June 2009 Shimizu Exchange

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					                                   Feb 23, 2009 June 2009 Shimizu Exchange

     Next meeting(s) Monday March 16 @ 6:30
Optional activity:
Wed Mar 25th: dinner 2 Arctic Coliseum
March 28-29 with Shimizu guests
Dates: Arrive after 4:00 p.m. Saturday, March 28
Leave after 5:00 p.m. Sunday March 29
Catering: not necessary. We will prepare our own meals, using the kitchen facilities available
Program: Low Ropes or long Zip Line, AND High Ropes, Sunday, March 29 $ 30/person
Lodging $41/person
Mon Mar 30: Potluck @ Mi Friend’s Center

    Japanese Language Classes: starting in April
    Terri and Alice Butcher: 475-5788
    Best to commit to lessons, so don’t have to spend time on catch-up
    Can do 2 small groups
    $30/class, 1 – 1.5 hour sessions ($30.00 for entire class, regardless of # in class)
    Wed eve best, 6 p.m. or after, maybe @ Chelsea District Library
    May have more flexibility on days and times.
Diane will be “point person” -Weebly account w/ Shianne

     Other options: Nintendo DS Learn Japanese

     Airfare no longer to Osaka, now just to Nagoya?
     Airfare round trip to Tokyo: $1657
     Availability is tight
     Mon June 15 or Tues June 16

          Bring money from candy sold
          Watch Shimizu video
          Homework: look up Japanese videos, eg. Shogun, Nasika anime movie,
          Bloom will investigate @ District Library

               A.   light weight, large pull suitcase, w/ toiletry bag/ziplock bags
               B.   money: cash, pre-paid credit card
               C.   camera with extra memory cards
               D.   Japanese dictionary
               E.   Travel pillow/blanket

     II.       Fundraiser suggestions

                            Big Boy fundraisers
                             other food @ conferences: fresh fruit, yogurt
                             car wash
                             bottle/can drives: @ Chrysler Proving Grounds (Shianne)
                             Farmer’s Market in the spring
                             Make note cards @ other crafts for Farmer’s Market
                             Yard sale
                             Raffle
                             Refreshments @ sports events: community events, e.g. club soccer
                             “cans” at local businesses
                               Candy bar sales. Jack’s family will coordinate the sales
                                Students make signs whenever fundraising
                                Bowling party
                                Grand Traverse pies: Easter
                                        Feb 23, 2009 June 2009 Shimizu Exchange

                                     Bearclaws gift certificates
                                     T-shirts: custom inc
                                     Suckers
                                     Work for the biggest bang for the buck. Note: small groups can fundraise

     Spend more time on CULTURE and LANGUAGE
     Kyoto: Maddie, Madison, Shianne; Hokkaido: Jack; Fishing: Alan; Sports, esp
     soccer: Ryan; Food or Japanese Theater: Audrey; Anime: Sarah
     Topics for future
     Shinto religion

     Note: go to a Japanese restaurant? NO: potluck instead
We will need two copies of all passports.

Movie night @ the Blooms? Contact Audrey

Performance for Banquet in Japan:
Lip-sync, Mime, magic show, line dance, fans, flags, juggling (w/ soccer ball?),
Saturday March 14:
University of Michigan Japanese Culture Day (Center for Japanese Studies)

Decide if wish to spend 1 or 2 days at Kyoto

Options for Kyoto:
Holiday Inn Kyoto $189/night 20 min by bus from train station

Hotel Granvia Kyoto Kyoto Station hotel with 1,000 works of art $193/night

Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto $157/night
 Hotel Monterey Kyoto from $160.77 per night
 Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto from $129.93 per night
 The Westin Miyako Kyoto from $196.06 per night
 Kyoto Hotel Okura from $328.68 per night


Touring Kyoto:

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