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					Easi-Flow Filler

 Accurate level control system   Rapid, easy, no-tool size
 using pressure equalization     changeover
 No-bottle/no-fill feature       Product tank with precise level
 Positive container control
                                 Unique “in-motion” fill height
 Wide range of container sizes   adjustment
 and shapes – wide range of
 product viscosities             Clean, gentle filling nozzle
Easi-Flow Filler
   The Easi-Flow Filler is                          Filling ceases when the liquid                        Optional Features:
designed to fill a wide range of                    level submerges the vent point in                         COMPLETE CIP SYSTEM
liquid products. With its rugged                    the vent tube.                                            PLC CONTROL
construction, it will provide a                        The container is then lowered                          PRODUCT RECIRCULATION
                                                                                                              TEMPERATURE PROBE AND ALARM
long, low-maintenance life.                         and the fluid valve closes. Any
                                                                                                              MOTORIZED TURRET HEIGHT
   The filler features fast, gentle                 liquid remaining in the vent tube                         ADJUSTMENT
filling, using the patented “Easi-                  is purged by atmospheric pressure                         TANK AGITATION
Flow” filling valve for an                          before the next container is raised                       EXPLOSION PROOF ELECTRICS
advanced container filling sys-                     and the filling process com-                              NEMA 4X ELECTRICS
tem. It’s clean in appearance and                   mences again. Low vacuum fluid                            CENTRALIZED FILL HEIGHT
                                                                                                              ADJUSTMENT WITH “IN MOTION” FILL
operation, low in maintenance,                      nozzle design prevents dripping                           HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT

offers quick, no-tool changeover.                   from occurring.                                           CAM-CONTROLLED NECK GUIDES
Fill height is obtained using                                                                                 SYNCHRO-LINE COMPATIBLE, FILLERS

quick-change spacers. Fill tubes
                                                    Additional Features:                                      CAN BE LINKED WITH VARIOUS
                                                                                                              CLEANING, CAPPING, CORKING,
                                                       VARIABLE FREQUENCY AC                                  PLUGGING, OR OTHER CLOSING
can be changed in minutes.                             DRIVE SYSTEM                                           MACHINES USING CONTROL HELIX
                                                                                                              BETWEEN MACHINES
   The filling process is con-                         ALL PRODUCT CONTACT PARTS OF 316L
                                                       STAINLESS STEEL                                        MONOBLOC CAPPER AVAILABLE ON
trolled using a pressure equaliza-                                                                            MOST SIZES
                                                       POSITIVE CONTROL CONTAINER NECK
tion system. The container is                          GUIDE SYSTEM                                           AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION SYSTEM
raised against the filling head,                       MACHINE SAFETIES                                       COUNTERCLOCKWISE ROTATION
forming a seal. The head space                         CLEAN-DESIGN STAINLESS STEEL                           MANY ADDITIONAL FEATURES ARE
                                                       CONVEYOR CONSTRUCTION                                  AVAILABLE TO MEET SPECIFIC
in the product tank is a low vacu-                     CENTRALIZED FILL HEIGHT
                                                                                                              APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS

um. When the container is sealed                       ADJUSTMENT                                             FOR SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS, PNEUMATIC
                                                                                                              SCALE WILL CONDUCT AND
against the filling head, the pres-                    STAINLESS STEEL BARRIER GUARDING                       DEMONSTRATE FILL TESTS IN OUR
                                                       WITH ELECTRICALLY INTERLOCKED
                                                                                                              TECHNICAL CENTER
sure in the container falls rapidly,                   LEXAN ACCESS DOORS
to equalize with the tank head                         HANDLES NON-ROUND CONTAINERS
space. The filling valve then                          COMPLETE RANGE OF FILLING
                                                       TECHNIQUES AVAILABLE, INCLUDING
opens, allowing liquid to flow                         GRAVITY / LOW VACUUM, ADJUSTABLE
                                                       VACUUM, GRAVITY, PRESSURE, AND
into the container by gravity.                         COMBINATIONS

                                              Easi-Flow Technical Specifications
                                                                                                               NOMINAL MACHINE DIMENSIONS
           SERIES                                NUMBER OF HEADS AVAILABLE                             DEPTH            WIDTH            HEIGHT

           1350                                         12, 18, 24, 30, 36                           2,300 mm             1,800 mm            2,500 mm

           1800                                       18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48                         2,900 mm             2,300 mm            2,500 mm

           3200                                         40, 48, 56, 64, 72                           4,000 mm             3,600 mm            2,500 mm

    Consult factory for container size limitations. Speeds in BPM dependent on product viscosity, container shape and volume, and neck inside diameter.

                                     Pneumatic Scale Angelus Corporation
                                  10 Ascot Parkway • Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 USA • 330/923-0491
                                 5320 140th Avenue North • Clearwater, FL 33760 USA • 727/535-4100
                                 4900 Pacific Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA • 323-583-2171
                            Otto-Hahn-Str. 54 • 63303 Dreieich-Sprendlingen Germany • + 49 6103 380 990

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