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Message   FROM        the Chairman
           or 25 years, we have been providing our guests with the finest all-inclusive
           vacation experience anywhere with our two distinct brands — Sandals for
           couples and Beaches for families. Along the way, we’ve refined that experience,
      adding more services and amenities so that first-time visitors and our many return-
      ing guests alike can have vacations that are even more luxurious.
           At Sandals, we take our leadership role within the all-inclusive market seriously
      and are always looking for new ways to provide even more value, more choice and
      more things for you to enjoy on your vacation. It’s a simple philosophy: we keep
      getting better so you’ll keep coming back.
           Each of our resorts has its own unique personality and flavour, so you can find
      one that’s just right for you or try a different one each vacation. Some are big and bold,
      others are quiet and intimate, and some — due to their design and scale — offer a
      variety of vacation experiences right within one resort. Spend one day beach-side and
      the next high in the hills in your own private villa and pool.
           We want your vacation to be exactly the way you want it to be. Our exciting new
      partnership with world-renowned wedding designer Preston Bailey means that you
      can have a lavish designer wedding at a Sandals or Beaches resort at a very reasonable
      cost. Of course, our free weddings are still available too with exquisite venues of your
           Our partnership with Sesame Street has been a runaway success, and now Bert
      and Ernie have joined in the fun. Kids tell us they can’t get enough of the live stage
      shows, character breakfasts and other daily activities.
           Our new butler service — another exclusive to Sandals and Beaches Resorts —
      means guests enjoying our top suite categories have the additional value of their own
      personal butler.
           On behalf of all the dedicated staff at Sandals and Beaches Resorts, I extend a
      warm Caribbean invitation to visit us soon.

      All that’s good,

      Gordon “Butch” Stewart
      Sandals and Beaches Resorts
          The Magazine of Sandals and Beaches Resorts

1   All That’s Good —                                6      Beaches Resorts — Excitement and
    a Message from the Chairman                             Adventure as Big as a Child’s Dream
    Gordon “Butch” Stewart
                                                     8      The Sandals Philosophy of Dining
3   Open Windows, Open Doors                                All the World’s a Stage
    Sandals and that Caribbean Feeling
                                               10           Private Butler Service
4   Sandals and Preston Bailey                              Another Sandals Success
    Fantasy and Beauty for the
    Perfect Wedding                            11           Red Lane Spas
                                                            A Sanctuary in a Busy World
5   Sandals Takes the Cake
    to a New Level                             12           The Passionate Rhythms of
                                                            Sandals and Beaches’ Cuba

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                                         Lane MacIntosh
              Sandals and that
Caribbean Feeling

     rom the balcony of their suite at Sandals                      paradise for newlyweds, more than a luxurious sanctuary for
     Whitehouse European Village & Spa in Jamaica, the              those seeking an escape. Sandals is an idea, an attitude, a
     newlyweds can see the wide Caribbean horizon.                  feeling of harmony and abundance.
Soon the sun will set and the sky will turn a fiery crimson.             Harmony and abundance are hallmarks of the Caribbean
Red — the colour of passion.                                        too. No matter which island paradise you choose for your
     They were married on the beach earlier in the day in an        Sandals experience, you can be sure you’re getting that genuine
exclusive Preston Bailey Signature WeddingMoon™ ceremony,           Caribbean feeling. After all, Sandals is a Jamaica-based
available only at Sandals. It’s a dream come true for both          company that’s respectful and passionate about the Caribbean
of them.                                                            experience. Just as each of the islands has its own personality,
     Smiling, they clink their champagne glasses and gaze into      so too does each Sandals and Beaches resort. Sandals guests
each other’s eyes. They may not realize it yet, but somewhere       have the widest range of choice of any all-inclusive resort in
out there on the wide horizon is their future. This is their open   the Caribbean. They even have a choice of islands.
window — their open door.                                                Sandals has 14 couples-only resorts: seven in Jamaica,
     Sandals is more than swaying coconut palms, powdery            three in St. Lucia, one in Antigua, one in Nassau, Bahamas, and
white beaches and fine dining. It’s more than a tropical            two in Varadero, Cuba.
                                                                         OPEN WINDOWS,
Sandals and Preston Bailey                                                          OPEN DOORS           (continued)

