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               PIMPED BY PARASITES                             PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

                                        CHAPTER TWO

        Our demons are the people in our everyday lives, the ones we envy, hate or harm, not because we hate
        qualities in them, but we hate that they reflect qualities we wish we had or that we do not like about
        ourselves. We take out on others what we hate. To keep from facing our inner demons, we come up with
        vengeance or transference of blame. We need chaos to act as a catalyst so that we will not notice the
        destructiveness and chaos within ourselves. That is what we are really afraid of. We do not want to look
        at our self hate. - Benjamin Stewart, Director, Kymatica

        Consensus thinking has created a reality of self deception and crisis. – Mark Daniels, Co-Founder, Earth
        Shift Project


A parasite is defined as anything or anyone who lives off of another without benefit to the host.
Metaphorically, this includes people and all facets of fear generated by the Ego, that old robber baron of
joy and freedom. Benjamin Stewart, Director of the documentary, Kymatica, says that the “Ego is the
parasitical false image of the self that distracts us from the freedom we were born with.” Stewart is a
proponent of self reliance and restoring innate freedom through art, education and integrity. He states
that “without complicity, the parasite starves; it needs our fear, denial, repression and projection in
order to survive.”

The ego also thrives on ignorance. Lack of knowledge can compel individuals to surrender their inborn
sovereignty to institutions, unexamined assumptions, flawed premises, and co-dependence. On the
other hand, informed decisions are based on investigation of facts, history, and all facets of an issue, not
just falling for one side of the story. The Ego, however, jumps to conclusions and makes decisions
without adequate information or firsthand research, preferring to rely on faulty premises and/or
irrational ideas.

Stewart states that “until the masses wake up to their own complicity and participation in the psychic
tyranny prevalent in the world, we will continue to be ruled by *parasites+ despots and dictators.” From
the moment Stewart’s voice came on the screen, I immediately connected with his premise regarding
the literal and metaphorical control that parasites exert daily. Most of what he said validated a lifetime
of my own research. Over the years, my dilemma was that the more I knew, the more alienated I felt
and the more ahead of the herd I became. I was always setting trends and rarely following any. Today,
people will call or email me, sometimes years later, to corroborate something I told them that they
thought was crazy at the time but later turned out to be true. No doubt, a lot of the information in this
book will fall into that category, but now I won’t even have to say, “I told you so,” because everything I
am writing can be readily verified. I bow to whoever came up with the internet. In spite of the fact that
there is no dearth of inaccurate information out there on the internet, anyone in search of truth can find
it if they dig deep enough.

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                            PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                     15,

It is important to point out that Egotistical behavior is not limited to the classical Freudian definition of
the Ego; it includes the primitive aspect of the personality that operates primarily from the reptilian part
of the brain that is without regard for the harm caused to the authentic self, others, or society. Indeed,
the ego owns the domain name to the fear based false self. On an unconscious level, it is shameless,
refuses to take responsibility, has no conscience, blames others for the problems it creates, lacks
compassion, empathy or insight into itself, and feeds off of causing pain, discomfort and suffering to
others as if it were manna from heaven.

For the sake of clarity, the ego herein also refers to anything or anyone that views itself as separate from
the whole, while generating harm to the individual, society or the planet, as proposed by Dr. David
Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force. In comparison, Benjamin Stewart reveals the interconnectedness
of the universe through the concept of humanity as “a community of cells within the community of the
earth. The cosmos is a single living being composed of parts to the whole.” Stewart stresses that it is the
sense of separation that creates a “void which we fill with materialism or sedate with drugs or
addictions.” In fact, drugs and addictions (including food) are powerful tools that the Ego uses to divide,
conquer and control.

Today’s popular pseudonym for parasite is the Ego, which cannot exist outside its host. Ironically, the
unsuspecting host derives no benefit from the Ego, other than suffering, (which, when used for growth
can be beneficial) even though the Ego does an award winning job of convincing the individual host that
he/she cannot exist without it or that parasites are no real threat. After all, everyone has them.
Moreover, humanity and parasites have existed together since the beginning of time. That almost
sounds like a symbiotic relationship, where both parties benefit, but that simply is not the case with
parasites. Buying into logical fallacies will not change the facts.


Parasites, while feeding off of a host, behave as if they are separate from the whole with no cognizance
or regard for the harm caused to the host. Consider the many plagues and scourges parasites have
created throughout history such as leprosy, malaria, bubonic plague, flu epidemics and today, cancer.
Yes, cancer, but more on that in Chapter 4. All in all, there is nothing beneficial anyone can say about
parasites other than pointing out that they help decompose dead bodies. This, however, is but an
extension of their voracious appetites.

The brilliant Guy Ritchie movie, Revolver, explains how the ego hides in the last place one would ever
look (inside of the self). The film demonstrates how ceasing to run from pain while letting go of
attachments can lead to self mastery. The protagonist, Avi, says to Jake, the hero: “we’ve put you at war
with the only enemy that’s ever existed … the one who causes all of the pain there ever was in the world
… And you think he’s your best friend.” Stewart points out that “we need chaos and catastrophe to
avoid dealing with what we do not like or fear in ourselves,” but that “knowing your own darkness is the
best way to deal with the darkness of others.” No greater truth has been spoken.

Clearly, the very definition of a parasite lends itself to pseudonyms in that it consists of a vast variety of
parasites (including microbes such as bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, worms and fungi who fit the
definition of parasite) that literally eat humans alive while metaphorically blinding them to the

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                           PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                    15,

fundamental nature of life, which is to “follow one’s bliss,” as admonished by Joseph Campbell. The
following quote from The Essene Gospel of Peace attests to the fact that thousands of years ago Christ
revealed how to rid the body of parasites, which he referred to as the Devil, Satan, and Beelzebub.

        The devils left their bowels in the shape of multitudinous worms which writhed in impotent rage
        after the angel of water cast them out of the bowels of the Sons of Men … Jesus said, renew
        yourselves and fast … till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you … Except you fast, you shall
        never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan. Fast and
        pray fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing … All must be born again of
        water and of truth … Suffer the angel of water to baptize you also within, that you may become
        free ... Baptism with water that flow*s+ through all your bowels … frees you from … all the
        abominations and uncleannesses which defiled the temple of your body … Renew your baptizing
        with water on every day of your fast, till the water which flows out of you is as pure as the
        river’s foam ... By your fasting and prayer you have called back the lord of your body. And now
        Satan sees that the true lord of your body returns, and that it is the end of his power. – Essene
        Gospel of Peace – Book One

The universality of truth is irrefutable. Consider this: the Essene Gospel of Peace remained hidden in
caves in the Dead Sea area after the Essenes stashed them prior to their massacre by the Romans at
Masada circa 73 AD. The collection of books that make up the Bible was put together at the Council of
Nicaea in 325 AD. It is highly unlikely that the 13th century Sufi mystic and poet, Rumi, was aware of the
Essene writing quoted above, though he was familiar with the Bible. Thus, I find it fascinating that
Rumi’s belief in fasting as a physical and spiritual purification rite would parallel that of the Essenes as
reflected below in a quote from The Illuminated Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks:

        There’s a hidden sweetness in the stomach’s emptiness … If the belly and brain are burning
        clean with fasting, every moment a new song comes out of the fire. The fog clears … When
        you’re full of food and drink, Satan sits where your spirit should. When you fast, good habits
        gather like friends who want to help. Fasting is Solomon’s ring … Even if you’ve lost all will and
        control, they come back when you fast. A table descends … Jesus’ table. Expect to see, when
        you fast, this table spread with other food better than the broth of cabbages.

Even though humanity was given a simple blueprint to free themselves from the Ego (i.e., Satan) most
continue to wander in the desert, still looking for the Promised Land. Today, the majority of people drift
around in a parasitically induced brain fog triggered by addictive cultural dietary norms. One can only
hope that this generation does not end up like the generation of Israelites who left Egypt and died
without ever seeing the Promised Land.


One would be wise, therefore, to become ingenious, like Hansel and Gretel. They outsmarted the witch
who wanted to eat them, which is what must be done with parasites. The task, however, is not as easy
as one might think in that all forms of parasites are smarter than science will admit or that they might
imagine. Parasites continue to checkmate science at every move by developing antibiotic resistant
strands, mutating, cross-breeding, and building biofilms out of toxins and stolen minerals in the human
body, such as calcium, in successful attempts to evade the immune system. The good news is that

                PIMPED BY PARASITES                          PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                    15,

parasites have never been able to fool Mother Nature or those scientists and natural medicine
practitioners who are connected to nature, but more on that in Chapter 4.

