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					SACU and the HVCC code

Important information and instructions for
Mortgage Brokers on how will SACU be handling
Appraisal Reports

Can a Mortgage Broker facilitate the Appraisal Report
process with SACU?

Yes, Appraisal Reports will be accepted by SACU via 2 methods (defined below):

    1) Appraisal Report orders facilitated by the Mortgage Broker thru SACU / New Vista
       solutions appraisal management website. (Mortgage Brokers will need to sign up and be
       assigned a username and password to use site- see below)
    2) Appraisal Reports facilitated by the Mortgage Broker but provided from other lenders
       given “written assurance” the appraisal report was ordered in compliance with the HVCC

How and who is responsible for payment of Appraisal
Reports facilitated with the SACU/New Vista appraisal
The broker application requires valid credit card information which will be used for payment. Each
order will be charged to the credit card on record.


       Provider                    State                     Product                    Price
        MDA                 Texas – all counties           1004 – URAR                  $370
        MDA                 Texas – all counties          2055 – Exterior               $295
        MDA                 Texas – all counties         1004 – Land Only               $264
        MDA                 Texas – all Counties          Condo - Interior              $421

1004-URAR Turn times:

URAR completed within 5 business days 75% of the time
URAR completed within 7 business days 85% of the time
URAR completed within 10 business days 95% of the time
How can a Mortgage Broker sign up to facilitate
Appraisal Report orders with SACU & New Vista
Brokers can complete the following Broker Application and forward by email or fax to:
Tanya Kasper
Fax: 407.210.8073

                               APPLICATION TO SIGN UP

                                         Broker Application

Once the application is complete, the mortgage broker will be assigned a username and
password to be used in conjunction with the SACU/ New Vista website.

How can a Mortgage Broker facilitate an order of an
Appraisal Report thru SACU & New Vista Solutions?
The following user’s guide provides detailed instructions as to how a Mortgage Broker can
facilitate an order of an Appraisal Report thru New Vista:

All support questions can be sent to

                                  USER INSTRUCTIONS

                                          New Vista Users

Here is the breakdown of how the URAR appraisal process timeline should

Appraisal turn around time: TAT starts day order is placed.
At 24 hour mark after order was placed – Appraisal assigned and accepted with appraiser.
At 48 hour mark – Borrower should be contacted & inspection appt set.
On 5 day – Inspection should take place but can be delayed based on borrower’s availability.
On 7th day – Appraisal should be returned to MDA, reviewed by the QC department and
posted to website (with e-mail triggered that contains the completed product).
SACU Wholesale will accept Appraisal Reports ordered
for/with other lenders -
The HVCC code allows for lenders to accept appraisal reports ordered for other lenders given
that the original lender provide “written assurance” that appraisal report was ordered in
compliance with the HVCC code.

“Written Assurance” would be defined as the following:

Lender to type on company letterhead the following statement:

I hereby represent and warrant the appraisal contained herein
(property address) was conducted in accordance with HVCC

Lender Representative – Title

Will SACU accept “written assurance” from the
Mortgage Broker or other AMC?

No, the code specifically states the written assurance must come from the lender.

Are there any program types that are exempt from
these procedures ?

Yes, 2nd Lien, Home Equity /Improvement, Lot / Land and New Construction (OTC)
loans are currently exempt from these procedures.

All other First Lien transactions must comply with these procedures.