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									                                            David McKenna
                      501 George Street • Port Stanley, ON • (519) 782-7439 • (416) 907-3223
                               • David@McKenna3d.com • www.McKenna3d.com

                                               CAREER OBJECTIVE
To earn a reputation within the art industry creating first-class photorealistic 3d models and textures for film,
television or games.
       Excellent Texturing & Unwrapping on intelligently         Brand Strategy & Tactics - Creative game mapping
        built models with excellent geometry                       with solid collaborative skills and idea Input
       Solid Research and Organization Skills - MS Office        Developing Budget Forecasts & capable of
        - Word, Excel, Basic PowerPoint, Outlook, Explorer.        administering project expenditures
       Innovative Multimedia Website Design                      Superior Project Management & Resolve
        collaboration and storyboarding                            production pipeline issues quickly

A Talented 3D/2D artist with a passion for 3D. Completed a 2 year academic program in 3D animation. He has
created successful advertising art for businesses such as restaurants and cyber café’s. Is capable of working long
hours, worked a minimum of 52 hours a week between two jobs during the summer of 08. Working times up to three
days off per month, once with no days off that month. One week he worked up to 68 hours between both jobs. In
addition he also completed a sculpture commission during the same summer; the hours spent on the commission are
not part of the above totals.
       Proven Ability to Understand           Entrepreneurial Spirit &              Communication skills Written
        Customers & Meet Deadlines              Dynamic Team Player                    and Orally with attention to

                                       MODIFICATION EXPERIENCE

        Crayville Horror Stories                                                                   08/2008-Current
   Art Director, Modeler, Texture Artist, Concept Artist, Co-writer.

       Critique the work made by other artists, and received critique in a constructive manner.
       Assisted Project lead with the development of story and character background.
       Lead Modeler and texture artist for both environmental assets and characters.

Humber College, Toronto, ON                                                                              June 2007
Multimedia 3D Animation Diploma (2 year program)
   2006/2007 Course Competencies
   Third & Fourth semester:
                            Portfolio and demo real development, Modeling, Texturing and Lighting for 3d
                            Character modeling and rigging
   2005/2006 Course Competencies
   First & Second Semester:
                            Character modeling and rigging, Storyboarding, Acting for Animation, Modeling and
                            texturing, 2D and 3D animation
Central Technical School Toronto, ON                                                                     2004-2005
Art Package Program – 1 year course focusing of life drawing, sculpture and design.
                                           David McKenna
                     501 George Street • Port Stanley, ON • (519) 782-7439 • (416) 907-3223
                              • David@McKenna3d.com • www.McKenna3d.com


Paul Brosche,
Sculpture commission

      Produced various sketches conceptualizing completed sculpture to gain clients approval before sculpting.
      Designed sculpture to be structurally sound enough to travel through 3 countries by ground and arrive in
       perfect condition.
      Experimented with various mediums in order to make the sculpture damage resistant as well as realistic
       looking and feeling.

Port Stanley Wharf
Website design and creation: www.WharfRestaurant.ca

      Estimated time needed to complete project and created a schedule to complete it in a timely manner.
      Produced various visual concepts of website for client in order to provide the style of website client desired.

Big Daddy’s Internet café
Posters and Website

      Created posters to advertise products and events.
      Designed and produced visual elements of website for client.

    Received an 89% grade and rated in the top 5% for Design and 3D Sculpture class.
    Assisted other students collaboratively with sculpturing skills.
    In 3D Graphics Production 3rd semester course received a 92% on the midterm and 82% final grade in the top
     10% of the class.
   Excellent Textures for 3d with Unwraps to cover 85-95% of UVW space and able to hide seams proficiently
     using only 3Dsmax & Photoshop.
   Builds Models with functional geometry and edge loops to ensure that when animated it deforms properly.

   CHALLENGE: began creating maps as far back as the age 11 (1997) within a year of quake’s release.
   IMPACT: Made various maps for personal artistic reasons and have possessed an interest in pursuing a
     career in an artistic field at even earlier ages and also, exhibited creative writing abilities.

   A very agreeable professional demeanor; able to take constructive criticism and adapt quickly with a willing
     and positive attitude. Works well with small teams and can deliver on tight timeframes to hit deadlines.
   Capable of handling customer complaints or issues and resolving them calmly and tactfully to the customers
     satisfaction; this was often the case in restaurant work and food item changes or complaints were resolved
     quickly and respectfully.
                                          David McKenna
                     501 George Street • Port Stanley, ON • (519) 782-7439 • (416) 907-3223
                              • David@McKenna3d.com • www.McKenna3d.com

                                        SOFTWARE EXPERANCE
     3D Studio Max, Zbrush
     Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premier, Combustion, Flash, Dream Weaver
Game Editor Software:
   Unreal Editor
   Stoneless, (map creation software for Quake)
   Jazz Creation Station, (map creation software for Jazz Jackrabbit 2)
3D Skills
Modeling                       Unwrapping                      Texturing
Rigging                        Skinning                        Normal Mapping
Animating                      Lighting                        Compositing


Contact info for all references available upon request.

      Dimitry Kachkovski (Schoolmate and technical artist at Crytek, he has worked on AAA games such as Crisis)

      Paul Neale (one of my Teacher at Humber college and is owner of Pen Productions, He has worked on too
       many top industry games, movies and TV shows for me to properly mention them. He also writes the rigging
       tutorials that ship with 3dsmax)

      Corey Hayes (Study partner and classmate from Humber collage, now works as an Environmental Artist at
       game company Digital Extremes in London Ontario.)

      Eddie Faria (Schoolmate and environmental artist at Pseudo Interactive)

      Mitch Gladney (Schoolmate and environmental artist at Pseudo Interactive)

      Jeffrey A. Danyleyko (Client and owner of Big Daddy’s Internet café)

      Paul Brosche (Client)

      Shirley Clement (Client and owner of The Wharf Restaurant)

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