Fantasy and Beauty
for the Perfect Wedding
                                                                             Beaches Resorts, part of the Sandals family, welcomes

     reston Bailey’s passion for life is exceeded only by his love of
     beauty — the beauty he sees and feels in nature, art, history      singles, couples and families of all ages. There are five Beaches
     and architecture.
                                                                        resorts: three in Jamaica, one in Providenciales, Turks &
      Just as Sandals is recognized as the world’s number one all-
inclusive resort and the leading innovator in destination weddings      Caicos, and one for adults 16 years and older in Varadero, Cuba.
for nearly 25 years, Preston Bailey is regarded as the world’s               Unlike other all-inclusive resorts, where it feels like you
pre-eminent event and wedding designer. He brings an incompar-
                                                                        could be just about anywhere in the world, at a Sandals and
able level of artistry and creativity to his work. Now, this famous
designer and author of Design for Entertaining and Fantasy              Beaches resort there’s never a question about where you
Weddings, has formed an exclusive partnership with Sandals. It’s a      are. Whether it’s Antigua, St. Lucia or Turks & Caicos, that
match made in heaven.
                                                                        special Caribbean feeling is as sweet and pervasive as it is in
      “Sandals is raising the bar on weddings even higher,” says
Joann Delgin, director of wedding strategy for Sandals and Beaches      Jamaica, the Bahamas or Cuba.
Resorts. “In recent years, more                                              It’s built into the architecture of each resort, designed to
and more couples have been opt-
                                                                        complement the distinctive landscape of each island. There’s
ing for destination weddings, and
Sandals and Beaches leads the                                           St. Lucia with its lush rain forest and volcanic mountains, and
way with exotic and appealing                                           Antigua with its remarkable beaches and strong British naval
Caribbean settings. Our partner-
                                                                        heritage. There’s Jamaica, the island where Sandals was born,
ship with Preston Bailey ensures
that our destination weddings are                                       with its diverse tropical regions and warm and inviting people.
among the best in the world.                                            In Nassau, Bahamas, Sandals Royal Bahamian combines old
       “And it’s no longer just the
                                                                        world traditions with modern luxuries. Then there are the
bride and groom at the wedding,”
she says. “With Beaches, the                                            Sandals and Beaches resorts in lively Cuba and in the
whole family can attend. Families                                       geographically diverse Turks & Caicos. All of the resorts on all
can vacation at Beaches, while the
                                                                        of the islands are designed to invite nature in.
couple honeymoons at Sandals.”
      The force behind the wed-                                              Sandals shops the world to ensure that guests have a
dings of many top Hollywood                                             luxurious and sophisticated experience, especially when it
stars, Bailey incorporates his own
                                                                        comes to dining. At all of the resorts, guests have an amazing
unique style in the Preston Bailey Signature WeddingMoonsTM, a
selection of four exceptional wedding packages, available only at       array of choices: authentic Italian, Japanese, Tex-Mex and
Sandals and Beaches Resorts. It’s a grand homecoming for the            French, to name just a few. And when Sandals uses the word
Caribbean native, who is redefining the wedding in an authentic
                                                                        authentic, they mean it. Their dining philosophy is uncom-
celebration of his love for the tropics.
      Each of the four packages — The Floral Elegance Collection,       promising. All food is prepared and served to the highest
The Water Lilly Collection, The Seascape Collection and The Crystal     standard with as many choices as possible.
Collection — includes beautifully designed wedding settings and
decor such as contemporary floral screens or a tree filled
with orchids, crystals and candlelight. Specialty wedding cakes
complement the imaginative designs and the beautiful surround-
ings. All WeddingMoonTM packages feature inspired settings for
the ceremony, striking bouquets and flowers, elegant table decor
and innovative keepsakes, all designed by Bailey. With exquisite
sensibilities and more than 20 years of experience, he uses
materials such as flowers, fabrics, props and lighting to create a
romantic ambiance of color, texture and mood.

