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How to manage your payroll services


									?There are three main ways a company can look to manage their payroll services
efficiently. These are via online payroll solutions, outsourcing or utilising payroll
software packages. The challenge can be when trying to make a choice between the
three. Here is a quick overview to help you make a decision:Online payroll solutions
Choosing an online payroll service is one solution. This involves seeking out a third
party to whom you can submit the hours that your employees have worked via an
internet link. Internet payroll companies then sort out everything else. They can carry
out tax calculations, salaries and also work out other deductions required. Taxes will
then be forwarded to the relevant places and they can also answer queries by
employees regarding their pay.

Outsourcing This option involves the whole payroll function being handed over to
another company. These payroll companies specialise in handling all the nitty gritty of
payroll services and can ensure that everything is managed in an efficient and accurate
manner. It can free up other staff whether within HR or accounts to focus on more
important tasks and will also ensure that your employees are happy with the pay slips
at the end of the month.

Payroll software The final solution is to invest in payroll software. There are many
software packages available for companies that are large enough to want to handle the
payroll themselves but want software to support them do an accurate job. There are
many advantages but the main one is that you have control over the payroll
transactions and all the funds. You may find that speaking to a payroll company is a
wise way of choosing software. They can then carry out the relevant training of staff
and ensure you choose the right product. At Moorepay we offer a range of payroll
services including online payroll and a range of software products.

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