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					Rice, the Museum Community
         and the V2C
       Museum Collaborations

Museum of Fine   The Glassell   The Menil
Arts Houston
                           Art History Faculty
Rice University
Marcia Brennan, Associate Professor          American Art; Modern European Art; History of
Leo Costello, Assistant Professor            18th-20th Century European Art
Charles Dove, Lecturer                       Art History; Director of Rice Cinema
Shirine Hamadeh, Assistant Professor         Middle Eastern/Islamic Art
Shih-Shan Susan Huang, Assistant Professor   Asian Art
Joseph Manca, Professor                      Italian Renaissance Art; American Art and Architecture
                                             before 1900
Linda Neagley, Associate Professor           Medieval Art
Caroline Quenemoen, Assistant Professor      Classical Art
Senior Appointment, TBD                      Latin American Art
Senior Appointment, TBD                      20th Century European Art
Senior Appointment, TBD
                      Museum Curators
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Helga Aurisch                  Old Master Painting
Peter Bowron                   Old Master Painting
Michael Brown                  Early American Decorative Arts
Mari Carmen Ramirez            Latin American Art
James Clifton                  Old Master Painting
Alison Greene                  Modern Art
Kathleen Howe                  20th Century Decorative Arts
Marianne Luntz                 Film
Emily Neff                     American Art
Christine Starkman             Asian Art
Anne Tucker                    Photography
Barry Walker                   Modern Art, Works on Paper
Alvia Wardlaw                  Modern and African-American Art
   Museum Curators (Continued)
The Menil Collection

Franklin Sirmans       Modern and Contemporary Art

Kristina Van Dyke      African Art
Menil /Rice Lecture Series
 Gordon Hughes
Postdoctoral Fellow
          • Ph.D.,
            Princeton University,
          • M.A.,
            University of Western Ontario,
          • M.F.A.,
            University of Illinois at
          • B.F.A.,
            Nova Scotia College of Art and
                      Core Fellows
Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts

   Mequitta Ahuja        Nicholas Kersulis   Jeff Williams
   Lecturer Fellow,      Lecturer Fellow,    Lecturer Fellow, Digital
   Drawing               Sculpture           Photography
         Campus Art Committee
•   Raymond D. Brochstein, Chairman
•   Suzanne Deal Booth
•   Barbara White Bryson
•   Kevin Kirby
•   Sam Lasseter
•   David Rudd
•   Franklin Sirmans
•   Jenny Strayer, University Curator
•   Joan Vogan
•   Barry Walker
•   Gary Wihl
 Jenny Strayer
University Curator
         • Ph.D.,
           The University of Iowa,
         • M.A.,
           Bowling Green State
         • B.S.,
           The University of Michigan,