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Dear Ms. Crossley,

I am writing to inform you about Salem stores, Roost and The Beehive’s, first Gimme
Shelter Birdhouse Auction at their 40 Front Street location on May 1, 2011 at 5 p.m.
As part of an initiative to support the growing community of Salem, MASS, Roost
and The Beehive are extending a helping hand (or maybe paw) to the Northeast
Animal Shelter in what owners, Kate Leavy and Jamie Metsch, have deemed a
“shelter for shelter” silent auction.

As the energetic personality of the WGBH “The Callie Crossley Show,” you cover
everything from hard-hitting news to everyone’s favorite “Dog Lady,” Monica
Collins. As a listener and WGBH intern (special events), I appreciate your
commitment to communicating across the multitude of social platforms to reach your
audience and incorporate their stories in your program.

It is for this reason, I felt compelled to write to you about the Gimme Shelter
Birdhouse Auction. Kate and Jaime not only demonstrate perseverance as small
business owners in a blossoming downtown Salem, but have continually supported
the city’s growth through promoting local artisans, businesses and even Salem State
University. This spring semester they are taking part in the institution’s Expect
Program; a curriculum designed to give aspiring advertising and public relations
students experience outside of the classroom.

Owners of shelter dogs, themselves, Kate and Jamie are now turning their efforts to
support one of the city’s unsung heroes; the Northeast Animal Shelter. Rather than
simply make a donation, they mobilized a variety of artisans from the North Shore
and Greater Boston area in order to auction off unique, hand-crafted birdhouses made
specifically for this occasion. The houses range in size, shape and materials; including
one made completely of vinyl records from music blogger, Steve Phillips.

I have attached the event press release and flyer to this email. If you have any
questions or would like to set up an interview with Kate or Jamie, please contact me
at samcepican74@gmail.com or call at (978) 778-8489.

I understand you must have an incredibly busy schedule, but if you have time to help
the Gimme Shelter Birdhouse Auction take off and support a great cause, I know I, as
well as Jamie and Kate would greatly appreciate it.

Dear Valued Community Member,

At Salem State University, we pride ourselves on working to provide more
opportunities for future students. As an effort to support this and other goals of the
university, Salem State’s communication honor society, Lambda Pi Eta, is hosting the
Valentine’s Day event, Cookie Boss to help finance the Sandra B. Fowler Memorial
Scholarship Fund.

Dr. Sandra Fowler, 1942-2008 was an integral member of the Salem State family who
ended her long and courageous battle with cancer in January 2008. A founding
member and original chairperson of the communications department, her tireless
efforts and dedication helped thousands of students earn degrees in communications.

Through the brilliance and varied talents of staff and students, we have been able to
raise $17,963.44 to preserve her legacy. However, we must add an additional
$7,036.56 by the end of 2011 to endow the scholarship.

Inspired by the hit TLC-show, Cake Boss, Cookie Boss will feature a do-it-yourself
cookie decorating buffet, pre-decorated sweets for purchase and a raffle. In addition,
we will be providing any last-minute valentine’s for those of us that prefer to keep our
significant others happy on the big day.

Because our finances are limited, we are reaching out to members of the North Shore
community in regard to any possible supplies or donations. We appreciate anything
from sprinkles to gift certificates.

As a personal “thank you” we can feature your company/organization’s logo on all of
the flyers leading up to the event as well as have any promotional material on our
table during.

If you would like more information on Cookie Boss or The Sandra B. Fowler
Memorial Scholarship Fund, please contact XXXXXX at XXXXXXXXXX. We
would be more than happy to answer any questions and accommodate your business
in order to support our cause.


Samantha Cepican                                              Pam Dawson
Skaters Landing Boston                                        SKATING Magazine

                                                                     October 12, 2010

Dear Ms. Dawson,

I am writing to inform you of the free podiatric seminar hosted by Dr. Thomas W.
Vorderer, M.D. at The Skating Club of Boston (SCOB) on October 24th, 2010 at 2:30

I have been following SKATING Magazine since I was a competitive ice dancer, and
have found it to be the most comprehensive resource for articles that inspire and
inform the next generation of athletes. In your work with the magazine, you deal
primarily with parental investment, and offer advice to skaters and parents alike. We
both know how important it is to have the right pieces in place before the start of a
new competition season. Unfortunately, we also know how costly those pieces can be.

With regionals right around the corner, we at Skaters Landing Boston understand how
parents want the right pieces, for the right price. It is for this reason we are offering
not only a free seminar, but also a private screening and consultation with renowned
sports podiatrist, Dr. Vorderer. The seminar is primarily focused on injury prevention
and equipment, but time will be made available for individual questions. Skaters are
encouraged to reserve time with Dr. Vorderer, however, priority is given to skaters
that are members at SCOB or are enrolled in its Basic Skills Program.

Attached is the event calendar listing and press release. I will be following up with
you in several days, however, please contact me at: 978-778-8489 or
scepican74@yahoo.com if you have any questions. If you are interested in covering
the seminar, I would be more than happy to set up a phone interview with Dr.
Vorderer as well as access to SCOB for media accommodation. If, for any reason, you
are unable to attend, full video and photos will be available on the Skaters Landing
and SCOB websites at: www.skaterslanding.com and www.scboston.org.

Thank you,

Samantha Cepican
Samantha Cepican                                                      Daphne Bachman
Skaters Landing Boston                                                Ice-Dance.com

                                                                       October 12, 2010

Hi Daphne,

I wanted to give you a heads up Skaters Landing is sponsoring a free podiatric
seminar and consultation hosted by Dr. Thomas W. Vorderer, M.D. at The Skating
Club of Boston (SCOB) on October 24th, 2010.

Many of your athletes on the Ice-Dance.com (ID.com) website from the New England
area may find it very beneficial before the start of the qualifying season. Also, parents
of athletes may be interested in the free screening and consultation offered. Skaters
Landing has referred countless freestyle, pairs and dance skaters to the expertise of
Dr. Vorderer and had wonderful experiences working with him as a result.

The seminar is open to any skaters, parents, coaches and media. It will begin with a
lecture from Dr. Vorderer on injury prevention and root causes of injury skaters,
followed by a question and answer period. After speaking with him, it’s surprising to
me how the slightest correction in orthodox can alleviate stress on the back, knees and
ankles. You know how important those can be in our discipline.

Athletes may sign up for a private screening and consultation, but priority is given to
SCOB and Basic Skills members. If any of your dance teams would like an
appointment, however, I can make sure they are accommodated to the best of my
ability. I understand it’s not easy to make time in busy training schedules; especially
when many of the ID.com teams have Jr. and Sr. Grand Prix competitions over the

I’ve included the calendar listing and press release in this package. I’ll follow up with
you in a couple days, however, if you have any questions please feel free to contact
me at 978-778-8489 or scepican74@yahoo.com. If you’re interested, I can set up a
phone interview Dr. Vorderer. If you are unable to attend, full video and photos will
be made available on www.skaterslanding.com and www.scboston.org.

All the best,


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