Resistance to change is associated with what M. Scott Peck, in The Road Less Traveled, calls a “disorder
of responsibility and disorder of discipline.” The rub is that the great anthropologist, Margaret Mead,
said that it is easier to get people to change their religion than change their diet. In that religious
extremists will:

               kill those with religious beliefs different from their own;
               in the very least demonize or persecute those with different ideologies;
               go to war to defend their right to practice their religion, even if they don’t follow it; or
               refuse to marry someone, they claim to love, if that person does not convert to their

The irony of individuals switching religions before switching diet was inspiration in itself for me to
investigate this anomaly, particularly in light of the detrimental effects of the Standard American Diet
(S.A.D). America’s obsession with eating as a recreational habit has not only been a bad influence on the
entire world, which mimics America’s Fast Food habits, but has earned America the infamous title “most
obese nation” in the world.

A headline on the cover of the July 9, 2009 Daily News in Los Angeles, titled “Obesity Costing California
Billions” unveiled the following finding in a study conducted by The California Center for Public Health
Advocacy: “obese and overweight adults cost California $41 billion a year in health care and lost time at
work.” This is an amount that nearly doubles the “state’s current $23 billion shortfall.” The study
“looked at total medical care and prescription costs of conditions related to being overweight, obese
and physically inactive, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. The result is lost productivity
for each risk factor.” The devastating effect of obesity on children has prompted a rash of successful
lawsuits against fast food chains, like MacDonald’s, costing them millions. Now, the same lawyer who
filed the class action suit against big tobacco companies and won, is going after fast food restaurants in
an effort to get them to disclose on their menus the fat and calorie content of their meals so that
unsuspecting teens, children and parents will know that one meal at most fast food joints contains all of
the fat and calories that can be consumed in a day.
Obesity is also linked to parasites secreting substances compelling individuals to over-eat the foods that
feed the parasites while starving the body of nourishment, in particular, the vital elements calcium (to
keep the body alkaline; when we become too acidic we die) and magnesium to stay calm and to restore
energy depleted from the adrenal glands by stress. When the body is being fed empty calories while
depleted of calcium and magnesium by bad diet and stress, the body keeps sending out hunger signals
that are actually distress requests asking for live vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty
acids. Parasites proliferate in an acidic environment (stress and dead foods lower pH to acidic levels).
Parasites also subvert the body’s need for nutrition into cravings that poison the host and drain the
adrenal glands, leading to chronic fatigue, not to mention diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and

                PIMPED BY PARASITES                            PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

A study published in 2009 by the Center for Genome Sciences, Washington University School of
Medicine, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA, titled “The Effect of Diet on the Human Gut Micro biome: A
Metagenomic Analysis in Humanized Gnotobiotic Mice” looked at the effect of transplanting human gut
parasites formed from eating the Standard American Diet, into mice. The study found that “switching
from a low-fat, plant polysaccharide–rich diet to a high-fat, high-sugar “Western” diet shifted the
structure of the microbiota *in mice+ within a single day … Humanized mice fed the Western diet have
increased adiposity; this trait is transmissible via microbiota transplantation.”
In essence, the mice quickly developed fatty tissue around their guts after transplantation. This type of
fat is labeled “love handles” or “pasta pouches.” The implications of this study are far reaching in that it
corroborates with other studies that already substantiate that parasites do, indeed, alter the DNA of
their hosts. Moreover, the fact that microbes in the above study changed the entire structure of the
bacteria in the host mice within a single day has alarming implications as to how quickly parasites can
take over a new host upon entering via direct transplantation, saliva, or sexual fluids.


Symptoms of an over proliferation of parasites are easy to recognize. Look for the following: cloudy,
red, or watery eyes; blurry vision; skin rashes; acne; eczema; dandruff; pimples; white heads;
blotchiness; redness; or itchiness; gums that tend to be red, swollen, bleeding, or receding; bad breath
out of the nostrils, which originates in the gut; it tends to be foul no matter how many times the teeth
are brushed; bodies emit a sour, acidic odor within hours of showering; bellies that bloat after eating, or
are permanently distended; hands that tend to be cold; anemia, frequent indigestion, heartburn,
constipation, athlete’s feet, jock itch, yeast infections; diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, lupus,
multiple sclerosis, etc. Moreover, the personality tends to be moody, contentious, unstable, overly
emotional, and quick to anger or to take offense, prone to depression, erratic and chaotic behavior.


I ran across a fascinating bit of research on snails infested with liver fluke parasites secreted in the snail’s
sludge. When ants walk across this sludge, eat it and then carry it home to the nest, other ants become
infected. This liver fluke then infects the brains of the ants by secreting a substance into the brains of
the ants that directs the unfortunate creatures to engage in uncharacteristically self-sacrificial death
rituals. For instance, normal, uninfected ants will scurry out of the way when they hear a cow coming.
The infected ants, however, behave abnormally when they hear a cow coming. Instead of running away,
to avoid being eaten, the ant will cling to the flowers of the plant that the cows eat, ensuring that they
get eaten alive by the cow, which is insane behavior because everything in nature has an innate instinct
towards survival and self preservation, not suicide.

The compelling part of the above scenario is that the ant is unwittingly coerced into sacrificing its life
through a mind control substance secreted by the liver fluke so that the fluke can generate the means to
move on to its intended destination: the intestines of a cow. Once in the cow, the liver fluke finds its
way to the cow’s liver, where it causes the cow to waste away. This type of behavior is characteristic of
parasites, but is also observable in humans infected with parasites. They will engage in the most
amazingly self destructive and suicidal like behavior, such as unprotected sex with multiple partners,
dangerous drug addictions and unhealthy food obsessions that have one thing in common: they ensure

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                          PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                   15,

the survival and proliferation of parasites at the detriment and early demise of its host. As my
grandmother would say, “Now, if that don’t beat all, I don’t know what does.”

For those who are struggling with the idea that parasites are capable of secreting a substance that
compels its host to do the bidding of the parasite, at the detriment of the host, go to
and search for the video called Parasitic Mind Control. After that short video, search for the Discovery
Channel documentary titled: Parasites Eating You Alive. Then, watch the “You Tube” documentary titled
Kymatica (it’s an hour and a half long). The director of Kymatica highlights the damage parasitic fear
does to society through projection of individual psychosis and gives viable solutions. The book you are
reading sheds insight into the correlation between parasitic infections and insane behavior by intelligent
people who otherwise appear sane and the connection between parasites and egotistical antics, weight
problems, dis-ease and aging.


While doing the research for my dissertation on personality disorders, I recall being fascinated by a side
note that an expert mentioned. It was so compelling that I ended up including it in my book I Thought I
Was The Crazy One, which became one of the first books for the layman on personality disorders. In
essence, this side note pointed out that, for some unknown reason, people with personality disorders,
(who just so happen to be the most irresponsible and unreliable of all parents) are compelled to
reproduce indiscriminately. Further research revealed that those personality disorders that are not
compelled to reproduce themselves are nevertheless prompted to spread their parasites to as many
partners as possible, even if they are not compelled to have children. In essence, the compulsion to
indiscriminately reproduce does not limit itself to procreation. It also includes haphazardly spreading
parasites through kissing; eating and drinking after others; and/or multiple sex partners.

The parasitic program to procreate in personality disorders is further evidenced by:

            1. Males with children by multiple mothers as well as those with double digit parentage
               who play no real parental roles in the lives of their offspring;
            2. Females with poor parenting skills who continue having children by multiple fathers in
               the hopes that having a child by the latest male will keep this man around even though
               that tact did not work with the previous fathers;
            3. Poor parents who cannot afford to feed and clothe the children they already have yet
               keep reproducing;
            4. Welfare mothers who won’t stop reproducing yet don’t know the first thing about
               nurturing or raising children;
            5. Teenagers who just “HAVE” to get pregnant and are still children themselves;
            6. Sought after males or famous athletes who keep complaining about how their
               girlfriends (plural) all told them they were on birth control, but ended up pregnant
               umpteen times, yet these guys won’t get a vasectomy because they “might want to get
               married one day or one more time” and their prospective wives “might want to have
               children.” Forget about “them” taking responsibility for birth control or simply using

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                           PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                    15,

This compulsion to procreate herein is not referring to those with the finances, emotional and
intellectual capacity to devote the next 21 years of their lives modeling love, discipline, cooperation, and
wholeness to their offspring. Nor does it refer to potential parents who realize that parenting involves
directing children onto the “path of the infinite that they might travel swift and far,” as Kahlil Gibran
says. Neither does it apply to parents who know that their role is to produce adults who do not need
them financially or emotionally because they have been taught self reliance and self sufficiency.

