Assembly Instructions for Segmented Thermal Wheels by wanghonghx


									Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

1 Intended use                                                    2 Safety

Hoval rotary heat exchangers are classified as regenerators       2.1 Explanation of symbols
with rotating heat carrier, used for the recovery of heat and
moisture in ventilation, air conditioning and process plants.            Caution
Correct usage also entails adherence to these assembly in-               This symbol applies to all safety notices that warn of
structions as well as consideration of possible malfunctions             hazard to life and limb. Observe these notices and be
and of hazards.                                                          on the alert! At the same time the relevant laws and
                                                                         regulations on safety and accident prevention must
1.1 Authorised operators                                                 be adhered to.
Hoval rotary heat exchangers may only be assembled by
specialists. A specialist for the purpose of these instructions          Attention
is one who, on the basis of his training, knowledge, experi-             This marks instructions, regulations and working
ence and awareness of relevant regulations and standards,                methods that are of particular importance to avoid
can carry out the work assigned to him and recognise                     damage to the unit.
possible hazards.
The assembly instructions are for English speaking                       Note
specialists.                                                             This identifies places where details of the economical
                                                                         use of the unit are given as well as special tips.
1.2 Hazards
Despite all precautionary measures taken, certain hazards         2.2 Safety instructions
still exist, some of which are not so obvious, e.g.:              Hoval rotary heat exchangers are built to the latest techno-
• Danger whilst working on the electrical system.                 logy and are safe to operate. Nevertheless, certain risks do
• During assembly parts (e.g. tools) could fall down.             exist if they are inappropriately installed or improperly used.
• During assembly the rotary heat exchanger could topple          Therefore:
    over.                                                         • Read through the assembly instructions before start of
• Turning the storage mass can cause bruises and                     work.
    contusions.                                                   • Assembly works are only to be carried out by specialists.
                                                                  • Observe and strictly adhere to the local safety and
                                                                     accident prevention regulations.
                                                                  • Strictly observe all instructions and warning labels.
                                                                  • Clearly define and observe personnel responsibilities for
                                                                     the assembly.
                                                                  • Unauthorised alterations or changes are not permitted.
                                                                     Particularly, do not disable any safety devices!
                                                                  • Use only appropriate, safe lifting gear.
                                                                  • When working on the electrical system observe all
                                                                     relevant regulations.

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

3 Preparatory works                                             3.3 Work overview
                                                                Carry out the assembly in the following steps:

3.1 Required tools                                                                             Casing preparation
• 1 ring spanner wrench size 10, 13, 17, 24                                                    (casing assembly,
• 1 simplex hammer                                                                             opening of the casing for
• 1 hardwood board, ca. 300 x 300 mm                                                           wheel assembly)
• 1 saw
• 1 file
• 1 crosstip screwdriver PH 1
• 1 socket wrench with sockets size 10, 13, 17 and 24
• 1 key for hexagon socket screws size 6                                                       Assembly of the wheel
• 3 locking bars (rotary protection)                                                           framework from radial walls
• 1 portable electric drill with hexagon socket size 5,                                        and rim sheets
   wrench inserts size 10 and 13, crosstip inserts,
   drills ∅ 3.3 mm, 4.2 mm and 5.0 mm
• For wheels ∅ 3000 mm and larger: 2 rope winches for
   securing against turning of the storage mass

3.2 Check delivery                                                                             Assembly of the storage
Casing             consisting of lower part and upper part,                                    mass, ring by ring from the
                   with drive unit (optional)                                                  periphery towards the centre
Hub with axis      normally fitted in the lower part of the
Radial walls       These are rectangular steel sheets
                   (8 mm thick) with drill holes for screwing
                   to the hub and for fastening the cover
                                                                                               Completion of the wheel
                   strips and rim sheets. Depending on
                                                                                               (clamping and screwing)
                   the segmentation, there are 4 or 8 radial
Rim sheets         These are rounded rectangular sheets
                   screwed onto the end faces of the radial
                   walls. They are connected to each other
                   with clamping blocks and bolts.
                   These together with the radial wall form
                                                                                               Remaining work (install
                   the framework in which the storage
                                                                                               V belt and inductive sensor,
                   mass is installed.
                                                                                               close casing, install and
                                                                                               adjust sealing, test run)
Cover strips       in the front and at the rear of the radial
                   walls fix the storage mass
Storage mass       consists of segments (pieces of cake),
                   which may in addition be partitioned in
                   the radial direction
Hub cover          The 2 half washers on each side prevent
                   air from passing through the hub and
                   thus dirt build up
Fixings            see table
Sealing            with spring clips and cover angle
V-belt             with belt fastener
Sensor             with bracket and screws for motion
                   detection (optional)

