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									                     University College Cork
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Welcome to the Autumn Winter 2009 Newsletter!
                                                             capacity during 2008-2009. Unfortunately the situation is
We have successfully revised and have approval for
                                                             still not resolved and as I write we have NO Practice
our new MSc Evidence Based Therapy Practice
                                                             Tutors. We wish John Hastings well on his recent career
(EBTP). Fourteen therapists have successfully
                                                             break departure and we are hoping to welcome back
transferred onto this programme and we are now
                                                             Olivia Wall from her maternity leave at some point later
recruiting for the new programme and some new
                                                             this year. We continue to work with you all in resolving
modules. Please visit our website for more information:
                                                             these difficulties, Helen O‟Sullivan having done a sterling
                                                             job in keeping the practice education team together and
All 22 of our final year students successfully graduated     supporting students and educators during placements.
in June! Nine have secured employment in Ireland and
                                                             Thank you to you all for your continued support for our
the UK despite challenging employment times.
                                                             students and the department, working together can be a
Eithne Hunt gave birth to a healthy boy – Joseph, on         challenge, but certainly a very worthwhile one.
20 July 2009. Congratulations to all. Erin Riley will be
helping us out with some of Eithne‟s teaching this
                                                             Prof. Gill Chard, Head of Department
coming term. We look forward to Eithne‟s return to UCC       UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION
at some point in the new year.
                                                             Gill Chard and Linda Horgan
The second Assessment of Motor and Process Skills
(AMPS) course ran in Cork with 41 attendees from             We are beginning the 7th year of our undergraduate
across Ireland and the UK in July 2009.                      programme, and are delighted that the CAO points
                                                             remained high at 510 this year. The strong continuing
FROM THE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT                                  interest in our programme despite the challenging
Professor Gill Chard                                         national    situation regarding     employment      is
                                                             encouraging. We are about to welcome 32 new
Hello and welcome to the first Newsletter of the 2009-       graduates onto the programme and no doubt you will
2010 academic year. We have had an extremely busy            be meeting some of them soon.
and challenging year but have managed to achieved
many of our targets. I would like to share some of           Undergraduate research:
these with you.                                              Don‟t forget that we are always seeking research topics
In April department staff along with 10 students attended    or practice-based questions from therapists for our
the AOTI conference in Kilkenny. It was good to meet so      undergraduate research modules. If you would like our
many of you and to hear about so many good research          second year students to compile literature on the latest
and practice-based projects. We were delighted to have       evidence for some aspect of your practice or conduct a
some joint academic/practitioner paper presentations and     literature search just let us know, as these makes good
are keen to initiate other work-based research projects.     real-life scenarios for students‟ learning. Additionally,
Do get in touch with us if you have ideas that you would     third year students can work up your idea into a full
like to discuss or develop.                                  research proposal, addressing study design and ethical
                                                             issues. This may be a topic that one of our final year
Last year Erin Riley was successful in receiving the MMS     students could work on with you in depth including
Medical scholarship which will help fund her research        helping you analyse your own research data. If you are
into sleep habits and routines of children aged 6 – 10       interested in collaborating with us in these or indeed
years. We are very grateful to MMS for their generosity in   other research ways, please email Phil McGowan on
funding occupational therapy research in Cork.               p.mcgowan@ucc.ie or ring her on 021-4901543.
In March we were pleased to welcome the new Head of
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Professor
Fiona Gibbon. Fiona moved from Queen Margaret                PRACTICE EDUCATION
University, Edinburgh, where she had been Professor          Helen O’ Sullivan
and Head of Department of Speech and Language
Therapy. We are pleased to have her working with us in       Practice learning is at the heart of the UCC programme
the School.                                                  and is delivered through a partnership between the
                                                             University, the Health Service Executive and Voluntary
I want to particularly thank Ina McGrath, Nilmini
Fernando, Anrece O‟Connor, Banu Balaji and Erin Riley        and Private Sector Providers. Practice Education
who acted as Practice Tutors for UCC in a temporary          comprises one third of the marks of students‟ final

Autumn Winter 2009 Newsletter
                     University College Cork
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
degree. This contribution of marks for practice             a dissertation. You can study one 15 credit module
education to an undergraduate degree is a unique            and receive a UCC certificate for CPD work too.
feature of the UCC programme. There are three
                                                            For further information on any of our Postgraduate
practice modules in the UCC programme: one in
                                                            Programmes please visit www.ucc.ie/ot,
second year, one in third year and one in fourth year.
Each module comprises ten weeks of practice
                                                            www.ucc.ie/calendar/postgraduate and www.pac.ie.
experience; normally each would be supported by 5.0
whole time equivalent (wte) Practice Tutor posts.

