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									       Graffiti Art
   as seen by Keith Harring
Visual Arts 8      Project One
• Using the Elements of Art and Principles
  of Design as your starting point, create an
  original tag that is representative of
  yourself. Through out this lesson, we will
  discuss such things as Graffiti Art, the art
  of Keith Haring, the art of symbolism, and
  the issue of plagiarism. This lesson will
  also be a review of the Elements and
  Principles, as they will be vital to the
  success of your design.
          ELEMENTS of ART:
• Line- your project must have a linear
  quality to it in order to create continuity in
  your piece
• Color- think about the type of palette you
  want to develop, don’t just choose ‘cool’
• Shape- think about what types of shapes
  you can use to create the strongest
           ELEMENTS of ART:
• Form- think about what types of forms you
  can use to create the strongest composition
• Space- don’t forget about negative space, it
  can be just as dynamic as positive space
• Value- where will you add value to your
  project? With what medium will you add
• Texture- how many different types of texture
  can you create with out creating a piece that
  is too busy?
• Movement- how will you make the
  viewer’s eye travel around your piece?
• Emphasis- what will be your focal point?
• Repetition- repetition can aid you in
  creating a piece that has continuity
• Balance- what type of balance will you
  use in your project? Why?
• Unity- Several elements can help create a
  unified piece. Explore these elements and
  utilize them.
• Contrast- Contrast can be seen in many
  elements….in shape? In color? In
• Proportion- play with proportion in the
  development of your composition
      Project Requirements:
•   Your project must be an original, highly
    innovative representation of unique lettering
    arranged in some configuration of your
    name. Your design must represent some
    aspect of your personality.
•   You must complete a minimum of two
    detailed sketches of possible designs for
    your project before you begin your final
    piece. These sketches will be approved by
    the teacher.
       Project Requirements:
• Mixed Media – Incorporate various mediums
  such as markers, Permanent black markers,
  colored pencil, crayon, pastel, paint, and cut
  paper into your final design.
• Include a minimum of 4 Elements and 2
  Principles within your project.
• The background of your piece will become as
  important as the lettering within your project.
             Project Goals:
•   Students will learn to understand the
    difference between objective art and
    non-objective art.
•   Students will be introduced to the art of
    mixed media by utilizing various supplies
    in the creation of their tags.
•   Students will apply their knowledge of
    the art element and principles in the
    creation of their artworks.
             Project Goals:
• Students will learn to understand the
  importance of preliminary work as it is a
  necessary part of the creative process; it is
  beneficial to creating a well crafted, well
  structured piece if art.
• Students will be introduced to the art of
  symbolism, the art of graffiti, and the art of
  Keith Harring.
       Project Vocabulary:
•   Symbolism: The practice of
    representing things by means of symbols
    or of attributing symbolic meanings or
    significance to objects, events, or
•   Graffiti: A drawing or inscription made
    on a wall or other surface, usually so as
    to be seen by the public.
         Project Vocabulary:
•   Plagiarism: Material that is taken and
    used without being referenced that it is
    someone else's intellectual property
•   Objective: Having actual existence or
•   Non-objective: Of, relating to, or being a
    style of art in which natural objects are
    not represented realistically; abstract.
       Project Procedure-
1. Start with a balance plan – symmetrical,
   asymmetrical, radial
2. Choose 2-3 other principles you want to
3. Use objective pictures, lettering or
   symbols or non-objective designs but
   make sure the final design is original and
   not a copy of something you have seen.
   Talk about plagiarism.
       Project Procedure-
4. Make several thumbnail size sketches to
   start brainstorming ideas on scrap paper
5. Complete mini-lesson on lettering – basic
   block, bubble letters, using graph paper,
   stylized lettering
6. Choose one of your sketches to create in
   full color – size 12X18 (don’t forget a
   background design)
          Project Notes:
Draw lightly so your pencil lines don’t
 show through.
Be careful of black because it can smear
 and make your colors dirty – use last!
Permanent Black Marker could be used for
 outlining if desired.
If you paint, tape down paper to prevent
Pastels for backgrounds or large areas
 only and they will need to be sprayed.
Examples of Graffiti ART
Examples of Graffiti ART
Examples of Graffiti ART
Examples of Graffiti ART
Examples of Graffiti ART
All About
Keith Harring…
         Keith Harring Bio
• Born on May 4, 1958, grew up in
  Kutztown, PA, oldest of 4 children, started
  to draw right away
• After high school, went to art school in
  Pittsburgh, PA, for a year, started making
  big drawings, and when he was 19, he had
  his first public show.
• In 1978, moved to NYC to go to a different
  art school, loved being in the big city: In
  New York he found his style.
         Keith Harring Bio
• Started seeing empty black pieces of
  paper on the subways, knew that this was
  the perfect place for him to draw, started
  making his subway drawings every day.
• Started to become famous, all the people
  riding the subway saw his work, it was
  also on TV & in the newspaper.
         Keith Harring Bio
• Started showing his work in art galleries,
  where many people started to buy them
• His 1st show in NYC, painted all the walls
  with his art, & then put up his paintings
  and his sculptures.
• Worked harder than ever, traveled around
  the world to show his work, had shows in
  Europe, Japan, and all across the United
           Keith Harring Bio
• Paintings and sculptures became very
  expensive, wanted everyone to be able to buy
  his work, opened a new store called the Pop
  Shop to sell his art on posters, buttons, T-shirts,
  and games.
• Worked with children in schools to paint large
  murals with them, made paintings and
  sculptures for schools and hospitals in many
• In 1988, got sick with AIDS. At that time, doctors
  could not help people with AIDS. He knew he
  was going to die, but he kept working as hard as
  he could until the end.
Keith Harring ART
Keith Harring ART
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