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

Pos. Use                                              Fixing type                                   Number           Number
                                                                                                   in 4-part        in 8-part
                                                                                                     design           design
   1 Fastening the radial walls to the hub            Fitting bolt ISO 7379                                 8               16
                                                      Shank diameter: 12 h8
                                                      Thread: M 10 x 16 mm
                                                      Hexagon nut                                           8               16
                                                      DIN 934 galvanised, M10
   2 Fastening the rim sheets to the radial walls     Hexagon bolt                                          8               16
                                                      DIN 933 8.8 galvanised, M6 x 40 mm
   3 Washer for rim sheets                            R 6,6, DIN 440                                        8               16
   4 Clamping bolt for connecting the rim sheets      Hexagon bolt                                          4                8
                                                      DIN 933 8.8 galvanised, M16 x 180 mm
   5 Nut for clamping bolts                           Hexagon nut                                           4                8
                                                      DIN 934 galvanised, M16
   6 Washer for clamping bolts                        D 17,5 galvanised, DIN 126                            8               16
   7 Fastening the cover strips to the radial walls   Cylinder head bolt                        depending        depending
                                                      DIN 6912 galvanised, M6 x 10 mm           on wheel         on wheel
   8 Fastening the hub cover                          Round headed bolt                                    12               12
                                                      4.8, M 5 x 10 mm
   9 Fastening the spring clips                       Self drilling screw                       depending        depending
                                                      DIN 7504 M, ST4.2 x 13 mm                 on wheel         on wheel
 10 Fastening the cover angle                         Self drilling screw                       depending        depending
                                                      DIN 7504 M, ST4.2 x 13 mm                 on wheel         on wheel
                                                      Press in threaded bolts FH M6 15 VZ       depending        depending
                                                                                                on wheel         on wheel
                                                      Starlock retainer ring D5/11.5 x 1.3 CR   depending        depending
                                                                                                on wheel         on wheel
 11 Fastening the bracket for the inductive sensor    Self drilling screw                                   2                2
                                                      DIN 7504 M, ST 4.2 x 13 mm
 12 Fixing the segments to the rim sheets             Hexagon drilling screw                                8               16
    and motion detection (optional)                   DIN 7504 K galvanised, ST6.3 x 19 mm
Table 1: List of fixings

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

4 Casing preparation

Assemble casing
• Place upper part on lower part (observe marking).
• Bolt the parts together with the 4 T pieces and 2 middle    Marking
  crosses (M 6 x 10).

      After assembly, carefully secure the casing against
      toppling over; this could cause severe injury.

                                                              T piece

Open casing for wheel assembly
• Remove one of the lower front cover sheets by loosening
  the bolts in the frame and in the spacer plate.

         For easy installation of the inductive sensor
         (option) it is recommended that the cover sheet on
         the drive side is removed.

• When assembling a 4 part wheel: Also remove the
  second cover sheet, the supporting strut in the middle
  and the purge sector (if fitted).

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

5 Assembly of the wheel framework

Install radial walls
                                                                            Radial walls
       When installing the radial walls an imbalance occurs
       at the hub. Therefore the radial walls may turn by
       themselves, causing injury. Prevent this with suitable
       barriers (e.g. lock bars or the like)!

• Fasten the radial walls one after another to the hub with                 Lock bars
  the fitting bolts M12 h8 and the corresponding hexagon
• Tighten the screws with a torque of 87 Nm.
• When all radial walls are installed, test for axial accuracy;
  if necessary, readjust individual radial walls.

