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					                              MODERN MARKETING
                             FOR HISTORIC IMPACT
                                                                                         January 10, 2011

   An Introduction to Modern Marketing Services
          Offered by Historica Consulting

The Importance of Website Content?                      Website Content
The internet has changed marketing forever.
                                                        Armed with knowledge about traffic to your site and
Modern marketing is about delivering useful content
                                                        relevant keywords, Historica writes content for your site
at just the precise moment your customer needs it.
                                                        incorporating keywords while still capturing the reader’s
Website content not only functions to capture the
                                                        attention and providing useful information. Content
attention of your customer but is also important to
                                                        should be regularly updated. While this is something
increase your website’s SEO (Search Engine
                                                        search engines are looking for, it is also important to the
Optimization). SEO improves your website’s visibility
                                                        reader as well.
with organic searches allowing your customer to find
you. SEO is used by search engines to provide
relevant search results for your customer. While the    Link Building
algorithms of search engines change, regular
                                                        Historica builds and reviews your websites internal and
updating with relevant and timely information about
                                                        external links so that your website stays dynamic and
your business is foundational.
                                                        credible. Links to high traffic, dynamic sites are best and
                                                        will improve your SEO.
Historica Consulting provides services to improve
your website’s content and increase your SEO
through: analysis; keyword search; written, relevant    Social Media
and timely web content using strategic keywords;
                                                        Social media is the ultimate networking tool for
internal and external linking; and social media
                                                        businesses and it is an inexpensive way to compliment
                                                        traditional marketing efforts. Social media’s viral
                                                        components connect people and provide immediate and
Website Analysis                                        up to date information. Historica utilizes social media like
                                                        Facebook and Twitter to connect people who are
Historica’s analysis starts with reviewing analytics
                                                        perhaps completely unaware of your business through a
for your website to discover which pages are being
                                                        trusted source…their friends. Facebook, Twitter, and
visited the most. The content for these pages are
                                                        other viral platforms are different because your
priority. Analysis also includes building and
                                                        customer’s friends can see their connection to your
reviewing the website’s internal and external links
                                                        business...You can think of it as virtual word of mouth.
which is an ongoing task.
                                                        Social media is growing exponentially. Here are a few of
Keyword Search                                          the most widely used social media options that can be
                                                        integrated into a marketing plan:
Historica can conduct an extensive keyword search
to discover what words individuals are using to find
                                                        Blogs Crowd sourcing Discussion boards and forums
the products or services your business offers.
                                                         Events and meet ups   Mash ups      Micro blogging
Primary or head keywords get the most hits but
                                                         Photo sharing    Podcasting Ratings and reviews
exploring the long tail or words that modify the head
                                                             Social networks  Virtual worlds     Wikis
keywords result in more targeted or qualified traffic
to your site.
About Historica Consulting
Historica: influential, relevant, and important information.

Historica Consulting offers an integrated approach to marketing. We provide influential, relevant
and important information to your customer about your business using web based options. With
nearly a decade of experience we specialize in marketing businesses dealing in arts, culture,
entertainment, travel, hospitality and businesses based in historic properties. We are located in
the picturesque village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas nestled in the Ozark Mountains.

Our Services & Promise:
Historica provides a wide range of services ranging from strategic planning to writing and editorial
services. We create relevant and timely content, for websites, press releases, journals, books,
research papers, SEO copywriting, promotional marketing collateral, magazines and much more.

Historica Consulting promises to:

       Get to know your business, your customer and your competition
       Maintain regular, scheduled contact with you throughout the project
       Deliver on or before the agreed to deadline

                                                                              Historica Consulting
                                                                                    January 10, 2011


Our Experience
Rachael M. Moyer, founder of Historica Consulting, earned a B.A. in Anthropology at the University of
Missouri-Saint Louis. She began her career interests with the Outreach Department for the Saint Louis
Art Museum before relocating to Florida to further her education in law and nonprofit management. She
served the Mayor’s Office of the City of Jacksonville, FL as a grants administrator further developing her
persuasive and technical writing skills. As Director for the Ozark Arts Council in Harrison, AR and later
as Director for one of Eureka Springs newest, most visible attractions, The Queen Anne Mansion House
Museum she honed her development and marketing skills and gained valuable experience and
knowledge of operating existing and emerging businesses in one of the toughest economic climates of
our lifetime while fine tuning effective marketing for historic properties.
Historica Consulting provides web based and social media marketing services to compliment traditional
marketing efforts. Historica clients gain access to specialized skills and expertise tempered with an
outside perspective closely tracking the viewpoint of the customer. We help you deliver influential,
relevant, and important information to your customer at the precise moment he needs it.

                                         Contact Us Today!
               For more information, work samples, and rates call
                   870.421.5350 or visit
Historica Consulting
                 Rachael M. Moyer

               294 Holiday Island Drive
        Holiday Island, Arkansas 72651
                       M: 870.421.5350

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