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					                                                                                                    Carmichael Gallery
                                                                                     5795 Washington Blvd CA 90232
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Carmichael Gallery

Block Party

Boxi, Krystian Truth Czaplicki, Gregor Gaida, Simon Haas, Dan Witz


A Showcase of New Works by Sixeart

Carmichael Gallery
5795 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

November 13 – December 11, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 13, 2010, 6-8pm

For Immediate Release:

Carmichael Gallery is pleased to present Block Party, a group exhibition featuring Boxi, Krystian Truth
Czaplicki, Gregor Gaida, Simon Haas and Dan Witz. Block Party aligns the disparate creative practices of
five internationally-based contemporary artists. In doing so, the shared intrinsic presence of themes of
isolation, beauty and reflection upon self and surroundings in their works are augmented, inviting new
dialectical dialogues and considerations.

Artworks included in the exhibition range from works on canvas, wood, MDF and paper to mixed media
sculpture, a large site-specific mural installation and a video presentation.

A showcase of new works on paper by Sixeart will be displayed concurrently in the gallery’s largest
project room.

There will be an opening reception for the exhibition on Saturday, November 13 from 6 to 8pm with Boxi
and Simon Haas in attendance. The exhibition will run through December 11, 2010.

Boxi (b. 1974 Kent, England)
A dark, disillusioned romanticism pervades Boxi’s work; material boundaries are dissolved and
perceptions are altered by means of hand cut, multi-layered, often life-sized stencils that offer a
comforting solidity within the smoky abstraction of his grey-scale landscapes. In addition to new works on
canvas and MDF, he will create an elaborate site-specific installation on the gallery’s main wall.

Recent solo and group shows include Between a Dream and an Excuse, Kunstverein Buchholz,
Nordheide (2010), Remap, Ad Gallery, Athens (2009), Urban Art – Collection Reinking, Weserburg
Museum for Modern Art, Bremen (2009) and Grey Area, Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles (2009). He
lives and works in Berlin.

Krystian Truth Czaplicki (b. 1984 Wroclaw, Poland)
Krystian Truth Czaplicki combines found materials with existing objects large and small to create simple
but effective abstract artworks that reveal an astute understanding of architectural and natural structures.
He will present a series of new mixed media works on canvas and a slide compilation of the urban
installations that have informed his gallery practice.

Recent solo and group shows include Young Creative Poland, London (2009), Experimenta Design,
Urban Play, Amsterdam (2008), The 5 Young Triennial, Centre of Poish Sculpture, Oronsko (2008),
Truth, BWA Gallery, Sanok (2007), Urban Irony, BWA Gallery, Wroclaw (2007), Transformation, CCA
                                                                                                    Carmichael Gallery
                                                                                     5795 Washington Blvd CA 90232
                                            | | 323 939 0600

Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (2006) and Simplicity, Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw (2006). He lives and works
in Wroclaw.

Gregor Gaida (b. 1976 Chorzów, Poland)
Gregor Gaida merges timelessly classic ideals with an unquestionably contemporary sensitivity.
Characterized by a muted palette and meticulous employment of texture, both his figurative and more
abstract expressions feel all but alive. He will present sculptural works from several new series, including
Fragments, Kingdom, Drummer and Pissing.

Recent solo and group shows include Summe der Geschichten, Galerie Adler, Frankfurt (2010), Gregor
Gaida - Kunst im Foyer, Nolde Stiftung Seebüll Dependance, Berlin (2010), HangART-7, Edition 14 Mal
was Deutsches, Hangar-7, Salzburg (2009) and Gaida-Schiela-Kim, Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal (2009). He
lives and works in Bremen.

Simon Haas (b. 1984 Los Angeles, USA)
Simon Haas’ elegantly executed, subtly hued portraits of himself and others transit to viewers an
intensely emotive perspective of various psychological states of being. He will present new oils on canvas
and works on paper.

Recent solo and group shows include Instant LA Summer, Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles (2010),
Volume, AT1 Projects, Los Angeles (2010), Manifest Equality (2010) and Solo Show, Untitled Gallery,
Los Angeles (2007). He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Dan Witz (b. 1957 Chicago, USA)
Dan Witz employs light and darkness to supreme effect in his oil and mixed media works. A glowing
warmth pervades each canvas, fashioning a haunting atmosphere that feels at once lonely and
comforting. He will present several works from his Nightscapes and Bar Shrines series.

Recent solo shows include New Night Paintings, DFN Gallery, New York (2010), Dark Doings,
Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles (2009), New Street Works, Sid Lee Collective, Amsterdam (2009) and
Night Paintings, Stolenspace, London (2008). He lives and works in Brooklyn.

Sixeart (b. 1975 Barcelona, Spain)
Sixeart combines psychedelic abstraction and mysterious coded formulas with vividly rendered figuration
to produce a highly personal visual language. The childlike innocence and almost hallucinogenic sense of
second sight of his work has a dreamlike quality that shows an affinity with Surrealist artists such as Joan
Miró, another native of Barcelona. He will present four new works on paper.

Recent solo and group shows include Mundo Animal – Transmutation Intercontinental, A.L.I.C.E. Gallery,
Brussels (2010), Booked, Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles (2010), De Chillida a Sixeart, Galeria Mayoral.
Barcelona (2009), Guerreros, N2 Galeria, Barcelona (2009) and Street Art, Tate Modern, London (2008).
He lives and works in Barcelona.

About Carmichael Gallery:

Founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Seth and Elisa Carmichael, Carmichael Gallery focuses on a
select group of artists breaking ground in painting, mixed media, photography and sculpture. Their annual
program consists of a series of solo and group exhibitions that document the progress of these artists.

For information on current, past and upcoming shows, visit For additional
information and press materials on this show, please contact the gallery at
and +1 323 939 0600.

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