                                                                            Fitting bolt
                                                                            M12 h8

                                                                            Radial wall

Install rim sheets
• On the end face of each radial wall fasten two rim sheets                 Rim sheet
   (on top of each other) with the hexagon bolts M 6 x 40
   and the washers through the slotted holes.
• Turn in the bolts only about 5 mm to allow for easy
   insertion of the storage mass.                                           Cylinder head bolt
• Connect the rim sheets to each other by inserting the                     M6 x 40 mm
   clamping bolts M 16.
• Tighten the clamping bolts only to an extent making
   maximum use of the slotted holes, i.e. the maximum                       Clamping bolt
   possible wheel diameter results.                                         M16 x 180 mm
• Test the assembled wheel framework for axial and radial
   accuracy; if necessary, readjust individual components.

                                                                  2 mm
Install rear cover strips
• Fasten cover strips at the rear of the radial walls with
   cylinder head bolts M 6 x 10.                                            Rear cover strip
• Properly installed the radial walls protrude about 2 mm at
   the outside.                                                             Radial wall

                                                                            Rim sheet

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

6 Assembly of the storage mass

       The storage mass consists of thin aluminium foil
       and therefore can easily be damaged. Avoid impact,
       pressure, shock and excessive force in general!

Storage mass order
The storage mass is composed of 4 or 8 segments which
in turn consist of one or several rings. The individual compo-
nents must be installed in the same position as they were            Number of the
manufactured. For this reason they are numbered.                     adjacent segment
• Segment numbers must be in the correct order circum-
    ferentially. The numbers at the side indicate the number         Segment number
    of the adjacent segment.
• If there are several rings: Equal segment numbers must
    be radially adjacent.                                            Number of the
                                                                     adjacent segment
       If the individual components of storage mass are
       installed in the wrong position, this can cause
       insufficient axial and radial accuracy. As a result, the
       wheel may be out of balance and the proper function
       of seals is no longer ensured.

We would recommend that the insides of the rim sheets and
radial walls are numbered with a pen; this makes it easy to          Segment number
correctly assign the individual segments.                            on the inside of the rim

                                                                     Holes for screws
                                                                     ST 6.3 x 19

Insert segments

       During insertion of the storage mass an imbalance
       of the wheel occurs. Therefore the radial walls may
       turn by themselves, causing injury. Prevent this with
       suitable barriers (e.g. lock bars or the like)!

• Push the outer ring of the first segment into the wheel
  framework until it contacts the rear cover strips. Provi-
  sionally fasten it with self drilling screws ST 6.3 x 19
  through the holes in the rim sheet provided for this
  purpose.                                                           Screws
  When inserting storage mass, always press the rim                  ST 6.3 x 19
  sheets or outer storage elements (outer rings) outwards
  as far as possible in order to create a maximum of
  clearance between the radial walls and the storage

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

• Afterwards insert the opposite segment.                                         Insertion
                                                                                  of opposite
       Before turning the wheel from one segment to the
       next secure it against turning backwards on its own
       (e.g. with 2 rope winches). Only afterwards remove
       the safety barriers. Any individuals not directly
       involved must leave the danger area.
       After turning the wheel, replace the safety barriers.

• Insert the remaining storage elements in the same way                           Filling
  until the outer ring is complete.                                               the outer ring
• Continue working in a similar manner until the wheel is

       Insert segments flush with the cover strips by
       carefully striking onto the hardwood board.

• When assembling a multi layer wheel:
  During the assembly, temporarily secure inner segments
  against falling out with screws M 6 x 10 and washers.

                                                                                  M 6 x 10
                                                                                  with washers

Install front cover strips
• Make sure that the entire storage mass is properly
   installed and aligned.
• Fasten the front cover strips to the radial walls with
   screws M 6 x 10, tightening the screws only slightly.                          Fasten front
                                                                                  cover strips with
                                                                                  screws M 6 x 10.

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

7 Completion of the wheel

                                                                   4   7
Clamp wheel
• Take the self drilling screws ST 6.3 x 19 out of the rim
  sheets.                                                      5           1
• One by one, evenly tighten the clamping bolts (M 16) in
  the order shown in the diagram.

          To achieve uniform clamping of the wheel, tighten
          the clamping bolts evenly in several cycles. Never
                                                               2           6
          fully tighten a clamping bolt in one attempt!

