2011 Photo portrait Session and Print pricing by mudoc123


									             2011 Photo portrait Session and Print pricing

Budget Session: $20-$30 includes 30-45 minutes of studio /outdoor time.. Budget
sessions are for those who are just looking for a few simple photos, not a whole lot of
poses, backdrops and no outfit changes . This session is eligible for our NO MONEY UP
FRONT option. Budget sessions do not include any proofs.

Deluxe Session: $30-$45 includes up to 90 minutes of studio / outdoor time. Deluxe
sessions are for those who are trying to save some money but want a few more options,
backdrops, outfit changes etc. This session is eligible for our NO MONEY UP FRONT
option. paid sessions include 3.5X5 proofs of each posted photo and discount pricing on

Wildcard Session: No session fee.... This is a great way to test drive us!!! Or for the
person who would rather us make the choices of scenes and poses. We give you up to 60
minutes of studio time, post your photos on line and you choose if and what you want to
order....it is that simple! No proofs included!

"My way for a day" $25hr This is an hourly/unlimited session (great for seniors!)
outfits, scenes, poses., indoor, outdoor..you make the call! We will help you if you want
but it is your choice. These sessions include 3.5X5 proofs of all posted shots, on line
posting so you can show your friends and order prints at a discount price. 3hrs or more
will also include (1) 8X10 (2) 5X7 & 8 wallets of you favorite pose. you can also
purchase a DVD slideshow of all of your pictures with a nice cover for an additional $10

***All sessions include online posting
**Non paid sessions will be able to purchase prints at a slightly higher price (see page 2)

Q/A : Q: What do I need to do to book my session?
       A: Call us to set a date and time, we would like to meet and get to know you if
possible to go over outfits, scenes, and expectations for your shoot. If we are going to
your home or location we will schedule a time (usually the week before the shoot) so we
can look around and know what to expect the day of the shoot, and go over any last
minute details.

Q: I am pregnant or have a newborn and would like to schedule a session for the baby.
 A: The best time to bring a newborn is no more than 7 days old, but you are welcome
to schedule at anytime. We recommend 7 days or under because the baby will more likely
stay in a fetal position and are easier to work for very cute pictures.
                          2011 PRINT prices
          The prices below do not show all the sizes, these are only the most
popular sizes.

Paid sessions:   4x6           $1.00
                 5x7           $2.00
                 8x10          $4.00
                 8 wallets     $2.75
Non-paid sessions

 Budget Session: 4x6           $1.75
 Wildcard         5x7          $2.75
                  8x10         $4.75
               8 wallets       $3.50

 Deluxe:            4x6        $2.25
                    5x7        $3.25
                    8x10       $5.50
                 8 wallets     $4.25

The prices reflected are for Kodak standard papers if you prefer Kodak
Endura papers please let us know. (it will be an addl .10 per print)
Please add $3.00 to all orders for S&H

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any further questions.
                         Thank you,
                             Kelly Crout
                         MMS Photography
                            859 866-6814

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