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Bachelor of Physical Education


                 The Faculty of Education

Bachelor of Physical Education
Bachelor of Physical Education
By studying for a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE), you can make a career out of your interest
in physical education, health education, physical activity and sport. You’ll gain specialised skills and
in-depth knowledge in the field of physical education and learn how to be an effective, inspirational
physical education teacher. The programme includes studies in expressive movement, outdoor education,
bio-physical and socio-cultural sciences, education, te ao kori, health education and sport.
Quick facts                                           What you’ll learn                                   General Education
Full-time: 4 years (part-time study options also      Over the full programme (four years), you will      The General Education programme is a valuable
available)                                            progressively develop the knowledge and skills      component within University of Auckland
                                                      required to become a competent physical             bachelors degrees and has been designed to give
Taught at: Epsom Campus                               education teacher through lectures, assessments     you knowledge and an appreciation of fields
Points per degree: 480i                               and practical experience.                           outside your main area of study. You will choose
                                                                                                          from a range of subjects allowing you to pursue
Highlights                                            The first year lays the foundation, involving       interests in other fields and to complement your
                                                      studies in education, teaching and learning in      specialist knowledge. As part of the BPE degree
•	 A unique programme that enables you to             New Zealand, practical components associated        you will study two courses from the General
   develop physical education knowledge               with physical education and a substantive           Education programme. The General Education
   together with the skills to teach in this area.    knowledge base in the bio-physical and              website,
   It is the only programme offered in Auckland       socio-cultural sciences underpinning human          contains information about the courses currently
   that enables you to study teaching and             movement and physical culture.                      available for this degree.
   physical education concurrently.
                                                      Subsequent years build on this foundation,          You may choose your General Education courses
•	 Learn best-practice physical education and
                                                      further examining research and practices relating   from the following schedules: A) Music, Art and
   educational theory from highly qualified,
                                                      to the pedagogy of health education and physical    Contemporary Issues, C) Business and Society, E)
   well-known and respected leaders in the
                                                      education. In your final year you are able to       Physical Sciences, F) Mathematical and
                                                      select from elective courses to focus on specific   Information Sciences, G) Communication, H)
•	 Strong emphasis on practical experience in         areas of health education and physical education    Languages.
   schools, with some industry-related                depending on your interests.
•	 A range of exciting electives to choose from
   in your final year of study including: teaching
   and coaching sport, health education,
   recreation and lesiure.

Study location
Epsom Campus
74 Epsom Avenue, Epsom, Auckland
The BPE programme is based at the University’s
Epsom Campus, which has a range of specialist
facilities including a 25 metre swimming pool,
two gymnasia, a sports centre, two dance
studios, tennis courts, a fitness centre and one of
the most extensive teacher education libraries in
New Zealand.

The campus is located less than 10 minutes’ drive
from the CBD and City Campus, and is a short
walk away from the cafés and shops of Mt Eden
village. There’s parking on campus and regular
bus services run to and from Mt Eden/Epsom
and the city.