• After tightening all clamping bolts the slotted holes
  should be largely used.
                                                                   8   3
• Fully tighten the screws of the front cover strips.
• After clamping check the wheel for out of balance.
  (In a properly clamped wheel the weight is evenly                            Clamping bolt
  distributed; therefore the wheel stands still in any
  position of rotation.) If necessary, re clamp.                               Slotted hole

Fasten rim sheets
• After clamping the wheel, fully screw the hexagon bolts
  M6 x 40 into the radial walls, thus pre clamping the
  storage mass at the radial wall by ca. 5 mm.
• This way a durable connection between radial walls, rim                      Hexagon bolt
  sheets and storage mass is ensured.                                          M6 x 40

Install hub covers                                                             Outside:
• Fasten the half washers to the hub with round headed                         self drilling screws
   bolts M 5 x 10.                                                             ST 4.2 x 13
• For fastening the periphery of the half washers, drill
   holes ∅ 3.3 mm into the cover strips and fasten with
   self drilling screws ST 4.2 x 13.                                           Inside:
                                                                               round headed bolts
                                                                               M5 x 10

Check wheel assembly
• Check if all screws are tight.
• Check for axial and radial accuracy.
• Check for out of balance.

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

8 Remaining works

       If an inductive sensor (optional) is used, it is
       important to install and adjust it before fitting the
       V belt because afterwards the wheel cannot be
       turned manually.

Install inductive sensor (option)                                               Inductive sensor
• Find out on which side of the rim the V belt is to be                         Self drilling screw
   installed (see belt pulley of the motor). On the other side                  ST 4.2 x 13
   of the rim the inductive sensor scans the M6 x 40 bolts in
   the radial walls.

       All screws must be scanned.
                                                                                V belt
• Screw the inductive sensor into the bracket (centric).                        M6 x 40
• Align the bracket in a way to create an air gap of about
                                                                  5 – 8 mm
  5 – 8 mm between the sensor and the screws; if the
  wheel is slightly out of balance level out with washers.                      Motion detection
• Fasten the bracket close to the drive at the rear cover

Install V belt
• Fasten one end of the V belt to the wheel rim (e.g. with a
   piece of wire or a screw).
• Turn the wheel one cycle.
• Trim the V belt and close the circle with the belt fastener.
• File off the two screw ends at the belt fastener.
• Place the V belt into the pulley.
• Check if the belt tension is sufficient; if necessary shorten
   the V belt.
                                                                                V belt

                                                                                Belt fastener

Close casing
• When assembling a 4 part wheel: Replace the supporting
  strut in the middle.
• Replace cover sheet(s) and fasten to the frame and
  spacer plate.

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Assembly Instructions for
Segmented Thermal Wheels

Install peripheral seal
• Put on the peripheral seal and, maintaining some
   clearance, fasten it all round with the corresponding
   spring clips and tapping screws.
• Slightly chamfer the sealing ends on the inside
   (ca. 45°).
• Slide in the sealing ends up to the inner indentations
   and mark drill points at the outer indentations . Drill
   holes ∅ 5 mm and press in threaded bolts from below.
                                                                Inner indentation
          The indentations apply for installation under
                                                                Outer indentation
          normal conditions (20 °C).
                                                                                         Cover angle
• Secure and fasten cover angle with retainer rings.
                                                                                         Peripheral seal
               Wheel ∅       Sealing joints
        600 – 1300 mm        1x                                                          Spring clip
       1305 – 2700 mm        2 x (shifted by 180° each)
                                                                                         Self drilling screw
       2705 – 3800 mm        3 x (shifted by 120° each)                                  ST 4.2 x 13
       3805 – 5000 mm        4 x (shifted by 90° each)

Adjust transverse seal                                                                   Transverse seal
• Adjust the transverse seal between the two air streams in
  a way to create the smallest possible gap.
• Install purge sector (optional).
                                                                                         Purge sector (optional)

Electrical connection
• Connect control unit as described in the operating
• Check function of the inductive sensor; if necessary
   readjust. (On contact the sensor lamp lights up.)
• If a purge sector is installed (option) check the direction
   of rotation; if necessary change it.
• Perform test run, check seals, if necessary readjust.

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