Memory_Jogger by nuhman10


									Memory Jogger
First, ask yourself: who do you know that is:                                           Who do you know that wants to:
· Well-respected                                                                        · Get out of Debt
· Well-liked                                                                            · Reduce Financial Pressure or Stress
· Successful                                                                            · Buy a New Home, a New Car, or both
· Hard working                                                                          · Take a Family Vacation
· Self-motivated                                                                        · Put their Children in Private School
· Entrepreneurial                                                                       · Be a Better Provider for their Family
· Influential                                                                           · Secure their Financial Future
· Money motivated                                                                       · Own their own Business
· Career oriented                                                                       · Be their own boss
                                                                                        · Supplement their current income
                                                                                        · Make a Career Change
                                                                                        · Leave a Legacy for their Family

Family Members           Dentist               Reporter            Business Machines    House                  Salt & Sand             High School Friends      Museum
Parents                  Dietician             Retired Executive   Cabinets             Insurance                                      College Friends          Night Club
Grandparents             Electrician           Sales Person        Cable TV Service     Investments            Who sold you your       Play sports with         Nursing Home
Brothers                 Electrolysist         Representative      Camera               Jewelry                Sewing Machine          Your next-door           Pharmacy
Sisters                  Engineer              Security Guard      Camper               Loan                   Secretarial Services    neighbors                Post Office
Aunts                    Engraver              Telemarketer        Candy                Luggage                Septic Tank Servicing   Health Club contacts     Recycling Center
Uncles                   Exterminator          Veterinarian        Car Wash             Lawn                   Sheet Metal             Mailman                  Restaurant
Cousins                  Financial Planner                         Carpeting            Limousine              Shoes                   UPS Driver               Redemption Center
Brother-in-Laws          Funeral Director      Who sold you your   Carpet Cleaning      Manicure               Shoe Repair             Federal Express Driver   Resort
Sister-in-Laws           Interior Decorator    Advertising         Cash Register        Medicine               Shredding Machine       Congressman or           School (High)
                                               Alarm System        Cat                  Mobile Telephone       Siding                  Woman                    School (College)
Who do you know          Who do you know       Auto                Cement               Mortgage               Sign                    Children's teachers      School (Night)
who is a(n)…             who is a(n)…          Antiques            Chimney Cleaning     Motorcycle             Skis                    Bridesmaids              Sightseeing Tours
Accountant               Lawyer                Audio-Visual        Christmas Tree       Muffler                Skin Care               Military Friends         State Government
Aerobics Instructor      Mover                 Equipment           Clothing             Music                  Snow Removal            Fraternity Friends       Super Market
Alterations - Clothing   Notary Public         Auto Repairs        Computer             Mutual Fund            Sporting Goods          Sorority Friends         Tanning Salon
Ambulance Driver         Nurse                 Auto Lessons        Computer Supplies    Newspaper              Spring Water            Taxi Driver              Tennis Court
Answering Service        Nutritionist          Awnings             Computer Software    Office Furniture       Sprinkler System        Other networkers         Theatre
Antique Dealer           Office Cleaner        Balloons            Condominium          Office Supplies        Stereo System           Parents of children's    Thrift Shop
Appraiser                Opthalmologist        Banquet Room        Contact Lenses       Oil                    Storage                 Friends                  Volunteer Group
Architect                Optometrist           Barbecue            Construction         Paging Service         Store Fixtures          Vacation friends         Warehouse
Attorney                 Orthodontist          Battery             Copier               Paint                  Storm Windows           Model                    Work
Auctioneer               Painter               Beer                Cosmetics            Paper                  Surgical Equipment      Fire Chief               Yacht Club
Auditor                  Pharmacist                                Dog                  Party Supplies         Tailoring               Flight Attendant
Baby Sitter              Pharmaceutical- Rep   Who sold you your   Dry Cleaning         Paving                 Tax Return              Bank Teller              Who sold you your
Baker                    Photographer          Bicycle             Exercise Equipment   Payroll                Telephone               Editor                   Trailer
Banker                   Physical Therapist    Bed                 Eye Glasses          Pet Supplies           Telephone Equipment     Lifeguard                Travel
Barber                   Physician (Family)    Bird Food           Fax                  Photography            Television              Fisherman                Typesetting
Bartender                Physician             Blinds              Fence                Piano                  Tile                    Farmer                   Uniforms
Beautician               (Dermatologist)       Boat                Firewood             Picture Framing        Tires                                            Vacation Home
Blueprinter              Physician (OB-GYN)    Boat Supplies       Fish                 Pizza                  Title                   Who do you know at       Vacuum Cleaner
Bookkeeper               Physician             Boat Repairs        Flowers              Pool                   Tools                   Federal Government       Videos (VCR)
Bus Driver               Piano Instructor      Boat Storage        Formal Wear          Printing               Towing                  Garden Center            Voice Mail
Business Owner           Plumber               Boiler                                   Quilting Materials     Toys                    Golf Course              Vitamins
Butcher                  Police Officer        Books               Who sold you your    Records                                        Hardware Store           Wallpaper
Carpenter                Psychologist          Boots               Furniture            Refrigerators          Other people            Health Club              Waste Removal
Carpet Cleaner           Psychotherapist       Bricks              Gas                  Rentals                Bridge players          Hospital
Caterer                  Publisher             Brochure            Golf Equipment       Restaurant Equipment   People from past jobs   Hotel
Chiropractor             Real Estate Agent     Bridal Gown         Horse                Resume                 People you grew up      Kennel
Consultant               Recruiter             Burglar Alarm       Hot Tub              Roofing                with                    Library

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