Granted, there is embedded within the DNA of those who have survived genocide, an unconscious fear
of racial annihilation, which compels them to reproduce without concern for global over population.
Their unconscious drive is the low numbers of their race around the world. Armenians are quick to
remind me that there are less than 2 million of them in America. Although racial extinction is possible, it
is not highly plausible due to the Diaspora of groups migrating all over the globe, especially after
genocide. Moreover, throughout the ages, natural disasters that have decimated populations have bred
the same fear of extinction. However, there is no imminent extinction of any race on the planet today,
that I can find, unless they are hidden in a remote jungle or island somewhere. Even though genocide
continues to be systematically exercised against Native Americans in the US and Canada, they are
nowhere near extinction, in spite of the government reservation diet of white flour and white sugar (a
new form of genocide) which results in unprecedented numbers of native Americans dying from


In lieu of the fact that, in a world with approximately 7 billion people who are consuming the world’s
resources 1.5 times faster than the earth can replenish them, in the 21st century, any “compulsive or
irrational” desire to procreate today can be viewed as illogical behavior considering the very real
possibility of annihilation of humanity due to over population, not to mention natural disasters or
parasitic epidemics that quickly spread around the world. Maybe in the 50’s or 60’s, automatic
procreation, without thought of population control, made sense. However, today, in spite of the innate
biological urge to reproduce, designed to ensure the survival of the species, the human race is NOT in
any danger of extinction. Thus, the uncurbed urge to procreate does indeed pose a serious drain on the
natural resources of the planet to feed everyone and to dispose of the refuse, pollution and garbage
that over population produces.


While it is true that most of my generation, including myself, fell for the biological “procreation
program,” this is not a sound enough reason to encourage today’s young adults to blindly follow in our
programmed footsteps. The implications of over-population are not effective reviewed in retrospect.
The problem of over-population needs immediate consideration. Adoption would do much to alleviate
the unnecessary suffering of children already on the planet. The rich could certainly sponsor more
orphans and build more orphanages.

In direct contrast to random reproduction of the species by personality disorders, author, James
Redfield proposes in The Celestine Prophecy, that families have only the number of children that
matches the number of adults at home during the day to give one on one attention to each child.
Redfield’s pragmatic suggestion, which essentially boils down to China’s one child rule, could spare new

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                           PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                    15,

children intense psychological suffering and loss of self esteem. Sociologically and psychologically, any
division of parental love, devotion and attention can create sibling rivalry, leading one child to feel that
the other sibling is cherished more. Research has also proven that sibling rivalry can be so intense, in
some children, that if the child knew for certain he/she could get away with making the rival disappear,
he/she would do so. What stops such children is fear of parental disapproval or loss of love. As a result,
they settle for ignoring, belittling, resenting, or envying the rival. Siblings who have never experienced
rivalry are the exception.

On the other hand, research with “only” children reveals that, by comparison, in general, they are higher
achievers than those who had to compete for their share of parental love. Of course there are
exceptions. Nevertheless, it is true that only children are not burdened with wondering whether the
parent loves the “other” sibling more. Whether intentional good psychology or not, China is breeding
children with the “potential” for high self esteem and to become high achievers. Moreover, it is easy for
only children to believe that they came into the world “wanted” since everything in limited supply is
sought after and thus, more likely to be valued or appreciated. Again, there are exceptions in that many
parents are simply incapable of loving, leading the child to believe that he/she is intrinsically unlovable
because children lack the cognitive ability to deduce that the parent is simply unable to love.

If the foregoing common sense approach fails to hit home, perhaps one might mull over Thich Nhat
Hanh’s gentle reminder to potential parents that they “be fully aware of the responsibility of bringing
new lives into the world. Meditate on the world into which you are bringing new beings.” Indeed,
individuals today might want to ask themselves how they can justify bringing new life to a planet
saturated in inequity, injustice, corruption, fear, insanity and uncertainty. The focus should be on
“becoming the change you want to see in the world” before adding to the problems of the world.


Parasites are spread through saliva (kissing), blood, and semen (sex). Other than, perhaps, the obsessive
compulsive personality disorder (in most cases), personality disorders appear compelled to use craft and
cunning to spread parasites, apparently on an unconscious level. For instance, they will innocently stick
their spoon or fork into another’s plate and eat someone else’s food when they have food on their own
plate, or drink out of someone else’s glass, spreading their parasites without having to kiss those who do
not want to be kissed. It does not bother them that they are also picking up new parasites from the
person they are eating or drinking after. Moreover, they will drink out of the milk jug or the juice box in
the refrigerator then put their parasites back in the fridge to infect others. On top of that, they will not
wash their hands every time after using the bathroom, which leads to them unwittingly contaminating
the foods and items they touch. Those who come along and touch a contaminated item then rub their
eyes catch or spread the infection. Keeping a bottle of hydrogen peroxide under the kitchen sink, to
wash all fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains with a couple of tablespoons of hydrogen
peroxide in a bowl of water, can avoid the problem. I also keep a fresh bottle of eye drops that I make
with sea salt and baking soda in my purse to kill air bourn microbes such as mold that gets in my eyes
through air conditioning vents and carpeting (See Chapter 4 for details). I also avoid rubbing itchy eyes
with unwashed fingers.

The parasite connection is the only explanation I have found that comes even close to explaining the
behavior of personality disorders, compulsive sex addictions, promiscuity or the need for multiple sex

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                             PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                     15,

partners. Whether an individual is compelled to impregnate another or to intentionally get pregnant is
merely the tip of the iceberg in a much larger problem that is insidious and can affect or infect almost
everyone because of the parasitically based program to propagate through any means necessary when
intimacy with another is not appropriate or is not an option. That is why every member of a family has
to do simultaneous parasite cleanses, including the family pet, to prevent re-infection. Families tend to
eat and drink after each other, use the same toilets and bathtubs, and someone inevitably forgets to
wash their hands after scratching their head, picking their nose, or using the bathroom.


An even riskier factor to consider is the compulsion of personality disorders to have sex with multiple
partners while in a relationship. This behavior has always struck me as harmful to everyone concerned.
Thus, it never rang true when therapists, friends and sex addicts tried to convince me that monogamy
was unnatural. The reality is that monogamy is only unnatural for those who are over infested with
parasites and under parasitic mind control to unconsciously infect others; the same is true for those
with no internal locus of control due to brain dysfunction from an infestation of parasites on the brain.

I’ve even come across the theory of “monogamous” and “non-monogamous” genes, which only makes
sense when one takes into consideration that if microscopic parasites can shut down the DNA’s
mechanism that tells cancer or rogue cells to self destruct, they most certainly can compel a person to
disregard the sanctity of a committed relationship. Of course, there are single people who would argue
that as long as they are not “committed,” they can have sex with as many partners as they like,
especially if they tell their partners that they are “seeing” others, which means “sleeping” with them.
Indeed, consenting adults are free to do what they wish, but it simply seems wiser to delay gratification
long enough to get the other person on a parasite cleanse before becoming intimate. But saying this to
a personality disorder or to someone with no internal locus of control is like saying, “Don’t eat that bowl
of ice cream I just sat in front of you; it’s for someone else.” They will argue that if they had not eaten it,
the ice cream would have melted before the other person got there; they will add that they were simply
saving you the trouble of throwing the ice cream away.

