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									PRESS RELEASE                                                                September 2003

Multifunctional video/audio security management system
ELTEC offers an all-in-one image processing solution for security engineering

Mainz, September 02 – The DigiEye supplied by ELTEC is an innovative video/audio security
management system which unifies functions such as industrial computer, digital CCTV including
audio processing, multi-zone motion detection, Internet link, telecommunications and video server
connectivity in a compact all-in-one solution. The image processing system is based on powerful
delta image compression which has been specially developed for CCTV applications. This
achieves a compression rate of 1:80 to 1:8 for complete images, and is a factor of 2 to 10 faster
than JPEG or Wavelet compression. DigiEye has fault-tolerant architecture, and is characterized
by high flexibility and an intuitive GUI. This means that all applications are clear to comprehend
and easy to configure – from installation up to use. The image processing system covers all
requirements of digital video/audio security systems, and is the ideal solution for indoor and
outdoor applications. The range of applications includes company premises, banks, training
centers, industrial and administration buildings, car parks and event locations.

The most important technical features of DigiEye are the 4 to 16 inputs for PAL and NTSC
cameras, 4 outputs for connecting TV monitors, and a console output with VGA connector.
Furthermore, the image resolution is max. 640 x 512 pixels with PAL and 640 x 480 pixels with
NTSC. Image recording is carried out at a rate of 25/30 frames per second. The motion signal is
carried out in real-time, both for individual images and for several areas.

The audio features of the system include audio compression with a sampling rate of 8 kHz and a
resulting data stream of 6.4 kbit/s or 5.4 kbit/s. The DigiEye has a variable-gain audio input as
well as an audio output for headphones or loudspeakers. Data can be saved on hard disks or
RAID systems with up to 6 drives and a maximum capacity of 2048 GB, DAT units (DDS-3 with
12 GB, DDS-4 with 20 GB or tape jukeboxes with up to 120 GB) or also on transportable media
such as diskette, ZIP or JAZ. The available interfaces include 4 serial RS232 ports, 8 opto-
isolated digital inputs, 8 opto-isolated digital outputs, an SCSI-2 interface and an Ethernet
interface. Communication with external devices is via PSTN/POTS, ISDN, GSM, ADSL, HDSL,
LAN or WAN. TCP/IP, HTTP and ML-PPP protocols are used.

ELTEC offers the DigiEye software development kit (SDK) for development engineers and
system integrators. This is a professional integration tool which permits seamless linking between
the DigiEye and other security management systems. The SDK can also be used in non-DigiEye
security systems to implement functions such as the playback of video sequences,
download/playback of saved images, camera control, central or distributed system access, or the
simultaneous display of several independent events. The DigiEye SDK allows integrators as well
as end users to access state-of-the-art image processing technology, and supports users in the
implementation of individual solution concepts.

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