You may recall that we had 5 temporary Practice             RESEARCH - Phil McGowan
Tutors (PT) in post last year amounting to 1.2 wte, plus    Staff and Postgraduate Research
John Hastings‟ post, which amounted to 2.0 wte (of our
5.0 wte allocation).. Practice Tutor support is primarily   This year the College of Medicine & Health has
the remit of the HSE, who work closely with the             established a Research Committee in order to
education provider in this case, UCC. The current issue     coordinate research strategy and research activities
is funding of posts by the HSE during the moratorium.       across the 5 Schools in Brookfield. The remit of this
The Practice Tutor line managers in the HSE Southern        committee is still developing but we welcome the new
Area have and are working hard to have supports in          committee and support in developing the research
                               th                           profile of the School. In February 2009 the School
place in readiness for the 4 year practice experience
                            th                              underwent a research review, along with all other
that commences on the 5 October 2009. As soon as
the managers have this Tutor support in place, the          Schools in the College of Medicine & Health. Although
Tutor will be in contact with any Practice Educator who     we are not high profile in research terms in Ireland, the
will be facilitating students between October and           developing profile of the Department was noted and
December to brief you on the fourth year module and         supported. The Department currently has 4 doctoral
assist you in preparing for your student. . In the          students registered and a fifth due to start in January
meantime, UCC has commissioned Anrece O‟Connor              2010. Below are some of the projects that we have
             nd                                             been engaged in over the past 12 months:
to support 2 year students and Practice Educators for
the Big Picture practice experience. We will keep you       Doctoral Students
appraised of any changes in the mean time.                  Infant spaces, places and objects within: exploring the
                                                            home as a learning environment             Helen Lynch
POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION                                      Bridging the research into practice gap: Supporting
Clare O’Sullivan & Helen Lynch                              therapists’ engagement in evidence based practice
                                                                                                    Janice Crausaz
We have a very active postgraduate programme with           Daily occupations, time use and subjective well-being
taught and research Masters (MSc), professional             of Irish adolescents                        Eithne Hunt
doctorate (DOccT) and PhD programmes. We are
delighted to report a new module on implementing            An Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) package for
evidence into therapy practice that begins on 2
                                                       nd   Persons with Quadriplegia             Michele Verdonck
October 2009 and is being run by Janice Crausaz. This       Living to tell the tale: Narratives of occupational
is now the core module for the MSc EBTP. This term          engagement, creativity and living with breast cancer
we will also be running Research methodologies;                                                       Tina McGrath
Advanced assessment of spinal dysfunction for               Masters students
Physiotherapists and there will be the opportunity to do
                                                            Factors that influence community alarm use by older
the independent module. Next term we hope to run 5
                                                            people who have experienced a fall            Liz Bogan
modules: Thinking, reasoning & reflecting on practice;
Educating for professional practice, Dysphagia, eating      Does      preoperative     exercise    capacity    affect
and swallowing; the Lexicon and Language Acquisition;       postoperative outcomes after cardiac surgery?
Instrumental Measures of Speech Production and                                                         Gay Castles
Language Processing. Again there will be the                Comparison of physical activity in adults with cystic
opportunity to do the independent module.                   fibrosis with age-matched healthy individuals
                                                                                                   Carmel O‟Farrell
Remember our Masters Programme is modular. You
receive a Postgraduate Certificate if you complete 2        The meaning of bathing to community dwelling older
modules, a Postgraduate Diploma if you complete 4           adults.                                Helen O‟Sullivan
modules & an MSc if you complete 6 modules including