When I discovered the nature of mind control substances secreted by parasites, I finally felt validated in
my unpopular opinion that it was NOT unnatural to be monogamous. Since puberty, I was intuitively
put off by the idea of promiscuity. I knew from 8th grade science and biology classes, long before
popular science began publicizing the fact that individuals not only get infected with the parasites of
intimate partners, but with the parasites of their partner’s parents along with all of the people that
individual has ever kissed or had sex with because parasites enter the blood stream and vital fluids of
the body. There is no escaping this problem because parasites are transmitted at birth. Many babies are
born with thrush mouth which is Candida or with “cradle cap” (i.e. dandruff) or dry patches of scaly


Refined carbs such as white rice, white bread, white pasta, or peeled, white potatoes have been
stripped of their fiber content and natural vitamins and minerals. One glance at the dead, processed
food served in public school cafeterias reveals the alarmingly high ratio of dead meats, sugars and
refined carbs on the daily menu, all of which contribute to an over growth of parasites, particularly

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                          PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                       15,

when consumed in conjunction with prescription antibiotics. Successful law suits have been won against
school districts to prohibit them from selling sugar laden drinks. The trend is continuing to gain
momentum with class action law suits in court that will hopefully end up with more fresh fruits and
salads being served in public school cafeterias.

Most people are unaware that the cellular lining of yeast mold and fungi happens to be made of sugar.
Thus, all carbs, such as potatoes, corn, rice, pasta and bread convert into sugar, which feeds parasitic
fungi. On the other hand, carnivorous parasites (worms) need meat to thrive; each different kind of
meat is host to its own type of worm or intestinal fluke. An over proliferation of these creatures is the
perfect recipe for obesity, underweight and diabetes. What is most alarming is that the average parent
is unaware that Candida is connected to chronic ear, nose and throat infections in babies and children.
The tragedy is that as soon as children get one of these infections, parents naturally run to the doctor,
who promptly prescribes antibiotics (See Chapter 3) which destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut that
Mother Nature put there to automatically kill yeast, mold, fungi and bacteria.

It is important to stress, once again, that no parasite cleanse is effective without everyone in the
household doing the cleanse together; otherwise the individual who completed the cleanse gets
reinfected within 24 hours after kissing, eating after an infected individual, or after having sex. It is also
important to reiterate that parasites are easily transmitted microscopically from the colon to other
areas of the body by:

   not washing hands after going to the bathroom;
   failure to wash fresh fruits or vegetables that have been touched by unclean hands in antifungal
    aluminum free baking soda and water or hydrogen peroxide;
   Putting a finger or penis in the anus, then touching the vagina, mouth or eyes with same.

Any of the foregoing can transplant dangerous gut bacteria into the vaginal tract, bladder, eyes, or
mouth. Once in the mouth, they quickly travel to the lungs and other parts of the body, attacking the
weakest organs of those who already have compromised immune systems or whose secondary immune
system (the digestive track) has already been decimated by taking antibiotics, birth control pills or by
eating too much junk food or processed and/or refined carbs.


Like any dutiful mother, when my son and daughter were babies and became sick, I turned to their
pediatricians for help who prescribed antibiotics. I did not know that I was unwittingly destroying the
secondary immune systems of my children, located in their guts, and setting the stage for their
secondary immune systems to getting hijacked by parasites. Yeast, mold and fungi adversely affected
their behavior, thought processes and judgment.

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                          PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                       15,

Science in all of its arrogance and glory, has yet to come up with an antibiotic that different forms of
parasites (which includes bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi and viruses) have not developed a resistant strand
to or mutated around, thereby rendering most manmade antibiotics virtually useless in the battle
against parasites in that antibiotics can only kill approximately 85% of the parasites they are intended to
kill. The other 15% mutate or become resistant. On the other hand, a virus laughs hysterically at
manmade antibiotics, because they have no affect on a virus. The true tragedy of manmade antibiotics,
however, is the fact that they destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut which acts as the body’s secondary
immune system, thereby leaving the body defenseless against Candida, yeast, mold and fungus taking
over any and every organ system in the body, including the brain. In fact, 80% of mental illnesses are
associated with parasites on the brain as is Alzheimer’s, which is treatable. What? Yes. (See Chapter 4).
The true tragedy is that the average person does not know the danger of taking manmade antibiotics,
which are prescribed, almost indiscriminately, like anti-depressants.


When the compulsion to propagate or to spread parasites takes over parasitically driven individuals are
in essence, being “pimped” by parasites without knowing it. The focus of parasites is on eating their
hosts alive, and then going “forth to multiply” quickly. These microbes are a true menace because they
do not go through an egg, larva and adult stage, like worms. When they eat the sweets that feed the
lining of their cells that are made out of sugar, they divide and multiply on the spot. Thus, millions of
microscopic yeast, mold or fungi can easily turn into 100’s of millions through use of manmade
antibiotics, birth control pills, and a daily diet of dead carbs.

So the next time you feel an uncontrollable urge to eat food that you know is not good for you, or to
have unprotected sex with abandonment, ask yourself who is running your program? Are you really in
control of your actions? Or, are you being “pimped” by parasites? Keep in mind that parasitically driven
individuals have an impaired internal locus of control that makes them impatient and ADHD acting. Ask
yourself if you can honestly resist that craving for your favorite ice cream, pastry, meat, fried food; junk
food, alcohol, cigarette, sex, etc? Can you actually ignore that voice in your head convincing you of the
necessity for instant gratification, and the compulsion to satisfy incessant urges? Ever notice how your
body begins to grow restless, uneasy and filled with pain as the cravings kick in? And when the cravings
are not satisfied right away, notice how the voice in your head relies on diatribes not unlike those a
Pimp would use on his girls, like: “Bitch, didn’t I tell you to get up off your ass and go get my meat,
sweets, drugs, cigarettes, etc … Don’t make me kick your ass; You know I will.” The voice of reason gets
thrown out on the block by Big Pimping Parasite as you rush to do his bidding.

Do not despair; liberation lies in the pages to follow. No, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. Ultimately,
each individual has to make a decision, and inaction will be in favor of Big Pimping: “Am I going to
continue submitting to the bidding of a bunch of ugly, little prehistoric looking creatures, or am I going
to summon the courage to cleanse my body temple and make it a worthy place for the Divine to dwell?”

Like I said, this book was written for only 1 in 5 (20% of the population). The rest will unconsciously wait
on the 20% who are awake to do the work for them. After the 20% come together collectively, their
efforts will create a free ride for the 4 in 5 after a Tipping Point is achieved. Out of due respect and
gratitude for the sacrifice of the 1 in 5, the 4 out of 5, who are not able or willing to do the work, should,
in the very least do their best to refrain from interfering with the work of the 1 in 5. After having failed

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                        PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

to liberate yourself from being pimped by parasites, you know very well that the work is hard enough
without a bunch of crabs in the bucket trying to pull you back into the water. As you 4 in 5 feed your
parasites, to keep them fat and quiet, recognize and give the 1 in 5 a break from your parasitically driven

           PIMPED BY PARASITES                          PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                        15,

                                         POINTS TO PONDER

   It is difficult to rise above the level of addiction to bad food, drugs, alcohol, drama, etc. while
    depriving the body of essential amino acids, or vitamins and minerals that aid in brain function
    while eating processed food with chemicals and additives or dead foods that have no live
    nutritional content from being cooked at temperatures above 117ºF.

   It is also difficult to move to higher levels of consciousness in a polluted body full of Candida
    yeast fungus, parasites, heavy metals, intestinal plaque, or intestinal blockages.

   Damaged or impaired frontal lobe brain function is associated with weakened ability to reason,
    poor socialization skills, difficulty communicating and getting along with others, erratic behavior,
    violence, chaos, moodiness, and depression. Moreover, frontal lobe damage is linked to alcohol
    and drug addiction and deficient diets.

   Substances that damage the brain, shrink it or restrict the flow of oxygen include: injuries to the
    brain, solvents, toxic fumes (paint thinners, gasoline, etc), smoking, caffeine, drugs (illicit and
    prescription), parasites, bacteria, viruses, anesthesia, alcohol, insufficient sleep, food additives
    and preservatives, processed foods and irradiated or microwaved foods.

   Things that improve and/or repair damaged neurotransmitter functions in the brain and
    increase serotonin or endorphin levels are: sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, EDTA
    suppositories, Ellagica (ellagic acid), bacopa, macuna, SAM-E (amino acids that increase
    serotonin levels and brain function), blueberries, avocadoes, omega 3 oils (fish oils, flax seed
    oils, borage oil), fresh spinach, fresh oranges, walnuts, sheliajit, inulin, colloidal silver, at least
    five hours of sleep a night, new learning, exercise, new dance choreography, classical music and
    love songs, communing with nature.

