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Kristin A


									                                   Kristin A. Scheewe
 95-2056 Waikalani Place A303 ● Mililani, HI 96789 ● Tel: (808)384-1964 ● Email:

          Proven ability to organize and manage special projects
          Leadership experiences
          Over 1000 hours of hands-on experience in student athletic training
          CPR/AED and First Aid/Lifeguarding Certified
          Skills in speaking and reading Russian

Brigham Young University Hawaii                                                                   Laie, HI
BS, Exercise and Sport Science                                                                August 2007

       Relevant Course Work:         Kinesiology, exercise physiology, human physiology, motor learning,
                                     statistics, calculus, group fitness instruction and weight training

       Activities/Memberships:       Math club secretary from May 2006-May 2007
                                     Exercise and sport science club, 2007
                                     Exercise and sport science club presidency, 2007
                                     Russian club, 2006
                                     Ohana group leader for new student orientation, 2006

       Internship:                   Curves                                                     Kahuku, HI
                                                                                             July-Aug 2007

                                     Southeastern Fitness and Rehabilitation                  Asheville, NC
                                                                                            December 2006

       Scholarships:                 Recipient of the Kimrex Academic and financial need award, 2005-07
                                     Recipient of the Student Athletic Trainer award 2006 & 2007

University of North Carolina at Asheville                                                    Asheville, NC
                                                                    Jan 2005-Dec 2005, Jan 2002-May 2003

       Relevant Course Work:         Advanced injury assessment, nutrition and lifestyle, anatomy, sports
                                     medicine, business management and computer science multimedia

       Activities/Memberships:       Dean’s List 2002 and 2005

       Scholarships:                 Recipient of the Kimrex Academic and financial need award, 2002-03

24 Hour Fitness                                                                               Mililani, HI
Personal Trainer                                                                        May 2008- Present

        Writing workouts and instructing clients, one-on-one, in proper execution of exercises
        Providing nutritional recommendations as well as better diet and health practices
        Organizing and creating individualized programs for each client to achieve goals specific to them

Aloha Aquatics Association                                                                    Mililani, HI
Assistant Coach; Age Group Swimming                                                     Feb 2008- Present

          Instructing swimmers in proper form and technique in all aspects of competitive swimming
          Writing and conducting workouts for groups of 15-25 children
          Supervising coach at swim meets
          One-on-one instruction, in the pool, with new club members
Stephen and Julia Myers                                                                       Wahiawa, HI
Nanny/Childcare Provider                                                            August 2007- May 2008

        Basic childcare and supervision of children’s afterschool activities and responsibilities

Brigham Young University Hawaii Training Room                                                      Laie, HI
Student Trainer                                                                         Jan 2006- May 2007

          Operating therapeutic modalities, ultra sound and LEDs
          Conducting pre-physical examinations
          Basic assessment of injuries, taping and treatment of injured athletes
          Body assessment with skinfold caliper
          Supervising sports practices and traveling with team to games as attending student trainer
          Observer in the operating room during athlete’s surgery
          Overseeing rehab programs for athletes
          Supervising student trainer for summer 2006 and 2007 athletic camp Game Plan
          Record keeping, filing, and data entry on spreadsheet

Susan Anderson                                                                                Asheville, NC
House Manager and AuPair                                                                Dec 2004- Dec 2005

        Managing of household including the management of other service providers in the home
        Managing of finances, budgeting and the children’s activities and transportation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints                                     Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Voluntary Service Representative                                                       May 2003- Nov 2004
       Coordinating Sister, orientation of new sister missionaries at the training center
       Organized and lead classes for English
       Taught lessons to individuals and small groups on self-worth, charity and love

Auxiliary President                                                            August 2006-August 2007
        Administration of a local chapter of an international women’s organization

University of North Carolina at Asheville                                                      Asheville, NC
Trainer’s Assistant                                                         Fall 2005, Spring 2002-Fall 2002
        Attending sports practices with a supervising trainer
        Operating therapeutic modalities
        Tidying and cleaning of training room; laundry, stocking, filing, pre-practice/pre-game prep

Special Olympics                                                                               Asheville, NC
Volunteer                                                                                        1996-2000
         Measured and timed results for track and field events
         Organized participants to ensure smooth transitions between events

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