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					This first edition of Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry: Material Selection
and Technique by douglas Terry, Karl Leindfelder and Willi Geller has been
compiled to explain and teach aesthetic dental procedures through illustrations
of everyday clinical situations. This 771 page contemporary textbook has
more than 2,000 color illustrations, the book vividly describes detailed
aesthetic and restorative dental procedures and techniques as they are used in
everyday clinical situations. It is designed to explain how a selected material
and /or instrument can be used as part of a thorough protocol to achieve
restorative excellence. With the scientific knowledge and clinical and
laboratory expertise of an elect international editorial team, this book
encompasses many facets of dentistry including biomaterials, photography,
dental technology, operative dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics,
periodontics, and implant dentistry.

Currently, there are a number of publications that describe the relative
physical and mechanical properties of the various restorative materials used
by the clinician. Some information also is available about their relative
clinical behavior. This publication is different and unique from others in that
it is based upon the concept that optimum clinical results are best obtained
through the proper utilization of a material, rather than on the physical
differences between them. Furthermore, a materials science background is
presented for each of the materials addressed clinically.
The text, Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry: Material Selection and
Technique can provide each member of your staff and team one or more of
the following:

 •    Provide the clinician and technician a thorough understanding of
      restorative and surgical principles and procedures.

 •    Improve the auxiliary staffs understanding of a myriad of procedures
      from pouring a model, to taking a shade with photography to
      understanding the significance of perioplastic surgery procedures.

 •    Promote an interdisciplinary thinking process while directing
      uniformity in the Restorative team.


 •    Stimulate an internal marketing process by providing the patient with
      current restorative options for a proper informed consent.

Here are a few reviews from fellow colleagues:

“Currently, I am reading Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry by Dr.
Douglas Terry, Dr. Karl Leinfelder, and Willi Geller. What an
incredible text! The book is filled with insight and clinical steps
with marvelous colored photographs that will improve every
dentist’s restorations.”

      David Tillman, DDS
      Legislative Chairperson, AGD

“Douglas Terry, Karl Leinfelder, and Willi Geller…have done a
masterful task in putting together a diverse and beautifully
illustrated book on the esthetic procedures every dentist has found
to be in high patient demand. The book is a virtual encyclopedic
treatise of esthetic dentistry… Knowing pictures say far more than
words lends credibility to this book, in which the photography is
exquisite. Just looking at the photos provides a major education.”

      Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
     Director, Practical Clinical Courses

“It is without a doubt ‘THE BOOK’ in aesthetic dentistry. The
illustrations, with accompanying step-by-step commentary, really
‘did it’ for me. I was able to understand concepts [that] had
previously been puzzling to say the least. There are also some
wonderful summary tables and charts that I am constantly
referring back to. I appreciated the fact that nothing was taken for

     Gloria V. Williams, DDS
     Rockaway Park, New York

“Douglas Terry, Karl Leinfelder, and Willi Geller… have brought
together a beautifully illustrated book on esthetic dentistry. The
book is notable because it combines diagnosis and restorative
procedures with leading edge and evidence-based information on
the dental materials used in esthetic dentistry.”

     John M. Powers, Ph.D.
     Editor, The Dental Advisor

“Since buying Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry I have used it on
a daily basis as an adjunct in case presentation. I am able to
show patients clearly what is entailed in the procedure and what
can be achieved... They love it, I love it.”

     Patrick O'Rourke, DDS
     Queensland, Australia