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                            PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                         15,

                                            CHAPTER 3

                              CONSCIOUSNESS AND
                           THE PARASITE CONNECTION
        Check this lying hospitality and lying affection. Live no longer to the expectation of these deceived and
        deceiving people with whom we converse. Say to them … I have lived with you after appearances.
        Henceforward I am the truth’s … I must be myself. I cannot break myself any longer for you, or you. If you
        can love me for what I am, we shall be the happier. If you cannot, I will still seek to deserve that you
        should. I will not hide my tastes or aversions … I cannot sell my liberty and my power, to save [your]
        sensibility. - Ralph Waldo Emerson “Self Reliance”


Osho says that “the ego is not a very intelligent thing; all egos are idiotic.” In that four out of five people
feed their Ego’s foolhardy demands before feeding their souls, a large segment of the population fall
into the category of unintelligent idiots who often find themselves stuck in the pain or glory of the past;
holding on to outdated ideologies; entertaining insane ideas; and, believing in unexamined assumptions.
The old Aramaic, in which some of the Bible was written, translates the original meaning of the word
“Satan” as “crazy thoughts.” Indeed, the Ego is insane; it vibrates at a low level of consciousness, thrives
off of low vibrational foods and beverages, addictive, self defeating behaviors like wreckless,
irresponsible or casual sex; dead, processed, junk food; drugs; jarring, inharmonious music that is out of
sync with the human heartbeat, (like heavy metal music or some types of rock music) and alcohol (aka
“spirits” because alcohol opens up a dimension for entities to attach themselves to the aura).
Unsuspecting hosts end up unwittingly treading hamster wheels of self defeating behaviors they may
truly desire to break free of but cannot because they are being driven by the incessant, insatiable and
insane demands of their egos.

The kingdom of heaven can only be revealed to individuals at their own levels of awareness or
consciousness. Moreover, an over growth of millions of parasites, such as fungi, can cause cellular DNA
to mutate into enemies of mental illness, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Naturally, an overgrowth
of this magnitude can also interfere with an individual’s access to higher frequencies along with their
ability to maintain higher states of consciousness. Moreover, operating from a limited paradigm of
disbelief, poverty, or victimhood unwittingly cuts one off from the very frequencies vibrating at a higher
level that can liberate them from self imposed prisons.

An analogy of the old telegraph machine best illustrates the problem. Without a telegraph operator on
the other end to receive the message and transcribe it, the message is lost, not because it was not
transmitted, but because there is no one in the telegraph office to receive the message, transcribe it and
deliver it. The Ego removes the operator from the telegraph office by keeping him/her caught up in

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                         PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

busy making. It is only when one is quiet that one is able to plug into the quiet, gentle commands of the
higher self. Today’s fast paced lifestyle leaves little space for the necessary quiet time to access direct
broadcasts from Source energy.

Blessed are the few who set aside regular quiet time each day to tap into the unending stream of well
being that is constantly flowing from Source Energy. It is easy to overlook the importance of creating a
quiet space to empty the mind of negative thoughts or energy, letting them pass through the mind’s eye
without judgment, reaction or rejection; simply observing them and knowing that they belong to the
Collective Unconscious (as Carl Jung so aptly named it) of humanity. It is important to choose, instead,
to focus on everyday blessings like loving family and friends; a job or hobby that one loves; the beauty of
rhythmic sunrises and sunsets; the crashing of waves on the ocean; a gentle breeze on the face, or a big
breeze that blows away smog and clears the skies; a luxurious bubble bath or refreshing shower;
relaxing, uplifting music; the burst of flavor in the bite of a ripe mango, peach, plum or fig; the majestic
splendor and diversity in nature walks; the list is endless.

The point is, focusing on love and gratitude opens the soul to attunement and connection with “The
Presence.” Some call “The Presence” God, The Divine, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, The Universe or Source
Energy. It matters not what name one chooses to give this energy that opens up and expands the heart,
connecting it to all there is which is all there ever was. This transcendent rain bath of pure peace, love
and light washes the spirit clean of mundane cares, concerns, and worries, filling the soul with a feeling
that everything is right as rain. The illusions of The Matrix and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave serve to
separate humanity from this place of stillness and peace that lies present in the hearts of humanity,
waiting to be tapped into.


According to Dr. Daniel Amin, the frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for higher functions such as
spirituality, love, compassion, critical thinking, etc. Thus, poor or impaired frontal lobe activity is
associated with weakened ability to reason, poor socialization skills, difficulty communicating and
getting along with others, erratic behavior, violence, chaos, moodiness, depression, and a host of
undesirable traits that render the world an unsafe and stressful place to inhabit (Amin). Impaired frontal
lobe function is also directly associated with alcohol and drug addiction, cigarette smoking, brain
injuries, poor or deficient diets, fluoride and chlorine toxicity, all of which create perfect breeding
grounds for parasites, bacteria and fungi who use heavy metals from these toxic substances to build
biofilms around themselves to avoid detection by the immune system and to evade antibiotics.

The unknown truth is that 80% of mental illnesses are caused by parasites in the brain. Nexus Magazine
ran an article titled MICRO-ORGANISMS AND MENTAL ILLNESS by Frank Strick in its June-July 2004
issue, Volume 11, Number 4 revealing that “many mental illnesses seem to involve an associated
infection by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, but can be relieved when these invaders are properly
identified and eliminated.” That information is probably the best case I can offer for doing regular
colon, parasite and Candida cleanses. Herbs such as black walnut, pau d’ arco, and cloves are natural,
safe herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years. Traditional medical doctors in South
America use pau d’ arc to successfully treat cancer patients. (See Alphabetical Index to Health).

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                         PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                       15,

Dr. Hawkins’ work reveals that the brains of those vibrating below 200 operate in a linear fashion that
inhibits them from grasping non-linear concepts like quantum physics or some metaphysical concepts.
Thus, the foregoing, life sustaining information tends to get dismissed, ridiculed, or invalidated by those
with diminished frontal lobe activity. It also explains why quantum physics, the non-linear realm of
infinite possibilities, is difficult for those in the 78 percentile (who are below the level of courage and
integrity) to grasp.

Dan Brown in his book The Symbol, points out that while in meditative states, the “brain scans of yogis”
reveal that they “physically create a wax like substance from the pineal gland. This brain secretion is
unlike anything else in the body. It has an incredible healing effect, can literally regenerate cells, and
may be one of the reasons yogis live so long.” He adds that this “substance has inconceivable properties
and can be created only by a mind that is highly tuned to a deeply focused state.” Naturally, Dan
Brown’s The Symbol, deals heavily with symbology, thus, Brown explains that “temple is code for body.
Heaven is code for mind. Jacob’s ladder is your spine. And manna is this rare brain secretion.” According
to Brown, manna could “heal the body, create no waste, heal the sick, provide everlasting life, and cause
no waste in those who consumed it.” In that the bible says that manna “fell from heaven” while also
telling us that “the kingdom of heaven is within,” Brown’s conclusion is plausible upon considering that
the pineal gland is also the spiritual center of the brain. Moreover, altered states of consciousness that
tap into the pineal gland produce what many label miracles.

This biblical metaphor or code word for manna as the life sustaining substance produced by the pineal
gland, indicates that “the ancients already knew many of the scientific truths we’re now rediscovering.
Within a matter of years, modern man will be forced to accept what is now unthinkable: our minds can
generate energy capable of transforming physical matter. Particles react to our thoughts, which means
our thoughts have the power to change the world,” according to Brown. This revelation provides
essential inspiration for those who are still wandering in the wilderness looking for enlightenment, not
only to turn inward, but to set a resolve to do the practical work of purifying their body temples,
physically and mentally in order to raise their levels of consciousness beyond the control of the Ego. The
Ego cannot exist in a mind that is quiet, at peace and fully attuned to the present moment, which is the
only time that exists.