     Choice is important when you want to experience the                       As they board the ferry Wayang Doll for the short trip back
sumptuous Caribbean landscape too. Partnerships with                      to the mainland, the captain greets them by name. “And how
adventure tour operators allow Sandals to arrange just about              was your meal tonight?” he asks.
any kind of experience — an alligator tour of                                                     “Delightful as always,” the woman
Jamaica’s Black River, a four-wheel drive                                                    replies contentedly.
excursion through a St. Lucian rain forest, a                                                     As the ferry leaves the landing, each
history tour of Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua                                                 automatically reaches for the other’s hand.
or a coral reef tour in the Turks & Caicos.                                                  The trip takes only a few minutes, but in
     Anything’s possible at Sandals and                                                      that time they happily recall two decades
Beaches, even a fairy-tale wedding and your                                                  of memories since their Sandals wedding:
own private butler who’ll take care of every-                                                the Caribbean characters they’ve met and
thing. When you visit a Sandals and Beaches                                                  the friends they’ve made at the resorts; the
resort, you enter an enchanting world filled                                                 Sandals staff, as welcoming as a tropical
with harmony and abundance.                                                                  breeze; the feel of strong and nurturing
     The shrimp at the Royal Thai restaurant                                                 Caribbean hands massaging tired muscles at
is exquisite. It’s said that the exotic spices                                               a Red Lane Spa and the sweet, pervasive scent
the chefs use have an aphrodisiac quality.                                                   of lemon grass. Then there are the moonlit
Clinking their wine glasses, a happy couple                                                  walks beside the sea and the sunsets, the
exchanges smiles. They were married at Sandals, and every                 brilliant crimson sunsets — Red, the colour of passion.
time they return to Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica,                        Looking up at the stars, they sigh with pleasure as the
they’re amused to hear about the mysterious powers of the                 Wayang Doll heads for the other side.•
exotic spices.

   S A N D A L S TA K E S T H E C A K E —

      to a New Level
     ylvia Weinstock is the Leonardo da Vinci of cakes, wedding cakes     She insists her cake designs be realized with consistent elegance, and,
     especially. For more than 25 years, she’s been designing cakes for   of course, the Sandals team always obliges. Like a Caribbean wedding,
     the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and the Saudi royal         the exclusive partnership between Sylvia Weinstock and Sandals is a
family. An alliance between Sandals Resorts and internationally           match made in heaven. Doesn’t that take the cake!
renowned wedding planner Preston Bailey includes four of
her cake designs. Passionate about perfection, the Queen
of Cakes gives training seminars to Sandals pastry chefs.
“Without passion,” she tells them, “you cannot create.”
      Excitement and Adven
                                                                   Big as a Chi

            s the children listen to the pirate                    imagination, the characters from Sesame Street.
                 stories, their eyes grow as big as their                “Our exclusive partnership with Sesame Street is a big
                 imaginations, as big as their dreams, as          success,” says Laura Chandley, director of children’s programs
                 big as the Caribbean Sea itself. In their         for Beaches Resorts. “So much so that this year Bert and Ernie
                 minds, they see marshmallow-white sails           have joined Elmo, Zoe, Grover and Cookie Monster in the
                 in the distance, the Jolly Roger’s skull and      Beaches Caribbean Adventure.”
crossbones fluttering in the breeze. They hear bucca-                   For the first time ever, Sesame Street characters are appear-
neers yelling for pieces of eight and Spanish doubloons,           ing in twice-weekly, live stage shows at all four Beaches resorts
and the voice of Blackbeard, king of the pirates, growl-           in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos. The shows feature original
ing at his crew. Ar, Ar says I !                                   staging, Caribbean story lines and brand new costumes. Kids
     Appealing to the imagination of children is a passion for     can join Sesame Street characters for cookie baking, Sundays
the professionally certified ultra nannies and counsellors at      at the Movies, Letter-of-the-Day treasure hunts and music
Beaches Resorts. Knowing that the Caribbean experience is as       making using Caribbean instruments.
important to the youngsters as it is to their parents, they hap-        For children over 10, Beaches has developed a partnership
pily pass on their knowledge of the local island culture. And      with the National Geographic Dive Program, a diving camp
they get lots of help from some well-loved masters of the          certified by PADI, the Professional Association of Diving