Epsom Campus is a close-knit and multicultural
campus with around 5,000 students. Class
sizes tend to be small and there are plenty of
study spaces, computer rooms, student support
services and facilities. Other activities within
the BPE programme use nearby off-site
facilities such as local squash and badminton
courts, Mt Smart Stadium and various outdoor
education centres.
Programme structure                                   EDCURRIC 134                                         EDPROFST 203
The degree consists of 480 points, made up of:        Expressive Movement and Physical                     Teaching Health and Physical Education 1
•	 420 points from core courses
                                                      Develops an understanding of purposeful,             EDPROFST 214
•	 30 points from elective courses                                                                         Assessment for Learning and Teaching
                                                      expressive physical activity that embraces
•	 30 points (two courses) from the General           aesthetic and inherent cultural values in learning
   Education schedules for this degree                dance and te ao kori. Addresses such questions       Year Three
                                                      as: What knowledge do teachers need in a range       In the third year you will study one course from
Year One:                                             of aesthetic and bicultural physical education       the General Education schedules available for
In your first year you will study one course from     contexts to develop this work in schools? What       this degree (15 points) and the following core
the General Education schedules available for         choreographic skills are needed for devising         courses (105 points). All courses are worth 15
this degree (15 points) and the following core        aesthetic movement compositions?                     points:
courses (105 points). All courses are worth 15
points:                                               EDPRAC 103                                           EDCURRIC 232
                                                      The Professional Teacher: Health and                 Physical Education Practice 4
EDCURRIC 130                                          Physical Education
Physical Education Practice 1                         Develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes         EDCURRIC 234
Introduces students to the practical foundations      associated with effective pedagogical practice       Physical Activity and Health
of physical education. Involves experiential          through integrating research, theory and
learning including residential field-based            practical experience. Addresses such questions       EDCURRIC 235
                                                      as: What does it mean to be a teacher, to be a       Senior School Health and Physical
experiences. Addresses such questions as: How
                                                      professional, and to establish professional          Education
do I perform selected physical activities, improve
my technical knowledge of the competencies            relationships in complex environments? Requires
                                                      demonstration of developing pedagogical              EDCURRIC 236
required in the selected activities, analyse
                                                      practice.                                            Teaching Outdoor Education
selected movements and provide feedback to
                                                      EDUC 142                                             EDCURRIC 333
                                                      Health and Physical Education in a Diverse           Advanced Youth Health Education
EDCURRIC 131                                          Society
Physical Education Practice 2                                                                              EDPRAC 303
                                                      Introduces students to thinking critically about
Develops students’ competency and knowledge                                                                Health and Physical Education
                                                      Health and Physical Education. Examines
about the physical foundations of physical                                                                 Practicum 2
                                                      discourses about health and physical activity
education. Emphasis is placed on experiential         from historical and sociological perspectives.
learning. Addresses such questions as: Do I have                                                           EDPROFST 303
                                                      Introduces diversity as it relates to educational
the knowledge and competence to be able to                                                                 Teaching Health and Physical Education 2
                                                      opportunity in Health and Physical Education.
perform selected physical activities, to apply        Addresses such questions as: How are notions
appropriate technical knowledge to specific           about health and physical education and              Year Four:
physical activities, and to analyse selected          difference constructed and supported?                In the fourth year you will study the following
movements and provide feedback?                                                                            core courses (90 points) as well as two elective
                                                                                                           courses (30 points). All courses are worth 15
                                                      Year Two:
EDCURRIC 132                                                                                               points:
                                                      In the second year you will study the following
Bio-Physical Foundations of Health and                core courses (120 points). All courses are worth
Physical Education
                                                                                                           EDCURRIC 334
                                                      15 points:                                           Exercise and Physical Education
Introduces students to the anatomical and
physiological foundations of Health and Physical      EDCURRIC 135                                         EDCURRIC 335
Education with particular reference to the roles of   Socio-Cultural Foundations of Health and             Research Study in Health and Physical
body systems in human movement. Addresses             Physical Education                                   Education
such questions as: What roles do the musculo-
skeletal systems play in movement and learning?       EDCURRIC 200                                         EDUC 321
How do the circulo-respiratory systems work           Biophysical Concepts in Physical                     Politics, Philosophy and Education
during rest and activity? How do the neuro-           Education
muscular systems function to produce movement?                                                             EDCURRIC 430
                                                      EDCURRIC 230                                         Curriculum Issues in Health and Physical
EDCURRIC 133                                          Physical Education Ngä Käkano                        Education
Concepts Underpinning Skilled Movement
Introduces students to the bio-physical
                                                      EDCURRIC 231                                         EDCURRIC 431
                                                      Physical Education Practice 3                        Physical Education Pedagogy
foundations of Health and Physical Education
including the roles of skill acquisition and
bio-mechanics in physical education contexts.
                                                      EDCURRIC 233                                         EDPRAC 403
                                                      Youth Health Education                               Advanced Health and Physical Education
Addresses such questions as: How can
knowledge of the internal and external mechanics                                                           Practicum
                                                      EDPRAC 203
be applied to understand human movement?
                                                      Health and Physical Education
What is skill and how do people learn motor
                                                      Practicum 1
“I chose this degree because I love working with young people and the course structure has a great mix of both theory
and practice. We learn to question and think critically whilst building up teaching experience through practicum.

It’s a stimulating course that interweaves teaching pedagogy throughout everything done on campus, whether in the
classroom, pool or gym. I feel confident in teaching health and physical education to a range of year levels, as
constant guidance and reference to a variety of teaching methods and strategies is provided.

The lecturers foster the concept of lifelong learning by doing research themselves, something I am considering doing
in my teaching career. But for now I’m just really excited about going teaching and inspiring students to have a
lifelong appreciation for physical education.”

