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									                                                                                                  September 2009, no 7

  National Contacts
                                     1. From the chairman
                                     2. Event Meet powerful business women, Saturday 8th November 2008
                                        at Castle Ophemert in Ophemert
  National Chairman
  Joke van Vrouwerff
  T +31 (0)30 2854601
                                     3. New Year Meeting, Friday 30th January 2009 at the InterContinental
  M +31 (0)6 20548482                   Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam
  E j.van.vrouwerff@ballast-                           4. Workshop Hidden dimensions of languages by Albert Both, Tuesday 3rd
                                        March 2009 at the Parkhotel in Amsterdam
  Deputy National Chairman
  Yvonne de Wolff-den Burger         5. AGM and company visit by La Vie Catering, Sunday 14th June 2009 in
  T +31 (0)50 5297100                   Nijmegen
  M +31 (0)6 54271996                6. Sunday 23th August 2009 Summer Surprise in Valkenswaard
                                     7.   Saturday 31th October 2009 Meet Powerful business people in
  National Treasurer and                  Amsterdam
  Member Administration              8.   EUMA visibility
  Jet van ’t Woudt
  T +31 (0)70 3440717
  M +31 (0)6 22964886

  National PR Officer                                                      Introduction EUMA NL-Impetus by
  Alie Dekkers                                                             Joke van Vrouwerff, national
  M +31 (0)6 29 393 550                                                    chairman

The National Committee is preparing a new period of activities for EUMA NL and we already have a lot of
suggestions and offers from a various number of companies in the Netherlands.
Our New Years meeting will be held in the beautiful theme-park Aviodrome at Airport Lelystad and we have
invited as speaker Michael Gates of Richard Lewis Communication. Michael Gates lives in Helsinki and we focus
on the Spring Council Meeting in Finland Helsinki April next year.

But first of all we have another two meetings in 2009. Friday, 11th of December we will have our Christmas
Dinner party at Lattrop in the beautiful estate De Holtweijde. This location is not far from Germany and our
German collegues are herewith invited too for our Christmas dinner party.

Following the successful congress “Meet powerful business women” last year, we are proud to announce the
event “Meet powerful business people” of 31st of October 2009 at Amsterdam in the RAI Elicium. www.rai-
We have a lot of important speakers, such as: the networking Charles Ruffolo, mr. Hans Schütte, professor
scenario and strategy of Nyenrode, drs. Kuldip Singh, director strategy Sanoma Publishers, Cathy Spierenburg,
net-coördinator Z@pp/Z@ppelin, Iteke Weeda and others. Our day chairman is Tineke de Nooij,
famous from television in the Netherlands and the Rope-theatre will perform by improvisation the end of the

So the National team of the Netherlands have a lot of ideas and interesting meetings and events. I will invite you
all to join our national meetings!
See you soon!

Joke van Vrouwerff
National chairman EUMA NL
Events                                    Event Meet powerful business women, Saturday 8th November 2008
2009 Program                              at Castle Ophemert in Ophemert by Joke van Vrouwerff


Friday, 30th January
New Years meeting: “Networking:
Focus on Manchester” in
Intercontinental Amstel Hotel
Amsterdam with a show of Erny van

Tuesday, 3rd March
Workshop “Hidden dimensions in             Saturday, 8th of November 2008. We organized the event “Meet powerful
languages” by Albert Both                  business women” at the beautiful castle Ophemert in Ophemert. Eight
( in het Parkhotel te    women from known companies in the Netherlands told us about their
Amsterdam                                  positions at the top of their company. Violet Falkenburg, a TV-personality,
                                           was the moderator of this day and Marjolein Meijers and her band
Friday 27th till Sunday 29th of March      performed the musical closing of this day. The following women held their
Spring Council & Training Day,             presentation:
Manchester, Great Britain.                 Marijke van Haaren, deputy Province Gelderland
Topic: “Project Management”.               Baroness Nathalie van Verschuer-des Tombe, Estate Mariënwaerdt Beesd
Conference Venue: The Midland Hotel.       Wilna Wind, vice-president FNV
                                           Hanneke Groensmit, director district Centrum Gemeente Amsterdam
Sunday, 14th June
                                           Nelleke Penninx, former Olympic rower
Annual General Meeting (AGM) in
                                           Inge van Kemenade, director and founder Topshelf
Nijmegen at La Vie Catering and a
solex-tour and a company visit at La
Vie Catering and FiftyTwoDegrees/
Club 52. Dinner on the estate of “Baron    Chrismas dinner at Friday 12th December 2008 at NH Atlanta Hotel
van Verschuer”.                            in Rotterdam by Joke van Vrouwerff

Sunday, 23rd August
Summer Surprise event: tour with
old Dutch DAF-cars in Valkenswaard.

