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					             Imaging Project Requirements


SECTION 1 - GENERAL                             2


SECTION 3 - OVERVIEW                            3

SECTION 3 - DOCUMENTS                           4

SECTION 4 – WORKFLOW                            4


SECTION 6 – HUMAN RESOURCES                     5

SECTION 7 – SECURITY                            6

SECTION 8 – TRAINING                            7
Section 1 - General



Section 2 – Imaging PIQ Analysis

This is the business process surrounding an imaging related PIQ.
Once the PIQ has been authorized and assigned a request manager:

   1) Customer will be asked to complete the Imaging Project
      Requirements questionnaire. May require one or more
      meetings, phone calls and/or emails to discuss concerns or
      clarify issues.

   2) Meet with Dick Johnson, a member of the AIS group and other
      appropriate IT resources to discuss impact of adding new
      customer to the Nolij environment. An estimate of additional
      server, hardware, storage, etc. will be determined and referred
      to as a one time implementation cost.

   3) One time implementation costs are shared with customer.
      Demonstration phase will only move forward if budget is
      available and customer agrees to the total cost of

   4) Provide a demonstration of the product to the customer. At this
      point, it can be determined via consensus if Nolij is the desired
      solution to the customer’s imaging needs.

   5) Discuss involvement and resources with AIS team (timeline of
      their availability, hours involved, etc). Include additional IT
      resources as appropriate; such as if new DASD or a new
      interface is required.

Discuss Nolij implementation with customer. Include details related
to data to be imaged, workflow needed and timeline from initial
testing until go-live. This is for your records only, no response to the
above analysis should be recorded.
Section 2 - Overview
The goal of Document Imaging in this Department.

Why is Document Imaging the preferred solution.

How will implementing this solution improve office processes and
service to students.

Potential barriers to the Project.

Priority of Document Imaging Project within this department.

Define the scope of the project. (Which specific documents are to be
included and which are not?)

List the departmental stakeholders.
Section 3 - Documents
Number (by type) of documents to scan initially.

Number (by type) of documents to scan per year.

If any non-standard documents, list sizes.

List (electronic preferred) of documents to be imaged.

Approximately how long will these documents be retained in paper
format and where will they be housed?

Section 4 – Workflow
Will Workflow be included in implementation?

   Yes      No

Current workflow or similar documentation on current document
Section 5 – Hardware/Software Recommendations

     Scanner: (based on Section 2 above)



     Estimated File Server space for the first year:
     Note that Nolij recommends assuming 9GB per 100,000 scanned images.


     JMU IT staff are responsible for installation of Nolij Web
     software on department machines. This includes any related
     software necessary for the application to run.
Section 6 – Human Resources
Staff and/or number of hours available per week for implementation.
Departmental staffing commitment to this project.

Describe the proposed development and implementation process and
schedule, including steps to be taken prior to starting imaging.
Where appropriate, explain the significance of the schedule dates

Describe your anticipated testing and acceptance plans for

Note that based upon information given above, the department will be responsible for
staffing personnel necessary for functions related to document imaging.
Section 7 – Security
Define who will need access to the imaging software, particular
types, all types, etc., as well as other software permissions. (Give
names and e-IDs of users and define forms allowed to access and
read-only or read/write. - see Document Permission Template)

Are there users outside of your department that would need access
to the scanned documents?

How much technical support would you expect with the document
imaging project, both during implementation and on-going
maintenance/support? (Someone on-site to assist with setup and
training, someone available to answer questions, mixture of the

Section 8 – Training
What type of training is preferred and how many users will need to be
trained? (Train-the-trainer, written documentation, group
presentation, one-on-one, etc.)

Please note that while IT resources are available to assist with the initial training
(including sample scans), once the imaging solution is live in your department, your
department is responsible for the scanning of all documents.