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 Point to Point   SD (m)          Bearing       Declinated      EV (%)       EV (degrees)    HD (m)      VD (m)
                               (degrees east Bearing (True
                               of mag. north) or Polar North)

1-2                    25.70           134.00         154.00         50.00            4.00       25.64            1.79
AI Angular

Declination   20.00
The LOA Bearing-Distance Calculator for Archaeological Survey
This calculator is presented by the University of British Columbia’s Laboratory of Archaeology and is free for use. Created by Andrew Martindale;
please cite as appropriate.

Survey sketches are usually based on bearing and distance. Some basic calculations are needed to convert these measurements t
profile views. To project a complete data set, you should collect horizontal bearings (angular distance in degrees from North using a compass),
distances (linear distance using a tape or hip chain, in meters), and vertical bearings (using a clinometer, in either degrees or %). See the relevant
sections of this website (forthcoming) for instruction on use of this equipment.

Use this spreadsheet to calculate the relevant projections from your data.
Declination. If you have bearing measures in magnetic north, add a declination using this function. Note: check your declination at Don’t forget to enter the date as well as the location your data was collected. Enter your declination
value in the field below.
Horizontal bearing (HB) for Adobe Illustrator. The AI bearing origin is cardinal East rather than North and the direction of rotation is west
(counterclockwise). Use this field to convert your cardinal data into bearing data to use the AI MOVE and COPY function to project your points. See
the relevant section of this website for a guide to this procedure.
Horizontal distance (HD). Normally we collect slope distance (SD) and project HD using the vertical bearing (VB) and trigonometr
Elevation (EV). We can calculate the vertical distance between points if we know the slope distance (SD) and the vertical bearing (VB) using

Declination                 20.00

Point to Point        SD (m)         Bearing     Declinated                EV (%)         EV (degrees)           HD (m)               VD (m)
1-2                         25.70                       (True
                                  (degrees east Bearing154.00
                                         134.00                                   2.00                0.90              25.70                0.40
Enter your point Enter the slope    Enter the bearing This field      Enter you          This field          This field          This field          This field
numbers here.    distance here.     here if you used calculates the   vertical bearing   calculates the      calculates the      calculates the      calculates the
                                    magnetic north. horizontal        here if you used   vertical bearing.   horizontal          vertical distance   angular distance
                                                      bearing. If you                    If you used         distance between    between your        for plotting
                                                      used declinated                    degree              your points. The    points. The         points in Adobe
                                                      measures, just                     measures, just      function converts   function            Illustrator.
                                                      enter them here                    enter them here     the degrees to      converts the
                                                      instead.                           instead.            radians.            degrees to
Fill in the fields highlighted in yellow. Copy the data row as many times as you need, the functions will copy as well.
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               AI Angular
             This field
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