nture as
ild’s Dream
 Instructors. The five-day course is designed to give young          trained ultra nannies and counsellors provide all children with
 people in-depth knowledge of scuba diving and the Caribbean         everything they need to enjoy their vacation experience. After
 environment.                                                        all, you’re only young once.
      There is an exciting array of activities to keep kids enter-         As the sun lowers in the crimson sky, another day in para-
 tained at Beaches, including game centres featuring Xbox,           dise ends. Tucked neatly into bed, the children are ready for
 water sports, water slides — and kid-friendly restaurants too.      sleep. It’s been a long day — breakfast with Sesame Street
 Unlike many resorts, Chandley says, Beaches focuses on              friends, playing on the water slide, baking cookies with Cookie
 learning experiences and getting young people outside.              Monster and listening spellbound to stories about the pirates
 “The programs we’ve designed give parents and children a            of the Caribbean.
 chance to spend quality time together. We hope that by stimu-             Soon, the Jolly Roger and the white-sailed ships will
 lating their emotions and imaginations, the experiences we          disappear into a dreamy haze with the buccaneers’ voices,
 provide will enrich children’s lives and leave them with lasting    the pieces of eight and the Spanish doubloons. Soon, the
 memories.”                                                          marshmallow moon will rise on
      Beaches Resorts want all children to have special memo-        the Caribbean horizon, as
 ries of the Caribbean. That’s why, unlike other all-inclusive       big as a child’s dream.
 resorts, they welcome special-needs children. The specially               Aye Matey!•

The Sandals Philosophy of Dining
All the World’s a Stage

  n the kitchen of Armando’s Ristorante Italiano,                      are authentic and in keeping with the food we serve.”
  one of the seven restaurants at Sandals Regency                           A good example is Kimonos, a teppanyaki-style restaurant
  St. Lucia, the stove is a most delightful shade of blue,             featured at many of the resorts. With costumed chefs and witty
deep and rich, like the Caribbean Sea.                                 waiters, perfectly grilled fish and meats and a dazzling array of
     A blue stove, you say? Why blue?                                  fresh vegetables, Kimonos is culinary theatre at its best.
     “Because it’s part of the stage, part of the set,” says Armando        So is the intimate Café de Paris in the French Village at
Pizzuti, the man responsible for food and beverage at all of the       Beaches Turks & Caicos. It features French pastries so authen-
Sandals and Beaches Resorts. “Food and beverage have become            tic you’ll be wearing a beret and singing Edith Piaf songs when
major sources of entertainment. Our dining philosophy is based         you leave. At Sandals Royal Bahamian visit the Cricketer’s
on the premise that, for many couples, going out to dinner is          Pub, an authentic English ale house that was moved to the
like going to the theatre. The stage is the restaurant, the per-       resort from England, piece by piece. When it comes to cosmo-
formers are the chefs and waiters, the script is the menu and the      politan dining experiences, it’s around the world in 80 ways at
play is the food on your table.”                                       Sandals and Beaches Resorts. Dining is theatre.
      To enhance the dining experience, Sandals is developing               Casting, of course, gets a lot of Pizzuti’s attention. “We’ve
the open-kitchen concept, Pizzuti says. “We want our guests            put together a team of professionals from around the world to
to see what’s going on backstage so they can be part of the            provide training, which will ensure that the quality of our food
production.” Hence, the blue stove, which adds colour and              is consistent at all of our resorts.” The new troupe includes a
a certain mystique to the whole dining experience. Ever the            highly respected butcher from Germany’s Black Forest and
trendsetters, the Sandals team has discovered that guests are so       a world-class chocolatier from France.
impressed with the stove that some are contacting the manu-                 Pizzuti says Sandals is adopting the slow food philosophy,
facturer to purchase similar stoves for their homes. “They want        which has become so popular around the world. “The slow
to take the Sandals experience home with them,” Pizzuti says           food movement, which features food meticulously prepared
with a smile as broad as the dining choices at Sandals and             with the finest of ingredients, is perfect for Sandals. Unlike
Beaches Resorts.                                                       other all-inclusive resorts, where buffet style is the norm, we
     Pizzuti’s passion for food and the dining experience per-         want our guests to take their time, to enjoy themselves and
fectly reflects the Sandals ideal of providing guests with choice,     appreciate the romance of the moment.
quality and first-class service. The stove is a powerful symbol             “After all,” he adds, his eyes twinkling, “romance is what
of the creative spirit in those who design, prepare and serve the      we’re all about.”•
food at the world’s number one all-inclusive resorts.
     There’s no question that, for Pizzuti, the play’s the thing. He
thrives on the constant innovation at Sandals. “We are always
looking for ways to improve our guests’ dining experience.
That’s why we’re expanding the restaurant choices at all of our
resorts and ensuring that the interior design and the experience
Private Butler Service                                                 Another Sandals Success

