A scenic town on the Danube north of Munich

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                                        Regensburg is
                                        a scenic town     In contrast to almost all other major German cities,
                                        on the Danube     Regensburg had little damage from allied air raids in
                                        north of          World War II and thus has an almost intact medieval
                                        Munich            city center, which is listed as a UNESCO world
                                                          heritage site. The most important cultural loss is the
                                                          Romanesque church of Obermünster, which was
                                                          completely destroyed in an air raid in March 1945
                                                          and never rebuilt. Only the belfry survived. During
                                                          WWII, Regensburg was an Area Headquarters of
                             Der Regensburger             Military District XIII (Wehrkreis XIII), under the
                             Christkindlmarkt one of      command of Lieutenant General Bruno Edler von
                             the ten most beautiful       Kiesling auf Kieslingstein. This Area Command was
                             Weihnachtsmärkte in all      in charge of the military forces of Regensburg,
                             German-speaking              Passau, Straubing, Weiden, and Amberg.
                             countries (Germany,
                             Austria, Switzerland)

                                                                                     The remains of the East Tower of
                                                                                     Porta Praetoria from Ancient Roman
The Alte Kapelle (old chapel) – Built in the 9th
century is one of the biggest attractions of

                                          The Alte
                                          Kapelle (old
                                          Outside is a
                                          totally plain
                                          and             A view of central Regensburg at twilight
unprepossessing exterior
                                                          Main Regensburg Sights
                                                             The Dom (Cathedral) is a very interesting example of
                                                              pure German Gothic and counts as the main work of
                                                              Gothic architecture in Bavaria. It was founded in
                                                              1275, and completed in 1634, with the exception of
                                                              the towers, which were finished in 1869. The interior
                                                              contains numerous interesting monuments, including
                                                              one of Peter Vischer's masterpieces. Adjoining the
                                                              cloisters are two chapels of earlier date than the
                                                              cathedral itself, one of which, known as the old
                                                              cathedral, goes back perhaps to the 8th century.
                                                             The Church of St. James, also called Schottenkirche,
                                                              a plain Romanesque basilica of the 12th century,
                                                              derives its name from the monastery of Irish
                                                              Benedictines (Scoti) to which it was attached; the
you walk in to find this Rococo interior, all gilt and        principal doorway is covered with very singular
    grotesque carvings. It stands next to the Jakobstor, a
    mediaeval city gate named after it.                                                       Faculty of Physics in the
                                                                                              University of Regensburg
   The old parish church of St. Ulrich is a good example
    of the Transition style of the 13th century, and
    contains a valuable antiquarian collection. It houses                                    The University of
    the diocesan museum for religious art.                                                   Regensburg, situated in
   Examples of the Romanesque basilica style are the                                        Regensburg, in Bavaria,
    church of Obermünster, dating from 1010, and the                                         Germany, was founded on
    abbey church of St. Emmeran, built in the 13th                                           18 July 1962 by the
    century, and remarkable as one of the few German                                         Bavarian parliament.
    churches with a detached belfry. The beautiful                                           Bavaria's fourth
    cloisters of the ancient abbey, one of the oldest in                                     university saw its first
    Germany, are still in fair preservation. In 1809 the
                                                                                             lectures during winter
    conventual buildings were converted into a palace for
                                                                                             semester 1967/68,
    the prince of Thurn and Taxis, hereditary postmaster-
    general of the Holy Roman Empire.                                                        initially housing a faculty
   Wealthy patrician families competed against each            of Law and Business Sciences as well as a faculty of
    other in who would be able to build the highest tower       Philosophy. During summer semester 1968 the School
    of the city. In 1260, the Goldener Turm (golden             of Theology followed.
    tower) was built in Wahlenstraße.
   The Town Hall, dating in part from the 14th century,        United into a single campus, the university is located
    contains the rooms occupied by the imperial diet from       just outside Regensburg's inner city on a small incline
    1663 to 1806.                                               to the south of the river Danube, and directly next to
   An historical interest also attaches to the Gasthof
                                                                the interstate Autobahn. The campus atmosphere and
    zum Goldenen Kreuz (Golden Cross Inn), where
                                                                close distances encourage uninterrupted studies. This
    Charles V. made the acquaintance of Barbara
    Blomberg, the mother of Don John of Austria (born           is also supported by an excellently apparelled library,
    1547). The house is also shown where Kepler died in         where 3.15 million books are made available in one
    1630.                                                       central and eleven departmental libraries, as well as
   Perhaps the most pleasing modern building in the city       the university's excellent equipment of computer
    is the Gothic villa of the king of Bavaria on the bank      workstations. The university has been adapted to the
    of the Danube.                                              needs of the disabled as far as possible and housing
   Among the public institutions of the city are the           estates meeting the same standards are available.
    public library, picture gallery, botanical garden, and
    the institute for the making of stained glass. The city's
                                                                Including the affiliated university hospital, the
    Gymnasien (high schools) include an Episcopal
    clerical seminary, and a school of church music.            University of Regensburg has circa 4,200 employees
   St. Emmeram's Abbey, now known as Schloss Thurn             including 312 professors, and teaches about 16,000
    und Taxis, is a huge castle owned by the powerful           students. The attractiveness of the university is also
    Thurn and Taxis family.                                     enhanced by the old town of Regensburg with its
                                                                history of over 2000 years, its scenic countryside, the
Near Regensburg are two very handsome classical                 Donautal (Danube Valley), the modest living costs, a
buildings, erected by Louis I of Bavaria as national            high density of bars and the nearby heights of the
monuments of German patriotism and greatness. The               Bavarian Forest. Brisk cultural life both in the city and
more imposing of the two is the Walhalla, a costly              on campus provide for great recreational
reproduction of the Parthenon, erected as a Teutonic            opportunities, enhanced by a number of close-by lakes,
temple of fame on a hill rising from the Danube at              and the Walhalla.
Donaustauf, 6 miles to the east. The interior, which is
as rich as coloured marbles, gilding, and sculptures            The most famous professor of the university was the
can make it, contains the busts of more than a
                                                                later Pope Benedict XVI, who taught at the university
hundred German worthies. The second of King
                                                                from 1969 until he was appointed Cardinal and
Louis' buildings is the Befreiungshalle at Kelheim,
                                                                Archbishop of Munich in 1977. Since his election as
14 miles above Regensburg, a large circular building
                                                                Pope in 2005, the university is among students
which has for its aim the glorification of the heroes
                                                                increasingly referred to as the Benedict University of
of the 1813 War of Liberation.