Even though there are those who incarnated in integrity (i.e. the level of courage), they, too, benefit
from cleansing their body temples of heavy metals, toxins, yeast, mold, fungus and parasites. The
expression “cleanliness is next to godliness” includes cleansing and detoxifying the inner temple as well
as bathing the outer body. Modifying the body’s inner terrain so that it is no longer hospitable to hosts
that feed off of fear, doubt, uncertainty and crazy making is a win-win for the physical vehicle and the
higher self, who will no longer continue to be pimped by parasites and forced to serve as unwitting hosts
to uninvited guests that turn the inner terrain of the body into a virtual wasteland. Detoxification and a
diet that takes one back to nature, are just plain old common sense. Yeah, I know: common sense is not
so very common in much the same manner that those already at or above the level of integrity are
uncommon in a world caught in the clutches of the ego. The direct path to integrity is simple, yet
difficult for those who lack discipline because it requires daily discipline and sacrifice (in the sense that
those who are in integrity will walk away from people and situations that would compromise their self

                PIMPED BY PARASITES                          PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                        15,

respect or dignity; integrity involves being true to one’s self. This is difficult for Egoists who are being led
in 10 different directions at the same time by the insane demands of their egos.


There is an often over looked connection, not only between food and mood, but between a parasitic,
heavy metal laden, vitamin and mineral deficient body temple and the ability to move into the pivotal
level of integrity, not to mention higher realms of consciousness, along with problems implementing
and/or following through with plans, goals and ideas that one clearly “knows” is in the best interest of
the higher self. That is why those who are quick to say “I know” don’t know that they don’t really know
because if they really KNEW what they THOUGHT THEY KNEW, they would be able to implement it in a
meaningful way that adds value, purpose and positive change to their lives.

I made the connection years ahead of the crowd, when writing my dissertation, between personality
disordered behavior and vitamin or mineral deficient diets and high levels of toxicity in the body and
brain. Later, I discovered that my findings coincided with the low levels of consciousness described in Dr.
David Hawkins’ books Power vs. Force and Transcending The Levels of Consciousness as well as Dr. Daniel
Amin’s book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Based on Dr. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness below,
everything below Courage (200) serves the ego and is destructive to the individual, others and society
and resides in the “Heart of Darkness,” that is hidden from the sunshine of higher vibrations.
Detoxification and rejuvenation of the body temple is a necessary part of the curriculum on the path to
enlightenment. In fact, getting rid of the brain fog, confusion, and depression caused by Candida
parasite infections also goes a long way in enabling individuals to focus on attaining higher ground
physically, mentally and spiritually and the clarity to maintain it.

                           MAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM POWER VS. FORCE
                                       By Dr. David Hawkins

GOD VIEW         LIFE VIEW        LEVEL            LOG      EMOTION                   PROCESS
Self             Is               Enlightenment    700+     Indescribable             Pure Consciousness
All Being        Perfect          Peace            600      Bliss                     Illumination
One              Complete         Joy              540      Serenity                  Transfiguration
Loving           Benevolent       Love             500      Reverence                 Revelation
Wise             Meaningful       Reason           400      Understanding             Abstraction
Merciful         Harmonious       Acceptance       350      Forgiveness               Transcendence
Inspiring        Hopeful          Willingness      310      Optimism                  Intention
Enabling         Satisfactory     Neutrality       250      Trust                     Release
Permitting       Feasible         Courage          200      Affirmation               Empowerment
Indifferent      Demanding        Pride            175      Scorn                     Inflation
Vengeful         Antagonistic     Anger            150      Hate                      Aggression
Denying          Disappointing    Desire           125      Craving                   Enslavement
Punitive         Frightening      Fear             100      Anxiety                   Withdrawal
Disdainful       Tragic           Grief            75       Regret                    Despondency
Condemning       Hopeless         Apathy           50       Despair                   Abdication
Vindictive       Evil             Guilt            30       Blame                     Destruction
Despising        Miserable        Shame            20       Humiliation               Elimination

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                         PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

According to Dr. Hawkins, 78% of the world is vibrating below the pivotal level of courage (200) where
truth, honesty and integrity reside. Those struggling with getting into integrity find themselves caught in
a Catch 22 because the mental clarity necessary to maintain and hold higher levels of vibration
consistently is a challenge at best in an acidic body laden with heavy metals, Candida, parasites and toxic
blockages in the colon which generate brain fog, aches and pain, irritability and moodiness. Although
common sense is the single best reason to detoxify the body and re-embrace natural, live foods, Matt
Amsden, founder of the raw food restaurant in Santa Monica, CA Euphoria Loves Rawvolution and
author of the cookbook Rawvolution elegantly outlines even more important yet intangible benefits of
detoxifying the body temple:

        When your body and mind are free of pollutants, you become a clear channel for receiving
        information from the universe … Your body is your temple. Once your temple is clean and pure,
        there is space for divinity, insight, and virtue to reside. A temple so full of waste is unreceptive
        to the subtleties of the body’s divine wisdom, and is therefore unreceptive to the subtleties of
        existence itself. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and the control of one’s appetite is a true
        hallmark of enlightenment and immortality (Amsden).

Due to the addictive nature of dead food and drugs (prescription and illicit) a change of diet is a definite
challenge for the 78% of the population vibrating below 200, where shame, apathy, fear, desire, anger
and pride reside (Hawkins). Without a doubt, reaching the point where one finds the courage to be true
to oneself and break free of cultural and social conditioning and expectation, is crucial for bringing joy
and peace into one’s life. Thus, Light Wokers, therapists and teachers might want to keep in mind the
importance of focusing their energy on helping those who are already awake, conscious of the need to
get into integrity, and are actively seeking assistance in getting there. Such individuals require little
more than guidance, information and encouragement; they are much lower maintenance than those
who are still caught up in the drama of addiction and are not ready to commit to the work of breaking
free. Moreover, focusing on putting as much energy as possible into helping those who are close to
getting into integrity will serve to increase the Tipping Point that will generate a quicker jump into the
100th Monkey Principle. Moreover, we need more people vibrating at 200 and above because it is
critical for those vibrating below 200 to be around those who are in integrity to model what it looks like.

Emerson’s essay on “Self Reliance” beautifully emphasizes the absolute necessity of getting into
integrity (which is the level of Courage on Hawkins’s chart) by directly and cogently pointing out that
“God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.“ Neither should we be “cowards fleeing before
a revolution, but guides, redeemers, and benefactors … advancing on Chaos and Dark *in that+ nothing is
at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the
suffrage of the world” (Emerson). Albert Einstein states that “great minds encounter violent opposition
from mediocre minds.” Both Emerson and Einstein model the necessity of individuation (becoming one’s
own unique, individual self, free from “group think” and cultural demands and conditioning) and
freedom from societal mass hypnosis. Emerson says that:

        Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. Society
        is a joint-stock company, in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to
        each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. The virtue in most request is
        conformity. Self reliance is its aversion … Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                         PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

Interestingly enough, an individual below the level of courage, honesty, integrity, and truth will not, as
Emerson says, “absolve you to yourself.” In fact, they will flee from the pain, the unknown and the
uncertainty of the “Dark Night of the Soul” unaware that claiming the God given gift of freedom is worth
walking courageously through pain and darkness to claim the privilege of living in love, peace, and joy.
Emerson says that “The secret of fortune is joy in our hands” and that “as soon as the man is at one with
God, he will not beg. He will then see prayer in all action.” It is only after reaching the pivotal level of
courage, however, that one is able to boldly explore uncharted frontiers that the fear based Ego cannot
traverse like being holographic images of the divine and actually doing some of the things Christ did that
he said mankind would also be able to do.

Am I saying that one will automatically become enlightened upon detoxing and eating foods that are
alive with amino acids and vitamins and minerals? No. People are born at different levels of
consciousness in the same way that they are born with different set points for happiness. That does not
mean, however, that the set point for happiness cannot be raised (i.e. see Marci Schimoff’s book Happy
for No Reason) any more than it means that one cannot raise one’s level of consciousness (see Dr. David
Hawkins’ book Transcending the Levels of Consciousness to discover how). What I am saying is that we
are at a most auspicious point in human evolution in that we work and play in a quantum field of infinite
possibilities where many of the things humanity believed were impossible 100 years ago are nothing
short of miraculous today (i.e. cell phones, computers, artificial intelligence, etc.). Moreover, because of
the internet, anything we want to know is available at our fingertips. Thus, the last frontier for the
masses to master is the dark dismal, deceitful and illusory realm of the ego.

