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					                                      MODEL RELEASE
Copyright for the images taken today is the sole property of [ENTER YOUR NAME] and
protected by Federal Copyright Law. It is ILLEGAL to reproduce these images in any way
without written permission from the photographer.
[ENTER YOUR NAME] has exclusive right to make reproductions. [ENTER YOUR NAME]
shall only make reproductions for the Client or for use in their portfolio, advertising, website,
samples, entry into photographic competitions and art exhibitions and for display within or
outside their studio. If [ENTER YOUR NAME] wishes to make reproductions for any other
use, the Client will be contacted for their written permission.
No identifying names are ever given in any of these presentations or the website.
No fees, royalties or payments of any kind will be owed in connection with any usage made of
any image captured or created by [ENTER YOUR NAME].
By signing below I acknowledge that I have read this entire release and fully understand the

        CLIENT NAME                         CLIENT SIGNATURE                        DATE

If minors are involved a parent/guardian must sign.
By signing below I acknowledge that I am the legal guardian of the above named minor have the
authority to grant the above permissions.

       PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME                     CLIENT SIGNATURE                    DATE