write article for newsletter.
RCSLT Clinical Guidelines Publication – copies to be ordered for the Executive
Committee. EO to action and inquire with members for additional orders.
ACC – pursue active lobbying with ACC. Catherine to consult with Brigid Larkins, Turid
Peters and arrange a meet in Wellington with ACC.
ACC levies for private practitioners – Catherine to follow up with Kate Moulson.
Scope of Practice for Dysphagia – in terms of competency, reference the Programme
Accreditation Framework document.
E-Stim - Catherine will contact Maggie Lee regarding E-stim and a statement from
Report be accepted, moved Catherine, seconded Fiona, carried.

(d)     Professional Development
A verbal report was given.
Caroline Bowen Workshop – very successful PD event and well received by the
Workforce Survey – 610 questionnaires were mailed out to members and non members
with a freepost envelope. 206 questionnaires have been returned.
Marion Saunders Trust Fund – package from Murray Gordon, former trustee handed to
Gina for action.
Correspondence from Liana Flanagan, at Hutt Hospital organizing the Head & Neck
Conference. Executive has agreed to support CEUs for participants attending this
2008 Joint Conference – Speech Pathology Australia would like to pursue a joint
conference with NZSTA in New Zealand. Taupo suggested. Gina to follow up with Area
Rep, Waikato/BOP.
Resignation of Helen Higgott, Secretary, Auckland SLT Resource Room - send flowers
for thank you and welcome to Elaine Tasker, new Secretary. EO to action.
Gina to write thank you note for Communication Matters.
Report be accepted, moved Gina, seconded Fiona, carried.

(e)     Publications & Area Rep Liaison
Minutes received from Auckland, Waikato/BOP, Central, Wellington, Canterbury, and
Otago/Southland. Julia Austin-Prime is to be added to the CFY supervisor list.
List of Resources available for borrowing from the Resource Room to be included on the
‘member only’ section of the website. EO to action.
Annual reports - look at professionally printed format for 2006.
Establish a chatroom on the website. Muno and EO to liaise with webmaster.
Area Prizes - to be advised Muno.

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Ebsco Electronic Journal – License Agreement document to be sent to Michael Parker,
Lawyer to read it from a legal point of view. Muno will advise the Editor of the Journal
when to seal the negotiation with Ebsco Publishing Inc.
SLT services on the website for members only – annual advertising rate for current
members to be $600, advert size to be discussed. Follow up with webmaster re loading
on and inquire with lawyer re disclaimer. Muno and EO to action.
Report be accepted, moved Muno, seconded Catherine, carried.

7.     Executive Officer Report
Westpac Ready Access Acct 03 0531 0345364-90 to be closed and balance of $29.64
electronically deposited to the ANZ cheque account.
Banner – obtain further proof and circulate to Executive for comment.
New Computer – has been purchased. New colour printer with scanner.
Old computer has depreciated to no cost and has been disposed of.
Resources – Evidence Based Practice in Speech-Language Therapy was never
received as is out of print. A refund of $95 deposit paid has been returned to NZSTA.
Professional Indemnity insurance - obtain quotes and liaise with Stella. Also liaise with
Helen Rigby.
Red Folders – Executive to forward updates before the end of the year to the EO.
Electronic banking facility – check out legalities re extra charge.
Business cards – order 100 business cards for President with her name.
Meet with lawyer – EO to discuss Ebsco License Agreement, disclaimer for SLT services
on website, and employment contract for Resource room employee.
Report be accepted, moved Muno, seconded Stella, carried.

8.     ASHA Convention
President is attending ASHA luncheon in San Diego. Mutual recognition discussions
with ASHA, CASPLA, SPA and RCSLT and Ireland. What is the spin off NZSTA for
Mutual Recognition for NZSTA? – need to be transparent. Also discuss: Terminology,
university programmes – lack of international PhDs, international workforce issues,
immigration, vacancies. NZSTA wants to belong on the international stage.

9.       Attendance at International Conferences
President should always attend Speech Pathology Australia conferences and SPA
always invited to the biennial conferences of NZSTA. Attendance at other international
conferences; check if a member of Executive is attending and whether they are able to
represent, if not the President or a delegate should attend. Rationale - what is the goal
and what is the objective if attending. Budget needs to be set around projects of
national importance for attendance at international conferences. Look at one round trip
for attendance at CASLPA and RCSLT conferences in 2006.
Invite ASHA, CASLPA and RCSLT to the biennial conference in 2006. Electronic
invitations to be forwarded, EO to action.

10.     2006 Biennial Conference Committee
Update report tabled from convenor. Over 40 abstracts received only 2 abstracts for the
PEARL and 2 poster abstracts. Abstracts under review at the moment. Full programme
and registration brochure will be available online late November/early December. Having
some difficulty securing sponsors. Establish a student member rate for conference.
Executive Board meeting on Sunday night, AGM Monday night. Conference committee
is welcome to ask the Executive members to chair any sessions.
NZSTA stand at conference – refer back to the conference committee and establish a

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theme in light of the conference theme. Gina to follow up and advise Fiona.

11.    Deadline Dates for Advertising
Date to be set quarterly on the 20th of the respective months. EO to action.

12.   Funding Application
An application for funding from Celia Butler has been approved by the Executive Board.
Funding of $317.20 to be paid to Celia towards fees for a BreastEd Online Lactation

13.    New Term of Office
Executive committee – there will be three definite resignations but all portfolio positions
are open for nomination. As it stands a nomination will go forward for Stella for
President. Include funds in the 2006 budget for the handover of portfolio roles.
Executive Committee roles - target funds per portfolio to employ assistants if required.

14.   New Zealand Journal of Speech-Language Therapy
Volume 60 will be published and circulated with the December mailout.

15.     Christmas Leave
The office will be closed from 23 December – 16th January.

16.     Next Meeting - in Hamilton in February on 17/18 February 2006.

Meeting closed at 12.45pm.

President, NZSTA

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