Ultimately, we are all in this together; there is much work to be done; and there are not yet enough
volunteers. Thus, those of like mind must join together to serve the world in the areas where they are
most gifted or talented. It is life affirming to connect with those contributing their unique abilities to
serve what Dr. Carl Calleman, in his book The Mayan Calendar, calls “the evolution of human
consciousness.” Unfortunately, for many individuals, things have to get bad enough or hurt bad enough
for them to summon the motivation to do something about the pain or discomfort. Anthony Robbins
was right when he said that, “Devastation will either destroy you or give you the drive to pull yourself
out of it.” Moreover, one of our great American philosophers reminds us that “life breaks everybody,”
but what matters is “how you heal in the broken places.”

Experience has cautioned me not to take away the self imposed suffering of adults (although I will guide
those who ask for help) because the sooner people realize that they are both the cause and the cure of
what ails them, the sooner an end to their suffering can come. I realized that when I ceased preventing
people from “crashing and burning,” the sooner they learned their lessons and the quicker healing
began to take place in the broken places. The alternative was unwittingly contributing to those around
me taking out permanent membership in the land of the “walking wounded,” not to mention parading
battle scars in exchange for pity, victimhood, or the company of fools.

Quantum physics teaches that everything is connected and affected by everything else; that we are in a
field of unlimited potential; and that simply observing the field changes it. Moreover, Dr. Hawkins
explains that certain spiritual truths are transformational within themselves. Thus, while individuals
must be committed to truth at all costs, they must also remain aware that their level of truth and ability
to absorb higher truths will expand according to their level of awareness and consciousness. Therein is

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                        PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

the meaning of not casting pearls to swine, which is why it is important not to share sacred information
unless it is requested. It prevents those who are still plugged into “The Matrix” from attacking ideas
that threaten their ego or their limited, linear belief systems.

Nevertheless, it is imperative for those who want to raise their levels of consciousness to gravitate
toward the 22% vibrating above 200 because, according to Hawkins, “one individual at level 700
counter-balances 70 million individuals below level 200.” On the lower end of the scale, one individual
who reaches a level of 300 “counterbalances 90,000 individuals who are below the level of 200.”
Overall, even though “only *22%+ percent of the world’s population is above the critical consciousness
level of 200, the collective power of that [22%] percent has the weight to counterbalance the negativity
of the remaining 78% of the world’s people” (Hawkins). Note that the numbers in brackets changed
from 15% to 22% in Hawkins’ new book; that is because consciousness is continuing to evolve. Hawkins
reminds us that “were it not for these counterbalances, mankind would self-destruct out of the sheer
mass of its unopposed negativity.” Thus, “even a few loving thoughts during the course of the day more
than counterbalance all of our negative thoughts” (Hawkins 283). Hawkins clarifies that it is “important
to remember that the calibration figures do not represent an arithmetic, but a logarithmic progression.
Thus, level 300 is not twice the amplitude of 150; it is 10 to the 300 th power. An increase of even a few
points represents a major advance in power; thus, the increase in power as we move up the scale is

Detoxing one’s body inside and out can further lay the foundation for freedom from destructive
relationships and enslavement to addictions, which contribute to various forms of depression, anxiety,
physical and mental illness, addictive/compulsive behavior, self-destructiveness, as well as taking two
steps forward and one step backwards. The foregoing serve egotistical drives that rip through the social
fabric of society, leaving the world battle worn and fatigued from fighting inter-personal conflicts and
social clashes. Those reading this book have answered the call of self mastery and are choosing NOT to
continue being pimped by parasites, yeast, mold and fungi that secrete substances that compel the
individual to go against the dictates of common sense and good health.


In that the brain is the operating system that jump-starts and manages the functioning of the entire
body, those in control of their right minds would not consciously persist in sabotaging or overriding their
internal programming. Yet that is exactly what billions of people around the planet are doing
unconsciously everyday as they puff on cigarettes, take drugs (prescription and illicit) or overdose on
coffee and dead food. This dilemma is a clear indicator that parasitic, prehistoric creatures are holding
the masses hostage to addictions of one form or another. In that addictions are unconscious, addicts
cannot help themselves (the definition of an addiction is something you cannot help doing or cannot
control). On the other hand, those who are consciously trying to kick their addictions often find that
they lack adequate, practical or accurate information in order to successfully do so.

Education is essential to a successful lifestyle change as are support systems of conscious individuals
modeling a new lifestyle. Moreover, it is also necessary to make living foods as ubiquitous and as
convenient as junk food in that knowing better and not being able to do better because living foods are
so inaccessible is a problem that requires strategic planning and preparation to be able to commit to it.

                PIMPED BY PARASITES                          PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                        15,

The foregoing are all critical elements in alleviating the unmitigated and unnecessary suffering of the
masses who do not know that they do not know.

The good news is that once awareness is created through wide dissemination of information, the
consciousness will automatically rise to the place where a tipping point is created. I am pleased to see
that we are definitely moving in that direction. This book is a part of creating that awareness.


The good news is that the brain has the ability to create new neuropath ways once an individual stops
damaging it with drugs, alcohol and dead food. What are the foods and habits that promote proper
brain function and the rewiring of new neuro-networks in damaged brains? Answer: fresh blueberries,
walnuts, avocadoes, spinach, oranges, omega 3 oils, SAM-E, (a natural amino acid compound that
enhances neurotransmitter levels and increases serotonin input to the brain); at least 5 hours of rest a
night; engaging in simple exercise like walking and taking the stairs and new learning that challenges the
brain (Amin). I would add to Dr. Daniel Amin’s suggestions in his book Change Your Brain, Change Your
Life, the importance of ayurvedic or holistic herbs for brain function and detoxification such as sheliajit,
bacopa, macuna, holy basis (i.e. tulsi); prebiotics such as inulin; natural antibiotics like grapefruit extract,
oregano oil, or colloidal silver; detoxification suppositories such as EDTA magnesium, which is a form of
chelation therapy; Endosterol and Glytamin suppositories for Candida yeast, parasites, detoxification of
the liver, kidneys and the colon (See Chapter 4) all of which lead to higher cognitive brain functioning by
clearing out the debris that cause brain fog and slow cognitive processing.


As quiet as it is kept, all one has to do is observe what a person eats or drinks and the activities that
person engages in regularly to get an idea of how functional that individual’s brain is or the range of that
person’s emotional, spiritual or Intellectual IQ. It would be inane to expect someone whose idea of a
great evening is watching mindless, superficial television programs while gorging on sugary and/or
processed junk food, meat and carbs, or drugs to offer much in the way of meaningful intellectual,
spiritual, or emotional stimulation. Even those born at a high level of consciousness, who are damaging
their brains and bodies with dead or toxic substances, will not be able to apply in their own lives the
higher level of insights they may offer others. Any insights they are able to offer will be sporadic,
incomplete, fractured from the whole, inconsistent or questionable at best. Moreover, do not expect
those with pineal glands shrunken from the size of a walnut to a pea (that would be most of the masses)
from fluoride and chlorine, to be consistently tapped in and tuned into their higher selves. Sure,
anything is possible and can happen, but toxic individuals are not clear channels for the Divine to follow
through at consistently high levels of frequency. The worst part is that relationships with them tend to
be disastrous in that they tend to swim in an “ocean of knowledge without an ounce of wisdom,” as
Benjamin Steward reminds viewers in his film Kymatica.


Indeed, doing my part to assist in the awakening of diverse groups of college students, who hail from
around the globe, is a joy and an amazing journey even among resistance from the old guard whose
egos cannot embrace the wisdom of Emerson’s admonition that: “Envy is ignorance; that imitation is

               PIMPED BY PARASITES                        PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

suicide; that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion; that though the wide universe is
full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of
ground which is given to him to till.” Unfortunately, instead of Ego driven individuals focusing on
becoming better at what they do, they seek to harm the object of their envy through maliciousness, lies
or deceit, unable to see that, in the quantum field, anything that harms another, eventually boomerangs
back to harm the self because we are all aspects of the Divine and each other.


