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					                WEST & SENIOR LIMITED

                        Foaming Agents

F i n e  C o l o u r s   a n d  A d d i t i v e s   f r o m  We s t   &   S e n i o r    
                                                         WEST & SENIOR LIMITED
Established in 1952, West and Senior Limited (WSL) is a privately owned company with a workforce of
over 50. We currently produce and supply in excess of 3,200 tonnes of finished product per annum from
                                            our manufacturing site in Manchester, UK. As a globally aware company we
                                            export over 40% worldwide and have an established and growing network
                                            of technically competent agents / distributors both in the UK and overseas.
                                            Our main activities include the manufacture and supply of Pigment and
                                            Additive preparations used in the Polymer, Rubber and Allied industries.
                                            These are supplied as liquids, pastes, single component powders or powder
                                            blends. Applications include; unsaturated structural polyester resins, flexible
                                            and rigid PVC, epoxy resin and polyurethane.
                                            Supplying a range of customers, from multinational corporations and house-
                                            hold names to newly developing businesses, WSL’s success has stemmed
                                            from our high technical service, rapid response and ability to demonstrate
                                      . u k
                                . c o        security of supply with total consistency. By developing technology with our
                          i o r
                    s e n
          . w e s t                         customers needs in mind, we have overcome many problems even where
    w w w
                                            solutions deemed not to exist. A question only becomes a problem if you
                don’t have a solution, we have many solutions, but if we don’t have one, we will develop one !

Foaming Agents
                                                     WSL has operated a powder blending, dispersion and distribution unit for
                                                     a range of process additives, including chemical foaming agents since the
          ple A
                                                     1980’s. Technologies are often client defined and include our FASCOMTM
                                                     range of chemical foaming agents. Grades may be offered in single or
                                                     multi-component format, and tailored to optimise overall performance
                                                     reacting synergistically with the base polymer and final processing

                                                 t   What is a Chemical Foaming Agent?
                                      o . u
                                r . c
                      s e n i o   Chemical Foaming Agents (CFA’s) are different than many other classes
                e s t
          w . w                   of polymer additive – they are designed to decompose during processing
      w w
                                  of polymer at elevated temperatures (150ºC+). On doing so, they release
                                  a high volume of gas which can be trapped within the polymer melt
creating a cellular or foamed structure.

There are a number of chemical options to create a foam structure, but with considered planning and raw
material selection, optimised foaming can be developed across a wide range of applications and polymers.

By forming a cellular structure the initial benefit created is a reduction in specific gravity i.e. Weight. This
reduction affords a number of properties including :-
Easier Handling                                                              Improved Insulation
Reduced transport costs                                                      Sound
Ease of installation                                                         Thermal
Reduced Polymer Requirement                                                  Cushioning
Less polymer = less cost                                                     Shock absorption
Less polymer = environmental gain                                            Design Aesthetics
Less polymer = reduced taxation                                              Surface detailing
Improved Product Dimensions                                                  Three dimensional patterns
Anti sink performance in moulding                                            Aquatic
Increased volume without the weight                                          The product may float
Increased thickness = increased rigidity
                                              FOAMING AGENTS
Product Range
There are a number of possible chemicals which may be used as a foaming agent including;
Azodicarbonamide (ADC)
Sodium Bicarbonate (SBC)
4’-4’, Oxybis Benzene Sulphonyl Hydrazide (OBSH)
Toluene Sulphonyl Hydrazide (TSH)
P-Toluene Sulphonyl Semicarbazide

Each class of material has it’s own technical advantage and selection will
be dependant upon polymer and processing method. In addition to pure
chemistries, WSL has developed a comprehensive range of modified
technologies which have been designed to further optimise performance
and handling efficiency including -

- Foaming rate to match processing including low temperature and high
speed applications.
                                                                                                              ior    .co.
- High nucleation for uniform foaming and improved physical performance.                             s   tsen
- Synergistic combination with other additives, for example stabilizers.           www
                                                                                                         pm   ent
- Improved long term processing through reduced plate-out.                                         evelo
                                                                                         in   ued D
- Improved handling via reduced dust, liquid dispersion and ‘easy flow’           Cont
blends. Packaging options also exist including pre weighed low melt

Modified technologies have been manufactured in-house for over 20 years                                                   C om
                                                                                                                                        e nt

at WSL. The production facility has been continually expanded to meet
growing demand with the latest addition being a 4000litre blending facility
                                                                                                   sts     enio
being installed mid 2008.                                                                      .we

All products are manufactured and tested in accordance with BSEN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
System. This requires a process of continual improvement in all areas of the business and is audited by the
BSI on a 6 monthly basis. Our performance record in such audits has proven exemplary over many years.

In addition, as part of our forward thinking approach, WSL have recently installed a technology specific
laboratory including high speed blending, extrusion, spread coating and various analytical
test procedures.

Example Applications

PVC Flooring – domestic, industrial, sports and medical applications                                       FM20877
PVC Wallcoverings – vinyl wallpaper (blown vinyl)
PVC Artificial Leather for seating and fabrics
PVC foamed bottle sealant caps
PVC/Nitrile Rubber sealing strips

Rigid PVC cellular and coloured profiles for example cladding and fascia boards
Rigid PVC foam cored pipe for land drainage
Rigid PVC foam sheet for advertising signage and room dividers

Crosslinked PE or EVA foam sheet and mouldings for use in cushioning and automotive interiors

PE or PP rotational moulded components for increased stiffness without density

                   Think of foam, think of Fascom!

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                                 Tel: +44 (0)161 724 7131
                                 Fax: +44 (0)161 724 9519

                                     Registered Office

                                    West & Senior Ltd
                                     Milltown Street,
                                     United Kingdom.
                                        M26 1WE

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