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Online Flight Booking Solution
        MiracleAirRes is an ideal flight reservation engine, which empowers customers with ability to search and book
available flights with lowest fare and preferred seat location from world major airlines through your website. It saves
your time in seeking best deals and helps you manipulate information of return customers more effectively.

Key Features
Administration and Management Area
        Fares Display Option                                                          Highlights
        - Published or Negotiated fares - dynamic feed from GDS partner                   Advanced flight & fare
        - Private fares (direct contract) – loaded from spreadsheet                       search
        Mark-up                                                                           Dynamic or static fares
        - Per booking or per person
        - By customer category or by airline
        Payment Setting                                                                   Flexible and dynamic
        - Online credit card payment                                                      mark-up
        - Credit/Invoice                                                                  Online credit card
        Booking Report                                                                    payment
        Connection with Flight Protection Insurance provider (optional)
                                                                                          Auto-filled customer
                                                                                          information as
Public Area
        Advanced search
        - One-way, Round-trip & Multi-destination
        - Exact or Flexible dates
        - Specific preferences on Carrier, Fare type & Number of stops
        Seat availability check & Meal preference
        Easily and securely booking
        Customer profile registration for future booking
        - Personal information, e.g. contact address, credit card detail, frequent flyer number
        - Seat & Meal preferences

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