Like Emerson, “I am ashamed to think how easily *others+ capitulate to badges … and dead institutions.”
In spite of envy driven character assignations by Egoists, not only on the campus where I teach, but on
campuses throughout the U.S., I have never been able to capitulate to “badges or dead institutions.” I
understand that “freedom ain’t free.” And I have never had a problem paying the price for freedom of
thought and expression: being ostracized, ridiculed or rejected. I quit being an “approval junkie” in
elementary school after it dawned on me that the snooty, mean spirited new girl on campus that
everyone wanted to be friends with (myself included) had nothing of worth to bring into my life. Most
people want to be a part of the “in crowd” (I learned to create my own crowd), crave acceptance and
more often than not choose to go along to get along, forgetting the ancient wisdom of Hermes
Trismegistus: “Poor wretch, know ye not that ye are gods?” They are poor wretches, indeed, due to
ignorance and being misled by their Egos into believing that they are not divine. Sai Baba clearly points
out the problem: “Man - Ego = God. The fact that humans are the image of God is a sacred truth
masters have taught for thousands of years.


Dr. David Hawkins predicts that all institutions that are out of integrity will fail. Integrity entails the
courage to be trustworthy by keeping one’s word as well as being honest, dependable and truthful. Dan
Brown states in his book The Symbol that “truth has power. And if we all gravitate toward similar ideas,
maybe we do so because those ideas are true … written deep within us. And when we hear the truth,
even if we don’t understand it, we feel that truth resonate within us … vibrating with our unconscious
wisdom. Perhaps the truth is not learned by us, but rather the truth is re-called … re-remembered …re-
cognized … as that which is already inside us.”

Gandhi brought down the British Empire because he stood on the principle of truth that all people have
the right to govern themselves; he represented real power. The British Empire represented force,
domination and hegemony. Dr. Hawkins points out that when real power comes up against force,
eventually force is defeated. This was clearly evidenced by Gandhi abolishing colonialism. Of course,
Colonialism got replaced by Imperialism and Imperialism by Globalism. History proves that all forms of
government that fail to serve the greater good of humanity eventually fall. Even though it takes time,
when things get bad enough, the masses do revolt. The revolution this time, however, will be a
revolution of consciousness. Once enough people reach a critical level of awareness, a tipping point
naturally ensues, bringing about widespread change; it happens automatically and unconsciously,
spreading like an airborne virus. Indeed, the egoic rule of oppression and coercion through “might
makes right” will ultimately make room for a new egalitarian rule of Love and The Law of One.

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Yes, to be sure, we are headed toward a New World Order, but not the one at President Bush and the
Illuminati envision. This one will be a world without control, free of Ego driven inequities, prisons for
the mind, and manmade boundaries. Sam Cooke in “A Change Gonna Come” and John Lennon in
“Imagine” saw this transformation on the distant horizon. Both were way ahead of their times and both
were gunned down. When Lennon wrote the lyrics to “Imagine,” he was well aware that most would
view him as “just a dreamer,” but he also knew that he wasn’t “the only one.” His wish was that
“someday” we would join him “and the world *would+ live as one.” Each semester, I continue to take
the pulse of college students in my critical thinking classes. What I see is more and more of them taking
on Lennon’s challenge. They are beginning to dream a different dream for the planet. I think Lennon
and Cooke would be pleased that their idea of a New Earth operating on the principles of love, equity,
and brotherhood are being tapped into generations later and that their dreams did not die with their
untimely deaths.

When one takes into consideration that so called “progress” has not increased humanity’s lifespan nor
improved its health, even with all of the amazing inventions of the industrial revolution and the age of
technology, change is long overdue and greatly needed. Granted, better sanitation and the use of
antibiotics are responsible for the rise in mortality rates from contagious diseases that used to wipe out
millions. On the other hand, use of manmade antibiotics kill only 85% of their intended target, the other
15% end up mutating into antibiotic resistant strands, while the antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria in
the gut (which is the secondary immune system), setting the foundation for fungal based diseases (see
the following chapter) to destroy vital organs like the heart, kidney and pancreas resulting in deadly
diseases like heart disease, lupus, and diabetes. So much for the technological revolution which can also
be credited with creating every kind of physical, material, mental and emotional addiction imaginable.


It is pointless, however, to attempt to disseminate the basic, common sense information put forth in this
book to those who are asleep. It is best to honor the wisdom in the old adage “let sleeping dogs lie,”
which is why Morpheus, in The Matrix movie, warns Neo that the people still plugged into the Matrix
are dangerous; they will fight to the death to defend the very system that is exploiting and using them
for energy. It serves the self and others to focus on self mastery and understanding versus trying to
wake people up who would rather be asleep; everyone wakes up on their own. When they do wake up
and see the new found light shining through, they cannot help but ask “how did you do it?” That is the
appropriate time to offer advice, information or assistance. When people ask for help, they are open to
receiving and accepting it. Moreover, those who think they already know everything or who believe
that superficial knowledge alone is sufficient, tend to be quick to blurt out: “I know that” when offered
simple, pragmatic or practical information that could easily relieve their pain and suffering. I just love
Anthony Robbins’ response: He says that they don’t know anything until they have taken what they
“think” they know and applied it in a meaningful way to improve their lives. Wisdom is the application
of knowledge. An obvious example of this delusional mentality would be the millions of people wanting
to lose weight who already know that all it takes is reducing their intake of empty calories. Still, they
continue over eating and under exerting themselves unaware that they are being pimped by parasites.

Honoring the body temple is a singular path. The decision to embark on this “magnificent journey” to
physical, emotional and spiritual freedom requires focusing on that within the self which is most
detrimental to one’s personal growth and mastery, then moving on to the next impediment. The

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freedom of one individual from attachments and addictions positively impacts everyone in the quantum
field of that individual through precept and example. Gandhi said that the way to save the world is to
begin by saving yourself. The wisdom of this adage is the fact that Dr. David Hawkins’ work, along with
examples of individuals like Gandhi and Dr. King, whose high levels of consciousness inspired and
automatically raised the level of consciousness of the whole world, attests to the fact that the work one
person does to raise his/her level of consciousness can and does make a difference in the quantum field.
People in the East have always understood this fact as attested to by them taking care of those who
dedicate their lives to meditation with the intention of reaching enlightenment. The East has always
been aware that one person who reaches enlightenment benefits everyone as attested by Dr. David
Hawkins’ work in his book Power vs. Force.

           PIMPED BY PARASITES                         PARTHENIA ONASSIS GRANT                      15,

                                        POINTS TO PONDER

   It is difficult to rise above the level of addiction to bad food, drugs, alcohol, drama, etc. while
    depriving the body of essential amino acids or vitamins and minerals that aid in brain function
    (found in fresh fruits, raw nuts, whole grains, and vegetables) while eating processed food with
    chemicals and additives or dead foods that have no live nutritional content from being cooked,
    baked or fried at temperatures above 118ºF.

   It is also difficult to move to higher levels of consciousness in a polluted body full of Candida
    yeast fungus, parasites, heavy metals, intestinal plaque, or intestinal blockages which points to
    the importance of internal cleansing with herbal detoxes and colonics.

   Damaged or impaired frontal lobe brain function is associated with weakened ability to reason,
    poor socialization skills, difficulty communicating and getting along with others, erratic behavior,
    violence, chaos, moodiness, and depression. Moreover, frontal lobe damage is linked to alcohol
    and drug addiction and deficient diets. SAM-e and liquid amino acids, along with a live food diet
    help boost serotonin levels and restore neurotransmitter function in the brain.

   Read Dr. David Hawkins’ books Transcending the Levels of Consciousness and Power vs. Force
    for detailed information on how to move beyond fear, addiction and reliance on force (all
    calibrated below 200 on Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness on a scale of 0-1000) into the realm
    of real power which resides at levels above 200 (the level of courage, honesty and integrity).

   Everything that vibrates below 200 on the Map of Consciousness is harmful to the individual,
    those around him/her and to the planet. Levels below 200 (shame, apathy, fear, desire, anger,
    pride) serve the ego. Levels above 200 serve society and lead to real power.

   There is much undoing that needs to be done in the mind and body that begins with
    simultaneous internal physical and mental cleansing of the “unbeliefs” or programs that have
    been wired into the collective consciousness of humanity by the Ego. The task of undoing the
    damage can be daunting unless it is viewed as a necessary act of love and liberation that will
    serve the dual duty of freeing the self as well as those we love.

   Rumi’s Four Essential Practices are: Eating Lightly and fasting; Breathing Deeply during
    meditation; Moving Freely (Ecstatic Dancing like the Twirling Dervishes); Gazing Raptly into the
    eyes of the Beloved.



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