Thursday, 17th till Sunday, 20th
35th EUMA Annual Conference and
AGM, Ljubljana, Slovenia:
“Make it easy with original thinking”
Venue: Grant Hotel Union

Saturday, 31st of October
Members Meeting and National              Friday, 12th of December 2008 Christmas dinner and party at the NH Atlanta
Conference: Meet powerful business        Hotel in Rotterdam. We had a beautiful view over Rotterdam and a jazz-
people, RAI Congrescentrum Elicium te
                                          combo entertained us the whole evening.

Friday, 11th December
Christmas Dinner Party
Hotel de Holtweijde, Lattrop (O)

For more information:
Alie Dekkers, PRO EUMA NL
M +31 (0)6 29 393 550
 New Year meeting, Friday 30th January 2009 at the InterContinental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam by
 Joke van Vrouwerff

New Year meeting at the beautiful Amstel Intercontinental Hotel in Amsterdam. Anke van Luyt was invited as a
speaker. The theme was: Personal Branding and focus on Manchester/England.
The program included a visit to the famous shop of Oger at the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam as well.

   Workshop Hidden dimensions in language by Albert Both, Tuesday 3th March 2009 at the Parkhotel in
   Amsterdam by Joke van Vrouwerff

 Tuesday, 3rd of March 2009
 Workshop “Hidden dimensions in language” by Albert Both, the language coach. For more information:
 The workshop was held at the ParkHotel in Amsterdam.

   EUMA visibility

       •       Interview with the national chairman Joke van Vrouwerff in the magazine Management Support of
               January 2009
       •       The national chairman Joke van Vrouwerff was a member of the jury of the national election
               Secretary of the Year in April 2009
       •       The deputy chairman Yvonne de Wolff, had an interview with 10 other secretaries who work for a
               famous boss in the Netherlands, in the book named: “De baas de baas”.
       •       An interview of the national chairman Joke van Vrouwerff in ProActive no. 32, in the column I love
               my job.
       •       We are busy to update the country pages of the website of the Netherlands. We have made a
               PowerPoint presentation and hand-out to put on the website for new-members and introduction-
       •       We have contact with Hotel-Contact Worldmeetings in the Netherlands. They place our advertisement
               in their company-brochure end December of this year.
       •       We placed the EUMA advertisement for new members in our Impetus, special edition of the national
               EUMA Netherlands event: “Meet powerful business women 2008”.
Events                                       AGM and reception at La Vie Catering, Sunday 14 June
2010 Program                                 2009, in Nijmegen by Joke van Vrouwerff

                                            AGM meeting and company visit at
                                            La Vie Catering in Nijmegen. With
                                            old Dutch Solex mopeds we went
                                            to the center of Nijmegen. We visit
                                            the exhibition at the Valkhof
                                            museum of the world-famous shoe
Friday, 29th January 2010                   designer Jan Jansen
New Years meeting: “Networking              ( Later
and focus on Finland” at Aviodrome          on we went to the shop of Jan
in Lelystad.                                Jansen where the master himself
Speaker: Michael Gates of Richard           signed the boxes of the shoes,
Lewis Communications                        from the ladies who bought a pair
                                            of shoes. Afterwards we went to
Saturday, 27th March 2010                   the famous building
Day workshop                                FiftyTwoDegrees and her
                                            businessclub52 for a drink and a
Friday 16th till Sunday 18th April          presentation of the initiator of this
2010                                        building Ron Lubbers. At least we
Spring Council & Training Day,              had a wonderful dinner in the
Helsinki Finland                            gardens of Baron Otto van
                                            Verschuer. All this provided by La
Monday 17th May 2010                        Vie Catering (
evening workshop                            )
Sunday, 13th June 2010
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Social program

Sunday, 29nd August 2010
Summer Surprise event : Sailing with
Tjalk Christoffel II, Lemmer

Thursday, 21st till Sunday, 24th
October 2010
36th EUMA Annual Conference and
AGM, Belgium Brussels

Saturday, 30th October 2010
Members Meeting and National
Conference: Meet powerful business

Friday, 10th December 2010
Christmas Dinner Party at The Hague in
New Hilton Hotel

Springcouncil Meeting and Training

37th Conference and AGM, Zurich,

Sunday 23 August 2009 Summer Surprise

This time we were invited in Valkenswaard and we held a rally-tour with old Dutch Cars, named DAF. We had
several stops during this tour and we visit the castle in Heeze.

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