Alistair Williamson is in his final year of study towards a Bachelor of Physical Education.
Elective courses may include the following:        Career opportunities                                Money matters
                                                   The Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) will       Fees for 2011 will be set late in 2010. As an
EDCURRIC 237                                       qualify you to teach health and physical            indication, tuition fees for this programme for
Recreation and Leisure                             education at secondary level in schools. As it is   2010 (for a student enrolled full-time in 120
                                                   a four-year degree qualification, you will be       points) were:
EDCURRIC 239                                       eligible for Q3+ salary status (a higher starting
Teaching and Coaching Sport                        salary level than a three-year degree) in the       Domestic students         $4,501
                                                   New Zealand school system. The BPE degree is        International students    $21,000
EDCURRIC 432                                       well-respected by secondary schools both
Research Project in Health and Physical                                                                In addition to tuition fees, students pay a
                                                   nationally and internationally.
Education                                                                                              student services fee and a building levy. In
                                                   Typically, graduates of the BPE teach health        2010 (for a student enrolled full- time in120
EDCURRIC 433                                       and physical education in New Zealand or            points) these fees were:
The Health Educator                                overseas, but graduates have also gone on to
                                                                                                       Student services fee      $468.00
                                                   other careers in associated industries, such as
                                                                                                       Building levy             $74.40
For descriptions of the courses listed see The     sports coordination and management, fitness
University of Auckland Calendar, which can be      centres and personal training, outdoor and          All of these fees are charged on a per point
viewed online at       adventure education programmes, dance               basis, so students taking less than 120 points
                                                   tutoring and health education. Graduates have       will pay proportionately lower fees. The above
Assessment                                         also gone on to postgraduate study, including       figures are a guide only and some adjustment
                                                   research. Many graduates of this programme          for 2011 is expected.
You’ll be assessed through exams, assignments
                                                   take leadership roles within New Zealand
and practical work. Grades are awarded on an
                                                   schools and beyond. The leadership,                 When fees for 2011 are set,
A+ to D– scale. A variety of assessment tools
                                                   motivation, communication, management and           updated information will be available at
are used including group work, practical
                                                   organisational skills you will learn, combined
performance tests, tests, seminars, essays,
                                                   with the prestige that a degree from The
exams and units of work including teaching
                                                   University of Auckland will give you, opens up      For a true indication of how much it will cost
resources and assessment tasks. The use of
                                                   many opportunities and options.                     you to study, take a look at the fees for your
information and communication technology
                                                                                                       programme, then factor in costs such as
(ICT) is incorporated into many of the
                                                                                                       textbooks, accommodation, transport and
assessment tasks.                                  Further study
                                                                                                       other living expenses.
                                                   If you hold a Bachelor of Physical Education
Practicum                                          degree you can continue with your professional      For information on financial assistance and
                                                   development and maximise your career and            help to fund your university study visit the
Practicum is critical to understanding what
                                                   salary prospects by completing a postgraduate       Faculty of Education website.
it’s really like to be in a school and to teach.
                                                   diploma. You could then go on to study at
The idea of practicum is to give you the
                                                   masters and doctoral level. With three years of
opportunity to observe teaching, practise your
                                                   teaching experience, it is also possible to enter
own skills and discuss relevant issues with
                                                   directly into the Master of Professional Studies
practising professionals.
                                                   in Education. See our postgraduate prospectus
First-year students undertake one two-week         for more information.
block of practicum. As you progress through
the degree, you will observe and teach classes
in a range of secondary schools and related          How the year is organised (2010)
industries so that you experience a range of         Year One, Bachelor of Physical Education
teaching situations. Initially you will observe
small groups and work with individual pupils.        Lectures                                                   28 February - 15 March
As your skills develop, you will work alongside
                                                     CAMP                                                       16 March - 18 March
experienced teachers, teach small groups and
take responsibility for a whole class for            Lectures                                                   21 March - 15 April
selected lessons.
                                                     Mid-Semester break                                         18 April - 29 April
While in schools, you will have the support of       Lectures                                                   2 May - 20 May
associate teachers, a senior staff coordinator
and your lecturers.                                  Study break / Exams                                        21 May - 27 June

In addition to practicum, you usually also           Inter-Semester break                                       28 June - 17 July
undertake a camp in your first, third and            Lectures                                                   18 July - 26 August
fourth years, and a week on a marae in your
second year.                                         PRACTICUM                                                  29 August - 9 September

                                                     Lectures                                                   12 September - 30 September

                                                     Study Week                                                 3 October - 7 October

                                                     Semester break                                             10 October - 21 October

                                                     Study break / Exams                                        22 October - 14 November