Autumn Winter 2009 Newsletter
                     University College Cork
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
OT CLINIC UPDATE – Helen Lynch                               NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS AT UCC
                                                             STOP PRESS In order to continue to support and
Yvonne O‟Sullivan, the clinic administrator, has moved
                                                             develop research and evidence based practice, this year
and we welcomed Jean Tobin to her new post in
                                                             we are offering one-year, full time MSc (Evidence
Spring this year.
                                                             Based Therapy Practice) scholarships. We would like
The Occupational Therapy Clinic in Brookfield has            to offer opportunities for new graduates or early career
provided a paediatric clinic for the past year, which was    occupational therapists to develop their research and
run by Aislinn Pierce. Aislinn has been working in the       critical thinking skills and achieve a Masters degree. We
early intervention HSE services and uses the clinic          are particularly keen to support those wishing to engage
space for her therapy assessment and intervention            in further study during these challenging economic times.
clinics. During the year she provided learning
                                                             Our FREE Seminars are held once a term in Brookfield
opportunities for 27 first year and 20 fourth year
                                                             Health Sciences 6.00 – 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome:
students. We extend our thanks to Aislinn for her time
                                                             students, occupational therapists, other members of the
and energy in running these clinics throughout the
                                                             inter-disciplinary team in UCC, HSE, voluntary and
year. St. Killians School continue to provide sessions
                                                             private sectors.
on site for our students, and in return second year
students take part in Outreach Clinics in St. Killians       Wednesday 2 September 2009, Professor Auldeen
School – each student attends school sessions for six        Alsop presented a seminar on “Becoming an
weeks to learn introductory skills in observing and          Autonomous Practitioner”. This interactive session
dealing with children before going on practice               explored what we thought autonomous practitioner might
education. We were delighted with this scheme and            look like, and how we (university and practice educators)
students find it to be very beneficial. Thanks to            facilitate these skills in new graduates. Professor Alsop
Maureen Peters (School Principal), staff and children        reminded us that the autonomous practitioner is
for their support of this programme which we are keen        confident and competent, intrinsically motivated, in
to continue.                                                 control of decision-making, takes responsibility for the
                                                             outcomes of their actions, is self-aware, able to self-
In August, we had out first summer camp for children
                                                             regulate, enjoys learning and derives pleasure from the
who attend a local therapy clinic. This was a pilot
                                                             learning experience.
project to explore potential uses of the clinic during the
summer and is one we hope to build on. Please                Monday 28 Sept 2009 6.00 – 7.00pm Building
contact us if you have any innovative ideas for using        evidence to enhance rehabilitation and community
the clinic for the coming year.                              living for people with Multiple Sclerosis, with Dr Marcia
                                                             Finlayson. Dr Finlayson is Associate Professor in the
ENOTHE – Shelley Mack                                        Department of Occupational Therapy at the University
This year the 15 General Assembly of ENOTHE,                 of Illinois at Chicago and the Managing Editor of the
(European Network of Occupational Therapists in              Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. She has
Higher Education) will meet at University da Coruna in       researched and written on multiple sclerosis research
             th      th
Spain on 15 – 17 October 2009. In line with the              and practice over many years. She has been
ENOTHE theme this year of „Creativity and Innovation‟,       particularly interested in managing fatigue in MS and
our students will be presenting a project. Sarah Daniels     strategies developed for this. Everyone welcome.
and Charlotte Spink have designed and developed a            We are very grateful to Trulife who generously support
student website as a learning resource and as a means        Occupational Therapy by sponsoring the Seminar
of obtaining and sharing information, learning and           Series events at Brookfield Health Sciences.
experiences of occupational therapy education.
Feedback from the two previous student project               AMPS user group meet approximately every 6 to 8
presentations and involvement in student workshops           weeks at St Steeven‟s Hospital, Dublin. The next
has been extremely positive. This has been an                meeting is: Friday 23 October 2009, at 1.30 – 3.30.
excellent experience for our students as they                Leonie Boland will present an overview of her work
represented UCC and Ireland very well.                       using the AMPS with homeless people.
Three members of staff will also attend: Shelley Mack        Saturday 14 November 2009 9.30 – 4.30, one day
as university tutor with the students, Gill Chard            Workshop run by Harrison Training: Interpretting
representing UCC and Janice Crausaz as the AOTI              and documenting the AMPS. Venue: Brookfield
and Ireland ENOTHE representative.                           Health Sciences; Cost $80. Apply to Kerry Murphy

Autumn Winter 2009 Newsletter

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