      esmit is an expert at folding shirts.    Whitehouse European Village & Spa.                   That puts Sandals and Beaches in a
      He’s also an expert at packing, organ-   Nikandhs ought to know. He’s been a profes-     different sphere for guests seeking that
      izing and making sure his guests at      sional butler in some of the world’s most       special luxury experience. It means that you
Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach & Villa         prestigious hotels and resorts. He’s even       relax while someone manages all the details
Resort have everything they need for an        worked with Robert Watson, director of          for you, from checking in to your oceanfront
enriching Caribbean experience. In a pinch,    training for the Guild. Watson’s exclusive      suite to arranging a tour of a tropical
he can have his guests completely packed       partnership with Sandals guarantees the         rain forest. It means rewarding yourself,
in 15 minutes. He can press a pair of pants,   highest possible level of butler training,      indulging in a tropical delight. It’s a level of
set up an intimate, moonlight dinner on        which means the best butler service             service you deserve.
the beach or deliver an Australian merlot      anywhere.                                            So, when you’re lying in the pool at
in even less time. Like the other private          Available only in the highest level of      Sandals looking at coconut palms and the
butlers in the exclusive butler service        suites, the butler service is included in the   blue Caribbean sky, and you decide you’d
at Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Kesmit is      price, which means discerning guests get        like to hire a plane to fly you around the
an expert at making his guests happy.          exceptionally good value. Other resorts         island, just give Kesmit a call. He’ll take
    “Our butlers go through a rigorous         may offer luxurious suites, but nothing         care of everything and when your vacation
training program developed by the Guild        matches the supreme standard of personal        finally ends he’ll have you packed and ready
of Professional English Butlers,” says         service and luxury that Sandals’ private        to go in 15 minutes.  •
Raj Nikandhs, head butler at Sandals           butlers give.

A Sanctuary in a Busy World
      he flamboyant tree beside the Red Lane Spa                     Her renewing experience will include an aromatherapy
      at the Sandals resort is a brilliant shade of crimson.         massage of chocolate-infused oils and lotions, and finish with
      So are the exotic pineapple-like flowers that surround         a freshly brewed cup of Blue Mountain Coffee.
the oriental plunge pools just outside the spa’s entrance.                “Red Lane is a Caribbean-based spa brand that’s exclusive
Far above, in the coconut palms, a couple of red-winged              to Sandals and Beaches,” says Karen Sprung, group spa and fit-
blackbirds flutter from branch to branch, seduced,                   ness director for Sandals and Beaches Resorts. “Our goal is to
perhaps, by the aroma of lemon grass wafting on the                  provide guests with a sanctuary of harmony, peace and relax-
tropical breeze. Red is the colour of passion, and lemon             ation that is unique to the islands — that special Caribbean
grass is the signature scent at all of the Red Lane spas.            feeling that they can’t get anywhere else.”
     Each Red Lane Spa is a sanctuary of passion in a busy                To accomplish this, Red Lane, like Sandals, is always inno-
world. There’s one at every Sandals and Beaches resort in            vating. “We take the best spa practices from around the world
Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.             and interpret them in a Caribbean context,” Sprung says.
Relaxation therapists pamper guests with ingredients indige-         “You’ve heard of Swedish massage, well we’re developing a
nous to the region — exotic sweet oranges, local honey and           West Indian massage, which will be exclusive to Red Lane.”
almonds, natural island brown sugar and other tropical               She says training is key to Red Lane’s success. “Our team just
delicacies.                                                          went through an advanced training program with Eve Pearl, an
     “Why don’t you try our Wake-Up-and-Smell-the-                   Emmy-winning make up artist and author of Plastic Surgery
Coffee treatment,” asks the smiling hostess as she welcomes          Without The Surgery.”
a travel-worn guest, just off a flight from Toronto, to the spa           At Red Lane Spas, everything comes together — the prod-
lounge. Inspired by Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain                   ucts, the pampering and the people — to provide a sanctuary
coffee beans, the treatment gently exfoliates the skin and           of harmony, peace and relaxation.•
follows with a coffee wrap and warm milk bath.
     “That’s exactly what I
need right now,” says the
woman, smiling with antici-
pation as she reviews the
extensive menu of services.