                                                     Note: Current at time of publication but changes may occur.
How do you get in?
The information below applies to New Zealand          The approved subjects are determined by NZQA            Additional requirements for
and Australian citizens and permanent residents       and a list is available at
(domestic students) only. International students      You are strongly encouraged to take achievement
                                                                                                              all applicants
should refer to      standards as preparation for University studies.        Personal references, a literacy assessment and
or call +64 9 373 7513.                               The guaranteed admission score for the BPE in           an interview are part of the selection process.
                                                      2011 is 140.
                                                                                                              All applicants must meet certain standards of
General admission                                                                                             English language proficiency. Other checks on
information                                           Cambridge International                                 suitability may also be required.
                                                      Examinations (CIE)
Minimum age                                           To be admitted to The University of Auckland you        To be admitted to this programme, students must
You normally must have reached the age of 16          must gain the University Entrance Standard (120         also demonstrate the potential to meet the New
years by 31 December in the year preceding that       points on the UCAS Tariff) and be selected into a       Zealand Teachers Council (NZTC) criteria for
in which admission is sought, to be eligible for      programme. You will be ranked according to your         provisional registration. This includes language
admission to The University of Auckland.              UCAS Tariff score total accumulated over a              proficiency and being of “good character and fit
                                                      maximum of six subject units at AS, A2 or A Level       to be a teacher”.
English language requirements                         from subjects that match those of NCEA. The
You must meet certain standards of English            guaranteed admission score for the BPE in 2011          Alternative pathways
language proficiency. You will meet these if          is 130.                                                 If you don’t meet the admission requirements
English is your first language, or if you have a                                                              there are options, including our Foundation
New Zealand university entrance qualification         International Baccalaureate (IB)                        Certificate Education, that can help bridge you
(eg, from NCEA or CIE).                               To be admitted to The University of Auckland you        into the Bachelor of Physical Education.
                                                      must gain the full IB Diploma (24 points) and be
                                                                                                              If you have a qualification from an overseas
Equity groups of students                             selected into a programme. All applicants will be
                                                                                                              secondary school, overseas university or other
We are committed to providing equal                   ranked. The guaranteed admission score for the
                                                                                                              overseas tertiary institution of an equivalent
opportunities to all who have the potential to        BPE in 2011 is 24.
                                                                                                              nature and standard, the faculty may consider
succeed at The University of Auckland. All
                                                                                                              this as an entry qualification (conditions apply).
faculties are committed to increasing the             Guaranteed admission
participation and success of students from equity     If you meet the University Entrance Standard,           Recognition of previous academic study may be
groups, including students from low socio-            the rank score for guaranteed admission and the         given to students wishing to transfer from other
economic backgrounds, students with disabilities,     other selection requirements for entrance into          tertiary institutions.
Māori and Pacific students.                           the BPE (see “additional requirements” section),
                                                      you will be offered a place in the programme.           For more information or help with understanding
Admission from New                                                                                            our admission requirements, contact the Student
                                                                                                              Information Centre on 0800 61 62 63 or visit
Zealand secondary school                              What if you don’t achieve the
qualifications in 2010                                guaranteed admission score?
                                                      If you achieve the University Entrance Standard
National Certificate of Educational                   but do not achieve the rank score for guaranteed
                                                                                                              How to apply
Achievement – (NCEA) Level 3                          admission into the BPE programme, your                  Apply online at
To be admitted to The University of Auckland you      application will be given individual consideration.     You will also need to complete a “Supplementary
must gain the University Entrance Standard and                                                                Information Form” which you can download from
be selected into a programme. You will be                                                            (under Quick
allocated a rank score based on your 80 best
                                                      Special Admission                                       Links).
                                                      If you are over 20 years of age on the first day of
credits at Level 3 or higher over a maximum of                                                                Closing date for applications: 1 December 2010.
                                                      semester and have no formal university entrance
five approved subjects, weighted by the level of
                                                      qualification, you may be eligible for Special          Due to the high interest in this programme we
achievement attained in each set of credits. If
                                                      Admission. Evidence of other study or work skills       strongly recommend that you submit your
you achieve fewer than 80 credits, the rank score
                                                      will need to be provided with your application.         application, in full, as early as possible.
will be based on those credits you have gained at
Level 3 over a maximum of five approved                                                                       Applications received after the closing date may
subjects and weighted by the level of                                                                         be considered if there are places available.
achievement.                                                                                                  For further details contact the faculty.

   Faculty of Education Student Centre                Free phone: 0800 61 62 63                         Disclaimer:
   The University of Auckland                         Phone: +64 9 923 1969                             Although every reasonable effort is made to ensure
   A Block, Gate 3, 74 Epsom Avenue,                  Fax: +64 9 623 8950                               accuracy, the information in this document is provided as a
   Epsom, Auckland                                    Email:                   general guide only for students and is subject to alteration.
                                                      Web:                 All students enrolling at The University of Auckland must
   Private Bag 92602
                                                                                                        consult its official document, the current Calendar of The
   Symonds Street, Auckland 1150                                                                        University of Auckland, to ensure that they are aware of and
                                                                                                        comply with all regulations, requirements and policies.


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