                                           orma has the most         therapists whose mission is to          As her strong and nurturing
                                           soothing voice. It’s a    give guests the ultimate pamper-   Caribbean hands massage the
                                           serene, musical voice —   ing experience. “We use candles,   tired and sore back muscles of
                                 gentle as a lullaby — perfect for   music and exotic aromas such       a man who’s spent the day
                                 her work as a Red Lane relax-       as lemon grass to create a         exploring Nelson’s Dockyard,
                                 ation therapist at Sandals          harmonious atmosphere for our      he sighs. “I’m so mellow and
                                 Antigua Caribbean Village &         guests,” she intones, soothing     contented, I feel like a cat just
                                 Spa. Just hearing Norma’s voice     even as she speaks. “As soon as    lazing in the sun.”
                                 calms you down and assures you      they enter our spa, we want them         Norma smiles. “Relax,” she
                                 that all is right with the world.   to relax, we want them to escape   says sweetly, “it’s okay to purr.
                                     Norma is just one of the        to another world.”                 You’re in the Caribbean.”
                                 many specially trained Red Lane

The Passionate Rhythms of
Sandals and Beaches’
               Cuba Collection

“E    verything about him was old except his eyes
      and they were the same color as the sea and were
      cheerful,” wrote Ernest Hemingway in The Old
                                                                     at the El Caribe restaurant or feast on international cuisine at
                                                                     El Viejo y el Mar, Spanish for “the old man and the sea.” At
                                                                     Sandals Princesa del Mar, diners sip chardonnay and sample
Man and the Sea. In his description of Santiago, the                 the best France has to offer at Marseilles, or treat themselves
Cuban fisherman who is the novel’s central character,                to delectable seafood at Sakura, a Japanese sushi bar where
Hemingway also described the driving spirit — the                    the Japanese chef speaks Spanish.
passion — of Cuba and its people.                                         At Beaches Varadero, adults 16 years and older also have
     Sandals and Beaches’ Cuba collection reflects Cuba’s            many dining choices, including Schooners, which specializes
passionate character with three distinctive resorts: Sandals         in seafood, and Arizona’s, where Latin-American dishes are
Royal Hicacos Resort & Spa, Sandals Princesa del Mar Resort          featured.
& Spa, and Beaches Varadero. Each is a celebration of the                 At this very moment, seductive Latin rhythms play in
Cuban spirit, a place where Latin rhythms stir the Cuban             the background as Sandals and Beaches guests relax in
passion for life. Each resort is like Santiago, a personality, a     hammocks under the coconut palms. Like the perfumed air
story, and each has a strong relationship with the sea.              of the tropics, the music is everywhere. Guests can hear it in
     All three of the resorts are on Varadero Beach, regarded by     La Corona, the cigar bar at Sandals Princesa del Mar. They
many as one of the world’s finest beaches. Sandals and Beaches       can hear it in the colourful stage show at Sandals Royal
guests have ample opportunity to experience the sugary,              Hicacos and at the open-air bandstand at Beaches Varadero.
35-kilometre stretch of sand, so white that seen from the air, it    They can even hear it on the radio as they drive their rented
shimmers like a gem in the tropical sun. Guests scuba dive, sail,    cars the short distance to Havana for a visit to La Finca Vigia,
kayak, windsurf or just swim and relax in the sun. At night,         where Hemingway lived.
they dine under the stars on the finest cuisine available in Cuba.        Perhaps even Santiago can hear it far out on the sea where
     At Sandals Royal Hicacos, guests savour local delicacies        he searches for the great fish.•
Experience the Sandals & Beaches Dream
                            TO                       FROM     DAY OF DEPARTURE
                            ANTIGUA                  Toronto             Sat / Sun
                            JAMAICA                  Toronto                 Daily
                                                     Montreal*           Saturday
                                                     Halifax*             Monday
                                                     Calgary*            Saturday
                                                     Winnipeg*           Saturday
                            NASSAU                   Toronto                 Daily
                                                     Montreal*           Saturday
                            ST. LUCIA                Toronto      Sat / Sun / Mon
                            TURKS & CAICOS           Toronto*            Tue / Sat
                            VARADERO                 Toronto Thu / Fri / Sat / Sun
                                                     Montreal              Sunday
                                                     Halifax*               Friday
                                                     Calgary*              Sunday
                                                     Vancouver*           Monday
                                                                             *Seasonal departures

                                   Visit or contact your travel agent for
                             up-to-date pricing and availability for Sandals & Beaches packages.
For information and reservations
call your travel agent or

Ask for a Free DVD

  Bahamas•Turks & Caicos•Cuba
                                        Sandals and Beaches Resorts
                                        are represented by
                                        Unique Vacations Inc.

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